Bryan’s New Girlfriend

Hiya readers. This is another one in the “Heather and Bryan” series which began with “An Empty House and A Full Pussy”. I hope you like it, your votes will let me know. Enjoy!


As he rode in the elevator to his girlfriend’s new apartment, Bryan realized he was whistling out loud.

Well, why the hell not? His affair with his hot sister, adorable, sexy redheaded Heather was still going strong. Stronger than ever, as a matter of fact. Whenever the pair were alone, they were all over each other. One time, they had been out for dinner and Heather had given her brother a blowjob under the table in a restaurant. Another time, they were at an Auto Race and Bryan fingered her horny little cunt under the blanket while everyone else was oblivious. They went over to their Aunt Alexus’s apartment as often as they could, fucking for her enjoyment, then drawing her into their web of kink.

Heather and he saw other people from time to time, for appearances sake. But this time, things were different. Bryan was sure tonight was the night. He was going to score with Racquel, he was going to get into the panties of his new, sexy girlfriend. Bryan was hoping to fuck her and fuck her good!

It had been a long wait — nearly 2 months. Thank God Heather had been around to help the horny man take the edge off, any sexual game he wanted to play, his sister was up for . However, Racquel was worth waiting for. The college-cutie was one of the hottest pieces he’d ever seen. Bryan and Racquel met in the Campus Bookstore and struck up a conversation. Despite being drop-dead hot, the attractive, petite brunette was into some of the same things as Bryan — Anime, comics and retro-60’s music. They’d hit it off immediately, going out that night for pizza and to see “Spirited Away”. They were so happy in each other’s company, it didn’t bother Racquel in the slightest that she was 2 years older than Bryan.

The couple became nearly inseparable after their first date. Heather teased her brother that she had a rival. In some ways, it was true. Racquel made him laugh, they had so much in common. She, like Bryan, used both sugar and Sugar Twin in her coffee. She hated “coffee drinks” and thought Starbucks coffee was bat-piss. She hated ketchup on almost everything. Racquel loved Earl Grey tea and Shortbread Cookies. She called Rap Music “Missing C” music. In short, she was a perfect match for Bryan and her unpredictability kept him on his toes.

Nor was Racquel wasn’t the kind of girl who shied away from an argument. She didn’t back down if she felt she was right. Many was the time the caramel-skinned beauty had challenged Bryan on his viewpoints, and he had to admit, she gave him food for thought. One of them was his wanting them to jump into the sack.

They were on the sofa at his place, lips fused together, Bryan’s hand was sliding under her blouse. Racquel removed it and stared at him, determination marking her pretty features. Her brown eyes looked directly at him.

“Sweetie, if we rush, it won’t be right. I want our first time to be memorable. Believe me, I want it as much as you do, but I’m not going anywhere, I promise you.”

Bryan knew that, but it was driving him nuts. Racquel was so fucking sexy, she had those gorgeous round tits, that round, sexy ass and those legs — he knew she was hot, he’d seen Racquel in her shortest-shorts and skimpy bikinis, but he wanted the entire fucking package!

Thank God he still had his romps with Heather, and occasionally, their Aunt Alexus, to take the edge off. The two women profitted greatly from Bryan’s increased horniness, he fucked them more energetically than either could remember.

Tonight was their 2-month anniversary, so Bryan had stopped off and bought her lilacs — Racquel was allergic to roses — and a box of White Chocolate “Bark”. He’d even rented her favorite movie, “When Harry Met Sally.” He was intent on letting Racquel know how special she was. He also had an ulterior motive, Bryan hoped she’d finally relent and let him into the bedroom. If she didn’t, Racquel was still worth all the effort. The young woman merely had to smile and Bryan melted into a puddle of goo. Unique — that is the word he would have used to describe her.

Bryan sensed that their first time would be incendiary. While they were making out, it was obvious Racquel was a woman of great passion. He’d only known a few girls that could give the petite brunette a run for her money.

The elevator ground to a halt on her floor and he made his way to Racquel’s apartment. It was a nice building, well-lit and clean. Using the key she’d given him, he let himself in and looked around. There didn’t seem to be any sign of Racquel, he wondered if perhaps one of her classes had run late. Racquel rarely went out on school nights or without Bryan in tow. She was a dedicated student, weeknights were for studying. Bryan looked around for a minute, then he heard muted cries emanating from the bedroom.

Curious casino oyna and concerned, but exercising caution, Bryan made his way to the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar, Bryan looked in. What he saw totally blew his mind.

The room was dimly lit, but Bryan could still see what was on the bed. Clad in black lace bra and thong, was his adored Racquel, her eyes closed, soft sighs escaping from her lips. On top of her was a slender, slim-waisted blonde, wearing white silk lingerie and matching stilettos. Bryan could also make out the form of a tall, icy-looking Nordic blonde of about 40 years in age [ or so he supposed ], standing in the corner, watching the goings-on.

Even though he was listening carefully, Bryan could barely make out Racquel’s words, she was being so quiet. Bryan listened to hear what was going on.

“No, no, we really shouldn’t be doing this!” Racquel was saying, but the wriggling movements on the bed belied her words. She was enjoying herself and her protests were meager.

“Oh come on, you horny little bitch, you know you love it!” the blonde atop Racquel hissed, squeezing each of the brunette’s big, round tits.

“Yes, yes, if feels good, but we shouldn’t be having sex, we’re sisters!”

Bryan clamped his hand over his mouth to keep from crying out. Her SISTER? The pretty blonde was the Carrie she’d been telling him about. Wow, oh fuck, I guess Racquel and I have more in common than I thought, he smiled to himself. However, if Bryan thought his shocks for the evening were over, he was sorely mistaken.

The pretty blonde brushed a stray lock of her long blonde hair from her face and turned to the other woman in the room, saying “Don’t be silly, you can’t get preggers this way. Who are we hurting, right Mom?”

“That’s right, darlings.”

Oh-my-fucking-god! The older woman was their mother, Ingrid, who was 42, Bryan knew. What kind of kinky family lezfest was he privy to? He certainly couldn’t object, not with all the secrets in his own closet, yet Bryan was rooted to the spot. He watched as Carrie sat upright and removed the silk lingerie. Racquel’s eyes watched Carrie’s every move while Ingrid moved closer to the bed. The cool, sophisticated blonde placed her hand under Racquel’s chin and cupped it.

“We have nothing to be embarrassed about, my dearest Racquel. It’s a wonderful thing, my little loves, to be able to share our love in this way. We love each other emotionally, tonight we shall share our love physically as well. We will all play, we will be naughty and none will be the wiser.” Ingrid’s cool demeanor masked her sensual intentions, Bryan watched in awed silence.

Ingrid lay down on one side of Racquel, while Carrie moved down the other, until the sexy blonde was facing Racquel’s thong-clad pussy. With a lusty growl, Carrie pulled the tiny garment away from her sister’s muff and buried her face deep in Racquel’s heated pussy. In the meanwhile, Ingrid had removed the bra and was nibbling, sucking, licking her daughter’s dark brown nipples.

Bryan could see a relaxed, tranquil look come over Racquel’s face, she moaned, “Oh Goddd — we shouldn’t be doing this, but don’t stop, you fucking lezzie bitches!” Racquel then moaned at her mother and sister. “Eat my tits, bite ’em, suck my cunt, this feels great!”

Fighting the urge to beat himself off, Bryan watched as his girlfriend enjoyed her lesbian tryst. It was easy to tell from watching both Carrie and Ingrid they were not strangers to the art of loving another woman. Ingrid’s manicured fingers practically flew over her daughter’s trembling, twitching body while Carrie, despite her sister’s bucking form, was not dissuaded from her cuntlapping task.

Ingrid divested herself of the pale blue negligee she had been wearing and now joined her daughters on the bed. The icy-blonde looked down into Racquel’s deep “Bambi” eyes and saw acceptance there. Stroking her daughter’s cheek gently, she moved her body up on the bed and straddled Racquel’s head. Bryan watched as Ingrid lowered herself down and his girlfriend began to eat the first pussy — he assumed — she had ever tasted. From the grin that quickly crossed her face, Bryan knew that Racquel was enjoying each and every lick!

Novice or not, Racquel was a natural. “Jeezuz, that’s incredible!” Bryan heard Ingrid cry out as Racquel feasted on her kinky mother’s snatch. From between Rachel’s legs, Carrie moved up for a second, kissing her mother sweetly.

“Didn’t I tell you the little slut’d be a natural Mom?” Carrie teased.

“Guess it runs in the family!” Racquel purred and returned to eating pussy. Mother and daughters were all smiling now as the bed groaned under the combined weight of the sexy trio.

It was all so sexy, yet Bryan found himself unsure as to what to do. Did he dare to join them? He wasn’t sure. What if Ingrid and Carrie were only into fucking with women? What if Racquel was furious at his intrusion and spying on their play? Perhaps she still canlı casino wasn’t ready for a man’s cock. He thought maybe he should leave, but found himself still powerless to move. He watched them play, motionless.

Bryan found it very sensual, in a perverse kind of way. The three women seemed to work in perfect harmony, as if having lesbian sex together was the most natural thing in the world to all of them. Ingrid moved away from Racquel and licked down, down, down her daughter’s copper-skinned body, while Carrie moved up. She and Racquel swapped tongues, then it was Carrie’s turn to receive a licking tongue, while Ingrid feasted on Racquel’s horny cunt.

Bryan observed that Ingrid ate pussy in a whole different style than her daughter. While Racquel’s older sister ate with a ferocious appetite, Ingrid slithered and stroked and caressed. Ingrid flattened the palm of her hand and patted Racquel’s pussy while she licked her, causing Racquel to squeal with joy. “This is great, no, it’s fucking wonderful!” Racquel purred.

“I kept telling you sex was wonderful!” Carrie shot back.

“Well, this kind of sex sure is!” Racquel retorted, her hands clenching the sheets on the bed as her kinky parent ate her out.

Unfortunately — or perhaps, FORTUNATELY — at that moment, Bryan coughed. He tried in vain to stifle it, but the women looked up from the bed and directly at him. He felt himself turning 9 shades of red. He was sure it was all over now, so he decided to just muster up all his courage and be bold.

“Umm — hi!” he said, wishing the ground would swallow him up.

Racquel clutched the sheets around her, yet Ingrid and Carrie made absolutely no attempt to cover up. Carrie took the initiative, boldly breaking the silence that permeated the room.

“Well Racquel, just who is this young studmuffin?”

“Oh — that’s Bryan!” Rachel said in a tiny voice.

“Hmm, Bryan, the new soon-to-be lover?” Ingrid queried.

“Umm, maybe mother — we haven’t had sex yet!” Racquel replied.

“WHAT? Racquel darling, are you insane? Just LOOK at this young man, the build on him. I’ll bet he’s a strong, magnificent lover.” Bryan knew he was grinning ear-to-ear.

Carrie piped in. “Yeah Sis, a hunk like that and you’re not fucking him? Man, if you don’t want to screw him, let me have him. I agree with Mom, bet he’s great in the sack. Hey Mom, I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t we find out?”

Racquel wore a shocked look on her face, as did Bryan. He sure hadn’t planned on anything like this happening tonight. The two women got up from the bed and brought him over to the edge. “Racquel hon, we’re going to fuck the hell out of this stud and show you how much fun you can have fucking, ‘kay baby?” Carrie said, as Ingrid nodded in agreement.

“Okay.” Racquel said meekly.

“Hey, doesn’t the stud have any say in this?” Bryan asked, finally regaining his composure.

Carrie’s eyebrow arched up while her mother walked towards Bryan and began unbuttoning his shirt. “Darling boy, you can’t tell me if two hot women like us approached you on the street — or in a bar — that you wouldn’t fuck us, now can you?”

“No, but … ” Bryan gestured, indicating Racquel who was still on the bed, staring at them.

“But?” Carrie chimed in.

“Umm — Racquel?”

Racquel smiled at her boyfriend, reached out and touched his cheek. She knew he had a good heart, she trusted him completely now. “It’s okay baby, I know all of this may be a lot to take in — it’s unusual, to say the least — but you have my blessing, or permission, or whatever it is you need!”

Ingrid ran her fingers through Bryan’s sandy hair while Carrie was about the business of removing his pants and underwear. Once he was naked, Ingrid and Carrie looked at his lean, muscled body with undisguised admiration.

“You REALLY weren’t fucking this wonderful hunk?” Ingrid asked, teasing her younger daughter a bit. Racquel shook her head, blushing a bit.

“After tonight’s little demonstration, you likely won’t want to stop. We’ll show you the way, baby sister!” Carrie cooed as she moved behind Bryan. He wondered what the sweet-looking blonde was up to when he suddenly felt her tongue rimming his asshole. Just when he thought he couldn’t feel better, Ingrid’s warm, full lips surrounded his cock and began blowing him.

Bryan was a highly experienced lover, but Ingrid gave head like a pro. She didn’t just lick his cock, or suck it, she worshiped it, taking it in deeply, throating him from tip to base and back up again. All his thoughts of the women being lesbos were wiped from his mind as he felt Ingrid and her daughter working in tandem. Blonde hair was flying to and fro as the mother-daughter duo prepared him for the fucking yet-to-cum. Bryan looked over at Racquel, who was idly playing with her pussy and rubbing her big, sexy tits. She blew him a lusty kiss and winked.

Ingrid was almost agonizingly slow as she sucked Bryan’s kaçak casino dick, but it was intentional torture. She had great plans for the young stud boyfriend and she wanted to make sure he pleasured all of them tonight. Unfamiliar with his powers of endurance, it was her intention to get Bryan hard as hell, yet remain sensually aroused.

While her mother was slurping and sucking Bryan’s hard dick, Carrie leaned over and gave her sister a quick peck on the lips. Next, she moved under Bryan’s meaty balls and squeezed them gently, then shared a tender, erotic kiss with her mother. Carrie and Ingrid eyed Bryan’s throbbing, meaty cock. It was time for the next step.

“Okay, who goes first?” Carrie asked. Ingrid pointed at herself.

“I have the most experience and I want to see if he’ll be skilled enough to fuck my daughters. Come on studly, show me what you can do!” Ingrid said coolly, moving over on her hands and knees. Bryan still couldn’t believe his luck — Ingrid was stunning, even at 42. She was smooth and sleek, no flab, skin totally unblemished. Her legs were long and silky, hair shiny, her pussy pink and inviting. Bryan moved in behind the sensual, icy-cool creature. He stroked her smooth, silky ass, grabbed her hips and readied himself to screw her silly.

Ingrid could feel Bryan’s lean, muscular body behind her, caressing her skin softly, and suddenly, there he was, balls-deep in her cunt. She grunted in tacit approval and moved her lean, fit body back against his invading cock. Bryan was hard and passionate, moving in and out of her horny pussy with practiced ease. She felt a gentle, tingling sensation, so Ingrid glanced over and saw that Carrie was eagerly licking their coupled bodies. Her oldest daughter was such a lezzie slut, just like her mother, but she loved the feeling of a hard cock in her cunt too. Ingrid couldn’t wait to see Carrie take the young man’s dick in her pussy. As Ingrid’s mind went through her lurid fantasies, Bryan gripped the mature beauty’s hips, thrusting his powerful cock deeper and harder within the recesses of her succulent pussy. Bryan was astonished at what a sensual, intense fuck Ingrid was, how smooth she was, how tight her pussy was after having two daughters.

Ingrid gave as good as she got, fuck-wise, moving back against the pair, all the while feeling Racquel’s rich, dark eyes watching them fuck. She could have gone on fucking Bryan for a lot longer, but not wanting to be greedy, Ingrid moved away from Bryan, licking his still-hard dick clean of her juices.

“Yummy, not it’s my turn!” Carrie said eagerly, assertively pushing Bryan down on the bed. Carrie mounted Brendan, Cowgirl was her favorite position.

“You and your mom look a lot alike, but Racquel’s look is totally different!” Bryan said as she wriggled her pussy down around his hard shaft. Ingrid was cool and Nordic in appearance, elegant, while Carrie had the wild, California “Beach Bunny” look, a girl who’d be up for anything. He noted that both Ingrid and Carrie had piercing, ice-blue eyes and a smile that seemed to hint at a perverse secret — or two.

“Uh — we had — fuck, you’re big — uh — different dads!” Carrie grunted as she took all of his dick deep in her pussy. She began to move her hips a bit faster now, he was so good, so deep inside of her. “Mom wasn’t too lucky in the romance department, she was married three times in total, first to my dad, then to a younger guy for a year or so, then she ended up with Racquel’s dad, my dad’s brother .”

“You’re sisters — and cousins?” Bryan asked, incredulously.

“Uh-huh. Weird, huh?” Carrie said, fucking him faster now. Bryan didn’t comment. It added another layer of kink to the proceedings.

Bryan took note that while Ingrid’s way of fucking was slow and sensual, Carrie’s was the polar opposite, wild, frenzied and frenetic. The little wildcat rode Bryan’s throbbing dick with unbridled passion, whooping and laughing while her nails raked against his lean, muscular torso. Carrie moved backwards, forwards, her hips rolling and her body thrusting, grinding, wanting to feel every hard inch of the massive cudgel lodged deep within her cunt.

Bryan knew that the entire evening and the future of his relationship with Racquel, hinged on self-control, his not coming any time soon. No question about it, the way Carrie fucked him was amazing, he had also loved the way the Ingrid made him feel, but all of the heated fucking made him want Racquel more than.

Carrie adored every inch of Racquel’s boyfriend’s big dick, but she also adored her baby sister and wanted this night to be memorable for her. Grudgingly, Carrie moved her body off the hard cock and snuggled in beside her mother. Gently, with unheard words of encouragement, the two women pushed Racquel towards Bryan.

“Was it — good?” Racquel asked in a timid tone Bryan had never heard from her before. She was normally so outgoing, almost brazen, it was almost shocking.

“They were both great hon — but I’ll bet YOU’LL be even better!” Bryan said reassuringly, watching as Racquel took his cock in her tiny hand. She looked at him with her beautiful, dark eyes, seemingly unsure just what to do next.

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