A world of problems

As I walk through security, I see you sitting in the airport lounge at Newark, wearing that little grey mini that you know causes me a world of problems. Your legs seem to stretch on forever, helped by new high heels I’ve never seen before. We are flying to a conference in Boston together with another colleague, but he doesn’t know about us and we plan on keeping it that way. You flash a smile and greet us both- my breath catches as I take in your beauty- rusty blond hair falling down past your shoulders and that cheeky sparkle in your eyes.

We grab a coffee and relax near the gate, all three of us chatting about work and the pain of getting to the airport so early. I yawn and stretch, knowing how the sight of my extended arms reminds you of them wrapped around your amazing body. Your eyes flash with mock anger and you subtlety shake your head, responding to my provocations by shifting in your seat crossing and recrossing your long legs- now it’s my turn to be outraged.

We board the plane for the short hop to Boston with our colleague seated on the aisle, you in the middle and me at the window. After take-off, I lean forwards and around so I can chat to both of you, but it’s really so I can run my hand up your legs without anyone else seeing. It takes a bit of contortion on my part, but soon I am engaged in work chit chat with the two of you while out of sight my fingers slowly stroke their way from your ankles, up your calves, all the way up to the hem of your mini, my fingertips tracing the edge of the skirt. I can tell by the way you squirm in your seat that your mind isn’t on the riveting conversation about the conference, it’s on the feel of my fingers as it caresses your smooth skin of your upper thigh.

After we land we all share a cab to the hotel and leave our bags at reception as it’s too early to check in. We head to the conference and watch the opening key note, then all three of us split up to cover different sessions. At lunch our colleague tells us he ducked back earlier and checked-in, so we leave him and head to check-in ourselves.

As we walk towards the hotel, I can sense the excitement between us grow- this is the first time we have managed to be alone on this trip. We request neighbouring rooms, which luckily are on a different floor to our colleague. We drop bags off in our respective rooms and then I come over to check out who landed the better view. I claim my room is much better and you curse me and march over to check it out.

As I let you into my room you walk over to the window; I look at you and say “See- what amazing sight.” You turn to face me and we fall into each others arms- kissing passionately and revelling in the feeling of our bodies pressed together. My arms wrap around your body and I run my hand down to grab your arse, giving the soft flesh a playful squeeze.

“We don’t have much time before the next conference session,” you say and I know we can’t hang around long without our colleague starting to wonder where we are. But I can’t let this opportunity pass- I push you back onto the bed and you let out a little cry of shock and delight. I crawl onto the bed between your legs and slowly run my hands up the outside of your legs, over your knees and up your thighs, pushing the hem of your miniskirt up as I go. I run my hands back down the front of your legs lightly before starting their journey back up- this time with firmer pressure. As my outstretched hands run up your thighs they come to the point at the top of your legs where I can let my thumbs lightly brush your pussy through the thin material of your underwear- I can already feel the wetness and warmth.

I continue to tease you by running my hands back down your legs but this time, as I bring them back up, I lean down and plant a soft kiss on your pussy. You respond to my kiss by spreading your legs further apart and I take the opportunity to hook my fingers under the elastic of your underwear and pull the material to one side. I pause to drink in the sight of you laying back on the bed, propped up on your elbows, fully dressed in corporate clothes – except for your perfect pussy which is on display – completely hairless except for a small tuft of hair in a landing strip. “Fuck, you are sexy!” is all I can say.

As I slowly lean down I keep my eyes locked on yours, watching you watch me- your anticipation of what is to come obvious from the way you are softly biting your lower lip. As my mouth nears your pussy I can feel the heat and I can’t hold myself back. I stick out my tongue and slowly lick you, tasting your salty sweetness for the first time in too long, and revelling in the way your back arches at the first touch of my tongue. I lick a few more times, slowly working towards your clit which I lightly flick with my tongue. You softly swear in response and push your pussy into my face, demanding more.

I pull my head back slightly and bring my right hand towards your pussy so it is palm-up. I run the middle finger up and down your casino oyna pussy, lightly bushing your lips and feeling the wetness, before I slide the finger inside you- just as far as the first knuckle- as I savour the softness and heat. Your respond to my touch with a soft moan and I lean down to lick your pussy again as I slide my finger further in, where I can feel your tightness gripping it.

I begin to make small circular movements inside your pussy with my finger and, with a wide flat tongue, I start to lick across your clit side to side. I feel you push your pussy harder into my face and, as I glance up, I can see your chest rise and fall as your breathing grows ragged and you throw your head back. I sense your urgency grow and as the peak nears, I slide my finger deep inside your pussy and suck your clit softly into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue- flick-flick, flick-flick. That drives you over the edge and you reach down, grab the back of my head, and push my mouth harder onto your pussy as the orgasm washes over you and you let out a loud moan.

I slowly slide my finger out of you and plant a few more kisses on the soft skin of your inner thigh as I sit up and watch you revel in post orgasmic glow- your arm draped across your eyes and a grin you your face as you softly rock side to side. Despite my rigid cock straining at the constraints of my jeans, begging to be let out, I know that we need to get back to the conference and can’t take this moment any further. You know it too and, as we walk back to the next session, we can sense each other’s frustration at the interruption to our time together. “This next conference speaker better be amazing…” you say. Turns out, he wasn’t.

As we sit together at the back of the auditorium, we are first confused and then outraged as the reality dawns on us that the speaker is poor and, what’s worse, we can’t sneak out without the speaker and half the audience seeing us. We sit there for an hour until we seize an opportunity to run out the side exit as the speaker tries to get everyone on their feet to take part in a group exercise. I text my colleague, who was still in the session, that we will all meet in 2.5 hours for a pre-dinner drink- which buys us plenty of time.

As we get back to the hotel, we race to my room and enter. The frustration of the wasted time in the conference session, the anticipation from stroking your legs during the flight and the vivid images of you cumming as I licked your pussy only an hour or so ago mean that I am in no mood to waste another moment. As the door closes behind you I push you back against it and kiss you deeply. I run one of my hands up your legs and under your miniskirt, pushing my fingers under the elastic of your underwear and letting my fingertips grope the soft skin of you bottom.

I run my other hand up and over your chest and cup one of your beautiful breasts in my hand. Your eagerness is obvious as you push my jacket off my shoulders, untuck my crisp white business shirt from my jeans, undo the buckle of my belt and unzip my fly. I unbutton my shirt as you push my jeans down over my hips and then reach for my cock, freeing it from my jocks. You wrap your two hands around my stiff shaft and squeeze, sending electric shocks though my body, but you and I know that your hands aren’t where this is going.

I kick off my shoes and jeans and now I am standing in front of you completely naked, with my erect cock throbbing to my heartbeat. You are leaning back against the door fully dressed looking at me with hungry eyes, and you say “I want you to fuck me against the wall.” I can’t hold myself back. I step forward and grab your underwear and pull it down your legs, and you step out of them. Then, as I stand back up I run my fingers up your legs and around to cup your pussy in the palm of my hand- I can feel your juice dripping on my skin and the heat radiating out. I put the slightest upward pressure on my hand and then move my palm in small circles, rubbing the soft skin of your pussy together while I kiss your neck and reach around with my other hand to undo your bra.

Once undone, I slide my hand under your top and onto the soft ski of you right breast- feeling your hard, erect nipple in the palm of my left hand as I feel your hot, wet pussy in the palm of my right. My cock is throbbing and I want to be inside you.

I bend my knees slightly, and grab my cock in my left hand as I lift your left leg with my other hand. You are balancing on your right leg with your arms are around my neck. I guide the tip of my cock to the entrance of your pussy, and once I feel the soft skin start to wrap itself around my knob, I straighten my legs up and slowly drive myself, inch by inch, into your tightness.

Your eyes widen as you feel my shaft slowly impale you, and your breaths come in short, staccato gasps. I slowly withdraw and then drive my cock into you slightly faster and deeper. We kiss passionately as I build a slow rhythm working deeper and deeper canlı casino into your pussy with each thrust until my full length is buried inside you and your pussy is stretched around the base of my cock. I stop my movement and just revel in the feeling of your tight pussy gripping me, the sensations flowing through my body. I reach around with my left hand and grab your arse and lift you up, allowing you to now wrap those long legs around my waist with your back against the wall and your arms wrapped around my neck.

This new position lets me start to thrust harder and faster into you, and you respond to the sensation of being fucked against the wall with vocal enthusiasm “yes, oh fuck, oh fuck…” you say as my hardness drives in and out of you. We hear people walking down the hotel corridor on the other side of the thin door I am fucking you against, but we don’t care that they can clearly hear our fucking as they pass.

I look to the left and see there is a full length mirror on the wall, right next to the door. I look at the sight of us and groan- you are fully dressed with high heels and a navy top on, but your grey mini has been pushed up by my thrusting and now sits around your waist like a belt. Your hair is slightly tussled and I can tell by the flush of your cheeks how horny you are. You turn to look too- and I see the hungry grin on your face as your eyes first lock on mine in the mirror and then shift to watch my cock slide in and out of your pussy.

I grab you butt with my hands more firmly and then step back from the wall, taking your full weight in my arms. There we stand, my feet the only contact with the world with your arms wrapped around my neck, your legs wrapped around my waist and my cock buried deep inside your pussy. As we continue to look at each other in the mirror, I start to lift you up and let you slide down my cock deeper and deeper, savouring the sensations, but I know I can’t hold this position for long.

Spinning around, I carefully drop to my knees while you stay wrapped around me, and I slowly lower you to the floor, never letting my cock leave you delicious pussy. You keep your legs wrapped around my waist, but now you are laying on your back looking up at me as I start to pick up my pace. I’d like to say I was in control, but the sensations have taken over and nothing in this world is as important as thrusting into your wet, tight pussy. You use your legs to pull my hips forward, and I know your mood matches mine- we are not making love, we are fucking.

I grab your wrists and pin them to the ground above your head, holding them tight with my hands as I drive into you harder and harder- your moans get louder in encouragement. I hear the wet sound as my cock slams into your pussy over and over- the soundtrack of your moaning and breathing combines to drive me to the edge. I feel my balls start to tingle and tighten, and I release your wrists and drop to my elbows, with my hands clasping together on the top of your head to give me purchase as I start to pound into you deeper and deeper. You wrap your legs and arms tighter around me and cry out “Oh fuuuuuuuuuccckkkk, yeeessssss!” and that drives me over the edge. I feel my cum explode out of my cock and shoot deep into your pussy, my balls twitching with each climactic thrust into you.

As I get my breath back I slowly get to my feet and lean down to help you up before staggering into the bathroom to prop against the vanity. You lean against the bathroom doorframe, still dressed in high heels and the navy top, but at some stage your mini has come off, so you stand there half dressed and demure, half naked and wild. I drink in the sight of your beauty and notice my cum starting to run down the inside of your thigh as it drips from your swollen pussy. Your head is cocked to one side with a wide grin, looking just like the cat who got the cream. “Lets have a shower- I want to run my hands all over your body,” I say and you reply “Oh, yes please!”

After the shower we retreat to our rooms and get ready for the conference dinner. When we meet up you are dressed in a backless black cocktail dress while I am in a velvet suit jacket, crisp white shirt and pocket square caper. We catch up with our colleague, who has been doing exercise and taking in the sites of Boston, for pre dinner drinks then head to the conference dinner. The speeches are ok, the awards a bit boring, and we soon look to make our excuses once people start dancing.

Heading back to the hotel in the darkness I take your hand in mine as we contemplate what’s to come. In the lift I pull you close and kiss you- this day has been perfect so far and I know it’s just getting better! We end up in your room this time, and we have a glass of wine and I try and sort out some mood music. The hotel is still using old tech, and we can’t connect our phones so I try to Macgyver a solution to make it a bit louder. I’m so engrossed in trying to sort out the tunes that I miss the fact you have slipped to the bathroom.

When kaçak casino I finish I turn to sit on the floor next to the music and near the end of the bed. The hotel room is quite large, and I can see across to the bathroom door as it opens and you come out. You have shed the black dress but are still wearing black high heels, stockings, satin underwear and a sating strapless bra. My jaw drops at the sight of you and you lock onto my eyes and come striding across to me, stepping one foot over me so I am leaning back on my elbows on the ground, looking up as you tower above me wearing the sexiest outfit I have ever seen you wear.

I push myself up and nuzzle my face into the crotch of your underwear, planting a kiss on your pussy through the soft, shiny material. You drop to your knees and straddle me, with your arse sitting on my quickly stiffening cock. I reach around and undo your bra in one movement, before lowering my head to lick and suck your pink nipples which respond to my touch and harden in my mouth.

You push my jacket off my shoulders and undo my shirt, button by button, running your hands over my chest and then over my shoulders as you strip the shirt from me. We embrace and feel the skin of our chests touch each other- your hard nipples and soft, full breasts pushing against my muscular chest. You stand up and grab my hand, leading me to the edge of the bed where you drop to your knees in front of me, looking up into my face as your hands undo my belt and unzip my fly to release my now rock-hard cock.

Keeping your eyes locked on mine, you wrap your hands around my shaft and lick the tip of my cock like a lollipop, savouring the pre-cum that is oozing out. You lick your lips and then wrap your mouth around the head and then suck the tip inside, all the while maintaining eye contact with me. You start to bob your head back and forth, taking my length further and further into your mouth, swirling the tip and the ridge of my knob with your tongue. The sensations are amazing and, I admit, I love the visual image of me standing in front of you, looking down at you on your knees wearing only high heels, underwear and stockings, taking my hard cock into your beautiful mouth.

My knees start to feel weak and I sit down on the edge of the bed, as you stay kneeled between my legs, continuing to suck, lick and caress my dick. You cup my balls in the palm of one hand as you pump the other hand up and down the length of my shaft, swirling your tongue around my tip. I reach down and grab the back of your head gently, pulling you forward onto my cock so I go deeper in your mouth, while I reach down with the other hand and gently tweak your nipple.

You let out a moan which I feel as vibration through my cock and the sensations start my uncontrollable slide towards climax. I feel my hips moving in time to your mouth and my cock goes deeper and deeper into your mouth with each thrust until I feel a tightening in my balls. “I’m about to cum,” I say, but you keep sucking and pumping with your hand until a wave crashes over me and my cock explodes, shooting my seed deep into your throat. You keep your mouth clamped on my cock, swallowing my load. I collapse back on the bed, my head spinning and taking deep breaths, and you plant lots of light kisses on my cock as it slowly softens.

I lift you up onto the bed next to me and we kiss, our hands exploring each other’s body. I bring my knee between your legs and feel the heat and wetness of your pussy as you grind yourself on my leg. I move to kneel between your legs while I continue to kiss you and run my hand over your round breasts, down your body and to your tiny waist. Hooking the fingers of my hands into the elastic of your sexy satin underwear, I pull them down over your stocking covered legs, guiding them over your feet and throwing them to the floor, along with your high heels.

There you are, laying on the bed, wearing black stockings that contrast your white, slightly freckled skin. I lean down and lick the length of your slit, once again tasting your juices. “I could do this forever- you taste so good!” I say, as I slide my middle finger inside and start to make a movement like I am beckoning you, which rubs the sensitive spot inside the front wall of your pussy. Your back arches at my touch and this is followed by a moan as I lightly flick your hard clit with the tip of my tongue.

I reach up with my other hand and caress your breast, then slightly tweak your nipple before running it across your chest and down over your belly until it rests on the small patch of hair just above your pussy. Then, as my finger continues to stroke you inside your pussy, my tongue starts to circle your clit while the fingers of my other hand run down either side of your pussy and move side to side, subtly moving the soft skin of you swollen pussy so it rubs together in time with my tongue and finger. The tempo slowly builds and I can sense your excitement build. I pause slightly to reposition and you demand “Keep going, don’t stop!” and I willingly oblige. You respond by grabbing at my hair, swearing, biting your arm and then finally screaming and clamping my head between your legs as your climax hits.

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