Closing Time

At closing time, you take what you can get or you go home alone. Tonight, he was lucky. The drunken girl who said yes when he asked, ‘wanna go home and screw,’ was kind of cute. Not the prettiest thing he’d seen all night. Maybe a little chunky, maybe a little plain, but she had a nice enough face and body and she was willing to fuck a stranger.

They wasted no time once they were through his door. Her tongue was is his mouth and they both struggled to shed clothes. He roughly grabbed her tits when they popped out of her bra and started sucking them hard. She grabbed his hard cock and started stroking it. In their drunken frenzy, who knew if he shoved her or if they just fell over, but the ended up sprawled on the sofa.

“Fuck me now!” she screamed.

He brought her legs up and slammed his cock into her. Her cunt was wet and hungry. It swallowed the big pole and she moaned as he slammed it in hard and fast. He felt himself heading for a quick shot. “How am I going to dump this bimbo” he thought as he picked up his pace heading for the finish line.

“Not so fast stud” she hissed as she twisted his nipples hard. The sudden pain made him jump back. His cock popped out of her cunt and slapped the reddish fuzz of her bush. “Make it last boy. I want it in my ass!”

No need to ask twice. He usually had to beg bitches to take it up the butt. This one was ready to roll. He flipped her over and slapped her bubble butt. He liked the red handprint on her ivory white ass, so he smacked her again. “Oh Yeah!” she cried. “Spank that ass!” He smacked casino oyna her hard. She shook she ass after every blow. “Thank you, can I have another!”

When her ass went from creamy white to cherry red, he decided it was time to burry the bishop. He spread the hot cheeks, took aim, and plowed straight in. Most chicks scream if he slams it home right away. This chick scream too, “Ram me hard Boy!”

He slammed her ass hard and fast. His head was spinning from the booze and the rush of fucking this bitch. Something was weird though. Something wasn’t right. His dick was going in her shitter too easily. Her asshole was too well lubed. Then he smelled something foul. He looked down and saw shit seeping out of the hole with every stroke! His cock was coated with her brown butt slime!

“You’re shitting, bitch!” he screamed falling backwards. His shit covered cock bouncing in the air.

“Oh,” she said with a wicked grin as she turned around. “That bothers a big stud like you? You don’t want to be called a fudge packer?”

He started to sputter. This bitch was pissing him off! Then, she did the weirdest thing. She leaned over and took the shitty cock in her mouth! She slurped up and down on that rancid pole, sucking the shit off his dick and she driving him crazy with her tongue. He was weirded out that he was so turned on! It didn’t take long now. It didn’t take long at all before he was shooting huge wads of cum down the sluts throat!

She kept slurping cum and shit from his rod. As he finished cumming, he realized his bladder was bursting. Those canlı casino dozen or so Buds were screaming to get out. He grabbed her hair and face fucked her as his cock started to go limp. “Turn around is fair,” he thought. “One surprise deserve another.” He let loose with a flood of piss in her mouth!

The bitch tried to pull back, but he held her head firm. She gagged and clawed his ass with her nails. The intense pain made him release her head. She fell foreword and puked piss and beer all over the sofa. He aimed his piss at her hair as he felt the scratches on his ass. “Fuck you bitch!” he yelled.

When she caught her breath, she reared up and slapped him hard across the face. “Don’t you ever jam your cock down my throat again when you pee!” she screamed. “You could have killed me, you fuckwad! I’ll drink your fuckin’ pee if you just let me BREATH!”

“What kind of bitch are you?” he spat back.

“I’m the dirty fucking bitch who ate shit off your cock and puked on your piss,” she shot back. “You made me fucking waste all that good pee! She scrapped some of the puke off the sofa and tasted it. “It’s still nearly beer, asshole! I would definitely have drank it you hadn’t forced things! You owe me now buster!

The chick plopped down in the puddle of puke and rolled around giving her tits a sheen of recycled beer. She the lay face up in the mush and looked up at the stunned dude. “Ok smartass. You want dirty, let’s get dirty. You owe me! You’re going to take a dump right here,” she said pointing to her red painted lips.

What was he going kaçak casino to do? His sofa was already ruined. He turned as spread his cheeks. He felt her tongue on his asshole as he flexed trying to push out a load. “You don’t wipe very well,” she said laughing. “It stinks down here!”

That did it! Her taunting was greeted by a massive fart followed by an explosive eruption of foul nearly liquid shit. The thick brown crap splattered the girl’s face and tits and splattered across the living room. When his ass stopped spewing, he felt her mouth clamp over his hole and suck the last of the shit right out of him!

He turned around and shuttered. The psycho bitch was covered in shit and puke. She was chewing and swallowing! She smiled up at him revealing brown shit coated teeth. “Mexican?” she asked. “You got a lot of jalapeno in your poo.”

He watched in shock as she scrapped up shit and stuffed it in her mouth. Her body was brown. Her hair was brown and she was chowing down on shit like a kid on candy.

“You’re a sick bitch,” he said at last.

She swallowed and looked up at him. She smiled a huge, shitty smile. “Yes I am. And you kissed this mouth!” she said sticking her brown tongue out. “Judging by the size of that hard on, I’d say you’re one sick fucker too!”

She was right; he had a raging hard on again. It shocked him that he was turned on by this shitty bitch. She scrambled up to her knees and grabbed his shoulders. “Let’s use that thing!” she slurred. She pulled him down on top of her. She pulled him into the shit and puke. She rubbed shit on his chest and in his hair as he pounded her cunt with the biggest hard on he’d ever know. They fucked in the shit until they both passed out in a putrid mess.

They’re married now.

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