Britnee’s Trailer Park Adventures Ch. 07

Author’s Note,

This should be the penultimate chapter in the series. The next chapter will tie up a few plotlines and perhaps open a few new ones. It’s been a blast writing this story, I can’t thank everyone enough for all the comments, favs, and positive ratings! For now, enjoy!


Part 7

“…Oh! I’m sorry for your loss. No need to be sorry, we can meet another time… No, I’m going on tour for the next ten days… No, it’s not anything that can’t wait. Don’t worry, will you need any time off? No? You can if you need to… Okay, then I’ll see you when I get back. You take care as well and, please give my deepest condolences to your mother. That’s right…Bye bye!”

Julie put the phone down and looked at her husband, Rob. “That was the new girl. Seems her stepfather or something died last night.”

Rob made a face, “Was she calling off work?”

“No,” Julie replied, “Surprisingly, she seemed rather good. Said she’d be here tomorrow for her next shift! She called to cancel our little meeting this afternoon.”

Rob stood and massaged his wife’s enormous, enhanced tits. “The meeting you wanted to convince her to get a big set of these,” He bent and sucked a stiff nipple into his mouth.

Julie, aka Julie Juggs, was a feature dancer who toured the country performing at strip clubs throughout the Midwest. She was also a rising star among performers and internet models with ultra-huge breast implants. Her tits were easily as big as her head, perfectly round and weighed in at an astonishing 8000 ccs each! She moaned softly as her husband’s talented tongue flicked over the nipple and felt her pussy grow wet.

“Mmm, lover,” she moaned, pushing him away, “Not right now… I have to get my bags packed and coordinate with Louis and Ted on next week’s schedule. We’ll have plenty of time for this later.”

Rob groaned, feeling his painful erection strain against his pants,” Dammit! You know I get hard every time I see you!”

“You mean, you get hard every time you see my enormous juggs,” Julie laughed, “Now be a good boy and grab us something for lunch!”

As she walked out of the office Rob made a face and said in a mimicking voice,”Be a good boy! Get us some lunch!”

“I heard that,” Julie called back!


Britnee put her phone down and resumed licking Jayden’s cock. She had spoken to her mother shortly after waking up and sending Frank home. No doubt her mother would call Frank to relay the news of Merle’s untimely death. As Britnee had been drinking her morning beer and moonshine cocktail, Jayden had stopped by with a guilty look on his face and a raging hardon in his shorts.

“So what the fuck happened last night, “Britnee had asked the slack-jawed idiot.

“Jayden had explained the events of the previous evening as Britnee cut a few lines and shared the cocaine with him. She almost dropped the white powder when Jayden mentioned Clem.

“Clem? Clem Fudrucker? Clem Fudrucker was fucking my mom with you n yer brother?!?”

“Yes’m,” Jayden replied, “An’ he gots a biggun! Big as mine or Jed’s! Yer mom made him stay after we was done fuckin’ her an’ finding Merle dead an’ all. She made us leave then n we went home and I got up this mornin’ and felt you oughtta know so I’s stopped by an’ that’s it! That an’ I gots a powerful hardon!”

Jayden grinned a toothless grin and pumped his serpentine cock with his fist. Britnee sighed, feeling the familiar warmth building in her pelvis. Her pussy was sore as was her ass from the fucking she had received from Frank and his monster 12-inch prick the night before! Hell, her jaw hurt and her throat was sore from the throat banging she had begged for. But, a raging, ten-inch hardon was a raging ten-inch hardon, so, Britnee knelt on the sofa next to her moronic, inbred friend and began lapping up the salty-sweet precum that oozed from his dilating pisshole.

The now familiar scent of Jayden’s hot cock flesh and sweaty balls filled her senses and set her clit throbbing. Britnee moaned and began sucking on the head, slipping it in and out of her lips. Jayden slipped a hand beneath her and began massaging her fat, round tits.

“Mmm,” Britnee breathed, “So,” Slurp “How was my mom?” Sluuurrrrppp!

“Dayummm,” Jayden gushed, “She was fuckin’ awesome! I mean, She was like an older version of you, you know, real slutty n nasty wanting it rough n all, but, different! You know… like she was nice n all where’s you’s always mean to us!”

Britnee scowled and looked up at Jayden, “Mean? Why you good fer nuthin’.. I ain’t mean!”

Jayden pinched her nipple and slapped Britnee’s face with his cock! “Is too! Yer always calling us names an’ slapping us n punching us an’ sayin’ bad things to us!” He grabbed her by the hair and forced his fat log into her mouth, fucking it hard!

Britnee felt her cunt swell up and leak juice as she pulled herself back. “Dipshit! I only does that t’ knock some sense into yer stupid, idiot brains! And to casino siteleri make you two fuck me good n hard! Jeeezzuuuussssss!” She throated Jayden’s prick all the way down to his balls, causing the young man to tremble and groan.

“So,” she asked, coming up for air, “You like my mom more n me?” She dove on the throbbing fuck stick, swallowing with every inch she stuffed down her throat, a technique that made Jayden’s entire body tense with sexual ecstasy

“Shitttt!! Where’d ya learn t’ do that,” Jayden grimaced, thrusting his hips to her mouth! “I mean, yer mom’s hot n all, but, she’s a whole lots older n not as tight! Not that she ain’t tight, just not as tight as you! Jesus! Keep doing that! An’ she talks like my grandma which is kinda weird! Don’t get me wrong, We loves fuckin’ her an’ we ain’t planning to stop but, you is still our number one ho!”

Britnee drooled spit all over his twitching cock and pumped the massive cock with both hands, “Thas right, boy! I done told you yer cocks belong to me! Now, reach over there and get me my phone. I gotta make a call right quick!”

After calling Julie, Britnee moved off the couch and knelt between Jayden’s legs. She began tonguing the soft spot just under his weeping cockhead. “Look at me, Jay. Feed me! Feed me your cum!”

She made a pouty-lipped face and rubbed her lips back and forth over his pisshole, gazing up at him innocently. “Do it, stud! Feed me your hot protein shake!”

Jayden groaned and began emptying his balls all over Britnee’s face and into her cum hungry mouth! Britnee came as she fed on the belching cock, drinking down the hot sperm and spraying herself with the juice she loved so much.

“Mmmm, ain’t nothin’ like a hot cum shower an’ drink to start the day,” she grinned when Jayden’s ten-inch prick finally stopped spewing! “Now get the fuck outta here n go make us some money, you dumbas-, I mean, sweet, sweet man!” She couldn’t keep from giggling after the last part.

“Ha ha…very funny,” Jayden replied, laughing as he realized she was just kidding.

As he was leaving, Britnee sent Lara a text that read: Hey Boo! When U Can Get 2 My Moms Merle dead Gotta take care of her! XXX OOO Ima Fuck U Up!

Britnee stood waiting at her mother’s door. After a few moments, she knocked again and scowled when her mother still didn’t answer.

“Now why in the fuck’td she call for n then be-,” She huffed before hearing a strange grunt from inside. Britnee nodded and smirked, “Uh huh, I knew it…”

She pushed the door open and stepped inside. She was about to speak but, was dumbstruck by the sight of Clem’s huge, fat dick!

It was big and, it was angry! Britnee’s jaw dropped at the sight of it. It was easily as big as Jed’s and even more gnarly than Merle’s, which was pretty gnarly! It stood straight out from Clem’s crotch like a purple-crowned baseball bat!

The huge prick’s owner, Clem, stood, drinking moonshine from a jar and jerking his hips. He was jerking his hips because Brandee, Britnee’s mom, was crouched behind him licking his asshole while giving him a reach-around! Britnee blinked, not believing what she saw before remembering it was her mom. Her mom was a slut! “Holy shit, mom,” Britnee smirked, feeling her cunt juice up at the sight of the big, angry cock! “Couldn’t wait for the body to get cold, could ya?”

Brandee snorted and grunted in reply and jacked Clem’s cock faster. Clem looked at Britnee and handed her the jar, pointing at his cock, “Ye cain’t be lettin’ yer Ma be doin’ all the work what for you kin help her,” he drawled!

Britnee took a long drink of shine then pulled her tube top down, exposing her fat, grapefruit sized tits and fell to her knees, grabbing Clem’s prick and filling her greedy mouth full of it! “Goddamn, I’m horny,” she grunted, releasing the massive cock and slurping up her spit!

The stink of Clem and Brandee’s unwashed bodies filled the room and Britnee’s sinuses with the odors of sweat and funk and cum and pussy and cock! Britnee breathed deep and filled her mouth full of cock again, taking the fat cock to the back of her throat! She tasted cunt on his hot flesh and realized it was her mother’s but, she was so horny, she didn’t care! Clem gripped her head tightly with one hand and began thrusting his hips. He reached back and grabbed Brandee’s head and pressed the older slut tight against his ass! He stood rocking back and forth, groaning as mother and daughter licked and sucked like the two horny sluts they truly were!

“Yeah, bitchezzzz,” Clem hissed, slapping Britnee’s throat with his raging, hard cock! “Show Clem some love!”

Britnee snorted and jerked her head back, desperate for air! Clem fisted his cock and pulled the teen whore back down on it. Britnee sucked for all she was worth as her mother shifted underneath Clem’s legs and greedily sucked on his fat ball sack! The two worked in tandem, licking and sucking the toothless, inbred hilljack like he was the last man on earth! When Britnee canlı casino came up for air, Brandee grabbed Clem’s prick and stuffed it into her own mouth, sucking hard until she needed air! Then Britnee took it back down her throat.Clem wheezed and cackled as he watched the two devour his meat. He even poured some moonshine on his dick for the ladies to lap up, which they did with lustful joy! Back and forth, the two shared Clem’s massive 10 incher! They even licked up the throbbing veins and swapped spit kissing and licking his fat, purple cockhead! Britnee groaned when Brandee slid her tongue into her mouth, realizing she was kissing her mom while sharing a cock!

“Oh, my fucking God,” she moaned, kissing her mother back and pressing her tits against the older woman’s! “I’m truly a trailer park, white trash slut! I’m making out with my mommy!!”

It’s gotta be the moonshine, she thought, feeling her orgasm building. She continued sucking and kissing Brandee and Clem’s cock as she felt her mother’s fingers rubbing her leaking cunt! When Brandee slipped three fingers inside her, she came! She jerked and trembled as her mother expertly fingered her through an explosive orgasm that wracked her entire being!

“OHH, GAWWDDD,” Britnee cried, jerking her hips to her mother’s fingers, “I’m CUMMINGGG!! I”M CUMMING ON MY MOTHER”S HAND!! I’M NOTHING BUT A NO GOOD WHITE TRASH SLUTTT!!”

Clem watched with hillbilly glee,”Thas right! Keep it in the family! Ima feed ya both my this here cock juice forem you bitches what to swallow!”

His words brought Britnee back to reality! She and Brandee knelt side by side before him, cheek to cheek, as he fisted his cock and erupted in orgasm, spewing hot, heavy ropes of cum all over their faces Britnee and Brandee licked and lapped up the thick cum, licking each other’s faces and mouth! Britnee then wrapped her lips around Clem’s belching cock and took as much as she could hold in her mouth! She then turned to Brandee and kissed her mother hard, sharing the sticky cum which Brandee greedily accepted! The two sluts swapped cum and spit back and forth, kissing, sucking and rubbing the excess jizz into each other’s big tits!

Mother and daughter kissed deeply and hugged as Clem pulled up his overalls and put his huge cock away. “Lemme find you some towels,” he said meekly and walked to the bathroom.

Britnee and Brandee stood and lit cigarettes. Brandee beamed at her daughter. Britnee tried not to meet her eyes. She pulled her top back up as Brandee threw on the robe she had been wearing. Clem returned with towels and looked at the clock on the wall.

“Well Gol darnit! I has to git! My brothers must be powerful sick with worry since I been gone n left since yesterday! But who could knows ol’ Clem would be havin’ it with two beautiful womins! I declare!”

Brand handed him the keys to Merle’s truck and kissed him deeply, “Take the truck. Merle won’t be a needin’ it anytime soon, lover! Just hurry back!”

Clem nodded and said goodbye. When he was gone, Britnee looked at her mother and asked, “What in the actual Fuck is goin’ on, Momma? And, what the Fuck just happened just now?!?”

“Well,” Brandee began, sipping on the moonshine jar, “Merle came home with Clem last night and, I was entertainin’ them two boys your friends with, they are such nice young men, did you know they have their own business? Buying an’ sellin’ furniture and appliances?” Britnee rolled her eyes and lit a joint. “Well, Merle walked in on me an’ them… umm… entertainin’ each other an’ just like that, he keeled over dead like.Thank God Clem was here to aid and comfort me, I don’t know what I’d do iffin’ he wasn’t here!”

“You mean, here to give you some dick, Momma? Did he see you switch the pills,” Britnee sighed and took a drag on the joint.

“Now there’s no need to be nasty, ‘specially at a time like this,” Brandee reached for the joint. “Me bein’ a widow an’ all… Besides, you saw how big Clem’s dick is! You didn’t seem ta mind suckin’ on that big ole meat log!”

Britnee shook her head, “No… I sure didn’t. But if it wasn’t fer that moonshine, There ain’t no way in hell I’s ever a fucked you like that, Momma! What we did jus’ ain’t right!”

“It’s only wrong in our Judeo-Christian society,” Brandee stated, “Civilizations throughout history have allowed, even celebrated, incestuous relationships! The same way royal families have kept their bloodlines pure! Sure, the risk of birth defects and mutations are always present, however, modern science being what it is an’ all leads us to believe that such traumas can be eliminated through careful planning and practices!”

Britnee looked at her mother and did a double take! She opened her mouth to speak but took a gulp of moonshine instead.

Brandee smiled at her daughter, “So? Did you meet Frank, yet?”

Britnee’s face lit up with a grin, “Last night! Oh my God, Momma! You weren’t kiddin’! He’s like the king of cock!” She unconsciously began rubbing kaçak casino her crotch, “Holy Shit! I mean, Holy Fuckin’ Shit!” Britnee leaned close to her mother and whispered, “He broke my pussy!”

Brandee slipped an arm around Britnee’s shoulders, “I told you he was a good boy…”

“Momma, I… I think I love him! But, I told him we ain’t ready fer no love or marriage thing. You know how much I love cock! He just has to understand, I need cock and lots of it! I did explain that he can have me anytime, anywhere, completely! But I’m still gonna git my dick ever chance I gets! Besides, he said he loves you as well an’ ain’t afraid o’ bein’ your husband now that Merle is gone.”

Tears streamed down Brandee’s face. “I do declare, I might just be the happiest widow ever! Where is our sweet boy? Is he still at your place?”

“Nah, I sent him home. He’s gotta job n all. But Momma, We can put him in our porno vids! “Frankie the Bull”! An’ you can be our resident MILF! Think of it Momma! Britnee and Brandee! The nastiest sluts what ever hit the internets! Hell, we could get Clem too! With that big dick o’ his… By the way, Where ever did he become such a domineering sumbitch? He shore knows how to treat us whores!”

Brandee shook her head, “I dunno! He’s so meek and polite n all… until his cock comes out! That’s it! Exposing his cock turns him into a hardcore pimp daddy! Can’t say I don’t love it! He’s so much more manly than Merle… Frank is too! God forgive me I traded one dead husband for two donkey dick studs! An’ I get to share them with my beautiful daughter!”

Mother and daughter hugged and kissed. Then kissed again… and again. And, then they were making out like teenagers, rubbing their huge tits together and massaging each other’s crotches while trading spit!

A loud knock on the door interrupted their incestuous clinch! Brandee’s robe fell open as she answered the door. Lara came walking in and hugged the older woman, burying her face between her big, round tits!

“Oh, Mrs. Britnee’s Mom, “Lara sobbed, “I’m so sorry for your loss! I came as quick as I could!”

Brandee sighed and said, “Keep that up n I’ll be comin’! I mean, thank you, dear. I just can’t believe he’s gone!

The two remained in a clinch for several moments until Britnee noticed they were starting to dry hump each other. “Awright, break it up,” she called, lighting a cigarette.

Lara hugged her friend, “It must be so terrible for you, Boo, losing your stepfather like this so suddenly!”

Britnee took a step back and looked perplexed. “You take some kinda funny pill today?” She frowned at her best friend. Lara gave her a quick wink.

“I’m just so glad to have a daughter and her friend who will be there for me and help me through these hard times,” Brandee kissed both girls, “And, I love you both so much!”

All the female kissing and hugging was making Britnee horny, but, she was starving and needed some alone time with Lara. She turned to Brandee and asked, “When’s the funeral?”

“I gots ta git with the funeral home in an hour,” Brandee replied, ” It should be in a few days. Now, where did I put my funeral clothes… Oh! That’s right! They’re in the shed out back! You girl’s’ll stay a minute n help me find ’em, won’t you?”

“Sure, Momma,” Britnee replied, stubbing her cigarette out.

The three walked outside, Brandee’s robe flew open in the breeze. Britnee shook her head and Lara grinned like a fool at the older woman’s naked tits. The shed was locked. Brandee was about to return to the trailer to fetch the key when Lara stepped up and, pulling a small leather case from her purse and quickly picked the lock. Brandee looked at Britnee with surprise but, Britnee just shrugged and said, “Evil genius…”

Brandee walked inside, “where is that light switch,” she said, “Ah, there it is… Here we g-! What in the world?”

As the lights came on, three sets of eyes fell upon the work Merle had been doing for weeks in secret.

“Oh… My God…,” said Britnee.

“What the fuck was he thinkin’,” Brandee gulped.

“It looks like some kinda S&M dungeon like in one of those porn vids,” exclaimed Lara.

It was indeed an S&M dungeon. At least, a dungeon built by a backwoods redneck that had very little knowledge of what a dungeon looked like. Chains, shackles, and ropes lined the walls. Two large, thick wooden posts nailed together in the shape of an X with leather lined shackles attached to the top and bottom of the posts stood against the back wall. In the center of the room was the sex chair Merle had been so keen to show Clem.

“So that’s what he was doin’ out here all this time…,” Brandee half whispered.

“Okay,” Lara said, looking around the room, “I’ve seen those chair things before… but why are there garden hoses rigged all around it?”

The hoses all went to an old sink in the corner of the room. Britnee shrugged, “I guess he was a gonna bathe whoever he was a torturin’!”

“Ya know,” Brandee started backing towards the door, “I’ll just go an’ buy some new clothes…”

Britnee turned to her friend, “Ya thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’?”

Lara smiled, “Bondage movies? ‘Nother website?”

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