Dahska’s Trial Ch. 04

Chapter 4: The Ninja King

The seven ninja darted toward her two of them grabbed her left leg another two grabbed her right one. Pulling them apart Dahska lay on the filth covered ground panting.

“Yes, rip me in two, ” she looked up as the fifth ninja stood on her hair. “Use me, Beat me, Just fuck me. “

The last two ninja grabbed the clubs in her cunt and yanked them both out at the same time. She jerked her head up but with the ninja standing on her hair her head pounded back down into the ground. Her head was throbbing and her vision was growing weak. Darkness, Again she passed out.

As she slept the ninja went to work. They pulled the club from her ass it was placed with the other two clubs should their owners come back to claim them. Then they removed the chain holding her breasts together and wrapped thin bands of wire around each one. The rings in her nipples were replaced with a bar that stuck out the side of each nipple two inches and to the bar two clips were placed from each of the clips ran a wire. The wire was connected to a little black box. One ninja shaved her head bald with his sword. While another placed clips on her cunt lips. The fifth ninja painted her body with mystic ruins of a long dead people, The ruins could only be read by a few ninja. The ruins read, ” She who is baptized in lust may awaken her who is most feared. ” As the sixth one parted her still gaping ass and put in a rod some five inches wide by four foot long. The rod slid in eighteen inches before it stopped.

“She is ready lord. ” The six ninja bowed to their lord the seventh ninja the lord of all ninja Samiuskie Urogotu. Some say he is the offspring of dragons others say devils. All know he is not to be fucked with.

“Very well wake her. She must want this for it to work. ” The ninja lord motioned and the six ninja casino oyna pulled out their cocks and pissed rivers into Dahska’s open mouth. Even sleeping she drank the liquid offering.

“Um more yes piss more. ” Dahska was still sleeping. Dreaming of her new life. She loved it but still wanted to stop Ashley’s plan. After she did that she would return to let the tribes use her. But first she must escape her current fate.

“Wake the bitch up now. ” Sam seamed to glow red with anger. The other ninja produced whips and the six began to beat her breasts and face, cunt and her arms and legs. One got a perfect shot on her blood engorged clit that sat her up right and wide awake.

“What the hell? ” Dahska sat covered in piss with the taste of urine in her mouth feeling the welts growing on her body burning. “Why did you do this to me lord? “

“Why would a slut such as yourself care what I do to please myself even if it is with your body. ” The lord helped her to her feet.

“True words you have spoken master lord sir. I am but a cunt for you to fuck, An ass for you to pound and a mouth for you to fill. I am yours to use if you would please give me the privilege. ” Dahska had in her heart truly meant her words.

“You would do any thing I ask of you and beg for more? ” The lord was prepping her for a hardship she could not imagine.

“Yes, Master anything you desire I will do. ” The wetness between her legs ran down and formed a puddle at her feet.

“Please me then, ” She dropped to her knees in the filth. Shit smashing into her skin. As the seven ninja moved before her open mouth they started to chant. Each ninja rammed his cock down her throat and pulled out as the next rammed his cock down her tight throat. So it went the ninja started to blur and moved faster than she could see but it felt to her like canlı casino the were moving so fast that she had two some times three cocks in her throat at the same time. Her mouth filled with spit and it ran down her face on to her heaving chest. As the ninja pace quickened even more she felt waves of power flow in her. She came and put her hands out to steady herself which forced the seven ninja to move in a smaller space as all seven plunged their man meat in her throat at the same time. She squealed with delight and the ninja pulled out and came on her face all over her head in her eyes up her nose in her ears. She sat of the ground breathless as the men wiped their spent cocks on her sweaty body.

“Oh thank you master. I loved having all that cock in my whore mouth. ” Dahska had forgotten what she planned to do about Ashley.

“Mistress Ashley oh fuck don’t stop please give me two. ” The little frame of the sprite lord writhed on the end of Ashley’s finger

“You dumb bitch it will kill you. ” Ashley had fingered the little half-foot queen of the sprites for over an hour but finally she was ready. “Tell me where your wand is and I’ll fuck you with my whole hand how would that be? “

“Oh that I would like very much. It’s in the tree hollow in the center of the Forest you can tell what one by the marking of a diamond with a heart in it. Now please let me cum. ” The little sprite out of her mind with lust had just betrayed her coven for a mind shattering climax.

“A deals a deal. ” Ashley shoved her whole hand in the little twat of the sprite.

“Oh my oh oh stop no no your… ” The little cunt could take no more as she came she passed out. Ashley placed the small body in an iron box, Locked it and went to get her gear for a trip into the Forest of the monsters.

“Would you like more of the sex I can offer kaçak casino you? ” The ninja lord Sam asked slapping his big cock on her face.

“More master? I want everything you can offer me. ” Dahska had found someone she thought could take her even further into the depths of depravity.

“You submit to my will? ” The lord asked as one last test of her suitability to the task he had planned.

“I am but an object of your will. What you desire I desire. I live only to serve you my master. ” Dahska spoke truly but also was starting to remember her ultimate goal to free herself and stop Ashley.

“I will take you to lows you never knew were possible. ” The lord waved his hand and the six ninja tied her hands and legs bound her mouth and covered her eyes. They lashed the ropes tied to her hands and feet to poles stuck in the ground. She was bound upright and the lord held the small black box that was wired to her body.

“Are you ready to become the one who will be a match for my will, The one who can truly match my ravenous sexual hunger. ” The lord fingered the switch on the box awaiting her response.

Dahska nodded her head yes. And he flicked the switch on. A surge of mystical energy flowed toward Dahska and entered her body through the wires clipped to her naked flesh. Her body shook wildly in it’s bindings and then fell very still.

“Did it work lord. ” One of the ninja asked.

“We can only wait for our answer. She has gone from this plane on to a lower one if she comes back she is mine. ” His eyes glowed with passion.

The lord did not move for three days. The crowd of tribes men and women who had yet to fuck Dahska dwindled down as they used her sleeping body. The ninja lord cared not for she would come back and this old shell of hers would be purified. The tribes men fucked her limp body, Pissed and shit on her, Even beat her all trying to get some reaction from her. But no matter what degrading act they performed to her body her mind was going through much worse in another realm.

The end.

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