Change of Plan

This is a work of fiction, written for enjoyment and amusement, hopefully yours as well as mine. Comment and constructive criticism welcomed.

* * * * *

During the summer vacation, my friend Todd Larson and I were off on a back-packing trip into the desert with some of the other guys from school. We’d been out for a couple of days when Todd turned his ankle on a loose stone. We didn’t know whether he’d broken it or not, but we realised that he couldn’t go on and discussed it. The upshot of it was that we divided Todd’s pack temporarily amongst the rest of us and made a detour. Our route crossed one or two roads, but no main ones. With a five mile diversion, however, we could reach the Interstate, where Todd could catch a Greyhound home. Todd half-hopped, half-limped, leaning on us in turn, until we reached the Interstate. I elected to stay with Todd, so the other guys bade us goodbye and Todd and I sat down by the roadside to wait for the bus.

We’d only been there for about five minutes when a car slowed down as it passed and then stopped and backed up. I got up and went across. The driver was a woman in her mid-thirties or thereabouts.

“Hi,” she said. “You guys looking for a lift?”

“Yeah, we thought we’d flag down the Greyhound. My buddy turned his ankle, so he can’t walk.”

She turned and looked across at Todd, who sort of half-waved to her. She obviously came to a decision, because she opened the car door. I stepped back to give her room and caught sight of the gun in her bag as the flap caught on her seatbelt. She saw my look of shock and lifted the flap on her bag. There was a police badge fastened to the underside of the flap. She grinned at me.

“Detective Susan Anderson, on my way home to Larson after visiting my Mom. Where are you guys headed?”

“Larson,” I said, relieved.

“It’s your lucky day,” she said smiling at me. “Let’s get your friend in the car.”

Thanks to Detective Anderson we got Todd to the hospital just after noon. She helped me get Todd and his pack into the emergency room. Todd sat down and I went back out to the car with her.

“Don’t forget, if you guys want to come down to the precinct and see what makes it tick, you’ll be welcome. Just ‘phone first, to make sure I’m available. ‘Bye, Matthew. Good luck.”

She drove off, leaving me thinking, ‘I wish you were available, detective Susan Anderson, because you are one foxy fuzz’!

I went back into the hospital. Todd was still sprawled on the couch where I’d left him.

“The nurse says they can see to me in a minute, Matt. Will you call Mom? She’s at the shop.”

“Sure thing, buddy. No problem.”

An hour later, I was on my way to Todd’s home, to tell his sister Lisa what had happened and to tell her not to worry when her mom didn’t get home at four, as planned. I caught the bus as it stopped just two blocks from the house and in no time was letting myself in with Todd’s key. With hindsight, I suppose I should have rung the bell, but later I was really glad I hadn’t.

There was no sign of Lisa downstairs or in the pool, which was where I’d expected to find her, so I went upstairs, past Todd’s room and round the corner to where I knew Lisa’s room was. I heard voices and peeped around the door then stopped, frozen. Lisa was lying on her bed, naked. Kathy Evans, also naked, was sucking Lisa’s tit while she stroked her belly. God, Lisa was as lovely as I’d imagined! And Kathy, ohmigod and wow! I’d lusted after Kathy for ages.

As I watched, my heart in my mouth, fascinated, Kathy’s hands moved down and began stroking Lisa’s thighs, then moved in towards Lisa’s cunt. I suddenly noticed that Lisa was wearing a sleep-mask, covering her eyes. Wow! I thought, I bet she can really feel everything that Kathy is doing to her. Kathy had begun to stroke Lisa’s pussy and I could hardly breathe. Kathy reached behind herself to the dresser and took from it an object I recognised as a dildo. Hell! Was she going to fuck Lisa with it?

Kathy took the dildo and moistened it in her own cunt. I nearly creamed in my shorts at that moment. God, if one of these girls would like to be fucked, I’m their man! Kathy took the dildo and gently applied it to Lisa’s cunt.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked. I thought she sounded strained.

“It’s all right, Lisa, it’s only ‘Jack’. Relax,” said Kathy. ‘Jack’? I thought.

“It feels good, Kathy, but don’t put it in,” said Lisa urgently, “I don’t want to be fucked for the first time by some plastic and rubber hand-me-down of my sister’s. I want a real cock, attached to a real male.”

It seemed to me that despite what she said, Lisa was getting turned on and her hands began to flutter. Kathy suddenly got a ‘Got it!’ look on her face and pressed the dildo gently against Lisa’s clit, then spun it.

Lisa came. Boy, did she come! She shook, she moaned and she enjoyed it. As she came down from her high, Kathy lay on the bed beside her and the two girls began hugging and kissing. Jeez, hot!

“I had no idea what you were doing, casino oyna but when you spun that thing against my clit, I had no chance. I had to come and come hard, ” said Lisa.

“As I noticed,” said Kathy.

“God, yes. I must wash these sheets before Mom gets home, they’re soaked with your cum and mine.”

“Mm, yes, but not yet. I don’t think we’ve finished our experimenting.”

It was Lisa’s turn to giggle. “Agreed! But one thing I am sure of. The first prick that gets up my pussy to the promised land has to be attached to a real live male!”

Before I really realised what I was doing I spoke. “Can I volunteer?” The two girls spun round, their faces shocked. I felt myself flushing slightly. My prick was so hard that it was really stretching my hiking shorts. Kathy reached out, apparently instinctively for something to cover herself, then stopped, relaxing on the bed. Lisa stood up and walked over to me, putting her arms around my neck, kissing me hard and grinding herself against my bulge.

“Volunteers always welcome,” she said. “Yes, Matthew, please fuck me. Soon, very soon. Where’s Todd? And why are you back? I thought you were away until the weekend.”

“Todd turned his ankle, so I came back with him. He’s at the hospital, being checked, he can hardly walk. I ‘phoned your Mom, Lisa, and she’s gone to the hospital. She asked me to let you guys know.” I smiled.

“How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to almost cream in my shorts. You two put on a really sexy show.”

“Glad you liked it,” said Lisa. “Kathy, shall we go down to the hospital and see my big brother?”

“No, I don’t I think so,” said Kathy, to my surprise. “After all, we said we wanted to get fucked, and Matthew’s here with something huge inside those shorts. Your Mom’s with Todd and this is our chance, if Matthew will help.” She smiled at me, her cheeks pink.

“I will be delighted to help you,” I said, smiling at her. “You sure you want to fuck?”

Kathy flushed but smiled. “I do, and I think we could both enjoy it,” she said. She turned to Lisa. “Don’t we?”

“Oh, we do. I can hardly wait to get started.”

“No more than me, sister-slut. Come on. Matt will cream his shorts if we make the poor baby wait much longer. Get naked, Matt, Lisa and I feel a tad conspicuous.”

The girls watched me carefully as I undressed. I don’t know if it was anticipation or just being watched keenly by two naked – and very attractive – girls, but my prick felt as hard as it had ever been. Kathy drew in her breath as my prick was revealed.

“Mmm, impressive,” said Lisa. “Don’t you think so, Kathy?”

“What?” said Kathy absently, eyeing my boner as keenly as Lisa.

“Matt’s . . oh, never mind. I can see you’re busy with your own assessment.”

Kathy looked up at me and I smiled at her, flushing slightly from the undivided attention of the two girls.

“Do you like it, Kathy?” I asked her quietly.

Kathy flushed. “God, yes!” she whispered. She glanced at Lisa. “Who first?”

Lisa spun around and dashed out of the room. “We’ll cut for it!” she called back over her shoulder, “I’ll get the cards!”

Kathy and I both laughed. She gazed at my prick again, apparently mesmerised, then looked up at me. I smiled at her.

“Scared, Kathy?” I asked quietly.

“A little.”

“I’ll be gentle, I promise.” Oh yes! I wanted her, I wanted Lisa, too, but most of all I wanted Kathy.

Kathy smiled fleetingly, as Lisa dashed back into the room, naked tits bobbing enticingly. I was enjoying the inviting jiggle of Lisa’s gorgeous young tits when I saw Kathy’s rueful grimace from the corner of my eye. ‘You needn’t fear competition, Kathy’, I thought. ‘Yours may be smaller but they are truly lovely.’

“Shuffle and cut, Matt,” said Lisa, handing me the pack of cards. “Then we’ll pick a card each.” Lisa grinned at Kathy. “This way, Matthew doesn’t have to choose and make one of us jealous of the other!” Lisa turned to me, suddenly concerned. “You will be able to fuck both of us, Matt, won’t you?” she asked.

“I’ll do my very best, Lisa. I think I can promise both of you that much.” I grinned, my prick twitching at just the thought of fucking both of them. Gods, it was a randy teenager’s glimpse of heaven. Two – count them, two! – girls, both wanting to be fucked. I removed the pack of cards from the carton and shuffled them, then fanned them out. “OK, pick one each. High card gets fucked first and aces are highest. If you both draw the same value, you pick again.” The girls nodded.

“You first, Lisa,” said Kathy. “You’re the hostess.”

Lisa reached out and drew a card, holding it to her breasts so that neither Kathy nor I could see it. She signalled to Kathy.

“You now.”

Kathy reached out, dithered a moment, then took a card, glancing at it almost fearfully. She held it out so that Lisa and I could see it. A queen. Lisa’s breath of relief was audible. She held out her own card. A king!

“I’ll go for a swim, then watch some TV,” said canlı casino Kathy. “Call me when you’re….”

That was as far as she got. Lisa grabbed her and hugged her. “We’ve shared the experience so far, Kathy, I want to go on sharing it. Please stay!” “If you’re both sure?” said Kathy tentatively.

“Please stay, Kathy,” I said.

Kathy grinned. “OK!” She got up on the bed and scooted herself into the corner against the headboard. “There’s still room for you guys!”

Lisa scrambled onto the bed and lay back with her legs spread, then sat up suddenly, looking worried. “Matt, have you got a rubber? I’m not on the pill and much as I want to be fucked, I don’t want to get pregnant!”

“Relax, Lisa,” I said, reaching for my shorts. I took the small foil-wrapped package from my pocket and held it up. “I came prepared!” I laughed. “Although I must confess, I hadn’t expected to be using them today.”

Lisa grinned and lay back again. I tore open the little packet, then carefully rolled the condom onto my pole. I knelt between Lisa’s spread legs, then lowered myself so that my prick pressed gently at Lisa’s cunt. I pressed gently, moving back and forth so that the first inch or so of my was prick in Lisa’s cunt. God, she was tight! Lisa had her eyes closed and she was smiling beatifically, her breathing loud in the quiet of the bedroom.

I slid my hand between myself and Lisa and began gently stroking her clitoris. My cock was half-buried in Lisa’s cunt by now and I was making tiny back and forth movements, imperceptibly getting deeper.

Lisa was moaning wordlessly, little ‘Oohs’ and Aahs’, almost whispered, her voice throaty in its intensity. I could feel the constriction of her hymen – a first for me – and pressed gently but firmly. Suddenly Lisa said ‘Oh!’ in a completely different tone, her eyes wide, clutching convulsively at me as my cock sank deeply into her. Moments later Lisa moaned and began to shake as I made my strokes longer and deeper.

“I’m coming, Matthew,” she whispered, “you’re going to make me come! Oh Matt, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m com…Oh God! I’ve come!” And she began visibly to shudder to climax as I began to move urgently inside her.

“Lisa, baby, you’re making me come too!” I groaned. I felt the tingle begin. “Lisa, I’m coming!” I said urgently.

“Come in me, Matt, come for me, baby” Lisa moaned. “Oh, Matthew, this is so fucking good!”

“Oh, Lisa, baby, I’m coming, I’m coming!” My prick surged and I shuddered and sank myself deeply into Lisa’s cunt, trembling into immobility.

“Matt, honey, you’re heavy!” said Lisa as we cooled.

“Sorry, Lisa.” I eased myself gently out of Lisa’s cunt, then bent and lightly kissed her nose. “Thank you, Lisa,” I said, “that was terrific.”

“Oh, boy! Was it ever!” said Lisa fervently. “I enjoyed that!” She felt beneath herself and grimaced. “I’ll have to get this bedding in the wash before Mom gets home.”

“Put it in now,” I said. “Then we can all have a swim. I need to recover before I’ll be ready to ride again.” I grinned at Kathy and she flushed, but Lisa’s attention was on the bedding and I winked at Kathy to reassure her.

Lisa glanced around at the two of us.”Good idea, Matthew. Give me a hand, Kathy?” she asked. “You go start your swim, Matt, we’ll be right out. Oh, and Matt?”



“Me? Or you?”

“All of us!”

“But don’t get out at the far end of the pool,” said Kathy. “You could be seen from the road, there.”

“I’ll swim underwater,” I said solemnly. “But first, what do I do with this?” I asked, carefully removing the jizz-filled condom from my rapidly softening prick.

Lisa grabbed some tissues from a box on the dresser and held out her hand. “Give it here, I’ll bury it in the trash.” I went out and down to the pool and swam a few hard lengths before the girls came out. We horsed around for a while and then showered together.

“It’s a good job your Mom’s not here, Lisa,” said Kathy, giggling as I carefully lathered Lisa’s tits. “When did she say she’d be back?”

“About six. She’s taking Todd with her to the Gallery, then coming straight home from there. You’d better stop doing that, Matthew, it’s Kathy’s turn”

Kathy looked at me, amused. “I’ve never showered with a naked boy before. Especially not with one sporting such an impressive . . er . . ” Her voice tailed off.

“Prick?” I suggested.

Kathy giggled. “Prick,” she agreed. She looked at me. “Can I touch it?”

“Oh, please do!” As much as you like, Kathy.

Kathy reached out gingerly and touched my pole.

“Oh, it’s hot!” she said, surprised. My prick twitched as she touched it and she pulled her hand back, startled.

I moaned slightly and pulled Kathy to me, turning her head and bending to kiss her. She complied eagerly and almost before our lips met her mouth was open, her tongue questing. I was with her all the way and the kiss set us both alight with desire.

I let my hands begin to rove over her body, touching her neck, her kaçak casino throat, her hips. She shuddered as my thumbs brushed lightly over her nipples, erect, hard. She dropped her hand and grasped my prick lightly, squeezing experimentally. ‘Please, like it Kathy, I want to put it in you so badly!’ I thought.

Lisa’s voice broke into our absorption. “Come on, you two! Get dried first.”

Reluctantly, we broke our kiss and rinsed the soap from ourselves. Lisa led the way from the shower and threw each of us a fluffy bath towel, getting one for herself and beginning to towel herself dry. Her tits were jiggling delightfully as she dried. I watched carefully, enjoying the moment and the movement. From the corner of my eye I noticed Kathy watching Lisa with a slightly rueful look on her face. ‘I hope she isn’t envious’, I thought. ‘Lisa’s tits are nice, very nice, but hers are gorgeous’. As Lisa’s curls disappeared into the towel as she rubbed at her hair, I winked at Kathy in reassurance.

Dried, but with still-damp hair, Lisa led the way into the sitting-room, carrying a towel. “Put this underneath you, Kathy, and if you bleed, it won’t matter ‘cos I’ll put the towel straight in the wash!”

“Good thinking, Lisa,” I said, taking her into my arms and kissing her thoroughly, so that Lisa was breathing heavily when we separated, her cheeks flushed. ‘Kathy’s turn’, I thought to myself. My prick twitched even harder. I gently released Lisa and turned to Kathy.

“Ready?” I asked. ‘Don’t say no, Kathy, not now. I want you so badly’ I thought.

Kathy nodded. “I guess so,” she said with a tremor in her voice. I took the towel from Lisa and spread it on the couch, then took Kathy’s hand and sat, tugging her gently down beside me. I took her hand and kissed the fingers, then put my arm around her shoulders and kissed her cheek, then her neck, and nuzzled my way down her tit.

I closed my lips gently over her nipple, licking, suckling, tugging gently. Her nipples were as hard as pebbles and I nipped one lightly with my teeth. Kathy shuddered and I sat back slightly and grinned at her, then kissed her lips again, the kiss setting us both on fire anew. Kathy took a light grip on my prick, the feel of her hand wonderful to me. I liked and admired this girl, and the thought of taking her virginity with her enthusiastic cooperation was making my prick like a bar of iron. I became aware of Lisa coming across to us and something being pressed into Kathy’s free hand. The next thing I knew, Kathy broke the kiss and began to gently roll a condom onto my flagpole.

Kathy lay back on the couch and spread her legs. “Fuck me, Matthew,” she whispered, “fuck me now!”

I eased myself over her and carefully positioned myself to enter her. Kathy took hold of my prick and guided it to her virgin opening. I eased myself forward until the tip of my cock was in her.

“It feels good, Matthew,” she whispered.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Kathy. Stop me if it hurts,” I said quietly.

“I will,” she whispered back, “But it isn’t hurting yet! It just feels big and hard and good, oh so very, fucking good!” She wriggled slightly, trying to accommodate me and be comfortable, too. I eased myself into her another inch or so and she stiffened slightly. She relaxed a little when I stopped then eased back before pressing gently into her again.

Carefully and gently, I worked at getting my prick into her cunt. I knew that she was enjoying this new experience and there was no way I wanted to spoil it for her. She hooked her heels together behind my back and I suddenly realised my prick was pressing against her hymen!

“Aaah!” she moaned, a twinge of discomfort spasming her cunt. “Careful, Matthew,” she whispered. “Much further and I won’t be virgin any longer!”

I kissed her nose and grinned at her, then began to move gently back and forth, trying to adjust to the incredible warmth and snugness of Kathy’s virgin cunt, pressing gently into her to break the membrane of her armour. Pain spasmed her again and she winced.

“Careful, Matthew,” she moaned, “it hurts!”

Concerned, I withdrew slightly and kept up a gentle back and forth movement while Kathy recovered from her discomfort. I slid my hand gently between us and let my thumb play lightly with her clitoris.

“Mmm,” said Kathy, “I like that.” Soon her breathing began to deepen as I continued to move my prick gently in and out of her cunt. I was only halfway in, but she felt so good and hot and tight that there was no way I was going to do anything to spoil this moment.

“I’m going to come soon, Matt,” she whispered. “You’re going to make me come!” She glanced across at Lisa who smiled encouragingly at us, her own fingers busy at her cunt, stroking the dildo in and out. Kathy grinned when she saw that, then gave herself to her own rapidly approaching climax.

“I’m coming, Matt!” she gasped, her stomach muscles fluttering, then clasped me tight as her cunt spasmed in climax.

As her inner muscles gripped me, I withdrew almost all the way and then, clenching my buttocks for the effort, I thrust firmly into unexplored territory. I hoped that the excitement and turmoil of her orgasm would let me break her hymen without causing her too much pain.

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