At The Boss’ Party

My name is Mark and I’ll start this on a sour note by telling you that I really hate parties. I’m not good at meeting new people and if I don’t know people I usually end up standing by myself. I’m nearly 50, so seeing an old man drinking and standing by himself is kind of creepy – so I usually end up leaving early.

I got invited to a college graduation party for the kid of the owner of the company where I work. That’s definitely not a recipe for a good time for me. The only people I will know are my co-workers that happen to show up. And that number will be low, because there aren’t many people that like this putz. We’re not paid that well and have very little say in what happens. We do as we’re told and watch this guy reap the fruits of our labor. And to make matters worse, this guy regularly flaunts his newest toys. That kind of attitude really bothers me, but I’m going to go to get some free food and drinks. And once I have a happy tummy and head – I’ll hit the road.

I show up at the address (which is his house) and the place is huge. I now know what the guy does with the money he’s not paying us. My mood is already sour. Then I have to drive about a half mile away to park my car as there are cars lining all the neighboring streets. My mood worsens. When I finally get inside, it’s a sea of people of all ages. It’s hard to tell how many are here because the house is so big and everywhere I look there are people. I immediately grab a glass of champagne from the tray of a serving person. I wander around looking for someplace to drop off the card and money. I can’t believe I’m actually giving money to one of this guy’s kids – they don’t really need it and will probably laugh at the amount. Oh well… if he paid me more, I could give more and not worry about having to scrimp on things like… groceries. My mood gets even worse.

But I decide that another glass of champagne will help and quickly hunt down a server. This time it was a bit more difficult to find a drink, so when I find somebody, I decide to take two. I gulp down one of the glasses and return the empty glass. Sipping on my 3rd glass, I wander around looking for the host – my jerk of a boss. On my way, I find the gift table and drop off my card. There is knockout woman next to the gift table and she thanks me for the gift. She’s fantastic looking – mid forties, shoulder length dark hair that frames her gorgeous face with big brown eyes. Her body is fantastic as well. Not too thin and not too big either – the classic hour-glass figure. I introduce myself and tell her I work for the graduating girl’s father. She introduces herself as Wendy, the graduate’s mother. Hmmmmm…the graduate’s mother? This is boss’ wife. My god, how does a turd like him get a woman like this? My mood worsens again. On a positive note, she introduced herself as the graduate’s mother – not my boss’s wife. Maybe she dislikes him as much as the rest of us. I get introduced to the graduate as well. She’s a mini version of her mother – absolutely gorgeous.

I talk with Wendy for a little bit while sipping canlı bahis on more champagne. Eventually, I have to relieve myself and ask her where a bathroom is. Before she can give me an answer she’s pulled aside by her husband and just kind of points in a general direction. I can’t believe my boss didn’t even say hello to me. Oh well, I had a good talk and some good drinks and I really didn’t want to talk to him anyway. With my current mood and my tongue loosened by the alcohol, it’s highly likely I wouldn’t have said something very nice. The house is huge, but I can’t seem to find one stinking bathroom. I really have to go and keep wandering deeper into the mansion. There aren’t many people in this part of the house and I’m feeling a bit like a burglar on the prowl. Ah ha… this has to be a bathroom. I really have to go, so I open the door and step inside. The urgency of having to pee caused me to forget my manners and knock. And to my surprise, there was a woman sitting on the toilet. I turn a deep shade of red and the temperature seems to have risen about 50 degrees. I begin apologizing as best I can and try to explain how badly I had to go and the champagne has me struggling to put together a coherent sentence. She giggles and says it’s okay…she understands. If I just give her a few seconds, the bathroom is mine. I start backing up to leave and she tells me to stay – she’s done. She stands up and gives me a view of her lower half. She doesn’t seem embarrassed at all and before pulling up her panties, she gives me a nice peek some wonderful legs and at her perfectly trimmed pubic area.

She asks if I like what I see and I finally realize that I’m staring. I look up to her face, smile and nod my head. When I finally look at her face, I realize, she’s not a “woman” like I first thought. Well… a young woman at best. I’m terrible with ages, but I’m guessing she’s one of the many college kids that are at the party. She steps to the side and says very matter of fact: “since you saw me peeing, I think it’s only fair that I get to watch you.” Oh my… what do I do? I have to go so bad and I know college girls are fairly adventurous, but this one is kinky. I can’t wait any longer, so I step up to the toilet, undo my pants and start going. She is leaning with her bum against the counter and watching me. I glance over my shoulder and look at her. She’s not looking at my face; she’s just watching me pee. And the look on her face is pretty hot. Since she’s not looking at my face, I take advantage of the situation and check her out. She’s young, with a fantastic body. Long dark hair and gorgeous dark eyes (can you tell I like eyes?) She’s wearing a skirt and top that is exposing quite a bit of leg, tummy and cleavage. I’m guessing the cleavage is due more to a Wonder Bra than actual boobs, but I’m 49 and she’s 20 something and is alone with me in the bathroom. I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

I look at her entire body now and see she has one hand massaging her tummy and one hand on her hip. Occasionally, her tongue parts her lips bahis siteleri and licks around her mouth wetting her pouty lips. Her one hand is moving from her tummy to her boobs and occasionally a finger dips down into the waistband of her skirt. This young woman is actually getting into this?

I know this is horribly wrong, but when I finish relieving myself, I turn and face her. Watching her hands and seeing the look of desire on her face, has me too turned on to not try and see how far I can take this.

She moves over to me and pushes her body against mine and kisses me gently on the mouth. She says that she has to get back to the party, but asks if she can suck me. I want to do everything with this woman – not just receive oral, but I understand what she is saying and there’s no way I can refuse her. She kneels down on the tile floor and takes my cock in her hand. She strokes me a couple of times and takes me in her warm wet mouth. Since “water sports” aren’t really my thing, I wasn’t very aroused yet. But just a few seconds in her mouth changed all that. With each suck and stroke I was getting harder. And she could feel that in her mouth. She was moaning as she sucked me and I think it was because she was getting turned on by feeling me get harder inside her mouth. I imagine that she’s probably given her fair share of blow jobs in the college dorms and cars because she had great expertise. Then when I was semi aroused, she looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I immediately sprang to full arousal. This seemed to turn her on as well as her moaning increased and she started squirming while sucking me. Damn… she really knew what she was doing. I don’t think her moaning sounds were fake either. I think she was a woman that really got into giving pleasure. I know that I get turned on when giving a woman oral and finally make her cum and I’m thinking that she must be the same.

She sucked and stroked me for a few more minutes, but this woman was so good, it didn’t take me long until I was telling her I was ready to cum. This probably wasn’t my smartest move, but I was so happy to be with her, I decided to explore one of my fetishes. I like messy cum shots. I would call it an orgasm or climax, but when I do it, it’s not that dignified and “messy cum shot” is a much better description. She tilted back her head, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue while she continued to stroke me. Seeing her “beg” for my cum pushed me over the edge and I exploded. It had been awhile for me since my last orgasm (even refraining from masturbation for a few days) and when you combine that with this young woman and her expertise – I shot load after load of warm, sticky cum in her mouth and all over her face. Again and again I came and finally she took me back in her mouth to suck the last remaining drops.

She cleaned up a bit and the two of us went back to the party. We separated and mingled with other people for a little while and after a few minutes; I realized that I never even knew her name. I just got the most incredible blow job bahis şirketleri of my life and I don’t even know who she was. There are so many people at this party, I didn’t know if I could find her again. I was really hoping that I could return the “favor” and give her oral, but then again, maybe that was her kink – give oral sex to total strangers. Before too long I found I was back talking with the boss’ wife Wendy. She was extremely pleasant – which was just a bonus – because she was so incredibly hot. Again it got me wondering how these two were married for so long.

We continued to talk and found ourselves a bit separated from most of the guests. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw my bathroom girl. She was moving through the crowd coming in my general direction. I immediately started thinking of something to say to Wendy so that I could talk to my new friend and find out if I could see her again. Unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with any good excuses and bathroom girl was getting closer and closer. What was I going to do? Well… it didn’t matter. She came right up and stood with the two of us. Seeing these two hot women standing so close together started my mind racing. Wait a second… the dark hair. The beautiful brown eyes. The same pouty mouth. Why didn’t I see the similarity before? My boss’ wife started to say something and before she finished the first word – I knew what was coming.

“Mark… I’d like you to meet somebody. This is my other daughter, Teri.”

Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I just got the most incredible blow job of my life from my boss’ daughter! I awkwardly reached out to shake her hand.

“Hopefully you’re enjoying yourself… we’d love to have you back next year when Teri graduates.”

“I’d love to come back” I said. “What college do you go to?” I asked Teri.

“She’s not in college – next year she’ll graduate from high school.”

I’m going to die! My head was filled with the different ways that my boss would torture and then kill me. My mouth opened to say something, but I couldn’t think of one single word to say. I just stood there dumbfounded.

Then out of the blue, Wendy asks: “How was she?”

“P-p-pardon me???” I asked.

“You fucked my daughter – right?”

“I ummm… no I…” I couldn’t think straight.

“I know you did something” she added.

I still couldn’t think of a good denial, but I admitted my guilt by asking: “How do you know?”

“It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out. You were in a pissy mood when you got here. An hour later you’re in a fantastic mood. You turned beet red when I introduced the two of you. And she has cum in her hair.”

Now I heard and seen a lot in my day, but I wasn’t ready for this. She moved the three of us farther away from the crowd so that no one could hear.

“Don’t worry… I won’t tell. My husband is a jerk – to me and the kids – so we’ve learned to have fun without him. She’s had sex with boys in front of me. I even joined… well… let’s just say I had fun too. But they were just boys – I think it’s time we tried a man.”

It turns out that mom is even kinkier than the daughter (stay tuned for part 2). But needless to say, I now go to parties and I actually enjoy them. Well… at least I enjoyed this one.

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