Busted Ch. 02

Allie and I both wanted to wash Eve in the worst way, but it was going to be a few minutes before we could, so shot were we from that monster cum. My cock was a limp wiener on my thigh, my balls like a couple of almonds in an empty bag.

Allie was no better off. Her eyes were dilated full out, and she wouldn’t stop kissing me. It had been a while since she had broken up with her last lover, and apparently there was some need there. Fine with me.

Eve understood. She really wasn’t all that steady herself, and lay back down behind Allie, reaching for her tits and cooing in her ear. Allie responded and turned her head up to receive Eve’s kisses, and I held them both close.

Eventually, we did manage to get up, and stagger our way to the bathroom. And what a bathroom! Allie had installed a hot tub the size of a small swimming pool in that bathroom, and she set about making a monumental bubble bath for us.

By now, it was dark out. Allie was one of those super-femme types who always has a bazillion candles around. She lit every one. Gingerly, we eased ourselves into the hot water, and our taught bodies unwound in the warm primal fluid. There was champagne in an ice bucket (Allie thinks of everything!) and soon the glow was inside as well as out. Champagne always makes Eve giggly, and soon we were all chattering and laughing.

You know how I like women to be naked, but I love it when a woman is naked and glistening wet. Baby oil is my favorite, but that’s only because a really good bubble bath in a tub big enough for two (or more) is so hard to come by. Soon, we were all wet and shiny, the candles reflecting off the points of their shoulders, their breasts, their bellies (when they stood up), their buttocks, their thighs…what isn’t to be admired about a nude, wet woman? For a moment I could understand the cross-dressing guys. Women are so inherently beautiful, especially naked. Unless a man is so handsome as to be almost feminine himself he only comes across as awkward. It’s almost enough to make a guy jealous.

For tonight at least, I was looking at my harem. Allie had put on some music, and we were all beginning to get into the buzz from the wine, the heat, and the love we shared. We were all beginning to get dizzy in this afterglow.

I felt a hand reach for my leg and begin to caress the inside my thigh. Allie was beginning to get fresh with me. I guessed that she was probably doing the same to Eve, judging by the look of bliss on Eve’s face. Those two were sitting together on the opposite side of the tub from me, but Eve signaled me to come and sit between them.

Both women began to minister to my needs and wants. Hands slid over my wet skin below the surface, and soon my cock and balls were getting kneaded and stroked again. I reached on both sides to return the favor(s), and found both their legs open and waiting.

Then I remembered: “Allie, would you teach Eve how to shave her bush?”

Eve came awake and looked at me with a strange look, then looked at Allie. Allie thought for a second and said: “That’s right, you don’t shave your bush, do you?”

Eve looked a little sheepish. “I’ve always been afraid to.”

“Oh there’s nothing to it if you know how. C’mon, I’ll show you.”

Eve looked concerned as Allie led her up out of the bath. “It doesn’t hurt at all.” Allie said. casino oyna “If it’s done right, you don’t really feel a thing, especially if you use a shaver instead of a razor!” And with that she pulled a battery-powered shaver/trimmer out of a drawer under the sink.

“Come here, and be a good girl.” Allie said, patting the stool at her dressing table, indicating where Eve should sit. Allie got a big towel and patted Eve’s bottom dry, then positioned her with her legs apart on the edge of the seat. A few moments of buzzing later, and Eve was as smooth as Allie, and for the first time in my life I saw my woman’s genital slit.

Both were now as bare as the day they were born, and so beautiful I almost cried at the sight. Eve’s slit was just that, a slit and no more. Allie’s cunt had a little loop at the top, sort of like the eye of a needle. I swam to the edge of the tub and motioned for both girls to come to me.

The tub was above floor level, and my head was right at the perfect level. I reached for both, and began to kiss their deltas, giving a little lick every so often, which made each start when I hit their buttons inside. I was so full of love for both of them, to Allie, for being so willing, and to Eve, for being so agreeable to share. I looked up at both like a little boy and laid my head against Eve’s stomach, my eyes moist with joy. Silently, they disengaged and got back into the tub with me.

Things got serious now. This was now no fun-fuck, this was lovemaking in the first degree…there’s a difference. Both women got back into the tub, and Allie and I positioned Eve bending over with her hands on the side, and her legs slightly spread apart. Allie and I began to wash her all over, cupping up handfuls of the warm soapy water and pouring it onto her back, her butt, her legs. I especially made sure that some went down her crack, over her bung and now hairless cunt. She liked that.

Allie took one side, and I the other. We gently scrubbed Eve’s glistening body, squeezing her dangling tits (I still can’t get enough of that!), and more than once I found Allie’s hand either already where I wanted to go, or hers met mine already there. Between Eve’s legs, in her cleavage, her fine upthrust ass…I ran my finger down her crack, across her bung, and into her slit. Once more she barked softly as I violated her, and then bit her lip and began to push against my hand, riding my finger. It wasn’t long before she came again, a gentle one this time.

Allie moved to sit on the side of the tub with her legs apart, and motioned Eve to sit before her. Allie then wet Eve’s hair and began to shampoo her. Eve relaxed against Allie, and I moved between Eve’s legs, my cock sandwiched upwards between us as I played with her tits and kissed her.

Soon, it was Allie’s turn. Eve and I positioned her and repeated the performance. This time, I got behind her and fitted my cock into her crack and leaned over her back, squeezing her fine bazongas. Ooh yeah! Baaa-zongas! They were soft, and smooth, and large handfuls. Large, heavy handfuls. I squeezed them together, I milked her like a cow. I hefted them up and let them fall so that they bounced and swayed. I humped her ass, feeling my cock grow hard again.

Since I was on top of Allie, Eve had been washing the both of us equally. I felt her hand go down my crack, and fondle my balls. canlı casino She had a go at Allies boobs too, but poor Allie had to use both hands to hold herself up. She was stuck, only able to receive pleasure. She’ll get her turn.

Eve shampooed Allie’s hair, and I got another shot at those class-A hooters of hers. Few things in life are as so relaxing and sensual as having someone else shampoo your hair. The feel of their fingers against your scalp, the feeling of clean you get. Marvelous!

When Allie was rinsed, she stood and stepped out of the tub, and motioned for the both of us to follow. I wondered what she had in mind, and then she patted the stool for me and picked up the trimmer. It took me a second to understand what she meant, but then the light flashed on, and I realized she was going to shave me! I thought about it, and then realized it was only fair. I’m not all that hairy, but I am a man, and men are, well…furry. I remember how our lover had felt to the touch when we were together, but at the time even porn stars weren’t shaving, so I really didn’t think about it, but then again, he wasn’t all that hairy either. I’ve seen other “gorilla” guys in the shower at the gym or at the pool, and had to admire the women that loved them, because who’d want to get intimate with that?

Allie and Eve towelled me dry, then ran the shaver all over me, even my arms, legs and hands. It took a while, and left an amazingly large pile of hair on the floor. Allie even spread my butt cheeks to get around the back of my nutsack and around my bung, which was kinky enough to be enjoyable. Hell, the whole thing was enjoyable, having two women, two naked women (did I mention we were all naked?), feel me completely up.

At last the job was done, and I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a little boy all grown up. From the way Allie worked on my back, I was amazed that I was as hirsute as I was back there, but now all was gone, and I was as bare as a baby. I touched around my package and was delighted to feel how smooth I was. This is wonderful! Bare is there!

Back to the tub. My turn! My turn! I let the two girls position me at the side, just as I had done them, and they began to soap me up. I felt four hands stroke and squeeze my cock and balls, all wet and slick now. Hands explored my bung, my chest, my gut, my shoulders, my legs and arms. I felt a dildo against my ass, and before long it was in to the hilt. Once more I was hard as a rock, and my two vixens took turns jacking me, as if they were milking a cow. How’s that for a mixed metaphor?

Actually, that’s a simile, not a metaphor, but there is no equivalent colloquial saying for a simile, so “metaphor” will just have to do. Time for the shampoo.

Allie did the honors, which left Eve for me to play with. What can I say, she’s my partner, my mate? I love both, but this is the woman who has been my constant companion for years, and who thought up this whole thing in the first place. She pulled my cock up straight and pressed her slippery body against mine, and we began necking, as Allie’s fingers ran through my hair, and the soap ran down my shoulders, back and chest. Occasionally, Allie would stroke Eve’s head too, as we made out like teenagers after the senior prom. I grabbed both of Eve’s buttocks and squeezed, which only got her hotter. I fingered her kaçak casino bung, and slipped a digit inside. She broke the kiss and held tight while she came again.

” I want you so bad.” She said. “Right now. I’ve got to have you right now.”

Nothing more needed to be said. Allie finished scrubbing my hair and rinsed me with the hand shower. Wonder of wonders, Eve positioned herself at the side of the tub, her ass high in the air. She wanted it…doggiestyle??? I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

Allie, ever the motherly type, understood completely, and came beside me to fluff me up. She stroked me to full hardness, then positioned me behind my woman, my cock a steel rod at the entrance. Allie reached under and opened Eve’s cunt with her fingers, then aimed my cockhead into the well. I needed no more urging. Gently, ever so gently, I pushed into Eve’s wet cunt, until she gasped, then I withdrew and pushed again, a little deeper this time. A couple of more cycles and I finally hit bottom, which elicited a groan of relief from my woman so profound that I felt it to my core as well.

I looked at Allie, who was watching the scene with a look of serenity on her face that was almost angelic. She understood. I gathered her to me and kissed her deeply, then reluctantly broke to concentrate on the task at hand.

I grasped Eve’s hips as I had done Allie’s, and pulled her onto my cock, pushing as deeply into her as I could. I withdrew a little and pushed in again. Eve began making her little grunts of pleasure as I slowly increased the pace. Allie was frigging herself at the sight, and holding onto me for support. I felt like I was a tower of strength, of power to my two women. This time I was a giant, with the world in my hands. I know I must have looked fierce as a fucked this bitch, harder and harder, pounding her ass with all my might.

Eve was reaching her peak too. Like Allie, she gets dirty as the moment approaches: “Fuck my cunt! C’mon boy, I want it harder! Ride me, my stallion. Ride your mare! Give it to me, give me that horse cock of yours! (They must know I like to be compared that way.) Fuck my cunt — fuck my cunt — fuckmycunt — fuckmycuntfuckmycuntFUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEEEEEE…” She was a wild woman, screaming at the top of her lungs now. This was going to bring the cops!

It was all I needed. With a “YAHHHHHH!!!!” shout of my own I let go into her, spasming my seed deep inside my woman. Allie was coming too, clinging to my shoulder with her free hand, and howling inarticulate yowls into my ear, deafeningly. I grabbed her to me just in time with my right arm as she began to slip away, then my legs began to let go, and I sat down hard into the bath, sploshing water everywhere.

Just as men are exhausted by the act of sex, so women can be energized. Both turned and rescued me from the “deep,” and helped me onto the bench. One under each arm, then nestled and cooed in the afterglow, straddling my thighs and grinding their pussies against my hips. We three kissed and bussed and just held each other tight for the longest time as the static charge of the climax passed away. I used my hands to stroke water on their backs and sides, They held my aching cock and balls in their tight fists. I thought: “Kill me now, and I’ll die a happy, happy man!”

One by one, we blew the candles out, and I mopped up the water from the floor. Eve and Allie both took bits of my shaven hair as keepsakes (why didn’t I think of that when Allie shaved Eve?), and we all staggered into the bedroom for some much needed rest.

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