Awakening of a Princess

Once upon a time there was a little man, he had a daughter that was the most beautiful girl in the trailer park. In fact she was the most beautiful girl that man had ever seen and being a good appliance repairman he had seen a lot of women. One day he happened to be working at the house of a Hollywood bigwig and trying to impress the executive he told him about his daughter. He told him how his daughter Isabella was not only beautiful but an incredibly talented writer. This wasn’t really true but the small man needed to lie to feel important, small men usually do, and I’m not talking about their height when I call them small.

The executive was trying to produce a new sitcom and was struggling with a variety of bad writers even though the premise was good he had a hard time finding anyone who had and original mind in the heart of the evil kingdom.

“Bring your daughter to me and I’ll see that you are well compensated” he decreed without looking up from his papers. Isabella’s father knew he was really a slime ball but never had the guts to tell the truth and brought the girl to his house. It might be the last time he saw his daughter but maybe it was better that she go here than end up pregnant and alone in the trailer park.

The day she arrived it was sunny and warm and all the windows and doors to the huge house on the hill were open. The sun streamed in and the breeze kept the whole house fresh and cool. It felt like fantasy world for the simple girl who had only just turned 18. The man came to the door to greet his new writer and take her to her room ” You can write and sleep here” he said.

Isabella unpacked her small suitcase and wondered what she would write, she wasn’t real writer. The computer that sat in the corner of the room intimidated her. What would she do, surly if she never wrote the man who now took care of her would throw her out and she didn’t think she could survive on her own. She sat on the bed afraid and sad not knowing how she would deal with this predicament. The man was very large not just in stature but also in his presence. The more time she spent with him the more in awe she was of his power and confidence. She knew he would not tolerate her not completing the writing task he assigned. She found herself crying herself to sleep every night knowing the man would find out she was a fraud. She didn’t know that most people in the evil kingdom were frauds. One night as she lay in bed in her nightgown, she heard a noise at the window. It was the gardener Miguel; he stood at the window watching the poor girl crying. His small room was next to her window out in the garden shed and he was tired of listening to her cry herself to sleep every night.

“What the hell’s the matter with you” he cried and bounded in through the open window.

“I’m suppose to be a writer and I don’t even know how to turn on the computer,” the young beautiful girl said. “I just don’t know what I will do”.

“I can write the fuckin script for you. I’m actually am a pretty good writer but the color of my skin doesn’t let me get a decent job in this country of bullshit” Miguel said in a tone of bitterness.

Isabella was taken back by his crude language and forward manor. She moved away from him a little afraid, he seemed to be looking at her body; he could see her perky breasts through the thin material of her nightgown.

“But what am I going to get if I do this for you?”

“I don’t have anything of any value right now but maybe I could help you when I get something from the big man”

“I can see something right now that I want” he said and moved towards the young girl.

“What is it that you want” Isabella said, fear choking her voice. She knew about the things men wanted and sometimes she had lain in bed late at night and thought about how it would feel but now with this young man approaching her she was very afraid.

Miguel saw the apprehension and stood close to her without touching her, he could feel her heat, smell her clean skin but he never touched her, just stood next to her and whispered “I will do this for you if you take off all your cloths and let me look at your lovely naked body. I won’t touch you or do anything but look”

Isabella was shocked and a little disturbed by his request but didn’t see what else she could do, it could be worse she thought and agreed.

“First you have to write the story” she insisted trying to show some courage. “I’ll write the story when you are naked, I want to be able to gaze at you while I work. He backed away from her allowing her room to shed her cloths. Her auburn hair and clear blue eyes were stunning at any distance and the anticipation of seeing her naked was causing tightening in his jeans. Isabella tried not to look at him as she pulled her nightgown over her head, she told herself she had no choice but inside she felt an excitement and desire creep through her. She wanted this man to see her naked to look at he body with lust and wanting.

She casino oyna stood in front of him in nothing but he little cotton panties. Her young breasts stood straight out in front of her. The tiny pink nipples stood pointed out and she felt a tingle run through her as Miguel gazed at her, taking in her flat stomach and flaring hips. “Your underwear too” he said without taking his eyes of her pale breasts. She hooked her thumbs in the sides and pushed them down leaning over to remove them from her feet. He could see her thin slit through the downy hair of her pussy. She truly was a fantastic vision to behold. He tried to concentrate on his work but his eyes kept tuning to look at her as she lounged on the bed. She seemed to be posing for him, inviting his lust and wanting his attention.

Isabella had never showed herself to a man like this before and the longer she lay there naked with his eyes on her the more wetness seemed to be building between her legs. She felt liberated at ease with herself and proud of the effect she seemed to be having on the young man working away at her computer.

Finally the story was finished and Miguel hit the print button and the pages spewed out. He had done his part and now he wanted more. He moved towards her and saw now she was frightened as he approached. The fear in her eyes fed him, he knew he could do, as he liked to her and she would probably like it but not yet. He sat on the bed next to her without touching her just looking at her feeling her presence letting her know he could go farther but choose not to.

What was he doing, Isabella’s heart pounded, Goosebumps ran up her spine, she was afraid but so excited. As he sat there she also realized she was desperate for his touch. Without speaking he got up and climbed thought the window and disappeared into the darkness.

She lay there for a long time shivering at the thought of him; finally reaching between her legs and touching the wetness he had caused. Her own fingers felt so good as they rubbed at her swollen excitement. She saw him and imagined it was him rubbing her, taking her, doing things to her she was afraid to even think. “Oh Fuck Me,” she finally cried as her body tensed. Had she said that, she had never used that word before and now she had moaned it without even thinking?

The next day she was a little cocky as she handed the pages to the big man. He had not even asked her about the writing the last few days and had been trying to think of a nice way to get rid of her. She was beautiful but women were common in his life, a good writer was what he really needed. After he read the story he was ecstatic at the possibilities.

“Can you continue the story, do another episode by the end of the week?” he asked.

Isabella couldn’t say anything but yes and hope she could convince Miguel. Three nights she called from her window for him and he never came. The old gardener hadn’t seen him and Isabella began to panic. This can’t be so hard she said and sat down and tried to get the computer to work for her. In fact it was a lot harder than she thought and even though she tried and tried finally getting the computer to work she found that she had nothing to write. When she emptied her mind trying to find a story all she could see is Miguel, his strong shoulders, the dark skin and strong hands. She thought there was darkness to him, as he looked at her, as if he could be a little cruel. Maybe the cruelty was that he hadn’t touched her, that her hadn’t pushed her down and had his way with her. That was what she had wanted, to be pushed down held down while he penetrated her using her body, taking what he wanted. His intention was there but he had held back and now she craved his rough hands.

That night as she lay in bed thinking and wanting she heard him at the window. She had stopped wearing cloths to bed in anticipation of his return and now she lay on her stomach, on top of the clean white sheets without a blanket. He would be able to see her round white bottom exposed to him and she lay very still waiting for him to be enticed by her vulnerable body. Come, take me: she pleaded in her mind. Just a week ago she would have been horrified to think what now was an obsession for her. She wanted his hands on her, touching and using her body for his pleasure. She buried her head in the pillow afraid to look at him in the face, blushing at the thoughts that ran through her. She knew he stood over her she could feel him, smell him, and she shivered from the realization.

Miguel knew he would have to write another story for her and this time he would get more from her. In fact he could take what he wanted any time he wanted but it was more fun to tease her. He reached down and ran his hands over her still body. She was awake he had no doubt but afraid to look at him afraid to look at her own lust. His hands moved over her body feeling every curve and crack. Her skin was so soft, her body so white and smooth. He loved the feel of her round ass, canlı casino his finger explored the crack and she opened her legs ever so slightly. He found the wetness and gently dipped his finger into her before her raised his hand and slapped her as hard as he could. Isabella’s whole body jerked at the sudden sting. She tried to turn but one hand held her down as the other one raised and came down with a resounding whack. He would spank her for the next ten minutes until her bottom glowed and she cried and pleaded for him to stop. “Why are you doing this she pleaded” “so you know that I am the one who writes your stories and every time you sit down you feel the sting and remember I can do to you as I please. I saw what you did after I left last time” he added.

It actually made sense to Isabella; she had been cocky and proud when she handed in the story and she had felt guilty about touching herself. She thought she couldn’t stand the pain but she was incredibly excited by it. Her whole body felt alive and she wanted him, to feel him inside her, feel him against her pushing at her and using her little body.

Miguel got up and went to the computer and wrote the story he had thought of three days earlier. He knew he would have this little vixen that played so hard at being sweetness and innocence he saw past the facade. It would take when he knew she was ready, craved it more than anything else. She would completely surrender to him forever. He ran his rough hands over her again before he left and warned her not to touch herself this time. He wanted to have her ready for him next time he visited.

A week went by and Isabella waited, she knew he would return and now she also knew she wanted him for the man he was and not just his writing. After ten days she could stand it no longer, her lust had built up inside her to the point were she needed a release. Laying in bed her small hands moved down her body touching herself finally coming to the place that burned with so much desire. Maybe he’ll never return she thought and I can’t wait forever, her fingers touched the wet fold of her lips and moved up and down the length of her tight slit.

She knew the little bud had grown in anticipation and finally she moved the tip of her fingers over its sensitive head. Isabella’s eyes were tightly shut as her mind raced back to the night he had touched her. It was delicious to remember his rough hands and touch against her soft smooth skin. There was no way with the pounding in her ears that she could have heard him slip in though the window.

Miguel had waited every night looking though the window watching the beautiful girl that he knew would be his. Tonight he had seen her as she touched herself, heard her moans from the window and new she was ready. He moved through the window silently, tonight he would make no bargain with her. He would take what her knew now to be his. He stood over her bed, the pressure in his jeans becoming increasingly unbearable at the anticipation.

It was his smell that alerted her, he already existed in her minds eye but then she smelt him, the raw musky aroma of a man who works hard. She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw him so close to her, watching her touch her most private spot. Her hand pulled at the sheets in shame wanting to cover herself.

“Take off the sheets let me see you lovely naked body,” he whispered. Isabella blushed, she knew she would do as he said, she knew she already belonged to him and lusted after his dominance. It is rare and precious thing to find a person that processes the key to that hidden closet inside every person. When through chance or design you come across them it is best just to present the closet for them to open and wonder at the beauty that comes forth. Even in Isabella’s young innocence she knew this. She in some ways was closer to the basic primal instinct. Now she knew who would dominant and care for her needs, the needs of her body and soul.

“I told you not to touch yourself and now I stand here and see you have already disobeyed me, if our life together is going to be happy and fulfilled I now have to punish you” The word punishment scared Isabella she pulled back on the bed, curling her slim agile body into a ball against the wall. The fear was very real a yet there was an excitement in it for her. She felt more alive than she ever had before.

Miguel grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to him, his face against her cheek, his hot breath caressing her ear he whispered ” It’s time I took what is mine”. With that he pulled her body flat on her stomach. “Don’t move” he growled and went over to the closet.

Isabella laid very still, her hands pulled over her head her face buried in the soft clean pillow. She scarcely breathed, fear and excitement had taken over her body. She heard the sound of cloth ripping and felt his presence as he stood over her. Such a lovely round bottom he thought as he stared at her. Small thin strands of hair poked out from between kaçak casino her legs and he could smell the odor of her warm moist center. One by one he methodically tied her wrist securing her to the four posts of the bed.

Standing back he admired his handiwork. He sat down on the bed next to her touching her back feeling the arch of her spine and the gently curve of her neck. He wrapped his fingers around her neck feeling its vulnerability enjoying the tension Isabella was feeling. The first slap on her bare bottom caught her by surprise and she flinched at the pain. She didn’t cry out she knew she had given in to sexual urges and was ashamed of herself. That Miguel had planted those urges gave him the right to punish her. It was a twisted logic but the feelings were true and the longer he spanked her the more relived she felt.

Miguel finally stopped when his hand began to sting, her bottom glowed crimson and he could hear her quite sobs. He moved to her head and stroked the soft auburn hair. “I’m sorry I have to do this to you” he started and she looked up into his eyes and forced a smile. “I think the tears are for joy not pain, my bottom hurts but my heart soars” she whispered. He stroked her slowly working his hands down her body feeling every inch of her smooth fair skin. His hand only lightly grazed her flaming cheeks as his fingers moved along her crack. The heat escaping from between her legs was apparent long before he touched the lips, the slippery moisture of coating his fingers. Isabella arched her back struggling against her bonds to push her body into his fingers. She wanted him so bad, needed to feel him on her body, using her.

Miguel pulled away and untied her from the bed; there was a look of confusion in her face. He moved across the room and sat in a chair with a clear view of the bed. “I want to watch you touch yourself, but when I tell you to stop you will or I will have to give you more punishment.”

Isabella had been touching herself at night for a long time but always alone with the lights out. She had felt ashamed of her lust and had tried to hide it and now he asked her to display it for him. It was humiliating and she blushed looking at him pleadingly. She wanted him touch her, him to use her.

“Do it” his voice was low but strong and the tone left nothing to interpretation. She knew she had no choice and lay back against the pillows he hands moving down her body. She closed her eyes trying to block out the humiliation of him watching her do this for herself.

“Open your eyes I want you to look at me, look into my eyes”

When she opened her eyes he had taken off his pants and shirt and sat across from her with his long hardness lewdly standing straight up in front of him. His right hand surrounded it at its base moving up and down very slowly. At first Isabella was shocked at it’s size and then frightened at it might do to her small tender body, how could it be possible to get all that inside me. She turned a deeper shade of red and stopped stroking herself, just staring at the large purple head. It looked like it might explode any second. She felt the wetness under her soaking the sheet and her fingers returned with a renewed enthusiasm. She concentrated on her hard little clit, her eyes shifting between the monster in his lap and his gentle gray eyes. She felt it building she knew she couldn’t last she would cum right there her legs spread her breasts heaving in a perverted show, for him she would cum for him.

‘Stop” he yelled, jerking her back, she obeyed without thought her entire being was directed by him. She sat there her hands twitching by her side. Before she realized he was out of the chair and beside her his large hand grasping her lifting her and flipping her over as if she was a doll. He stood and pulled her red ass towards the long hard shaft waving in the air in front of him like a weapon. She didn’t have time to think before he plunged deep into her soaked pussy. The pain of losing her virginity was lost in the exquisite feeling of him filling her so completely. He held it there for a second before slowly pulling out and driving it in again this time even harder. Her muscles clenched at him wanting to hold him inside but he pulled out only to drive it deep into her again and again. His heavy sack slapped against her, his rough pubic hair scratching at her tender bottom. She cried out wanting it needing the shear power of him inside her.

“Touch yourself, touch your engorged clit,” he moaned and she new it wouldn’t be long. Isabella’s hand moved down rubbing g furiously at her bud driving her so close and then over. It was like nothing she had ever felt, reverberating through her body, the feeling being vocalized by primal sounds escaping her mouth, from deep inside her she felt the release.

Miguel felt the vise like grip of her as she came and his shaft exploded inside her. He drove his seed deep into her belly filling her. He held onto her hips and rode the convulsions that wracked his body. It had been worth waiting for, he new that this was only the beginning. They left that night, not even leaving a note. They would find their own way and live happily ever after on their own terms.

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