Brenda , Rob

I reached behind me and undid the straps of my bikini top and let the strings fall to my sides as I lay face down on the chaise. It was the middle of summer and I was determined to have the bitchingnest tan before I returned to school. The tiny bikini top was not offering up much shade but I removed it in any case and settled down comfortably with my breasts squeezed out on the sides of my body. I reached down and arranged my bottoms so that my butt was also only partially covered by the thin material. While I was not very tall at 5’2″ I had been blessed with a great set of 34D boobs and a round little butt and I intended to get as much of them tan as possible.

While my parents would never let me buy a thong, I had arranged my suit so that it was the next best thing. I was very comfortably situated this way near the pool in our backyard. The folks were away for the afternoon and my older brother was around somewhere. My parents would have a fit if they saw me like this but since I was safe in the backyard I thought they wouldn’t mind too much. I drifted into that semi-sleep fog that one goes into when sunbathing on a warm afternoon….

I screamed when the icy water hit my back and sat up so fast that I made myself dizzy. It took me a second to realized what had happened as I looked up at my brother grinning down at me with an empty drink container in his hand. He had sneaked up on me and slashed an icy cold drink onto my back. Now he just sat there grinning at me starring at my breasts as they swayed with my sudden movement.

“You. You. You dick,” I yelled at him. I could hardly talk; I was so shocked by the cold water on my warm back. If he took offense at this he didn’t show it as he continued to leer at my naked boobs on which the nipples were now turning hard. I was breathing hard also giving my rounded breasts what seemed like a life of their own.

My brother, Rob, just laughed and stood there in his Speedo’s getting an eyeful. I don’t think he had ever seen me topless before and I was not at all happy that he was seeing me that way now. He had graduated from high school this year and was off to college soon. He was actually quite a specimen, having a swimmers build. He had played a lot of water polo in high school. He was tall and dark while I was short and blonde. Of course he had made me so mad I wanted to kill him at this point.

I picked up my own ice tea from the table near where I sat and flung the icy drink at him. He deftly jumped out of the way and it landed harmlessly in the pool. This made me only madder. I then threw the empty iice tea container at it him and he side stepped this also.

I got up with the idea of slapping him or something and when I did he turned and dove into the pool and started to swim away. Like an idiot I jumped in after him. There was no way I was going to out-swim him but I tried to catch him. He swam to the shallow end and when I caught up with him he was standing thigh deep in water and still laughing with his muscular body casino oyna glistening with water.

I stood up too and gave him another eyeful as my wet breasts cleared the water. My nipples were rocklike from the coolness of the pool water but I was still fuming and did not care. I went to slap him but he caught my hand in mid-air in his much larger hand. I swung at him with the other and he caught that one too. I struggled with him but he was 10 inches taller and a lot stronger. So there I was, half-naked fighting a losing battle with my brother in the pool.

“Now settle down, Sis,” he said. While my name was Brenda he always called me ‘Sis’.

“You bastard,” I said trying to knee him where he stood.

“Now none of that or you may lose your bottoms too.”

I continued to try to knee him and he held both of my wrists in one of his and reached down and undid one side of my bikini bottom.

“Quit it you, you, you dickhead.” I really did not know how to curse.

With little regard for me he reached down and undid the other side. I now had to stand with my legs together to keep from being totally naked in front of him. I tried to hold the swath of material in place with my rounded thighs but it just floated downward without the thin ties to hold it up. My blond bush came into his view under the water and I was thankful that I had shaved myself there that morning. I only had a short small patch of blond pubic hair there as I liked to where small swimsuits. My mound was mostly just smooth bare flesh.

“How nice you look,” he said looking at the top of my snatch in the water. “Let’s see what the rest of it looks like.”

With that he started to tug on the front of the bikini and try like I could to stop it, it slid through the hollow my thighs made where they met.

“Quit it, Rob.” I hissed. “This has gone far enough.”

“I don’t think so, Sis. I have been watching you ripening for some time now and I just have to see if you are as foxy as I think you are.”

With that his free hand went to my wet right breast and he started fondling the firm smoothness of my full tit. His fingers found their way to my small pinkish nipple and he rolled it between thumb and forefinger. In spite of myself I sucked my breath in quickly in response. He repeated this treatment on my other breast and I started to lose my will to fight with him. I had always loved my brother dearly and thought that if he gets pleasure out of this then why not.

Sensing that I was not going to punch him he let go of one of my hands and pulled me to him in the water and held my naked body to his bigger harder one. I could feel his muscles move under his skin and the bulge in his trunks throb through the thin material of his suit. He kissed me in a way a brother a sister should not kiss but his mouth was so sweet. Besides he had been my protector and defender all of my life and perhaps I owed him this forbidden pleasure.

We kissed for some time while his hands moved all over the creamy colored canlı casino skin of my back finding their way to my rounded buttocks. He kneaded my firm ass for some time and then his hands circled my waist. He picked me up effortlessly and placed me on the side of the pool. I sat there looking at him through my green eyes. He pushed my knees apart and we both looked down at the freshly shaven outer lips of my young pussy.

“Gosh. You are a beauty,” he said in a hoarse whisper. I was glad he approved. With no warning at all he rolled his Speedo’s down and his already hard manhood jumped out in anticipation. I had never seen him naked this way and I was a little shocked by how hard he appeared to be and how big he was. His manhood danced just above the surface of the water while his balls were cooled right below the surface. While all of his body hair had been shaved off for water polo he had a generous patch of black curly hair around his root.

He pulled me to the edge of the pool and brought the end of his cock up to me. It was jumping up and down on its own as though it was really happy about this journey it was about to take. Rob had to hold it down to align it with my glistening pussy. He engaged the bulbous head in my opening as we both looked down at what he was doing. Once engaged his narrow hips started giving small thrusts to make it slide between my outer lips and into my warm pink center. I was so wet that I knew he would slide in easily enough, but was I somewhat concerned about his girth.

We both watched as he drove it a little further in with each small thrusts until the head was in me and his long shaft began to move up in me also. His ball sack was tight against his body as it was being dragged over the edge of the pool as he made his advances. I was as wet as I had ever been. My breasts were rising and falling as I breathed deeply with the excitement of my brother entering my innermost parts. I could tell that Rob was getting more excited by the second with his efforts to fuck his little sister.

With a groan Rob yank his throbbing cock out of me. Immediately his hot jism started shooting out of the end of his cock landing like molten lava on the smooth skin of my tummy. Spurt after spurt of it landed on my tummy and then drizzled down onto my lightly haired mound. I could think of nothing else to do with it but rub it into my skin as though it were some sort of lotion. I thought he would never quit coming and apparently he needed no help from me in getting off. I was disappointed in that it ended so quickly.

But not for long. Rob calmed himself. He pushed me back to make me lay down on the side of the pool. He arranged me the way he wanted me while I just dreamily rubbed my come-covered mound. If I thought he was done with me, I was mistaken. He put his still hard cock against the lips of my come-covered pussy lips and started to drive himself slowly inward. He was somewhat more aggressive now, giving me more of his cock on each thrust. I just lay back and moved kaçak casino my hips when I could to help him enter me. My legs were wide apart and my hips were on the edge of the pool so that he had good leverage from where he stood in the pool.

It wasn’t long before I could feel the full length of him in me with his balls up against my ass. I looked up at him and he was smiling down at me very well satisfied that he had gotten himself into my deepest sweet parts. I smiled back. I was happy to be giving him what he wanted.

He started a long slow withdrawal that made a slurpy noise with my juices. When there was only the head of his cock in my inner lips he pushed into me with his lean muscular buttocks clenching. My little clitty was fully engorged and peaking out at this point and the tug his cock gave as it was entering me was delightful. He started to stroke me in a long slow loving rhythm. The pure love of his technique was going to make me come even if his cock did not stimulate me to do so.

I don’t know what made me come as hard as I did or so quickly. One moment I was laying there getting sweetly fucked my brother and the next I was a wild bucking bronco thrashing about on the wet pool side like someone who had licked a live light socket. Rob held me fully onto his cock as spasm after spasm wracked my young body and as I griped his cock as hard as I could with my vagina. The world kinda got dark for a minute and when I came to he was holding me around my waist fully impaled on his cock with that lovely smile on his handsome face.

“Like that, Sis,” he asked.

“You bet I did you big hunk,” I replied. “And I want to make you feel as good as you just made me feel. Let’s change positions.

Rob withdrew rather unwillingly and hopped up on the poolside while I slipped into the water. I was glad to wash away some of the sticky come from my torso. I was gladder to take up position between his legs.

I gripped his large cock at the base and brought the tip of my tongue to the tiny opening in the end. I looked up into his eyes as I licked the sweet juices from the end. Still looking into his eyes I let the end of it slide in between my lips until the head disappeared into my mouth. I heard him groan as I swirled my tongue around and around the end. Sensing that he liked it (what guy wouldn’t?) I let more of him slide up in my mouth and I started to suck him as my little hand moved up and down on his shaft. If I thought he would take much of this (I didn’t) I was wrong. I could feel him well up with his offering.

The first shot filled my mouth as his body tried to drive his cock down my throat. I swallowed as much as I could before the next burst which was every bit as wet. By the third spasm it was leaking out around his cock onto my chin but I just kept moving him in my mouth wanting to drain him. He began to relax a bit and I continued to lick him clean when he said the last words that I wanted to hear.

“Mom! Dad. Damn.”

I looked up and there stood my Mom and Dad in their Sunday finest, home early from a visit with their friends.

“Damn.” Was all I could say as I let go off Rob cock and tried to lick my chin clean.

To be continued…

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