The following is a true story of my first experience with a MILF a number of years ago when I was in my early 20’s. To say the least, it was a learning experience and, looking back, a defining moment in my sex life. I learned a lot about pleasing a woman and began my real appreciation for an elegantly dressed woman. I hope you enjoy this and I’d like to hear comments, particularly from women about their experiences. Pegasus


Back in 1972 when I was 23 I met my first MILF. I can only say it was a memorable experience. I was in the Navy, stationed in Florida and lived in a trailer park just off base. Although there were several hot looking young women living there, but with the close surroundings I pretty much minded my own business. Across the street from my trailer was a young couple who I was good friends with and we partied together frequently. Next to them lived a woman named Barbara, who was married to a career Navy man, along with her 5 children.

Living in the Sunshine State I took full advantage of the weather and spent a lot of time outside enjoying the Florida sun, usually wearing flip flops and a pair of jogging shorts. I was athletic and often played ball or Frisbee with the kids in the neighborhood when I wasn’t out surfing. Being the friendly type, I always said hello to Barbara and would wave when she would look out on the kids. Even at a distance, it was easy to see she had rather large tits and a pleasing curvy figure. One early October day I was surprised when Barbara came to my door and said she had a favor to ask me. I say surprised, because other than the hellos and waves, we had never really talked. I could not help but notice how attractive she was, finally seeing her close up. She was dressed in a neatly pressed white cotton blouse, tight orange shorts and heels. Her skin was smooth and she didn’t need or use a lot of makeup. Here dark hair was medium length and perfectly styled. Even in such casual attire, she was very elegant with just the right touch of jewelry and sensual, with one button left undone on her blouse to allow a teasing view of her cleavage. Her tits were indeed a D-cup, confirming my previous estimates from a distance. Her shorts left little to the imagination as they hugged every curve.

“I came over to ask you a favor,” she started, “I have some Christmas presents that I don’t want my kids to find and would like to know if I could hide them in your trailer.” She noticed my look of hesitation and continued, “I’ll make it very worth your while.”

That statement confused me a bit. I responded, “I’d be happy to do it just as a friendly neighbor, but,” I continued, “My ship is deploying soon and I will not be home for a number of months.” I would actually not be back before Christmas.

Barbara looked visibly upset and repeated, “I’ll really give you a good deal, but I’ve been around the Navy long enough and I understand deployments.”

We chatted a bit longer, sitting on the steps of my trailer, and I’m sure she noticed my frequent glances at her tits as she said, “We need to become better friends. I agreed with her as she headed back to her trailer. As she opened the door to her trailer she turned and waved, and said, “Talk to you soon.” I sat picturing the wonderful wiggle of her ass as she walked away and wondered if she had noticed my cock stirring while we were talking.

The next evening, Saturday, I was home watching TV and just relaxing. I heard a knock at the door and it was my friends from across the street and Barbara. The said they were going to the club for a few drinks and to play some pool and asked me to join them, saying, “Barbara needs a pool partner.”

I had planned to begin getting my things together for the upcoming deployment, but then Barbara said, “Pretty please,” with a sexy little pout. She was dressed in a black blouse with a couple buttons left open to show off her breasts and a very tight green skirt, cut about six inches above her knees and nice high heels. Just like the previous day, her makeup and hair were flawless and her jewelry added the perfect accent.

There was no way I was going to resist that request so I said, “Give me 10 minutes to get ready and I’ll be right out.” As I dressed, my mind was racing with erotic thoughts and my cock started responding.

At the club we had a couple beers as we played pool. Barbara and I chatted non-stop when we were not shooting and I had the opportunity to compliment her on her clothes, telling her, “You look stunning. I’ve never seen you dressed up like this.”

My compliment brought a big smile to her face and she thanked me and said, “I like to wear nice feminine clothes, but with the kids I don’t get to enjoy dressing like this too often.”

Her smile was so beautiful I added, “You smile is radiant too, so I guess you are really enjoying the evening.”

“Absolutely, I know it will be a special night.”

After a while I noticed every time it was my turn to shoot, Barbara would be at the opposite casino siteleri side of the table facing me. When standing, she would be in a sexy pose showing off her tits and one time, sitting, her skirt rode way up and gave me a clear view of her panty covered beaver. We lost that game and Barbara suggested we all go for a walk on the beach. It was a warm evening so we all immediately agreed.

For the short ride to the beach Barbara and I sat in the back and she moved very close to me and I was able to enjoy her perfume.

“What kind of perfume are you wearing? I really enjoy it; it has a very sensual scent.”

She put her hand on my arm and told me the name and said, “Thank you,” leaving her resting softly on my arm.

For such a soft touch, I sent lightning bolts through me. I was also treated to a wonderful view of her thighs as her skirt had ridden up well above her knees.

At the beach Barbara had to take her heels off and the two couples strolled along together. I say couples because almost automatically Barbara and I put our arms around each other and she leaned into me more as we walked through the ankle deep water as it receded after a wave broke.

A few minutes later however, Barbara suggested we wade out farther to enjoy the foamy surf. As we inched out slowly to deeper water, Barbara said, “I don’t want to get my nice clothes wet. Why don’t we just strip down to our underwear? It’s just like wearing bathing suits, right?

“Yeah, if you have underwear on,” I said, “But I don’t want to get arrested.”

Barbara playfully called me, “Party pooper,” as she headed to the car where she put her clothes ion the back seat. Once free of her clothes she turned to me and asked,”How’s that?”

“Beautiful,” was all I could say as I saw more of her full tits.

We headed back to the water as Barbara whispered,”I Think not wearing underwear is sexy,” and she gave my butt a playful squeeze and kissed cheek.

Soon we were all soaking wet and her thin underwear hid very little. I now could see her big areole with large hard nipples poking through the transparent bra. We were holding on to each other for support against the breaking waves and soon were taking every opportunity to feel each other up. I quickly learned Barbara’s tits were very firm and she did not seem to mind me touching them at all, and I certainly did not mind her hand feeling my crotch or ass.

We were getting accustomed to the water when Barbara suggested we go back home and put our bathing suits on. We only lived 5 minutes away, so all agreed. Arriving at the trailer park we all dashed off to change and met back at the car, this time with towels. I was treated to a lovely sight as Barbara had put on a tiny bikini.

Back at the beach, instead of heading back out into the surf, Barbara and I decided to walk along the beach a ways so we could talk and enjoy our new found friendship. Again arm in arm, holding each other tightly, she said, “This is much better in a bathing suit.”

I agreed saying, “I love the way you look in that tiny bikini.” She just smiled and put her head softly on my shoulder as we ambled along.

It was a beautiful moonlit night and we stopped to gaze out over the water. I snuggled close behind Barbara with my arms around her waist. She quietly whispered,”This is really an old bikini, why do you like it so much?”

“You looked very attractive and sexy,” which made her smile warmly. I continued, “And I love the sight of your beautiful tits in that tiny top.” At the same time I moved my hands up to hold her firm globes for the first time.

She responded by moaning and said, “I don’t mind if you take my top off so you can see them completely.”

As the tiny top fell away all I could say is, “Wow.” Her nipples were very big and hard. Yes, of course I told her so and began caressing her tits and gently rolling the nipples between my fingers. I could not resist telling her, “Your nipples are so hard.” They were actually the largest I have ever seen, even to this day.

Barbara immediately responded, “And they need a lot of that kind of attention.” She started telling me she had been watching me for some time and confided, “I enjoy seeing me in your tiny running shorts and can’t help trying to see what you have under them.” She continued, “That’s really why I came over to see you yesterday. Yes, I do have some Christmas presents I need to hide, but I really wanted to see up your shorts up close. With that she turned and put her hand on my now very erect cock erection and we began kissing deeply. When we finally came up for air she said she loved my touch and would do her best to make sure I would not be disappointed.

I did not need any more urging as we headed back up the beach, her tits jiggling beautifully in the moonlight. She said she really did not want to cover up but knew she better before we got back to our friends. So I helped her back into the tiny bra, and enjoyed watching her adjust them to canlı casino show as much as possible.

Barbara whispered, “I’ll gladly come over to your trailer and show them to me again.” As we returned to the trailer park she said, “I’ll be over in a few minutes after I get dried off and cleaned up.

I gave her a soft kiss on her neck which made her moan.

I quickly answered the soft knock, wearing only my unlined jogging shorts. Barbara had on the white blouse and orange shorts as if telling me she was bringing me a present. “You are a beautiful sight,” and also admitted I fell the same way when she had come over in the same outfit the previous day.

We quickly fell into a deep hot kiss, grinding our hips together. When we broke, Barbara said, “Now you know what I meant when I said I’d make it worth your while.”

Sitting on the sofa we continued kissing passionately as our hands roamed over each other. I quickly found she was not wearing a bra as her very hard nipples were poking through her blouse. I whispered, “I love the sight of your braless tits.”

She responded by seductively unbuttoning her blouse saying, “Let me share them with you. I love the feel of your hands all over them.”

When her blouse was finally off I began kissing the large mounds, my hands moved to her shorts which she also gladly helped remove to reveal tiny bikini panties, which also were quickly removed. No sooner was she beautifully naked than she was pulling at my shorts to free my raging cock. “I want to feel this inside me.”

I quickly took her hand and stood up ready to lead her to my bedroom, but instead we found ourselves in a tight embrace, my hands around her shapely ass, pulling her tightly against me. Not that I needed to pull that tightly since she was grinding her hips against mine so my erection was between her legs and sliding along the already wet lips of her hot pussy.

Breathlessly I told her, “We ought to go to my bed so we can really fuck.”

Barbara happily responded, “I’ve been looking forward to just that for some time.”

We fell onto the bed kissing deeply and continuing to explore each other’s bodies. My hands kept her nipples hard and I could not resist taking them in my mouth again. She loved it when I rolled the stiff tips between my lips and tongued them.

“You’re driving me crazy. I love having so much attention paid to my tits,” As she held my head tightly to her heaving chest.

I could feel her passion rising and I already knew there was a very wet pussy just waiting for attention. I kissed my way down her chest and stomach. As I did so she asked, “Are you going to eat my pussy?”

“Uh huh,” I mumbled.

“I love that even more that having my tits sucked.”

She was very accommodating as she opened her legs wide and used her delicate fingers to open her wet pussy for me to enjoy. She tasted wonderful and her juices were flowing freely. My hands were free so I reached back up to continue teasing her big nipples. All the while Barbara was encouraging me and telling me how much she enjoyed having her pussy eaten. I could feel her excitement building and she began grinding her hips against my mouth. My tongue worked her clit and darted in and out of her. Soon she was in the throes of an orgasm, her pussy flooded with her juices, which I continued to savor.

“Baby, you better fuck me now. I need you stiff cock in me.”

I kissed my way back up her body, lingering at her glorious tits again. She moved her legs to guide my cock straight to her waiting pussy and I entered her slowly, pushing my full 9 inches all the way in her hot hole so she could feel the entire length. Her pussy was wonderfully tight around me and she said with delight, “You are stretching my cunt. It feels sooooooo goooooood.

We both began thrusting slowly and steadily, pushing as deep as possible each time, but we were both so hot it was not long before we were pounding away at each other, enjoying a fantastic fuck.

Barbara was very vocal, “You are touching my clit and hitting bottom with every stroke. I have not been fucked this good in a long time. I love your cock!”

We were both truly enjoying pleasuring each other. As we continued feverishly, we kissed passionately and our hands were all over each other. Mine hands taking turns between her tits, nipples and ass, hers searching my ass and roaming all over my back. I can’t tell you how long we fucked, but we both enjoyed powerful and vocal orgasms as our passions peaked from the hours of teasing and anticipation. In Barbara’s case maybe I should say weeks or months as she said, “I’ve been looking at your cock in your shorts for so long and dreaming how good it would feel in me. It was better than I ever dreamed.

As our orgasms subsided and we began to relax we continued to kiss and enjoy our new found sex. Barbara began telling me, “I have been watching you and trying to find ways to get you to fuck me. I almost came out and asked you if you like kaçak casino to fuck me as we were sitting on the steps yesterday afternoon.”

“Maybe you should have, we would not have had to wait the additional 24 hours. But, you certainly did not disappoint me and I will gladly fuck you anytime you like.”

With that she said, “Roll over on your stomach,” and she proceeded to provide very special attention to my asshole, which was very exciting and already getting my dick hard again. She even used her pretty tits and pushed one of her hard nipples into my ass, which made me very hard in no time.


“Roll back over lover. You ate her pussy so wonderfully. I want to let you enjoy my mouth around my dick.”

I certainly did enjoy it. Today, some 35 years later, she still remains the most memorable woman to ever suck my cock. As her head bobbed in a wonderful motion up and down the full length of my excited dick, I continued to enjoy keeping her nipples hard. She kept bringing me to the brink of an orgasm then would stop me so she could continue enjoying me with her mouth.

Barbara stopped to enjoy her work, “I love the size of your cock,” and with a sexy smile, she continued, “Let’s see how big I can make it. Of course, then I’ll have to make it go down again.”

Now it was her turn to slowly kiss her way up my body. She paused to allow her big mounds to dangle around my cock as she sucked my nipples. Then moved up so her big tits were right over my face, which I took full advantage off, sucking her nipples to their full hardness. Neither of us wanted to wait another moment as she positioned her hot pussy over my cock and slid all the way down around me as we both enjoyed the tremendous excitement. Again we started with a slow grind, but built to the point where Barbara was bouncing up and down my full length. As she fucked away, I reached for her tits and began tweaking her nipples, which just drove her crazy as she picked up the pace even more.

She was getting close to a big orgasm and urged. “Fuck me deep. Give me that big cock.”

I lifted my ass off the bed pushing as far as possible into her willing pussy. It was not long before we were both cuming again. This time, we could only collapse in each others arms and enjoyed the afterglow of a fantastic fuck.

Barbara softly whispered, “You satisfied me more than I have been in a long, long time. I hope we can enjoy more fucking in the near future.

Of course I agreed saying, “If you had only asked me sooner, we could have been enjoy wonderful fucks a long time ago. I will gladly give you my cock anytime you want it.”

It was late, and Barbara needed to get back home, so we cleaned each other up and returned to the living room where we had thrown off our clothes. I reluctantly helped her put her blouse on because I was still enjoying the sight of her glorious tits and nipples that were still hard, but they did poke out nicely through her blouse.

She helped me put my shorts on as she said, “Thank you for finally letting her see first hand the treasure you kept hidden underneath those shorts.”

Still excited, we kissed passionately a bit longer as neither of us wanted this to end. Finally she had to go, and I offered, “Let me help you put these back on,” holding her tiny panties and shorts.

“That’s OK; the blouse covers me enough to get across the street.”

We shared our final kiss and I told her, “I will be home tomorrow night and I would love to fuck you to your heart’s content if you are available.

She responded with a warm smile, a tender kiss and whispered, “I’d really like that. I’ll be over as soon as I can tomorrow evening.

I watched her walk back across the street and the blouse did cover her enough for anyone looking from farther away. For me it was a final wonderful view of her shapely ass, which she gave a special wiggle as she looked sexily back over her shoulder. The she waved, blew me a kiss and disappeared in her trailer.

I enjoyed a beautiful night’s sleep as I was literally exhausted from the exciting fucking we had just shared. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have Barbara in my bed all night long. My dreams also looked forward to the following night.


The next afternoon I was filled with anticipation. Just before sunset I walked up the convenience store at the entrance of the park to pick of a few things. As I was coming out I met Barbara heading back from the pizza store next door. She had on a long halter dress that did little to hide her beautiful tits. In fact, the way she had the dress tied it actually pushed her mounds up and more into view.

I could only whistle softly and said, “You look very pretty in that colorful dress.”

We chatted softly as we strolled back to our trailers. We were both excited and I told Barbara, I can’t wait to untie that dress and see your fabulous tits again and fuck you.”

In the fading light, she leaned close, kissed my cheek and told me, “My pussy is already flowing. I’ll be over as soon as I finished my chores at home. I’m looking forward to getting that lovely cock of yours out of those shorts again and enjoying another good fuck.”

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