Boy Scout Mothers Ch. 05

At home there were two messages on my message bank from Darlene and messages from Jennifer and Maryanne.

I told mum I had been working on the jeep and took off to my room.

As I lay on the bed the phone rang, “I love you “a voice whispered. It was Jennifer, beautiful long legged Jennifer.

“You are beautiful” I responded…

She whispered “he’s home but I couldn’t go to sleep from thinking of you”, “will I see you tomorrow”….. Then before I could answer she quickly said goodbye and rang off in a hurry.

I lay on the bed and took stock .In the matter of a few days my life had changed dramatically.

I had just spent all day in bed with a raunchy beauty queen

I had fucked mums best friend Maryanne.

Jennifer loved me

Angelique could be mine for the taking.

Darlene was ringing looking for me.

Best of all those well off husbands were going to employ me in a part time job, which would force me to spend a lot of time with their wives.

It took a day to set up the plans for different homes to prepare the cookies. I suspected that in most cases the housekeeper would do the cooking

I arranged to call on each of the wives to set up my roster for pickup and deliveries.

Maryanne was my fist port of call.

I knocked. When there was no answer I went around the back to the kitchen. To get to the kitchen I passed the garage where I could see someone under a truck cursing and swearing.

Maryanne opened the door whispering “He’s in the garage”

“Yes I know” I said as I took her in my arms and kissed her. She kissed casino oyna me back pushing me away at the same time. “Get out of here you horny devil we can’t, not now, it’s to dangerous we’ll get caught”

I knew she was right, but I kissed her again and again, before she finally forced me out of the door.

I walked out saying “good day” to her husband before heading back home horny and frustrated.

At home Darlene had called and left more messages on the machine. It was mid morning as I set off for her house.

The maid met me and showed me to an office sitting room. A few minutes later Darlene flowed in. Flowed is the only word I can use to describe her entry.

She was dressed in a long white low cut form fitting outfit, that fitted her like a glove, her long jet black hair was piled high on her head, her make up was perfect, she was a picture.

Her large breasts were dramatically outlined by the cut of her outfit. My prick jumped to attention.

Her deep red lipstick glistened and shone as she licked her lips and the tip of her tongue poked through. This was one real spunky lady.

“Hello daaarling! Even the way she welcomed me made my prick harder. She moved to greet me with a kiss.

Trying to behave I pursed my lips for a chaste kiss. As our lips met the tiny tip of her tongue slipped between my lips, I opened my mouth and a vigorous snake like tongue followed.

I wrapped my arms around her and responded with all the skill and vigour I could muster.

One of her hands was running through my hair the other drifted down on to my butt and ran up and canlı casino down the crack of my arse through my slacks.

I followed her lead and ran my fingers over her butt and pushed a finger cloth and all into her arse, my other hand grabbed a magnificent boob.

She grunted, moaned and sighed. Breaking away she took my hand and headed for the settee.

As she walked in front of me I pulled my hand from hers and brought both hands up to her breasts pulling her back against me. I buried my mouth in her neck and my rampant prick tried to bury in her arse.

I reached for her zipper pulling it down and pushed the straps from her shoulders. A wiggle disposed of any obstruction as the dress slipped to the floor.

Her hands found my prick

My hands returned to tease her nipples.

My tongue filled her ear.

My prick caressed her rear.

As I looked up, I spied a full length mirror. I swung Darlene around so she faced the mirror and moaned. . She had not worn any panties or bra but had worn a white garter belt and white stockings.

Her jet black hairy box was striking…

With both hands I grasped her cunt lips and pulled them open.

We both stood there stunned at the beauty of her sexually aroused body. As we watched a trickle of her love juices dropped on to my hand.

That ignited me. I pushed her roughly down on the couch and fed myself between her legs. She took me in hand and fed my surging dick in to her warm moist cunt.

“At last” she cried “A young fat hard cock. “Give it to me, fuck me hard, and make me come”.

I had not stopped kaçak casino to remove my clothes. We did not want to waste a minute. Nor could we .Our blood was boiling.

Lust was king.

We fucked each other hard and fast, our bodies hitting and slapping, her hair spread out, her breasts bounced up and down as I pounded into her. We grunted and moaned striving harder and harder.

I was trying to push up into her chest through her cunt. She was biting my shoulder scratching my back. Suddenly she pushed a finger in my arse.

That single act brought me to a most devastating organism… I blew and blew, my balls were draining dry.

At the same time Darlene was coming in little grunts, again and again, her legs crashed around my back, her tongue rolled out of her mouth, as she groaned and gasped.

Her molten eyes stared at me, her nostrils flared, she moaned loudly. She thrashed and thrashed until we were both wrung out.

I rolled over on my back and she swung up on top as we stayed glued together. Her magnificent boobs swung before my eyes. I bit down on one. She squealed, shuddered and came again, and then collapsed on me breathing heavy.

Slowly we started to move. I had wilted and slipped out. She picked me up and licked and chewed my red helmet. I returned the favour.

We had spoken very few words all morning.

It had been pure lust.

We met, we kissed, we fucked, we were like wild animals.

I ran my hands over her lush horny body again and again. I turned her to look in the mirror; her hair was down, her lipstick smeared all over her face. Her make up had virtually disappeared, cum had splattered on her thighs, her cunt lips hung open, the sexual energy shone through.

She was what I would later describe as a “Great Fuck.”

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