Tecavüz etme diye Yalvardı ama Duyan Kim

Bundan yaklaşık 3 yıl evvel ben öğrenciyken bu olay başım dan geçti ve geçtiği için de çok mutluyum. Herkes bilir öğrenciler genelde okul ve özgürlüğü bir arada yaşamak için okula gider ve orada ne oluyorsa oluyor ve hepsi zıpkın gibi geri dönüyor. Benim olayım da bunun bir değişik versiyonu . Ben okula başladıktan hemen sonra […]

A Simple Night Alone

I couldn’t help but notice myself becoming wetter and wetter. I didn’t do anything about it, but when it’s 3 AM and you’re completely alone then it’s a bit hard to not want to. I kept doing what I was doing on my computer, but before I knew it my hand was moving down and […]

A Dance

The room is filled with quiet warmth, dim light casting shadows on the walls. The music is soft, Frank Sinatra unless I’m mistaken. But I barely pay attention to the tune as we dance. Hand in hand we slowly circle. I fight to keep my hand from shaking as it rests lightly against your hip, […]

A Day In The Life Of Peggy

Matthew pressed the call button on his cell phone and felt his life ebb into the receiver and zap out into space. He was a dead man. What stood at his end of the phone was a shell, a husk. His life was officially over. The woman at the insurance company had been pleasant enough, […]

A New Adventure

My buddy Ed had a hot tub and I spent a lot of time there. His next door neighbor was a real pain in the ass, a certified dickhead and the wife talked with a bad lisp and was about as dumb as a box of hammers. However she had a sister named Kim. Early […]

Aunt Shirley Taught Me Pt. 02

Warning: this part includes some degree of anal sex, I was amazed by how many people read of my unconventional sexual awakening at the hands of my Aunt Shirley when I was only 18, and how much readers appeared to enjoy it. So, I decided that I better share the rest of what my loving […]

6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 02

About a month after we moved into the house I decided to tease Sean through his workday. The first time I called him was about 9:30am; I told him that I was wearing one of his shirts and a lacey lavender thong and starting to masturbate on his bed, where I could smell him all […]

Autumn Pt. 01 Ch. 08

********* Author’s Note This chapter concludes part one of the new Autumn, which kicks off a re-telling of the Homelands series. I’m proud of the original versions but don’t feel that they lived up to their full potential. This time around, you can expect a slower pace, stronger characterization, and a less grandiose plot. This […]

Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 20

Chapter 20. In which our hero goes to school. Back to the adult movie theater on a late Tuesday afternoon for some grazing and sport. I immediately go upstairs to the video booth area as it is late afternoon and I normally expect some homeward bound traffic. And sure enough there are several men milling […]

Going All the Way at the Top

Sometimes the moment just gets the better of you. I had such an occurrence last month on a hiking outing with a girlfriend. What started out as a three-hour hike up and over a local mountain, turned into a sexual experience I will never forget, and likely never repeat. I do quite a bit of […]