Cally Comes Good (and often)

Cally was a drifter. Ever since leaving High School she had drifted from one dead-end job to another. However, it was soon after her eighteenth birthday that she found what was destined to be her true vocation, although it had not appeared that way at the time.

She had been casually trawling through the ‘Sits-Vac’ page of a large national newspaper when her curiosity was aroused by the following ‘Ad’.

‘If you are a liberally minded young lady with a caring nature then we may just have the ideal career for you. Every day will throw up a new challenge, where your enthusiastic involvement will be well received. This is a highly paid, live-in position with a guarantee of overtime at triple rates. Please send recent photo with application – No CV required’

Having nothing better to occupy her time, she duly replied to the intriguingly worded advert’ and consequently, less than a week later, she found herself outside a large ivy-clad country house, perusing the large sign that pronounced that this was ‘COXHOLME TOWERS – HOME FOR RETIRED GENTLEMEN.’ “My God – what have I let myself in for,” she mused to herself. Caring for a bunch of dribbling geriatrics was certainly not her idea of an ‘ideal career’. Still – the money sounded good and she was sure she could stick it out until something more favourable came her way.

The interview lasted but a few short minutes as the exceedingly buxom and rather ‘butchy’ woman, who introduced herself as Ms Dyke (sic) passed quickly through the questioning stage and appeared more interested in Cally’s long shapely legs that terminated in a firm and well-defined butt; a cheeky face that still retained traces of childish innocence, but most of all on her totally natural 32E bosom, that somehow looked out of place on her otherwise slim frame. They were in fact an erotic artist’s dream as the way they jutted out from her chest, they simply defied gravity and surely those cherry-sized nipples set upon the slightly darker aureoles were never real – were they?

Cally found the request to hitch her skirt up to her panty line a little disconcerting, but to demonstrate her required liberal attitude, she duly obliged. The nod of satisfaction and the somewhat lascivious glint that appeared in Ms Dyke’s eyes somehow assured that the post was hers.

“Now my dear”, purred Ms Dyke, “I will get your uniform for you and show you to your room where you can try it on in private.” The room turned out to be small but adequate and contained all the usual bedroom furnishings, complete with a large mirror that almost covered a complete wall of her snug quarters. Cally carefully laid the so-called uniform onto the bed and noted that it was similar to the ones worn by ‘candy stripers’, except that the skirt was a little shorter; the blouse a little lower cut; the shoe heels a tad higher; the black stockings a little sheerer and she couldn’t quite imagine a nurse wearing a miniscule lilac coloured thong and a crimson garter belt. The ensemble was completed with a somewhat flimsy push-up bra’ that would leave little to the most jaded imagination. However, when she eventually clothed herself with the outfit and glimpsed her shapely image in the large wall mirror, she realized that the overall effect was sexily smart although the delicately designed bra’, which appeared more for showing than supporting, was definitely losing the battle in containing her fulsome though firm young breasts.

Her reverie was disturbed by a knock at the door, which turned out to be the formidable Ms Dyke with a list of her immediate duties. She was informed that most of the elderly gentlemen in the home were from high society backgrounds, which meant in turn that they were mostly rich and could be most demanding. She was further informed that she would find it to her pecuniary advantage to go along with what was expected of her as regular big buck bonuses were to be earned by being ‘helpful’ to the elderly inmates. Ms Dyke then informed her that her first task was to give a bed bath to old Tom Granger, who, according to our Ms Dyke, was loved and appreciated by all the Coxholme staff.

As Cally entered the room she was somewhat surprised to find the old guy, dressed in an old fashioned nightshirt; seated in one of those luxuriously upholstered armchairs that could be adjusted to suit ones mood or posture and reading what was undoubtedly a most graphic porn magazine (was that cock for real on the front cover?).

“Come a little closer girl,” he instructed her, “Me eyes aint what they used to be.” He certainly appeared pleased as she stood close to him and gave a little curtsey that caused her firm breasts to jiggle ever so slightly. “My lass! You’re a bonny one that’s for sure – Are those tits real or have you had ’em seen to?” he enquired with a wicked grin. Cally was somewhat take aback by this forthright enquiry as to the state of her breasts but at least had the good sense to respond that to date that was a secret known only to her and her maker. This caused Tom to laugh out loud canlı bahis and inform her that the best of secrets would eventually be shared between true friends!

“Now Miss Cally would you mind looking under my night table. I think I dropped a $50 bill there earlier.” Cally saw that it was there alright and as she bent to retrieve it she realised that her skirt had ridden up to such a degree that both cheeks of her firm little ass were in full view to all who cared to look – and Oh Boy – did our Tom want to look?

“Gee Cally” he exclaimed, “That takes me back a few years,” he continued in a rather shaky voice. “How would you like to keep that $50 bill you just retrieved?” With an air of caution she enquired,

“What, just for flashing my butt?”

“We-e-el,” he responded with a drawl, “perhaps if you just slipped outa them flimsy drawers and unhooked that bra’ of yours, which can’t be doing much for your circulation (although it was certainly doing plenty for his), I might just be able to find a companion for that bill your holding.”

Cally’s first reaction was to decline the old pervert’s offer, but then again $100 dollars for doing what she had done so many times in the past (although previous voyeurs had, on the whole, been considerably younger – apart perhaps from daddy and Uncle Pete – but that’s another story!) was just to tempting to refuse.

“Well – O.K. then Mr Granger – but no touching now!”

“Oh gee Cally, call me Tom,” he responded with a grin, “I feel that you and I are going to get really well acquainted.” Cally returned his smile coyly as she slipped the flimsy thong down from her slender hips to reveal a lengthy pussy slit, parenthesised by an almost child-like and only slightly raised ‘mons’. This was topped by a sparse covering of soft pubic hair, so fair that the mound appeared at first sight to be shaven. The external labia were barely formed and the prepuce that enclosed her clitoris was scarcely discernable. Overall the sight was most pleasing.

She then unhooked the delicate bra’ and as it fell from her ripe firm breasts they drooped not an inch, the long nipples pointing slightly upwards and old Tom was spoilt for choice as his eyes darted from tits to cunt and back again. He licked his now trembling lips and slowly reached out a scrawny hand in a vain attempt to touch the rigid breasts and was quickly reminded of his earlier promise.

“There’s another ‘fifty’ in it for you if I can just stroke those ‘titties’ of yours,” he added pleadingly. By now, Cally’s resolve was weakening by the minute as the contemplation of all that cash completely removed all thoughts of propriety. Where’s the harm she thought to herself. It’s not as though he’s going to leap from that chair and ravish me. A quick grope and he’ll probably nod of in mid fumble.

As it turned out she had been wrong in her assessment of old Tom’s staying powers and found herself getting quite ‘turned on’ by his rather expert handling of her breasts. She did not even protest when he slipped one of her now substantially enlarged nipples into his mouth, sucking and tonguing it with great authority, which sent erotic tingles through each meaty mammary. Neither was she surprised to feel a bony finger exploring the length of her pussy slit. However, she retained the wit to demand a further $50 for this particular excursion, a request with which Tom was delighted to concur.

Again, old Tom turned out to be most proficient with his insistent finger probing and he left Cally gasping and moaning as his long finger soon found the vaginal opening and was feeling around in that weeping little cavity like a true expert. The first digit was quickly followed by two; then three and finally four and as the quartet flipped in and out of the glistening pussy hole, his thumb expertly opened the hood to her now throbbing clitoris and was stimulating the blood-red nub in such a fashion that she had never quite experienced before. It literally flowered under his insistent ministration until it stood proud of the imperceptible darker hood that had initially enfolded it.

“Gee Cally, I sure would like to suck that ‘purty’ little ‘clitty’ of yours. Yea and O.K. I know its gonna cost – but what the hell” Once again she hesitated but had to admit that what he was doing with her pussy was to good to miss – despite his advancing years. “Now Cally, just adjust my chair and lower that pretty pussy to my face so I get the chance to lick that tight little ass-hole as well.”

Within minutes Tom’s tongue was forcing itself in such a way deep into her cunt that the juices flowed from the musky passage like honey dripping from the comb and she could tell from the slurping that the old guy was drinking his fill and spreading the excess around the tightness of her petal-shaped anus. He then set to work on her ‘clit’ which now stood hard and proud from its sheath and looked for all the world like a young boys’ first ‘stiffie’ and as he sucked and tweaked it alternately it was though a series of electric shocks bahis siteleri were coursing through her sexually stimulated body.

She was distracted from her sensuous reveries by the sight of Tom’s nightshirt inexorably falling away as a tent-shaped mound slowly appeared in his groin area. Intrigued by this somewhat strange happening she pulled the garment back and was startled to see that she had exposed the biggest cock that (to date) she had ever seen. Its length, although prodigious, was within the realms of acceptability. What really caused her to gasp and exclaim out loudly “Oh fuck me!” was the girth of this truly awesome penis. The shaft she estimated was about as thick as her forearm but the crowning glory, literally, was the huge bulbous head, even though it was only partially exposed, still held in check by the overstretched foreskin. Instinctively Cally reached out with both hands and grasping the monster just below the massive glans, she savagely yanked downwards, which freed the thick ridge of the ‘helmet’.

“Goddam it Cally,” groaned a somewhat distressed Tom, “Did you have to be so rough? – I think now you oughta kiss it better, and yes, I’ll add another $50 to the fund. Needing no further bidding, Cally swiftly went down on that bulging glans, her generous mouth just about wide enough to accommodate it. Tom continued to work around her now sodden pussy and as her sweet juices flowed he expertly worked the natural lubricant around and deep inside her tight ass hole as he fucked brutally against Cally’s overstretched mouth, forcing more and more of his chunky cock down her throat.

As she ‘came’ once again, flooding the old guy’s mouth with her musky discharge, all thoughts of propriety fled from her sex-addled brain and she knew then that she just had to have that magnificent dick deep inside her. As if sensing her body’s latest urgent demand, Tom reluctantly freed his mouth from Cally’s smouldering cunt and enquired of her,

“Think you could take it up that tight little pussy of yours? Could be worth another $50 bill to add to that stash of yours.” Now to be honest, Cally was so eager to have his ‘meat’ inside her that she would gladly have given him $50 for the privilege. However not being a gal to look a gift horse in the mouth, she acquiesced by roughly coming off his throbbing member and straddling him with her cunt positioned over the now pulsating penis. Despite the earlier ministrations to her poor pussy, it did not open easily as the monstrous glans nudged aside the child-like labia lips, but now all thoughts of sexual restraint were abandoned on the altar of lust as she thrust herself eagerly onto the steel-hard rod of flesh and was rewarded to feel that huge head finally breaching the vaginal opening.

As each inch slowly but inexorably slipped inside her, she felt herself raised to a higher level of gratification. She never in her wildest dreams imagined that her sweet little pussy could expand to the degree now demanded of it as the massive cock ploughed ever deeper in and out her vaginal cavity, each lusty thrust prompting a squeal of pleasure that grew in intensity as the pace intensified. At last she finally sensed that total penetration had been achieved as the huge thrusting tip butted against the neck of her womb and what little pain she had initially experienced was now replaced by an enveloping feeling of total euphoria as again and again she felt her copious juices flooding from her.

“O-o-h Cally” came a hoarse whimper from the owner of that gargantuan cock.”I think I’m c-u-uumming,” the final word now squealed as he arched his back and with one final desperate lunge shot his bountiful hot load deep inside that now blood gorged and battered vestibule. So profuse was the spunky discharge that it now flowed abundantly from her pussy and puddled thickly on the old man’s belly.

It was at that precise moment that the room door suddenly opened to reveal the rather forbidding figure of Ms Dyke. She quickly took in the scene of wild debauchery and with a slight smile creasing her somewhat thin lips she exclaimed,

“That was not what I had in mind when I instructed you to give Mr Granger a bed bath!” she said as she keenly observed the rivulets of cloying semen now trickling down Tom’s somewhat emaciated thighs.

“Oh please don’t report me” panted Cally as she attempted to extricate herself from the still rigid cock shaft. “I’ll do anything for a second chance,” she added pleadingly. M/s Dyke’s smile broadened somewhat as she whispered coyly, “Does that include eating my pussy?” Now Cally was just beginning to think that after all that had happened in the last couple of hours, then nothing could surprise her. However, she had to admit that that one had come straight out of left field. Before she had time to gather her thoughts, Cally realized that Ms Dyke’s skirt, along with her panties, were now down around her ankles, exposing well-rounded thighs that parenthesised what was undoubtedly the fleshiest shaven cunt that she had bahis şirketleri ever seen.

“O-oh Ms Dyke, what can I say” she simpered.

“Actions speak louder than words girl,” she added as she fingered around the extensive outer labia lips before drawing back the hooded prepuce to expose a chunky clitoris that many a poorly endowed man would have been happy to see dangling between his own legs. “And let’s drop the formalities seeing as we’re about to exchange cunt juices – call me Olga.

Now it must be said that this would not be the first time that Cally had tasted pussy juice. Hadn’t her older sister made a similar demand the first time she had caught her fingering her tight little twat? But that act had been borne from a sense of filial duty and though not unpleasant it could never hope to match the experience of which she was about to partake. She reached out tentatively and took the extraordinary clitoris between her finger and thumb, which caused Olga to gasp with unrestrained joy. She in turn sought out Cally’s rigid nipples, which she fingered roughly, bringing each one to full attention.

Old Tom in the meantime, his spent cock now lying flaccid between his legs, decided that Olga was still undoubtedly overdressed, a condition which he quickly sought to remedy as he rose from his chair and deftly removed her blouse and bra’ which released just about the largest tits that Cally had ever laid eyes on.

It was impossible to estimate the official size of the gargantuan mammaries, however, any bra’ manufactured in an attempt to restrain such impressive tits would have had a cup size that would each have comfortably held a regulation size basketball. Although truly massive they were still quite firm, each one tipped with a blood-red walnut sized nipple, nestled in the centre of dark saucer sized aureoles, which in turn stood in bold relief from the fleshy bulk of milky-white breast tissue.

The eager trio fell upon Tom’s king-size bed giving Olga the opportunity to guide Cally’s not unwilling head in the direction of her large shaven slit. Soon she was munching on the outsized clitoris, which now stood proud and erect from its hood. As Olga’s juices began to flow more profusely she suddenly barked out a command

“Now you must fuck me with your fist.” Needing no second bidding, Cally balled her long slender fingers into a fist and rather fiercely rammed it into the steaming maw of Olga’s cunt. There was little resistance and soon her forearm was buried deep inside the warm slippery vagina at which she now fucked savagely at it with deep and rapid movements.

Cally was reminded of old Tom’s presence as she felt him stealthily probing between her shapely bum cheeks before inserting a long bony finger into her tight virginal ass-hole. It was strange to imagine that such a street-wise gal as Cally had never experienced anal sex. Many had tried of course yet each time an inquisitive cock head had brushed against the petal-shaped orifice, her early strict upbringing had caused her to flinch and deflect the probing organ into her more than willing cunt. To date this had appeared more than acceptable to her many fuck buddies.

However, Tom was made of sterner stuff and though she initially clenched her buttocks to minimize the hole, Tom’s whispered declaration of another fifty ‘bucks’ for a ‘bum shag’ was enough for her to relax to the degree that allowed the probing digit to enter the ribbed maw of her anus. The strange tingling sensation that this promoted was further enhanced as she next felt the cool yet sweet-smelling creamy lotion that Tom was now liberally working in and around her extended ass hole. She realized of course that the slippery unguent would allow further fingers to be inserted by the elderly gentleman but doubted very much that the huge glans that crowned his thick penis would ever pierce her dainty little bum slit. What Cally did not realize was that the cream also contained a very strong dual purpose ingredient that would totally relax the sphincter muscle, allowing entry for the most improbable sized objects, coupled with an anaesthetic agent that would totally block any pain or discomfort that the recipient may endure on the insertion of improbable sized objects, such as old Tom’s gargantuan dick.

Her reverie was somewhat disturbed by Olga insisting that Cally should insert her other fist into her gaping bum hole, now made slippery with the abundant juices that had flowed from her hard pummelled cunt. Once more Cally was somewhat surprised at the ease in which her balled fist had penetrated Olga’s anal cavity and as with the fist up her sopping cunt, she pumped it deeper and deeper inside her.

Meanwhile, Tom was now working Cally’s previously tight little ring with four fingers and the anaesthetic agent was obviously doing its stuff as not a whimper escaped her quivering lips. With a wicked smile, Tom positioned his now fully erect cock against the cream covered ass hole and slowly pushed down. At first it appeared that the petal-shaped opening would not yield but eventually the persuasive probing was rewarded and the little ‘flower’ finally blossomed and the oversize head was finally housed, quickly followed by nine inches of unyielding penile shaft.

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