Cuckold Dinner

The story I’m about to tell has opened a new realm to my private life. It all started when my wife, Vanessa called me at work and said that she wanted to go out to a nice dinner that evening. I agree since I had been traveling a great deal at work and had not given her the time she deserved. When I arrived home she was in the bath so I poured myself a drink and waited. I startled her when she came into the bedroom, she was naked with all the proper places freshly shaved. She had never completely shaved her bush, so I knew I was in for something special that evening. She slowly dressed, putting on her sexiest garter and thigh-high hose. As she was putting on her panties she said with a naughty giggle that she probably didn’t need them that evening and tossed them aside. Next was a sexy black cling dress that showed all the curves. That’s right she left the bra at home as well – what a sight.

As we drove to the restaurant she spoke of how horny she was and that she wanted this night to be something special for the both of us. When she told me that she found my stash of stories on our computer, it was clear where she had gotten her motivation for the evening. She told me she saw a number of stories on cuckolding and female domination and that we would have to read it when we get back. She knows that female domination and humiliation fantasies are what really get me hard so she played it up on the way to the restaurant. We had talked about these topics many time and I had tried to get her to consider branching out but she never really showed that much interest — this felt different.

We arrived at the restaurant around 8:30 pm. I had never been to the place but I was great – very sophisticated, dark, and romantic. We were seated at a nice crescent shaped booth type table on the left side of the restaurant. We had a wonderful dinner, but I kept thinking of my wife being naked under her dress and how horny she told me she was. She would occasionally rub my leg or lean toward to give me an enticing view. She would let her dress ride up so that I could clearly see the top of her thigh and just a glimpse of her newly shaved mound. She loved trying to drive me over the edge. As we continued to have drinks, we both got loose and the conversation got more heated.

At about 10:00 pm when the conversation had gotten me hard as a rock, Vanessa hopped up and said “Oh honey, my date is here”, and proceeded to walk toward a young athletic looking man standing near the door. This took me by completely by surprise but I tried to gather my thoughts. She gave him a friendly kiss on the casino oyna lips and led him by the hand to our table. She introduced him as Jeff, and investment banker that she does business with. At this point I didn’t know what to think. He sat on the other side of her and she cuddled up to him as if I weren’t there. Her actions made me feel awkward but Jeff sure didn’t seem to mind. All the attention that I had been getting was now shifted to Jeff. She then turned to me, placed her hand on my crotch and said with an evil tone that there was also a great story about wives who have public affairs with handsome young acquaintance. She then noticed the rock in my pants and commented on how she knew I would support her actions and that my hard cock was all the approval she needed. About that time Jeff commented on Vanessa not having any panties on and how I must feel to know that a stranger was rubbing her bald pussy. As I squirmed my wife told me to go to the rest room and remove my underwear so that I could know how sexy it feels.

As I left the table, my head was spinning but I made my was to a stall and began to remove my pants. While in the stall two men entered and were talking about the table next to them having a hot babe that was all over this guy and talking sexy. The also mentioned that she had come with another guy and that he must have been shot out of the saddle – it was getting me hot but it was then that I realized they were talking about our table. I quickly finished my task but my dick was so hard that it was difficult to get back in my pants. My hard-on stuck out so no matter how dark the restaurant was I knew that I would get busted. Our table was completely on the other side of the restaurant, so I tried to move quickly and discretely back. As a got close our table Vanessa turned to Jeff, pointed and laughed. When I sat down she commented on my new freedom and how good it must feel. I could tell she was rubbing Jeff under the table cloth because he was squirming and becoming very obvious with his hands on my wife. Vanessa told Jeff that she was afraid that he would come to quickly tonight and that she wanted it to last a long time. With that she pulled an un-lubricated condom from her purse and handed it to Jeff. She told him to go the rest room and relieve himself, but to bring the condom and its contents back to her.

As he left she told me how big and hard his dick was and that she could not wait for it to explode on her face. She then asked me if I was enjoying myself and how I felt. I told her this was the great role play and that I could not wait to canlı casino fuck tonight. She then told me that this was no role play – it was real and that she intended to spend the evening with Jeff. She told me she was taken care of for the evening and that if I wanted to fuck that evening then she would help me find a suitable lover. I still thought she was kidding, but her facial expression told me that she was not.

Jeff returned at about the same time our waitress did. Our waitress also joined in on my humiliation. It was apparent that my wife had already talked to her and she giggles as told me it must be difficult to witness my wife with another man. My wife then ordered another round of drinks and a shot glass. With that I knew Vanessa was going to further humiliate me by drinking Jeff’s cum right in front of me. When the waitress returned with our drinks, my wife asked her to observe a special toast she had planned. Vanessa then ask Jeff for the condom and poured it into the shot glass. Our waitress’s eye grew wider. It was then that Vanessa handed me the glass and said “to new experiences, may she have them and may I eat the results”. Then in an evil giggle she told me to drink-up. My stomach dropped but I did as I was told – our waitress went wild. Before she went about her duties, Vanessa told her that she would be fucking all night long with Jeff, and asked her if she knew of anybody that could fill that void for me. She said she had some ideas and she would be right back.

Vanessa noticed the wet spot that had formed from my pre-cum. She said I too needed relief and handed me a condom. As I started to leave for the rest room she informed me that there was no need to leave the table, the table cloth would give me ample privacy. I was in her complete control by this point so I took out my rock and started to rub it. As I masturbated both Vanessa and Jeff laughed and commented about how big of a wimp I was and said humiliating things about how much better Vanessa would be taken care of by someone like Jeff. Vanessa told me she hoped I like our new lifestyle because she intended it to continue on a weekly basis. About that time I came – I tried my best to keep quiet, but I drew some attention and especially that of our waitress. She saw what was happening and came to our table. She asked if we needed another shot glass but Vanessa told her that I didn’t mind drinking out of the one that we had used for Jeff’s deposit. I couldn’t believe how I obeyed everything she suggested without question, but I did. I then dumped my cum in the shot glass and turned it up. My wife kaçak casino said I had done a good job but that I should lick the rim to get every last drop. Vanessa told our waitress that she was ready to go and asked if she had had any luck in finding me a partner. Our waitress said yes and presented me with a card with a phone number and the name “Carl”. She informed us that Carl was the restaurants doorman and loved breaking in wimps. Jeff and Vanessa laughed vocally and said that it would be perfect. Vanessa said, “honey this will be great – we will both get our brains fucked out tonight”. She also stated that she couldn’t wait to hear all the details.

My wife thanked our waitress as I took care of the check. Vanessa made me give our waitress a 50% tip and we all headed for the door. Jeff and Vanessa were arm-in-arm and I was trailing behind. It was then that I realized that I was about to meet Carl. At the door, my wife introduced herself to Carl and told him that I was very oral and that I liked rough sex no matter what I told him. She also told Carl to use our house because she had already set up the video recorder to record her action, but stated that my show would be one that she would like to keep forever. She gave Carl direction to our home and said she would be home by noon tomorrow, and to take our time. Carl thanked her and told her that she wouldn’t be disappointed with the show. As she and Jeff left, she turned back to Carl and told him “he really loves to eat cum”. Carl informed her that would not be a problem and that my stomach would be full when she got home. She told me not to wash up before she got home because she wanted to see the results. Carl said he would make sure that I was freshly fucked around noon. Carl told me he would be by my place in about and hour and to be ready. Vanessa then flashed me one of her naked breast and told me to hurry home and get ready for the way things would be from now on.

I hope you liked the above – its true. Since that evening my wife has forced me into submission about twice a month. Jeff still plays a big part in our life, but she has spread her wings to include other men. She also now enjoys inviting Carl and his friends over to use me for her pleasure. I have been forced to suck up to five cocks as she tapes the action.

She has recently shown my video to one of her best friends – my boss’s girlfriend. I think she will keep what she knows to herself but not knowing is driving me further into submission. It is hard to believe that a straight man can be driven to do such kinky things and love every minute of it. This new submission has actually strengthened my love for Vanessa and she seems to be loving our new relationship and her new control. No telling what she has in store for me next – but I will keep you informed.

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