Angel In The Park

Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Copperbutterfly for her editing to make this a better story.

The winter is so long and dreary that I really love the outdoors once the temperature rises enough that I can get outside during my days. It’s not as if I didn’t have enough to fill my days inside, what with my research and writing. I’m an author by trade, you see, having been successfully published a lucky 13 times so far. So I kind of set my own work schedule and sometimes, like early spring when it is warm enough to get out, the schedule is really flexible.

Some days I just walk around the neighborhood, since it is a relatively quiet and spacious place. Sometimes I pass other people doing the same thing but usually we’re so far apart we don’t even see each other.

At other times, I’ll drive to one of three parks that surround the area where I live. Those parks all contain a lot of green areas, lots of trees, and some walking trails along with the requisite playground and picnic areas.

This week, the last full week in April, had been a great one weather-wise. By early afternoon, the temperatures had been warm enough that short-sleeve shirts and walking shorts felt great, even if the mornings and evenings were still a little cool for that kind of attire. Monday and Wednesday I visited a different one of the parks each afternoon. Tuesday and Thursday I walked in my neighborhood. Now on Friday, I go to visit the third park and love the smell of fresh spring air.

Although the walking trail is not all that long – probably about 1.8 miles in total – I had made two rounds of it by the time I decided to take a rest. The beginnings of arthritis in my left knee has taken its toll. I was walking, at a doctor’s suggestion, to try to hold off on the effects of the disease for as long as possible.

I sat down at one of the picnic tables, my back to the table and arms supporting me as I leaned back and sucked in the clean air. Okay, maybe it wasn’t like being out in the countryside but it was clean as city air goes. I glanced around, amused that there weren’t more people using the facilities. Probably there were not more than a dozen people in the park altogether.

With school still in, older kids were still indoors. I supposed it was still a little cool for most of the smaller kids, although I had seen a couple of moms pushing strollers on the path earlier. Now there was not a single person, other than me, in the picnic area, and no one at all in the adjacent playground.

No, that’s not true. There was a woman on the swings. I looked closely, because she seemed to be a little old for the kind of playground equipment users you normally found there. Interesting. She seemed to be … oh, probably 50, give or take a few years. She was what is referred to as a big beautiful woman, carrying a little extra weight, although I’ve never found that to be much of a deterrent in thinking of a woman as attractive.

The woman seemed to be lost in thought, just twisting a little in the swing while she looked at the ground toward her feet. Then she looked up and seemed to catch me staring at her. She smiled. I returned the smile.

She glanced around, as if looking for someone. Then she looked back at me, her face still wreathed in a smile. Her arms, around the chains holding the swing seat, lifted until her hands touched her breasts. I hadn’t noticed until then but they were large, filling a big space in her blouse. Then in one swift move, her hands pulled her top, a red blouse with small shoulder straps, up under her armpits, leaving her creamy white tits exposed to the bright sun … and my eyes.

She massaged her big hooters as if they had been tightly confined, even though she had not been wearing a bra. Her thumbs and forefingers closed over her pink nipples and she pulled the little nubbins away from her body. When she let go, her eyes were on my face. My mouth felt suddenly dry and I licked my lips.

Again the woman looked around the area. Satisfied that we were alone, she reached for the hem of her denim skirt. She pulled it up until the sunlight bathed her lower body and thighs. The dark line of the slit between her puffy pink pussy lips was unmistakeable, not even covered by any visible hair, let alone panties.

With a quick look around the park myself, I got up and stumbled quickly toward the swing set. The closer I got, the more she spread her legs until I dropped to my knees between her legs. Holding the chains with both hands, she leaned back and lifted her legs to my shoulders. I grabbed her ass and held her to my eager mouth.

She was soft and wet and fragrant, the smell of her pussy like the sweetest flowers I could imagine. The taste of her sticky clear juices was better than any dessert I could describe. Yes, I managed to get a little pussy now and then but this tasted better than any I could remember.

Knowing that we were exposed and liable to be discovered at any time, I sank my tongue into her slit and began to eat with abandon. I lapped and licked and sucked and nursed all around casino oyna her opening until I could find no more juices, then I delved into her inner opening. Stabbing my tongue as deeply as possible, I swabbed all around, gathering her sweet nectar. Finally spotting her swollen clitoris, I sucked the nice sized button into my mouth and began to tease it with my tongue. In just moments, she exploded like a rocket, clamping her thighs around my head like a vise as her pussy shook through her pleasure. She would have suffocated me except for an airway my probing fingers held for my trapped nose.

Once she’d had a few moments to recover, the woman dropped her feet back to the ground and heaved herself out of the swing. Taking my hand, she pulled me over to the picnic table I had occupied earlier. She lay down on the bench and lifted one leg to the table, leaving her pussy open for my imagination.

“Come on, honey. Hurry up. I want you to fuck me and we don’t want to get caught.”

Verifying again that we were still alone, I straddled the bench below her, unzipped my shorts and pulled out my raging, throbbing hard-on. I scooted closer until I could swipe the head up and down her slit, gathering her moisture for lubrication. I lifted her outside leg to my shoulder and pushed forward until I was engulfed in her hot twat. Man, I couldn’t remember ever feeling a pussy so hot, so wet, so slick, so velvety.

She had resumed playing with her own tits while I started to fuck her. It wasn’t an ideal position because I couldn’t get a lot of movement but at least it let me survey the park while I moved a couple of inches in and out of her. It also let me work the flat of one hand around her abdomen and tease her clit with my thumb. With all that stimulation, it didn’t take me long to cum, shooting a huge load of sticky white sperm into her cunt. I guess the combination worked for her too because she came again as my orgasm was winding down.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed, leaning forward against the woman’s bare legs, when I heard, “Well, well, look what we have here.”

I jerked upward and tried to stand. I don’t know when but the woman had wrapped both legs around my waist and locked her ankles together behind my back. Struggle as I might, I couldn’t get up. She was holding me tightly and straining to make sure I couldn’t leave.

I looked toward the voice to see a big man, probably four or five inches over six feet tall and I would guess a few years older than the woman. He had somehow sneaked up on us and was squatting just a couple feet out of reach to our side. The camera he carried strapped around his neck caught my attention.

“What … what do you want?” I croaked.

“Not much, fella. You know that’s my wife you’re fucking, don’t you?”

Oh, my gosh! Caught by an outraged husband.

Only he didn’t look outraged. He nodded to the place where my crotch was still pressed so tightly to her core that my flaccid cock had not been able to slide out of her pussy. Not that it could have actually done anything.

“Did you enjoy her?”


“Hey, don’t be shy. Did you enjoy fucking her?”

“Y – yes.”

“Good. Now here’s the deal, see. I’ve been sitting over there behind that little utility building. With my telephoto lens, I’ve got some great pictures of you eating her pussy and then fucking her. I’m not sure who you are … yet … but I’ve got pictures of your car and license plate so the police can figure it out if we need them to. We’re hoping that won’t be necessary.”

“What do you want? Money?”

He laughed. “No, no, we’re not looking for any of your money. We do okay in that department. What we need is a stud we can count on. My wife needs to be fucked regularly. I used to handle that little chore for her quite well and quite often. However I’ve had a little illness in the last few years and … well, I’m sure you can appreciate what it would be like not to be able to perform anymore.”

He hesitated so I bobbed my head in agreement.

“Now I can still get her off quite nicely with my tongue but … oh, you know how it is. It’s just not the same as a big cock. And that I can’t do. So … what we need is … we want to borrow yours. Let’s say … every other night. For the foreseeable future. All you have to do is fuck my wife until she’s satisfied and nobody but us ever sees these pictures.”

“You … want me … to fuck your wife? Every other day?”

“Yep. If you don’t, we’ll charge you with rape. I think we’ve got a good case, don’t you?”

“I guess.”

“Now Angel likes the outdoors so as often as possible, we want you to fuck her outdoors. We don’t want you to get caught but you have to take the chance, right?”


“Right. Now sometimes you can just come over to our place and Angel will take you to our bedroom so you can do it in the comfort of home. Is that alright?”

“Uh, huh.”

“So … do we have a deal?”

“I … guess so.”

“Good. Now just to make up for lost time and so we get off on the right foot, Angel wants you to come home with us and you can fuck her in our bed right now. Any objections?”

“I guess not.”

“Good. canlı casino What do we call you?”

“Uh … I’m Esco.”

“Okay. I’m Thurman. Come on, let’s go.”

Angel released me and while I was stuffing my limp wet cock back into my shorts, he was helping Angel up and straightening her clothes. We walked over to the parking area, where Angel went with me and we followed him the short distance to their house.

Inside Angel wasted no time on preliminaries but headed straight for the big bedroom. Wearing only the blouse and skirt, shoes and socks, she was soon starkers and pulling on my shorts, impatient to resume our activity.

I climbed into the bed and Angel was right behind me, laying across my lower torso and fondling my flaccid member as I settled back. I don’t know where Thurman went and when Angel’s soft warm mouth closed over my cock, I didn’t really care.

Angel licked and sucked and fondled, rubbing my cock against her face, tracing the contours of my nuts with her fingers, long after I was hard again. I decided she was going to see about sucking me off but then that stopped. Still not taking her hands from my member, she maneuvered herself around until she was sitting on me, my cock disappearing up into her still wet pussy.

Gripping my cock with intense pressure, Angel leaned forward, her heavy globes swinging like ponderous pendulums right above my face. I captured one in each hand and brought a nipple to my mouth. As I sucked, Angel smiled and moaned softly, squeezing my cock even harder when it flexed inside her. Slowly she began to rock her bottom on my crotch. I felt my spear wandering from side to side, banging off the soft walls of her cunt. After several moments, she changed the movement to a front to back motion, still just enough to make my penis explore her flesh with my base acting as a fulcrum.

I had forgotten about Thurman until I saw a flash of light. Still holding Angel’s tit in my mouth, I looked around and spotted Thurman dancing around the bed like a madman, snapping pictures with his digital camera. I thought he really had gone mad but he was muttering, “Yeah, man, fuck her, suck her, lick her, make her cum. Stick that thing to her, man. Fuck her good!”

Except it wasn’t really so much a matter of me fucking her as it was of her fucking us. I just happened to be the instrument she used to screw herself and she was doing a fine job. Between the taste of her big soft breasts and the wild ride my cock was getting around and around inside her quim, I was feeling good. And Angel must have too because she clamped down on my cock with her pussy and her thighs, pressed her tits into my face so that I was nearly smothered, and she screamed that she was cumming.

Angel wobbled uncontrollably as the adrenaline sapped the strength from her arms. Suddenly she dove to the mattress beside me, falling face down and sucking in air in huge gulps. I rolled toward her and watched, my fingers trailing up and down her smooth back and around her butt. I got tickled at Thurman, still bouncing around the bed like a madman snapping pictures, trying to capture the look on Angel’s face when she climaxed and then as she gradually came down from her sexual high. I’m sure he wasted a lot of shots but he probably got some interesting ones too.

A few minutes passed while Angel’s breathing slowed. Then she sighed loudly and she began to pull her knees up, one at a time until they were supporting her ass high in the air.

Her hand touched mine as she said, “Let’s try it this way, honey.”

I climbed up behind her and slid my erection back into her pussy, although I admit that I was intrigued by the little puckered opening to her bowels. I started moving slowly, pushing forward until I was buried to my balls inside her pussy, then pulling back until the rim of my head touched the ring of muscle at her opening. Easy in, slow out, over and over. Then I put my right hand flat on her lower back and worked it down around her bottom, running my thumb down her crease until it stopped over her anus. I heard her grunt but her body pushed back against me so she wasn’t complaining.

For several minutes, I maintained the same pace, still rubbing my thumb over her anus and watching it flutter and slowly relax. The thought began to take root that if they were going to blackmail me into fucking this woman – whom I would have gladly fucked if they had just asked me – then she was going to have to give it up in all orifices.

For a few seconds, I picked up the speed a bit and then abruptly pulled my cock out of her pussy. Quickly centering it on her ass hole, I eased forward until it popped inside the tight ring of muscle. Angel grunted in surprise so I held still until she could get used to it but then she shoved herself backward until she was completely impaled on my spear. Thurman, who had been quiet for a few minutes, was suddenly on the bed and just inches away from our connection, snapping pictures as quickly as the camera would refresh. When I pulled back, I made sure to give him a good view, holding Angel’s buttocks spread wide apart so he could see that the head of my cock was inside her ass hole. He went crazy snapping pictures.

When kaçak casino he pulled back and dropped off the bed, I began to fuck Angel’s ass in earnest, reaming her bowels hard and fast. Then Thurman startled me by sticking the camera up between my legs to get shots of my cock plowing her ass with my balls slapping her pussy. That was a little disconcerting but I closed my eyes, concentrated on the delicious feelings coming from my cock and went ahead with my motion.

This time Angel and I both reached the mountaintop at about the same instant, both of us screaming out our pleasure as I filled her chute with my cum. I held her hips tightly for as long as my cock would stay inside her; unfortunately it finally plopped out so I dropped back to the mattress beside her. Angel let her knees slowly slide down, lowering herself to her stomach.

I was startled to feel a warm washcloth on my cock and opened my eyes to see Thurman cleaning me up. At first I was repulsed but then decided if he wanted to get me ready to fuck his wife again, why should I object.

When he finished, Angel had turned on her side away from me so I turned to spoon with her. Thurman climbed into the bed in front of her and they began kissing. Angel looked over her shoulder and said, “Pussy this time, honey.”

So I lifted her top leg enough to slide my cock back into her wet cunt. She didn’t even seem to notice. I pumped my cock in her slickness a few times but I guess I was more exhausted than I realized. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the darkness. I was still cuddled up to Angel’s ass but my flaccid member was limply laying against my thigh.

I heard a soft snore coming from Thurman’s direction. Angel was awake though and her hand found my cock. After just a few minutes of her fingertips rubbing around the head of my helmet, I was fully erect again. She raised her top leg and slipped me into her pussy. We spent many wonderful minutes with my probe wandering in and out of her wet hole with very little friction before my fingers on her clit triggered another orgasm for her which tipped me over the top and I spurted another load of cum inside her. It must have taken me all of ten seconds to get back to sleep.

We quickly fell into a pattern of meetings every other day. Some days we spent our time in their bedroom, the three of us together. Other days, usually dependent on Angel’s mood, we would visit one of the parks and if there were not too many people around, I would fuck Angel in public. She loved being exposed with the possibility of being discovered – it heightened her excitement so that she came much faster and more often than she did when we were in the safety of her bedroom. I have to admit that it had a similar reaction to me, so that I had to be extra careful not to cum too quickly and spoil Angel’s fun.

Still the times we spent in their bedroom proved very worthwhile. Even though Angel was a large woman, she was also very adventurous and liked to explore different positions. Although we didn’t have a copy of the Kama Sutra, she tried to think of variations of positions and then get me to try them with her. I dare say we came close to sampling most of the positions in the book.

Angel told me after the first time I fucked her ass that she had never been a big fan of anal sex and thus she and Thurman had not done it in the later years even when he was able to get a hard-on. However she loved it when we did it and eventually we put it into our activities every time we fucked indoors. Thurman became “the grease man,” keeping track of the supply of lubricant and applying it – to both Angel and me – when the time was right. He also cleaned us both up when we were finished so we would be ready for more pussy action later. Although I had to overcome my initial revulsion at being touched by another man, there never was any gay connotation in anything Thurman did. I believe he was purely interested in seeing his wife achieve happiness and I was the tool they chose.

I also must admit that I was a willing participant, threats of blackmail notwithstanding. I’m sure if it had been true blackmail that I would have had difficulty performing myself. Besides Thurman was so careless with his camera and computer that I could have destroyed their “evidence” many times over but I didn’t feel the need. I loved the sex with Angel and her being older than me and a large woman was absolutely no deterrent at all. In fact, I think I came to love Angel herself in a way.

As for Thurman, he was so devoted to his wife that I couldn’t be upset with him. For example, one day I had already fucked Angel enough to spurt two loads of cum into her pussy. She sucked my cock until I was hard again and Thurman greased us up. Angel straddled me and eased my cock into her anus. For a long time, she just sat with my cock balls deep in her bowels while she rocked gently on my crotch, not really fucking me but just savoring the sensations of our connection. Eventually her legs got tired and she had to change positions so she turned around until she was facing my feet and then lay back on my chest. I got a handful of her tits to play with while sliding her up and down my body. However when Thurman spread our legs and crawled between them to suck Angel’s pussy, including cleaning our cum, it became very exciting for Angel and eventually for me through her. That became a fairly common activity after that day.

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