Ch.14 Blue Skies and a Bluebird


You remember me, I’m Bill. When my second novel made a modest splash, I was appointed to the writing faculty of a prestigious eastern university. That was not the only life-changing development of the year: my sister Angela and I stopped living together. It seems that her black lover, Sol, had wangled a job on the training staff at her college, and that did it. She loves big black cocks, and Sol’s had been her favorite for the seven years they had known each other; consequently she had to live with him on principle, she tearfully told me.

A third unforeseen event related to the kindness of “Uncle Herman,” my father’s old drinking buddy, who became my guardian after Dad and Angela’s mom’s awful accident. Although we hadn’t been close, he must have liked me. Out of the blue I got a call from his lawyer to say that the hard-drinking bachelor had died and that I was in his will to have a summer cottage on Cape Ann way up the Massachusetts north shore. Good old Herman! Christ! Not only did I have a job but also I was a man of property.

The sweetest of windfalls, nonetheless, was my new geographic propinquity to my dear friends, Herb and Lianne Wood. Their big news was that into their group had come Felicia Heard, an aspiring artist whose nude studies of Lianne were earning some local critical acclaim.

I received an entertaining introduction to the situation when, after some morning business, Herb paid a visit to my new digs in Brookline. He beamed like a canary–eating cat to my question: “So, Herb, when did this lovely apparition first gleam upon your sight?”

“She’d done some helpful work for us at a frame shop in town,” he said. “Her appeal gathered force with our fun conversations and the allure of her nice tits and central heaviness. My visits there were mightily refreshing. When we discovered her gifts, we hired her to set up her easel at our place. Bill, you wouldn’t believe how adorably big her ass and thighs are. Because that artistic talent and sexual vitality were what our household needed, we made a place for her at table and frequently in bed.”

“Hey, how old is she?” I wondered.

” All of twenty-three. But she had collected a few fuck-buddies during her time at art school. Lianne wants her to be my mistress as long as I share her. And listen , Tiger, I want to share her with you, now that you’ve come down from the hills. I love watching your beautiful long cock disappearing in Lianne’s needful cunt, and I want you to have the pleasure of Felicia as well.”

“I too have known the thrill of watching you with Angela,” I quickly put in. “I guess we’re just a couple of horny voyeurs, blessed with the other’s generosity. And, horny! Right now, I am wild to fill Li’s beautiful hairy cunt with all the sperm that’s been accumulating lately. But can we presume that Felicia would have me?”

“Hell yes,” he chuckled. “Do you remember how Ursula Gillett had the wish to do five guys in one stand? And Bob cut a video of the action? Well, one of the most exciting evenings I’ve had with Heardie, we got on the topic of group sex; and I saw fit to show her that flick. We diddled throughout, and, Boy, was she wetly aroused! casino oyna At one point I asked her which three of us she’d especially like to take on. She picked you, Carl, and me. ‘You seem to like big cocks,’ I remarked. ‘O yes, I do,’ she returned, ‘and uncut are especially nice.’ “


That first spring back east, teaching two classes, my own writing, and fussing with repairs and arrangements at the cottage delayed my entry into North Shore society. However, by the arrival of the really warm June weather, I had things in shape at “The Club Herman” (as I renamed the place) to stage a housewarming. Actually, guests were limited to the Wood household and their neighbors, the very attractive Gilletts.

One distinct delight of my property was an adjacent quarry suitable for swimming. It wasn’t posted as such, but bathing suits were and are discouraged. I had reason to believe that our gang would appreciate a late Saturday morning dip in the nude.

And they did. I’ve always enjoyed partying with the Woods because of Lianne’s urge to exhibit her full, swaying tits and her luxuriant dark pubic bush. Inciting my prurience further was my chance to see Carl’s handsome big uncut cock, which I thirst for the opportunity to suck, and the likely unveiling of the opulent and highly sexed Felicia Heard. I hoped that quarry swimming would not put her off.

Goodness me, there was an excited din when we came out of the clearing. The quarry was popular today. More folks that I’d not met before— perhaps 18 or 20, and an amazing range in ages. With repressed excitement I led our sextet on a route to the highest point on the inclined plane of a great granite slab sloping into the cool depths.

My eyes were riveted on Felicia, who had been relaxed and socially engaged from her arrival. She had worn a light front-buttoned shirt, shorts, and sandals. Upon Lianne’s lead, the three girls stripped in concert. None of them had worn underwear. Wow! The crowd was all eyeballs as they mutually applied sun block to each other. Ursula giggled, “Do my tits, Bill.” And I swung into action. It was less obvious that I was staring at the others ministering to Miss Heard’s lily-white body–the strong square shoulders and back that Carl was massaging. I overheard Lianne observe that her nipples were hard, to which Felicia responded, “Yeah, and my cunt’s wet.” Their laughter was music.

Leaving their towels behind, the pair, holding hands, tripped cautiously among the sun-worshippers down toward the pool. Their contrasting rears provided an engaging spectacle: the massive globes of Felicia’s buttocks outjiggled those of her mate. The grace of her powerfully muscular thighs and calves was impressive.

They waded briefly and swam. Heardie stayed in longer and made underwater sorties, emerging down the ledge in front of three bearded Hell’s Angels, announced earlier by the racket of their motorcycles.

I took a deep breath as she shook her brown short-cropped head and slicked the droplets from her tummy and hips. Her pointy C-cup tits were alive as she stood perhaps five feet from the guys–as though for their inspection. Somehow she understood the gift of her own sexual canlı casino beauty, and their seeing how hard her nipples were gave her unusual pleasure. She seemed to look into the eyes of each, perhaps greeting them. She definitely smiled, and after five or six seconds made her diagonal way to settle with us–a veritable Bluebird of Happiness.

At the early afternoon cookout, Lianne tugged me aside to a secluded grove, where we kissed ravenously before she announced, “I want to fuck you today. I have been so wet all week! Can we drift into separate bedrooms after lunch?”

“I was hoping we could,” I acknowledged with a shit-eating grin. “Who gets Felicia?”

“When I told her I wanted you today, she picked Carl. Of course, you can see why. Wasn’t his cock beautifully big at the quarry! But she likes you, Bill—very much,” Li added, cupping my bunch with a tantalizing backhand grasp, followed by a more specific and lengthy squeeze of my hardening length. “And you’ll have your chance next week when Felicia has agreed to be banged by the gang of you three guys. And I’m going to cam it for posterity! She is such a good sport. Herbie and I are hoping she can become a regular playmate for you. She’ll love this cock, I know,” giving it a final emphatic squeeze before we returned to the others.

The siesta following lunch was a great success. Lianne and I did ourselves proud. In fact there were smiles of satisfaction all around, as well as giddy anticipation of the Lianne Wood production the following week. Packing the group off, I got a very nice kiss from my new friend Felicia.


I had phone calls from Lianne during the intervening week, born of her verve for the film’s being a positive experience for those concerned—especially Felicia and me. Should she be shaved? Just armpits, okay. Phases of the seduction and their length? Might Ursula be present? Her participation? I finally said, “Li honey, whatever you two work out will be just fine. In fact, surprise me. I trust your judgment, even to the extent of Carl and I cozying up to one another—whatever turns her on. I’m excited that she wants to do so much. And you say Herb is game for anal? That’s a switch. Anyhow, you’re great! See you Saturday at six.”

** **

Much hugging and general glee preceded our sitting down to turkey salad and egg salad sandwiches and iced tea. Then the six of us adjourned to the playroom/studio, where the equipment was set up with a few chairs about the central bed.

Lianne announced that Felicia had a few words of introduction. “Darling Li and sexy Herb,” she began, “you have given me a new life and a second family. And you are so naughty, [ Laughter ] and I love you. You wonderful Gilletts and Bill, you may know that life here at the Wood compound has been spiced for me by Herb’s addiction to porn flicks. It became his earliest ploy in my seduction. And that first time I insisted that the three of us get naked while we watched. And now I’ve been privileged to watch all of you fuck. Yes, Bill, you’re in the archives.

“When Li and I planned this party, I suggested that we produce my idea of an ultimate porn flick—with her enthusiastic agreement. I want kaçak casino to do it all. I want you to do it all. First, I want to dance for you in my fashion—’Missy Twinkle Toes’! [ Laughter ] Then I want to suck you all, but no coming (except for me) till the final act of triple penetration.

“Ursula dear, of course, I want you to watch. But also could you be on soft cock patrol—doing what you’d care to do to keep the lads’ interests up? [ General applause ]

“Can I be nude too?” Ursula crooned. “How else?” Felicia laughed. “Lights. Camera…. O yes, you’re in charge now.”

Our star through the light supper had worn a gray jacket with very short skirt. She was bare legged with sandals. With two un-snaps she was standing before us in lacy dark red bra and panties. As she moved smiling before each of us, I became impatient for her to be completely nude—for the bound breasts to spring free, for the curly light brown pubic hair to be aired, for the big beautiful thighs to be spread.

The teasing was brief. Again she padded about entirely bare, demonstrating how far out and low she could tug her nipples. “I want you be rough when it’s your turn, boys,” she admonished. The essence of her “dance” was to show us how sexual she was, to grant us the ultimate intimacy of watching her masturbate unto orgasm, as we gathered, respectfully, undressed and hardening, about the foot of her bed.


Imagine the best porn film you’ve ever seen. Well, none of us can describe it to our satisfaction. With this one my heart was in it, and trying to say much about it would cheapen it. The fact is that something mysterious had been at work between us–between Felicia and me—in those early days. Sure, it was sex then and still is: that part of our relationship was bewitching. But almost immediately Felicia was dear to me for her honesty and for her joie d’vivre. That’s the beautiful thing that we know only from its shadows and edges, and writing about it is difficult. I was falling in love. Now, granted, it was that beauty which went to work on Herb Wood, and I don’t expect he can stop loving his mistress. With Felicia and me, neither was tied to anyone else; we were both afloat. We enjoyed each other’s company, and we got to be an item from the get-go.

Felicia Heard is the most unusual girl I have known. In so many ways she defines for me what a human being can become. She applies her high intelligence practically for the welfare of the needy. Steely will and great funds of courage advance her advocacy for what she sees as right action.

While she is proud and respectful of herself, she is interested in her fellow men and women and hastens and encourages their feeling good about themselves. She is something of a peddler of joy and good humor, whose love supports a city of friends in bad times and good. She likes my calling her our Bluebird of Happiness. In fact I see her as the world’s bluebird. I know I have to share her with others. When she was planning on opening a graphic design business and thinking about names for it, there was a short list of one.

After six months of living together, I became the luckiest guy in the world, when she said yes to my marriage proposal. And after five years it’s worked well. She has her arts consultancy called “Bluebird Designs,” and I write books. And we enjoy our friends as before. [ Winks ]

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