Brandon’s Fuckslut Family

This story was inspired by a recent conversation with a new LIT friend. I hope she recognizes that, this one’s for her.


Brandon Williams had happily agreed to house-sit …. well, condo -sit … for his sister Victoria this summer. She and her latest paramour, Kelly, were off on a tour of Ireland. Brandon’s home didn’t have a pool and as it had promised to be a hot summer, this was a bonus. He shut down all but the basic utilities at his own house, packed up Colonel, his cat, and moved happily into his sister’s home for the summer months.

He hadn’t anticipated any trouble either — his nieces were all of age, 18-year old Bliss, 19-year old Julee, the twins, Autumn and Tabitha, or “Tabby”, as all called her. 4 girls from two failed marriages.

He’d hated the twin’s father on sight, his opinion confirmed when the cheesy fucker bailed less than two years after the girls were born, vanishing to never be heard from again. Victoria didn’t even talk about him, he was merely “him” or “that man”, the girls had never known him.

Duncan, her second husband wasn’t a bad guy, just — a dud, about as exciting as a piece of bark. They’d muddled along for 10 years until Victoria decided enough was enough and bailed. Duncan still kept in touch with the girls and his child support was never late.

Victoria went back into her world of Fashion, buying herself a Dress Shoppe and making a nice-enough income to keep everyone provided for. The girls wanted for nothing and their uncle helped whenever he could. With their parents now gone, it was just Brandon, Victoria and the four girls.

Man, it was hot. Blazing hot, and despite his urge to enjoy the pool, Brandon thought he should probably go in and avoid a sunburn.

“Hot enough, Uncle B?” he heard Julee’s voice chime. He could hear a clicking sound on the tiles of the poolside patio, Julee was likely wearing heels, she almost always did. The little minx had great legs and a long torso and she loved to accentuate that.

Raven-haired Julee took off her sunglasses and sat down beside her uncle on the deck chairs, handing him a Coke, which he was grateful for. She was beautifully tanned already, home from her first year at College, where she was majoring in Art. She knocked her can of soda to hers and smiled.

“It’s a scorcher sweets, that’s for sure!” he smiled, her doe eyes looking into his brown-green ones. “Thanks for this, I was thinking of coming in though.”

She gave a little mock pout. “Oh don’t, come on, stay with me out here, I’ve just got home and no one’s around to keep me company!”

He lay back a bit on the chaise, feeling the sun. “Where are your sisters?”

“Bliss is staying overnight at a friend’s, Tabby’s at the library doing some research and Autumn’s out with her boyfriend at the Mall — he’s getting her some kind of gift to apologize for the fight they had last night.”

Brandon nodded, he’d heard about that from Autumn and it’d been a bad one. Autumn had seemingly inherited her mother’s bad taste in men.

“Just us two then, huh?” Brandon said, finishing his coke.

“Yep, just us to bake in the sun. Hey, you’re going to get burned. Let me put some sunscreen on you!” Julee offered.

That was a sensible idea, so Brandon didn’t put up much fuss. Being a pale-skinned Irishman, he burned easily, so as his niece rubbed him all over, he felt the soothing coolness wash over him.

“Man, you’ve gotten so buff in the last year, Uncle B!” Julee commented.

Since paying off his car and mortgage last year, Brandon had decided to invest in himself for the first time in a long while. He’d gotten his teeth straightened and joined a gym and he devoted himself to shaping up. It ached, it hurt, it strained and it wrenched, but he got himself in A-one shape in a bit over a year.

His niece’s hands felt great as they moved all over his back, in concentric circles and up and down his legs. He felt himself stirring a bit, but that was normal, it felt good. Then he felt Julee’s beautifully-manicured nails down his spine and around his shoulder-blades and that felt a bit better than it should. He was a bit twitchy, but he kept his composure.

Julee casino oyna couldn’t get over at her uncle’s new physique, he’d always been attractive, but in an older, rumpled, kind-of way. Not anymore. As she massaged the sunscreen into his body, there was no longer a “Spare Tire” or an ounce of fat on him. Lean, taut, virile flesh and she found herself lost in warm, erotic, naughty thoughts.

“Turn over, Uncle B, your front was looking a bit red there!” Julee chirped.

Brandon didn’t want to turn over, not in the slightest. As she’d massaged and teased a bit, his cock had become engorged and tumescent, he was near hardness and he had no intention of exposing that to his niece.

“Oh come on Uncle B, you’ve likely not got anything I haven’t seen before!” Julee said encouragingly, although if his dick was a big as the rest of his 6’4″ frame, well maybe ….

Brandon wrestled with his demons, but decided there wasn’t much he could do, she was no innocent kid, after all …. not with a body like that … and they’d likely laugh it off after some initial embarrassment.

He turned over and he saw Julee’s eyes widen. He chuckled nervously and then Julee said something that surprised him, rather than embarrass.

“Uncle B … migod, you’re hung!” she exclaimed.


“I’m sorry Uncle B, but it’s the truth. You’ve got the biggest fucking cock I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Her straightforward language took him aback, it wasn’t like Julee to swear. He noticed that she hadn’t averted her gaze, however.

“Umm Julee … do you mind …?”

“What’s that, Uncle B?”

“You’re staring.”

“Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“Yes, a bit.”

“Okay, sorry Uncle B. Okay, I’ll do your front now. Now just relax and enjoy.”

Julee heard the splurt of the sunscreen as it came from the bottle and on to her uncle’s chest and legs. Try as she might, she couldn’t get that cock — so large, so near hardness, so magnificent … out of her mind. Julee was not a conventional girl, in any way, shape or form. She’d broken her share of societal taboos, so the thought of teasing her uncle to a forbidden place crossed her mind. The sultry brunette pondered for a moment and wondered if she dared?

A wry smile crossed her face. Fuck it , why not? Who was she gonna hurt?

Licking her lips slightly, Julee went in for the kill. The “coating” of sunscreen went on with a bit more precision, she moved her hands with a bit more skill, she ventured around and around his chest, keeping her eyes on the bulge in his swim trunks. Julee saw the occasional twitch, she hoped he was feeling the same forbidden, incestuous heat she herself was.

Julee had the sexual philosophy of a true hedonist, one of the ways the brunette teen had kept in shape was sex. Fucking, lovemaking, screwing, copulation … no matter what it was called, Julee lived by the philosophy of “If it feels good, do it … often !”

Julee felt her nipples stiffen and rise under her bikini top and her pussy moisten. Uncle B, dear Uncle B … little do you know what you’re in for , she grinned inwardly.

Remembering the effect it had on him previously, Julee raked her manicured nails against his chest. Brandon hissed and she saw the cock jump again. He liked that, did he? She raked then down his thighs and got an even-more-obvious response.

Brandon wished she’d stop it … he was feeling some definitely not-Uncle feelings at this moment and he wanted to go and watch an Adult DVD and get some relief. Julee was getting to him, he had to admit, if she wasn’t his niece, he’d have ripped that skimpy blue bikini off her body and fuck the shit out of her horny cunt.

Julee could see his jaw setting, a grim look of determination in her uncle’s eyes. He was fighting it, this would not do. She went for broke and straddled his midsection. She stroked his chest up and down idly with her fingertips.

“Julee … just what the hell do you think you’re doing, young lady?” Brandon asked seriously.

“Uncle B … isn’t it obvious , darling?” she purred in a tone Brandon had never heard from her before. “I’m seducing you.”

Brandon canlı casino went to sit up, but she held him down. “Now, don’t fight it. You know if I wasn’t your niece, you’d have already been fucking me by now. You’re single, you can fuck who you want and most men would love to fuck a hot little slut like me, right? And so would you! Admit it!”

Brandon wrestled with his inner demons and it was a tough battle. She had a valid point, but there was the fact she was his niece. He and Victoria … it would break a bond of trust between them. What about her sisters, should they find out? If anyone should find out, the scandal, the ….

His internal monologue was silenced by Julee’s lips covering his own. Lord God, she could kiss. If she possessed no other erotic talents, this luscious slender bundle of fuck-flesh could kiss. Her tongue coiled with his, serpentine, ardently seeking and demanding satisfaction. His resistance was slipping under the tanned teen’s supple, yielding body.

Overcome, Brandon drew Julee closer to him, his hand on the back of her head and running through her long black hair. They were melded together for a moment, she was now lying completely atop his prone body, her bikini-covered body pressed tight to his, it felt alive, vibrant and full of passion.

For what seemed like a long time, but was likely only a minute or so, the pair lost themselves in their embrace, languid and sensual. Then Brandon’s instinct for self-preservation kicked in.

“Christ, what if the neighbors see us or your sisters come home or … “

Julee giggled and put a slender finger to his lips. “Relax, uncle-lover. We’ve got a high fence and big trees, remember? And as for the others, you know how loud Bliss and the girls are.”

That much was true, it was one of the few things Julee did not have in common with her siblings. Julee could sneak up on a ninja if she didn’t wear her high heels.

He let himself be pushed back down and Julee sat up, grinning at him. “I wanna suck your yummy cock, Uncle B!” she chirped. “Do you have a yummy cock? I bet you do, a yummy, big, thick cock for Julee to suck on!”

“You’re talking like a little slut !” he growled in a mock tone.

“Am I? That’s okay, Uncle B. I’ll be a slut, I’ll be your slut today. Sluts have lots of fun, they get their pussies licked and fucked and their mouths full of yummy, sweet cum!”

Brandon sighed. He couldn’t argue with her logic, and besides, her semi-whorish behavior was turning him on. Julee opened his swim trunks and fished out his cock, letting out a whistle.

” Whoo-eeee !” she exclaimed. “That is a monster and now, I’m gonna suck it dry!”

Julee’s soft, full mouth engulfed his cock in an instant, astoundingly, all the way to the base and back up again. Brandon’s wanton niece had an innate talent for cocksucking, next, she swirled and licked as her head bobbed and weaved, inky black hair whipping to and fro. She wasn’t her normal quiet self either, she was taking his cock with noisy gusto, slurping and licking and making little mewling noises in the back of her throat.

For his part, Brandon thought he’d died and gone to some kind of alternate-reality heaven, where sin was the reward. Julie’s tanned, sylph-like body moved all over him while she sucked, he used his own hands to stroke her smooth stomach and flanks while he fumbled to get the blue bikini top off of her. Her breasts, perfect delicate peaches, spilled out and he filled his hands with them. They bore no tan lines, she tanned in the nude, somehow, he knew she would. The skin was soft and supple and while he manipulated her pliant flesh, her moans enhanced her cocksucking.

Panting, gasping for breath from the shaft that had been in her mouth, Julee moved away for a moment and grinned at her uncle. His broad, almost-goofy grin showed his tacit sign of approval. She cocked her head and he picked up on her signal, she stood up from the chaise for a second and threw her bikini bottom to the patio. Now all she had on were silver stilettos.

Her pussy was almost a work of art, shorn of hair, pink and pouty and the subtle scent wafted to his nostrils as she lowered herself down on Brandon’s kaçak casino tongue. He wasn’t hesitant in the slightest, he loved eating cunt and fancied himself adept in that area. Julee squealed and rubbed her pussy mound harder against his licking tongue and face, the perversity of what they were doing adding to the excitement level of the wonderful sex. It was taking a lot of self-control not to topple over, but Julee sensed the end result would most assuredly be worth it.

Brandon was trying to summon up feelings of guilt or conflict, but couldn’t. He’d already come to far and his niece, besides being alluring and seductive, was an incredible fuck. Even if they’d gone no further than this, Brandon knew this would be a sexing he’d remember for the rest of his life. However, they did intend to go further.

Soaking wet, Julee’s pussy ached to be filled, but she wasn’t sure how to play it just yet. Boldness had taken her so far, but should she let Uncle B lead? The decision was taken from her as her uncle shifted position, moving up a bit so she could slither her tight, achy, horny cunt onto the cock she’d lusted for.

It was going to hurt — Julee knew that as a certainty — but she didn’t care, she wanted it, she wanted to be filled with a cock that went balls-deep. She inched herself down on it and the pain hit as expected, but it was almost a reminder of how good it felt to be full with a cudgel this size. This dick inched in and her pussy walls tightened around it, Uncle B’s hands helping her inch down as she rolled her pussy and ass to facilitate her taking more in.

All of it — she had all of it know, Julee knew and know it was time to show her studly uncle he’d made the right choice. She began rolling and swivelling her hips, letting her ass bounce up and down as the thick cock became used to her tight, needy cunt. Brandon played with her tits, he loved the weight of them in his hands as his fuckslut-niece took his cock deep within the recesses of her pussy and screamed out for more.

“Oh God, Uncle B, so good, so fuckin’ good, gotta yummy cock, Uncle B, toldja !” Julee hissed as he slammed deep within her. This was not a gentle fucking, but Julee hadn’t wanted one, this was raw, primal and savage and fulfilling her urgent needs.

“Make me remember this, Uncle B!” she yelped as her body twisted and writhed atop his. “Make me feel it, fuck me like a slut, like your fuckslut !” the brunette teenager screamed.

“Wanna be Uncle B’s fuckslut, baby?” Brandon roared as he continued ramming away at the tight, wild pussy.

“Yeah, love it, being your fuckslut, fucking love it!” she sing-songed as her body responded to their sexual repartee.

“Okay, well fucksluts get it this way, too!” Brandon yelled as she pulled her off of his dick and yanked her to the patio. He positioned his wanton niece on all fours and before she could catch a breath, he took her from behind, gripping her hips and slamming home.

This man — her own relative — was the wildest, hottest, studliest, most awesome fuck Julee had ever known and if she could get away with it, she was going to be his lover for a good, long time. No way was she giving up something this good and her sisters would ….

Julee pushed that thought aside and returned to the pleasures of the moment. Her manly uncle was fucking her savagely and mauling her tits while he did so, they were sweating profusely now, the summer sun and the heat of their fucking causing their bodies to glisten in the sun. The end was nearing, Julee knew — she couldn’t hold out much longer, neither could Uncle B and honestly, she yearned for the climax, knowing it would blow her fucking mind.

That it did. She felt Brandon’s cock twitch and then, he was out of her hole, his cock jizzing on the smooth, roundness of her ass, cumming all over her backside. How naughty, how trashy, she thought, the image spurring on her own orgasm. Her body shook until she was near collapse and her mind went blank for a brief moment.

When her senses returned, Uncle B was beside her, grinning like a dope. She punched him in the arm and he hugged her body close, they snuggled together for a while, then he went indoors to get another drink, while she put her bikini back on before they went for a much-needed swim.

As she got re-dressed, Julee could have sworn she’d seen Bliss’ grinning face at the gate of the fence.

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