Caribbean Holiday Ch. 08

Irina was topless having breakfast with me on the beach in Negril Beach, Jamaica. We have been doing this every morning of our holiday. My wife being almost naked at the breakfast table sure does excite me. Her beautifully tanned 36C tits were proudly looking at me. Today, Irina was sitting very still. She looked at me and asked if we could just lie on the beach today and do nothing. I laughed and asked her if she wanted to go fishing. This brought on a big smile and a reply of silence. Yesterday, we ended up on a fishing boat with five guys who all fucked my wife till she could not walk. I believe Irina was fucked over 35 or 40 times within a 6-hour period. She had the chance to experience one of her long time fantasies but was paying the price today.

After breakfast we walked to the far end of the beach to “our spot.” I love walking with Irina when she is topless. Her firm 36C tits have this little swaying, bouncing motion that fascinates me. We took a cooler of snacks and beer with plans to vegetate and do nothing all day. As soon as we got there Irina pulled a sun bed into the shade of a palm tree and went to sleep. Both of us looked good with our dark overall tans but Irina was looking amazingly beautiful. Her Scandinavian features seam to be enhanced by a good tan. Her long blond hair was almost white and the perfectly trimmed hair on her pussy was a transparent blond. I could see her swollen pussy lips, still puffy and a little red.

I went snorkling on the shallow reef for a long time and then joined Irina in the shade and fell asleep. Female laughter woke me from a pleasant dream of being Tiger Woods and winning the U.S. Open. There were two topless women coming towards us carrying a cooler and snorkling gear. They were friendly and said hello to me not fazed by Irina and I being naked. They arranged their sun beds in the sun at the water’s edge, took off their shorts and began the ritual of preparing themselves for the casino siteleri sun as only women can do. Both of the women were around 5′ 4 or 5 ” tall, 23 to 25, slim with small 32 or 33 tits. Nicely put together and attractive.

I woke up to some nice music and distant girl conversations. Now Irina had joined the two women. The three of them were sitting in the water drinking wine. I went for a quick swim and came out of the water and sat beside Irina. Introductions were made and Diane and Linda seamed very pleasant. Both were married and their husbands were playing golf today while they were getting some sun. This was their first time in Jamaica, saying they usually go to St. Maarten on their holidays. Both of the women had nicely shaped 32/33 tits with cute nipples and shaven pussies showing all of their charms. My cock begins to think for itself when looking at strange pussies.

We all went snorkling and came back and had some snacks. I was having beer and the girls had finished their second bottle of wine and started on their third. They were getting pleasantly drunk. The more the two girls drank, the more open they were. Jealous husbands and not sexually satisfied were the big subjects. When Irina said that I was not a jealous husband and that we had shared a lot of crazy sexual experiences together, their curiosity and interest level went way up. The girls wanted to know more. Irina told them about Allen and his monster cock of 10 inches and of black Jim and his 13 inches.

They were wide eyed hearing how she fucked Allen 5 or 6 times on this very beach while I fucked his wife. It was fun listening to Irina tell how she tried to fuck a huge black cock. She had both of the girl’s attention, laughing with Irina on how she tried to sit on an 13 inch cock, without success. Diane and Linda’s nipples were hard and their pussy lips were twitching listing to Irina. My hard cock was getting plenty of looks from the girls canlı casino and there was wet slits on their bald little pussies. Diane and Linda said how great it must be to do things like that with your husband.

Linda was sitting next to me. I reached over and tenderly caressed her little shaven pussy telling Irina it felt like Penny’s after we finished shaving her. Linda squeezed her thighs together around my hand and looked at Irina then me, telling us she had not fucked another man since getting married. Slowly she opened her legs and watched my hand as I slowly ran my finger up and down her wet slit and rubbing her hard clit between my fingers. I let my finger go deeper into her hot pussy and received a loud moan from Linda. I moved over Linda’s legs and put my tong in her pussy and started moving my tongue over her hard clit, gently biting it and sucking it into my mouth. It did not take her long to have a violent orgasm and cover my face with her cum. Linda pushed me off of her telling me she wants to sit on my cock. I rolled over and she literally jumped on my cock and started fucking me with hard strong humping. She had a very tight little pussy and I could feel every movement. I reached up and pinched her hard nipples and caressed her tits. Linda came to a quick stop and said “don’t move.” She was breathing hard and I knew she was delaying her second orgasm. She started moving again and I quickly rolled her over on her back and pounded her little pussy with long hard strokes. Linda was moaning loudly and started jerking and shuttering in multiple orgasms. When Linda became still I gathered her in my arms and held her while my cock pumped long loads on cum into her hot pussy. We were both exhausted and smiling.

I looked over and saw Diane’s face buried in Irina’s pussy and pulled Linda up where we could both watch them. Irina had her legs wide apart and I could see Diane’s tongue really working on her pussy. Irina loves kaçak casino it when another woman licks her pussy. She was purring and having orgasm after orgasm. She may have been too sore for a cock to fuck her, but I could tell she was enjoying Diane’s hard tongue. I told Linda to go sit on Irina’s face. See looked at me, smiled and moved over and straddled my wife’s face, lowering her pussy onto Irina’s mouth. Linda immediately started moaning and saying how good Irina’s tongue felt.

I moved over behind Diane’s raised ass and rubbed my hard cock against her wet pussy. Her mouth was full of my wife’s pussy. I kept teasing her clit with the head of my cock and playing with her tits. Diane squealed as I buried my cock all the way in her pussy in one thrust. All around me I was hearing women moaning and cuming. I started to fuck Diane with really hard strokes that had my balls slapping her ass. Linda was watching me fuck Diane as she sat on Irina’s face. She told me that Diane has never been fucked in the ass and for me to do it. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and began to rub the head against her asshole lubricating it for my entrance. Diane knew what I was going to do and was saying no, no ,no. Linda was shaking her head to go on and do it. I pushed the head into her asshole and felt Diane freeze. I pulled back a little and then pressed forward till my cock was all the way in. She yelled that it hurt and to stop. I stopped and held her for a moment and felt her begin to move back against me. Now she was saying how it hurt so good and wanted me to cum in her ass. I did. Cum was running out her ass and down her legs. I pulled my cock out with a popping noise, cum came flowing out.

I went into the sea and cleaned up and cooled down. When I looked over at the women they were still going at it with each other. Finally they joined me in the sea for a cooling swim and bath. Irina snuggled up to me telling me how great it felt to have the women eating her sore pussy.

We had a great time that afternoon on the beach. I fucked each of the girls again and again and again as they licked Irina’s pussy and Linda gave me a wonderful blowjob while Irina was going down on her.

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