In Bed with The Boss Man Ch. 01

Well I had recovered and work on Monday wasn’t quite the same. My bum was sore and my cock felt wrung out. At 19 I was still really a gay virgin although the fun after the footie match had really changed all that. I was determined to have a sex break for at least a […]

At The Boss’ Party

My name is Mark and I’ll start this on a sour note by telling you that I really hate parties. I’m not good at meeting new people and if I don’t know people I usually end up standing by myself. I’m nearly 50, so seeing an old man drinking and standing by himself is kind […]


Saturday, Aug 18, 1973 Steve Murphy was a skinny 18 year old with long greasy blonde hair and a scraggly beard. He was wearing the uniform of a hippie, tattered blue jeans, a peasant shirt, a vest festooned with buttons and patches advocating, peace, love and drugs. His eyes were bloodshot and the smell of […]

Ask Ve Seks Icin

Mrb dostlar ben gay değilim yada öyle düşünüyorum yada olmak üzereyim nebilim şlte yaw başımdan geçen olayı hattaiki olay var ikisini de anlatim ilkinden bailıyorum lise yıllarında lise son sınıfta recep adında çok samimi bi arkadaşım vardı recep zaten mahalledende arkadaşımdı çok iyi anlaşırdık receple salam dosttuk ailem hafta sonları bolu ya gider babamım boluda […]

Back in the Saddle Ch. 05

The sun came up early the next day. Kaitlyn was still asleep. I realized I had my hand on Kaitlyn’s tit. Reluctantly, I removed it. This actually caused her to open her eyes. She rolled over and faced me. “Good morning. Why’d you move your hand? It was keeping my tit warm.” She gave me […]

His Loss, Planning the Cruise?

This is the third of the “His Loss” series. It includes oral, coitus, watching, “good clean fun”, and polyamory. No names used in the story are the names of anyone actually involved in the actual story. “What’s this?” “That, my dearest Amanda, is a short timer’s calendar.” “Great! Now, what is it?” “When I was […]

My Wife Seduces The Neighbouring Couple

My Wife Seduces The Neighbouring Couple(A Story From My Husband) We had recently moved in to our new house at New Delhi and our neighbour on upper floor was my old friend. We somehow competed with each other during training days and therefore I always wanted to remain distant from him. I thought that he […]

Halloween Transformation Ch. 2

When we got to Barbie’s she told me that we needed to start getting ready for my debut as “Jennifer”. She had me take a shower, and then holding a razor, she climbed in with me and had me stretch out my leg so that she could shave it. Earlier in the day I would […]

Holiday of Surprises – Day 02

I awoke the next morning with a hangover and in a confused state – my cock was sore from the previous night’s activities and I made my way to the shower. I had taken very great care when I refurbished the villa with all sorts of items and one of my favourites was the two […]

I Hate My Master Ch. 20

I got Zane again at work. I was sitting at my desk feeling a bit of victory. I didn’t get to feel like this much any more, so I was pretending to work and reveling in the feeling. I stretched, leaning back in my chair. I saw Mike out of the corner of my eye, […]