Coming of Age Pt. 01

I just recently turned 21 and was looking at the journals I have kept for several years and thought it would be fun to share some of my life experiences. Perhaps something about me first. I guess I have always been sort of a nerd, not much into playing sports, but I have always admired those who do. I do not consider myself precocious, but the twists and turns of life have given me some interesting experiences! I experienced the pleasures of jacking off when I was 11 ½ . The pleasure of those initial sensations took over my life and I nearly rubbed my cock raw getting off 5 and 6 times a day. Sex seemed to dominate my life. I fantasized about particularly good-looking classmates both male and female.

I still remember my first gym class in high school; my first group shower was the very first time I saw another guy’s cock in person and not just in a picture on line. I was fascinated by all the variety and shapes and sizes of both cocks and balls and soon realized that my cock and balls were different from others on two accounts. First, I was the only guy in my gym class with a foreskin. I had just assumed all guys had foreskins, so my cock stood out as unique. Also I discovered that my cock and balls were unusually large. My balls hang quite low and were clearly larger than those of my classmates! Also my cock was noticeably larger than any of my classmates as soft I had measured myself at 6 inches. This all came as a surprise to me—clearly my classmates were jealous as some of them ribbed me about the size of my junk – it actually made me a bit self-conscious.

Well, enough of an introduction. Let me share the story of my early sexual experience.

I was 18 before I had my first girlfriend who was also 18. I was very inexperienced as was she. We would kiss and caress each other, but nothing more. We had been going together casino siteleri about 6 months and one day my girlfriend, Darlene, started relating to me a conversation she had with her close girlfriends. Apparently one of them was telling her friends about her boyfriend and that when she asked to see his cock, he gladly showed it to her. I guess this made all the other girls envious.

Out of the clear blue she asked me that if she asked me would I be willing to let her see mine? I got all flustered and said that I did not think it was such a good idea. She pressed me asking why? She said after all we had been going together for 6 months. I could tell she was not easily going to drop the subject.

I finally stopped resisting and told her I would. I think she was somewhat shocked that I had said yes. I said do you want to see it now?

She stared at me and stammered out a yes.

I stood up, undid my belt and left my pants drop to the floor. Then I slowly began to lower my boxers. Her eyes were glued to my crotch and her anticipation was most obvious. First my bush came into view and then the trunk of my shaft at which she let out a small gasp. Slowly I revealed my cock and then pulled my boxers down past my balls.

Darlene was mesmerized, her eyes were transfixed on my crotch.

I shifted my weight and that broke her trance and she gasped!

The first words out of her mouth were, “Wow I had no idea cocks were so big!” I stood there for awhile and then decided to pullup my boxers.

Suddenly Darlene blurted out, “Can I touch it.”

I started to resist, but she got that look on her face that always made me agree with her so after some pleading, I said okay.

She reached out and picked up my soft cock with one hand that started to pet it with her other hand. She said it feels so canlı casino soft and warm, like silk.

I was biting my lip using every ounce of self-control to keep from getting hard. Then she started to squeeze my shaft and that was enough for me to lose my self-control. I said she should stop otherwise I would get an erection, but she kept squeezing and soon my cock began to grow and get hard. It did not take long for it to rise to full mast at 10 inches!

She gasped again saying, “Wow it is even bigger, it is so long and thick and it is hard as a rock.”

Needless to say I was over the top excited. As she held my cock in her hands it would jerk and she seemed quite amused by that. I have a generous amount of foreskin so even when hard it covers my cock head. I now had a raging hardon. Darlene was fascinated with my foreskin and started tugging on it. She asked if it was possible to look inside of it.

I said that one can actually pull it back to reveal my cock head. She asked quizzically, “your cock has a head”?

Well, that is what it is called and she of course wanted to see it so I pulled back my skin to reveal my cock head.

Again she gasped, “it is huge!”

I do have a big mushroom cock head that flares out from my shaft and it is a nice shade of reddish purple.

She then started rolling my skin back and forth with great relish and soon my pre-cum started flowing. when she saw the liquid she examined my cock head closer and seemed taken with the slit in my cock and asked what the sticky liquid was, I have a lot of precum, but suffice it to say I answered her questions.

All of a sudden she seemed to take note of my balls and started fondling them and I had to caution her to be gentle as they were sensitive to much pressure. She held my balls in her had and said they were as kaçak casino big as eggs. She asked what they were for and again I explained their purpose.

I still had a raging hard on and with her one hand on my cock and the other on my balls, I was afraid I was not going to be able to hold off an orgasm much longer. She had once again pulled back my skin to expose my cock head and she began using my pre-cum to rub her thumb around my cock head.

She exclaimed, “Oh what fun this is, I am so enjoying myself.”

I told her she needed to stop or else I was going to cum and sperm will shoot out of my cock.

She insisted on seeing that and began to stroke my cock up and down with one hand and play with my balls with the other.

I could feel my orgasm building as my balls pulled up toward my crotch and my cock was so hard it hurt. All of a sudden, my cock erupted, spewing forth its hot juice volley after volley. The first two went half way across the room and the next four hit Darlene’s lap. I nearly fainted from the intensity of the orgasm. I finally had to grab Darlene’s hand to get her to stop stroking my cock.

She squealed with delight, commenting on the amount of cum that I shot. She just held my cock in her hand and ever so slowly it began to soften.

That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. I asked Darlene to get some paper towels so we could clean up the mess. I must admit, I was glad that I had given in to Darlene’s insistence.

All Darlene could do was keep saying how much she enjoyed playing with my cock and balls and that she wanted to do again. She said it was as if she had a new found toy.

I told her that if we were to do it again, she would have to let me play with her pussy. She was adamant that was not going to be part of the deal.

I protested saying it was only fair, but she said NO.

So in the end, I settled for having Darlene play with my cock. She became obsessed with doing so and nearly every time we were together, she would insist that I take my cock out so she could play with it at will.

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