California Trippin’

I’m a 35 year old lesbian, been since high school and I like it, haven’t even been close to a man’s dick since I was 22 when I did a threesome with a friend and her boyfriend. I’m also a big healthy redheaded gal, 6-3 tall and 245 pretty put together pounds so I can be intimidating to both genders.

I had to go to California for a seminar for work so I stayed a few days on either end because I had some friends in the area and they threw a party. It was a good trip and I was having a good time, I wasn’t hammered but I was feeling no pain.

The strange part of the party was I found myself really getting along with these two guys. They were cousins, well some kind of cousins-in-law because they weren’t related, I had trouble understanding it all. Anyway looking just like two blonde surfer dudes, both 5-10 tall and 170 pounds. They probably could have had their pick of the women present but somehow found themselves hanging with the big dyke and we were getting along great.

Well as the hour approached and the party was breaking up I was thinking how I hadn’t noticed that many prospects on the female side to score with, maybe because I was drinking too much or spent too much time with Adam and Teddy but I figured it was just one night. That’s when Adam just about knocks me over asking, “So Nancy, it’s the witching hour what would you say to coming home with Teddy and me and getting it on?”

Maybe it was the wine or the whiskey but the pause I took before responding was a few seconds but felt like an hour. My mind raced as I wanted to tell him he should really think about what he was asking, hitting on lesbians isn’t productive, he and Teddy were hot guys if you like guys so they could score easily if they looked around but they weren’t going to turn me around and I thought about pointing out the obvious size differential.

But it’s hard to say who was more surprised, them or me when I did manage my come back, “I’m thinking it would take both of you studly young men to show this much dyke a good time. Do you think you’re up to the job?”

‘Did I just think and really say that?’ I thought because it sounded like I was saying yes to these two guys. Then I realized I did and for whatever reason, the booze, being on vacation, these two blonde dudes hitting on me I figured, Hell yeah I’m going wild tonight because I can.

So when Teddy said, “We always say, ‘go big or go home’ Red, we think we’re up to it. So if you want to get some man love we’ll step up and give you the double dude dose, what do you say?”

I knew I was drunk enough to be game too, so taking a crotch in each hand said, “Well boys let’s get to getting it on before I remember that I’m the big dyke.” And we departed for their apartment which was a quick sprint about two blocks away.

We were all laughing and grabbing on the way to the bedroom, as well as getting out of our clothes which didn’t take long. I was face to face towering over my two blonde California dudes but they were game alright each putting an arm around my waist and leaning in to kiss one of my 42DD’s. Not exactly idle myself I reached down to get my hands on the first two cocks I’ve held for a long time. And I could tell they were already happy to see me since both were hard and filled my hands, and I’ve got bigger than average hands.

With a hard nine inches in each hand, I have to admit my powers of estimation in this area are weak so I just asked and the boys were all too proud to admit how they were hanging, I wondered what I had gotten myself into but I was going. And I decided to get going, I turned towards Adam and putting my hands under his arms I literally tossed him onto the bed then I dove between his legs to get me a taste of some man meat.

I was on my knees with my big ass up in the air and with little recent practical casino siteleri experience to rely on I opened wide and took the head of Adam’s dong in my mouth. Even if it’s not like riding a bike I got acclimated fairly quickly and was giving hetero head.

Teddy was behind me and leaning on my back, he started out at my shoulders giving me a thorough rubdown worked his way down my back until he was squeezing my fat butt. As he continued to massage my ass with one hand, which felt damn good, his other found my pussy and he was working two fingers in me.

Then as I was adjusting my jaw to take in more of Adam’s tool and actually suck it pretty good Teddy had maneuvered on his back under me and was bracing his hands on my hips to pull himself up and get to my pussy. Damn who knew this is would involve gymnastics.

With Teddy getting my snatch hot and wet, the young man can lick pussy, I was relaxed and doing pretty good on Adam’s big boner. But I have to admit my cocksucking while enthusiastic wasn’t mastery. I was swallowing about 6 inches but figured that was my limit so I paused to look up at Adam and said, “Well big boy, I have to tell you. I’m getting the hang of this but there’s no deep throat action going to happen.”

I felt Teddy pause underneath me and say, “Don’t sweat it Nancy, we’ve both done each other many a time.”

With Adam responding, “True enough Nancy, we get to do that all the time. Rest assured you’re doing a fabulous job for a les but fucking that red hot pussy is the big deal, so if you’re ready for that Teddy and I can swap ends and get to it.”

I gave the head of Adam’s dick, which was soon to be poking into my pussy, a kiss and said, “Well then trade places and let’s get on with the highlight of the show.”

In a flash Adam was grabbing a condom and moving behind me while I had Teddy’s fresh and stiff dick in front of me to try my lips on. While Adam rubbed my already wet pussy I decided to try sucking Teddy’s balls, it seemed like it might be interesting. I found it to be fun but damn from the moan he let out and the spasm his body made, Teddy sure enjoyed it.

About that time Adam rubbed one big butt cheek and said, “OK Nancy the man loving is coming, you’re going hetero.” Then he poked the head of his big dick in my pussy.

Now it’s not like I haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of latex and battery powered loving on a regular basis but it was different with an actual man mounted cock. Adam took his time pushing in and out slowly and a little deeper with each thrust, all the while rubbing my back, squeezing my ass, kissing my shoulders and neck. He’s a sweet piece for a man.

Not that I was neglecting Teddy. I was almost at my six inch limit when I decided to give him a little extra. I dipped my right shoulder and slid under his leg then kept my balance with Adam pushing me from behind and repeated with the left. Teddy was balanced on his shoulders with his legs draped over mine and his feet dangling behind my head in front of Adam. All without me losing my lip lock on his dick I can say proudly.

That had Teddy squirming with delight and Adam got into really pushing deep, pounding his nine inches into my pussy. It was one incredible sensation, especially with a mouthful of Teddy on the front end, but the feeling of Adam’s firm body banging against my fat butt was awesome. The women who I’ve had give me the old strap on from behind, and some pretty hefty girls at that, fucked me good but none ever matched the enthusiasm and drive Adam was delivering. Sure he enjoyed sticking it in that red hot bush he had in front of him, along with watching me play with his buddy but I could just feel how he was getting off on banging against my fat ass as hard as he could knowing he was pleasing me at the same time.

Again I lack experience slot oyna but I was impressed with the stamina and ability of both guys to hold back. It seemed like I had been sucking Teddy’s dick and getting pumped by Adam for quite a good amount of time and they hadn’t cum yet. Finally Adam plowed all the way in and leaned over my back to grab my tits which I took as a sign he was ready to cum.

With a low moan and nuzzling against my back he did just that. Adam then pulled out and I looked at Teddy and said, “OK you’re good and ready so get yourself rubbered up and give me the goods.”

As Teddy scrambled off the bed to grab a condom I rolled onto my back and by the time I spread my knees Teddy was in front of me and ready to go. I was so wet and primed I felt the first four inches slide in and Teddy was getting to it as he settled in between my thick thighs. He wasted no time really fucking me hard.

I’ve got to say even for a dyke having my big butt pounded into the mattress as Teddy fucked the stuffing out of me actually was awesome. I couldn’t help but thinking these two could make some straight fat girls really happy. And I’m just saying the feeling of having Teddy’s balls slapping my ass as he fucked me was exhilarating even for my lesbian pussy. The sheer enthusiasm these two have for fucking the big girl is enough to make me enjoy the wild straight ride tonight.

Even though I thought Teddy’s big dick could keep going he was looking red in the face and winded. So I swung my legs around his body and scissored his body to squeeze him tight. That was too much for him to take and he tensed up and paused before he shot off.

When I released Teddy from my leg lock he pitched forward on top of me, his head between my breasts. I hugged him with one arm and squeezed his hard little butt with the other and just relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

I was a happy gal having had my little male diversion but there was more to come. I was just lying on the bed Teddy was next to me sucking on my left breast and gently rubbing my big belly when Adam comes up next to the bed and I find myself stunned, and considering the events of the evening that’s saying something, by what he’s holding. It’s something familiar to me, a strap on dildo, and not some dainty pussy poker this baby looked like it might be the big twelve incher.

The surprising turn continued when he asks, “So Nancy have you ever done a guy up the ass?”

I really didn’t have to search my memory bank too deeply say, no I haven’t, but anticipating the next question I decided to just jump ahead. I reached around and slapped Teddy hard on the ass and said, “But I’m guessing that is where we’re aiming for next.”

Teddy looked up at me and said, “Oh Nancy you’ve been incredible and you’re just such an Amazon it would just be so awesome if you’d do us like we’re your bitches.”

Well it had been one hell of a night so there was no reason to say no. “Well why not, you boys have been such good hosts and fucking me silly I’ll be glad to tune both of you boys up and show you what a woman can do when she’s of a mind.”

I stood up and took the strap on from Adam who helped Teddy to his feet then got his hands and knees, as Teddy started lubing up his back door. I got my big latex manhood secured and damn if it wasn’t a foot long monster. Looking at both of my boys’ sweet little asses I thought, these two have my admiration to be asking for this butt thumper because I wouldn’t be offering my fat ass for this thing.

I climbed up on the bed behind Adam as Teddy eased back having gotten his buddy prepared for the big butt fuck. Tapping that big rod on Adam’s butt I said, “Are you sure you’re ready for this monster dong?”

Taking a deep breath Adam replied, “Oh yeah, if you’re ready to fuck some man ass.”

With canlı casino siteleri a deep breath I poked the head of that dong in Adam’s ass which caused him to let out a deep throaty groan. I knew he had to feel it I just didn’t know how much of that was pain but as Teddy rubbed his friend’s back I heard no calls to stop so I pressed on. I took a good hold of Adam’s hips and slowly worked more into him and we both settled into a steady rhythm.

I got going and it didn’t take long before I was working 10 inches of strap on in Adam’s butt and as much as he was enjoying it I have to say it was fun. I thought that was good but the boys had their toy and surely I thought they must want it all so I kept pushing until I was bumping my belly against Adam’s ass which meant he was taking all 12 inches. I was fucking impressed with Adam and began a deliberate pace of pulling back about halfway and just slamming all the way until I bumped into him. I have to say it was such a feeling of empowerment to be banging a man’s ass with all I had and having him get off on it.

Since it was a night of new experiences I thought of another one. I paused for a bit and steadying myself with my left hand reached around with my right and started to jerk Adam’s semi hard dick. Yeah the old reach around, heard of it but this was a first of course but Teddy seemed to approve and Adam enjoyed it. It was even a bit more when Teddy slid down under him and took the head of Adam’s tool in his mouth, that’s teamwork.

When it felt like Adam was ready to blow, and Teddy appeared ready to receive I plowed all the way into Adam’s ass, held him with my left and got to jacking him off with my right. Finally he tensed up and shot off into Teddy’s waiting mouth. With everybody was happy but no doubt ready for more I pulled back and Adam fell onto the bed next to Teddy.

One down and Teddy to go, he started to move on his knees in front of me but I had other ideas, “No on your back Teddy, it’s only fair I want you to see me doing my thing.”

He looked at me and said, “Oh yeah face to face deep boning, fuck Nancy you’re really taking charge.”

I took Teddy’s dick in my hand and said, “Large and in charge, at least in charge of you boys tonight.”

Adam took the time to lube up Teddy’s butthole as I took a big gulp of water and slid into position. I pulled Teddy’s legs up straight and eased up against the back of them then eased the head of my strap on into him.

Teddy had the happiest most pained look on his face, it was fabulous. I’m sure he thought I had a huge smile on my face because he was so good but I was really trying to stop from laughing at the sight of his dick and big balls flopping all around as I pounded that dong in his ass. I had never seen anything like it and it was hilarious.

Adam is such a doll, he got behind me and reached around to hug me and play with my fat tits as he leaned against my back and I continued to stick it to Teddy. These guys are such fun to play with because they’re having such a good time.

I was really sticking it to Teddy good and after who knows how long I could see his face was red and he must have been pretty well done in. I mean I think the blood had rushed to his head and not to mention I was just about spent from fucking both guys.

When I pulled out my legs were tired, hell a guy cums and is done, a strap on stays hard until you give out. Adam helped me remove the strap on then I just fell forward on top of Teddy. Adam jumped on my back and the two of them hugged me sandwiched between them and we just decompressed for a while.

After a good half hour I should have been exhausted but instead I was invigorated, so much so that after a round of showers we went at it another couple of rounds. Both guys fucked me, Teddy from behind and Adam on top then I did both of them this time Teddy doggy style and Adam face to face.

I’ve got to say, I’m not changing teams but the next time I venture to the west coast I might turn it loose and go wild with Adam and Teddy again.

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