Arts , Crafts Fair

I wandered around the Arts and Crafts Sale at the local gymnasium, hoping to find something for the girl I was seeing. She likes funky jewelry, and I thought maybe I’d come across something unique.

Christmas was approaching, so, many vendors had ornaments and wreaths, but there were plenty of ladies selling handmade jewelry.

Every one would pretty much ignore a young man, figuring we were just looking while other women would be buying. I didn’t mind, plus I got to look over some good looking middle-aged babes.

They all seemed to be dressed in their best, trying to show their customers that they were women of taste, so their jewelry must be tasteful, too.

One table in the corner was empty, no vendor. I watched from a few steps away, so I couldn’t be accused of pocketing anything. I heard a voice behind me. “Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite!”

I turned to see a smiling redhead, about fifty, with twinkling eyes. “Oh, okay, you can never be too careful,” I smiled back.

She walked behind the table and I stepped closer. “See anything you like?” she asked, and I took in the curves of her hips and breasts and thought, “Oh yeah!” but said, “Nice stuff, you make it?”

“Yes, I do, keeps me out of trouble weeknights, and it passes the time. And occasionally I sell some!”

Not being much of a connoisseur of jewelry, I picked out a necklace that looked like it fit with my girl’s outfits. I held it up, and she said, “That’s one of my favorites, do you think she’d like it?”

“I think so. It’s more a friendship thing, so I’m not looking to impress her too much.” She laughed. “I think I’m insulted!”

“Oh, I didn’t mean that! Sorry, no, I just meant…”

She cut me off. “I’m just teasing. After all, this isn’t Cartier’s. Well, since you’re the only man here looking to buy, I’ll give you a good price. I wanted $100 but since it’s late in the day, you can have it for $75.”

“Do you take plastic?” I asked.

“Sorry, Hon, this is just a weekend thing. How much cash do you have?”

I felt like a kid trying to pay for too much candy. I counted out $54, and told her I was sorry, maybe I could come back tomorrow.

She looked me over, half-smiling, and I knew she was thinking, so I said, “Listen, I’m not trying to get a discount. I’ll be back tomorrow, and we’ll complete the transaction.”

The look on her face said, “Yeah, sure, I’m never gonna see you again,” but instead she said, “We’re open until five, if you’re interested.”

I thanked her and left, thinking “Jeez, I’m turned on by a woman more than 20 years older than me. Not that she would be interested in me, but she sure seemed friendly.”

The next day, I had to help my landlady. Somehow she let her heating oil run out and I had to wait while they made a special delivery. By the time I got to the gym, many vendors had packed up and left.

In the corner, my friend, Red, was in the process casino oyna of putting her stuff away, and I hurried over. “Hope I’m not too late?”

She turned and beamed. “I was wondering if you’d be back.”

I explained the situation and she said, “It figures you were helping a little old lady.”

“Why is that?”

“You struck me as a Boy Scout, doing good deeds.”

“Hey,” I laughed, “I’m not that young!”

“Honey, compared to me, you are! I’m glad you made it, though, I was just leaving.” She had her table and chairs folded.

“Oh, you had to bring your own chairs? Well, maybe I can help you with them,” I asked, hopefully, not knowing if there was a Mr. Red around anywhere.

“Just like a Boy Scout! Sure, I can always find a use for a handsome young man!”

I felt myself blush, picking up the furniture as she carried her merchandise in a wheeled suitcase. My eyes were glued to her designer jeans, straining to contain her round hips and ass. Her top was black satin with a leather vest which also was tight from her major boobs, crying to be freed.

I followed her out, across the parking lot to a Honda SUV. She popped the back and I loaded everything.

“Brrrr! It got cold with the sun setting so early! Hop in the car, and I’ll find your necklace, if you still want it,” she said, loading herself inside. I climbed in the passenger seat. She started the car, shivering, waiting for the heat to kick on.

“I’m so tired from two days of this. My feet are killing me from these heels. I can’t wait to get home and relax.”

It just jumped out when I said, “A good foot massage would do wonders.”

She looked at me sideways and said, “Is that an offer?”

I smiled back, “Sure, as long as you don’t have any fungi.”

“Don’t worry about me, Hon, I’m clean. If they smell a bit, I’ll sprinkle lilac water on them, okay?”

I wasn’t giving up. “Your place or mine?”

I guess she thought it was a good time to stop before I got serious, but it was too late. “I think I’ll just soak them when I get home, thanks, though.”

“Just being a good Boy Scout.”

I watched her. Although still smiling, it seemed like she was deciding something. She dug a bit longer, then said, “Listen, this stuff is just going to go flying if I open it here. I don’t live far. Would you mind following me home? I can sort it out easier.”

It was like music to my ears. “Sure, I’ll get my car. Be right back.”

It was less than a mile to her place, a garden apartment. I knew the buildings, all studios or one-bedrooms, which probably meant she was single.

I grabbed the table and chairs and we made our way to her apartment. It was small, but nicely decorated, like you would expect from a lady. We slid the stuff in her hall closet.

“You know, I don’t even know your name,” she commented. “I’m Lois.”

“I wish my name was Clark, but it’s Will.”

She laughed canlı casino and said, “Well, Will, can I offer you some wine?”

“That’d be terrific.”

She came back with two glasses of white, and we sat on the couch, with her bag opened on the coffee table. She found the necklace easily this time, and I dug into my jeans and took out $100 bill. She said, “I’ll get your change.”

“Don’t bother. You deserve it, for all the trouble I put you through. $100 was your original price.”

“Oh, no, I said $75. A deal’s a deal.”

“That was before I was late and now it’s costing you wine, too! It’s your last sale of the day, let’s make it memorable.”

She smiled again, and that twinkle in her green eyes made my cock twitch. “Okay, if you insist, but next time, you get a discount. I’ll give you a business card, in case you need anything else, just call.”

“What if I just want to call?”

She smiled again, and I knew she was enjoying the flirting. “And why would you want to do that?”

“I thought maybe we could have another wine together.”

She cocked her head, “With the final goal of a foot massage?”

She saw right through me. “Feet are only the beginning. I have a Merit Badge in full-body massages.”

Her finger touched my lips, and she became serious. “You should never toy with a woman’s affections, Will, especially Redheads. We’ve been known to ignite into flames for little or no reason.”

I kissed her finger and said, “I’ve always had a thing for redheads, and playing with fire.”

She smiled weakly, brushing my beard, looking into my eyes. “This is crazy, right?”

I just said, “Yeah,” as I leaned in and kissed her cheek. She turned her head, and our mouths met.

We both stopped for a second, as if reassuring ourselves, then her lips were full on mine, and my tongue brushed across hers, tasting her wine.

Between kisses, she talked. “I saw you at my table, and said, oooh.” With that, I felt the underside of her breast.

“Your hair is so thick!” Her fingers tangled in it while I untied her vest.

“Oh, my, I don’t do this, really!” I began unbuttoning her blouse, and her black lace bra was against my hand, and I kneaded her flesh.

Her tongue was slithering between words, dancing with mine. “Oh, Honey, it’s too bright in here, isn’t it?”

I let her talk, now with the blouse and vest off and the strap off her shoulder, her milky-white tit exposed to me. I bit at her nipple and she squirmed. She was holding my head to her, and I felt her flesh around her middle. She was full-figured, for sure, but I knew that honey pot must be overflowing by her reactions.

While she talked and caressed my head, I unhooked her leather belt and went to work on her jeans. Without her help, the only way to et her out of them would be to sheers like a sheep! Fortunately, in between words, she shifted, lifting her hips and forcing that painted-on kaçak casino denim down, and I caught a whiff of her juices, already.

She laid back on the couch, whispering, telling me to hurry, as I stood and undressed quickly. Her hands were tweaking her nipples and between her legs, which were now spread. She was inserting fingers, deep inside her, then pulling them out, drenched, acting as if in a trance, moaning, and watching.

Her eyes lit up when my seven inches bounced out. “Oh, I shouldn’t, but look, oh, you need it, I need it, hurry!” She spread even wider as I knelt by her. She lathered my cock with her excess juices, and my nostrils flared at the smell of sex.

She raised her knees over her head, and I rested my cock on her slit, trying to slow things down, but she would not wait. “In me, now, now! Please, baby, please!”

I obliged, pressing forward, her legs high, and her wet pussy puckered for action. I slid in so easily from her wetness. I grabbed my tee shirt and pulled out, quickly wiping my cock and her hole to create some friction. Before she could protest, I was back in, and now there was enough flesh on flesh to provide grip.

“Oh baby, Oh baby, Oh baby!” she screamed, her entire body was a gyrating washer-dryer beneath me. Her bright red nails were pinching her nipples red. She was squealing, telling me it was amazing. Every word seemed to spur me to new heights. I had never experienced someone so vocal!

Her legs wrapped around me now, holding me in place, forcing me into her faster and harder. Her voice became a growl that grew louder, and I sensed she was really close now. Perfect, since I was at the edge, too.

The growl was a roar and she shouted, “Fuck me!” and I let go inside her hot box. Wave after wave passed through me and she seemed to feel each shot, grunting, and humping and kissing and biting.

I laid above her, trying to catch my breath. She was gasping too, and when I tried to relieve my weight from her, she held me there, whispering, “Stay, stay!”

After a few minutes, we both kissed again as I withdrew from her. She made an “Oooh!” sound as I plopped out of her, sounding disappointed.

I sat up and grabbed our wines, giving her one, and she had grabbed a blanket from the couch, covering herself. It was apparent she felt self-concious about being naked, but she neddn’t be in front of me. I thought she was awesome. I pulled her close and told her so. She smiled brightly again, and excused herself, running away with her white thighs flashing as she went.

She returned in a black negligee-type robe, semi-transparent, and more wine. she looked so sexy, and I was aroused again in 10 minutes. She was even louder when I went down on her, and her juices almost drowned me. We finished with her on top, riding me like a pogo stick. I have never had a more-appreciative lover.

I never gave that girl the necklace. Instead, I spent a lot of Holiday time with Lois. Despite our ages, we really enjoyed each other, since neither of us was looking for a future, just a present. And, whenever I pass a Crafts Fair, I still remember. I hope she does, too.

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