Decisions Ch. 03

“Although the scene and characters in this story are still in high school they are all 18 years or older.”

They arrived back at Kurt’s house around 9 P.M. They were originally going to see Star Wars but when they saw the line decided to go bowling instead. That was a lot of fun as none of them bowled very much. Rob and Kurt did pretty well, as natural athletes usually do well in anything they put their hand to. They got out of the car and went into the house. It was a very big home as Kurt’s father was a successful insurance agent. Kurt was going to major in business in college and then work in the firm. Jill could see the pool through the window, but it was way too cold for swimming. They went down to the lower level where there was a game room. It was well equipped with a pool table, dart board, air hockey, electronic games, and a big screen TV.

They took off their coats and put them on a chair. Jill had on a button down blouse and Joan was wearing a sweater. Both girls were wearing very short skirts which had kept the guy’s interest at the bowling alley. They couldn’t see anything, but got glimpse when they raised their leg to release the ball.

“My parents went to some fund raiser and won’t be home until real late, so we have the house to ourselves until we have to take the girls home for their curfew at midnight, so let’s have fun. Why don’t I get us something to drink?” he said. Everyone agreed and they went to the bar.

Kurt opened the refrigerator and said, “Let’s really have a drink!”

“What do you mean, Kurt?” asked Jill.

“There’s some orange juice in here, so I can fix us some screwdrivers.”

“But then we will have alcohol on our breath when we go home” said Joan.

Rob said, “No you won’t, you can’t smell vodka so our parents won’t be able to smell it if they are still up.”

“Yes, but we still have to drive to get home,” said Jill.

“No problem,” said Kurt. “I will only have a very little bit of vodka in mine so I will not be a hazard to anyone.”

Joan was hesitant, “I don’t know.”

“Oh come on, don’t be a baby Joan,” said Kurt.

Joan turned to Jill, “What do you think, Jill?”

Jill heard caution bells, but figured that nothing would happen with Rob after last night. “He will be on his best behavior,” she thought,” but I will have to be careful.”

“I think it will be OK, after all they are our boyfriends and we are all together so nothing will happen. Besides Kurt said he wouldn’t drink much. Let’s have some fun!”

“I don’t know. Are you sure Jill?” Joan asked.

“Yes, let’s see what a real drink tastes like. We can always walk home if we have to”

“I guess it will be OK then,” said Joan.

“Great,” said Kurt, “why don’t you go over and turn on the TV while I fix the drinks.

They went over and turned on the television. It was set for the sports channel and there was a football game on so they sat down and started watching.

Meanwhile Rob and Kurt fixed the drinks. As he promised, Kurt put very little vodka in his and Rob’s drinks, but put a lot more in the girls’. He brought the drinks over and they watched the game. They all knew the game and were able to see the mistakes as well as the good plays. The game got out of hand in the second quarter when the tight end fumbled the ball and the opposition recovered.

At half time they lost interest in the game. Joan got up and went over to the card table. “It looks like it is set up for a poker game,” she said as she took another sip of her drink. “It really tastes good,” she thought.

Jill also was enjoying the drink. “Let’s play some cards,” she said.

They adjourned to the card table and sat down. Kurt picked up the deck of cards and said, “This is a hand of straight poker Jacks or better to open, nothing wild.”

Joan asked,”What are we going to bet with? Don’t we buy some chips or something?”

Rob smiled and said, “Good point Joan. I really don’t have much money left right now.”

Jill and Joan agreed as they never had much money on them unless they went shopping.

Kurt said, “There is another way to play poker that doesn’t require money.

“What is that?” asked Rob.

“We pay with our clothes! You play five card draw with nothing wild and the losers have to remove an article of clothing. The winner is the one who still has some clothing on.”

“I don’t know,” said Joan. “What do you think, Jill?”

Jill replied “It might be fun, after all we are all friends, but it could be embarrassing, if not boring, for the first person to lose.”

“Here’s what we will do,” said Rob, “You will keep playing, but if you lose you must do whatever the winner demands.”

“That sounds fair, but I have not played that much poker, have you Jill?”

“Not casino oyna enough to be very good. “

“We will play with all cards turned up on the table,” said Kurt. They all thought that was a good idea.

“One rule is that only clothes count, no jewelry,” said Rob.

“What about panty hose?” asked Jill.

The boys conversed and Kurt said, “They will count as two items and must be removed the first two loses.” The girls agreed as this would give them at least one more item.

Kurt dealt the cards and Joan won, so all the others lost an item of clothing. Kurt then won, then Jill, then Rob. Finally it got to the serious losses and Jill was the first to lose her bra.

“I don’t know,” she said.

The others rode her, but Joan wasn’t as vocal. Rob said “You agreed to the rules and knew that you would possibly lose. Are you going to be a party pooper?”

Jill didn’t like that. She reached around defiantly and unfastened her bra. She shrugged her shoulders and removed it. Kurt gasped when he saw her tits for the first time. Her nipples were partially erect and stood out from the front. Rob was proud of her.

Joan was the first to lose completely and demurely removed her panties.

Rob lost next and stood up to remove his shorts, Jill saw he was getting aroused and slyly looked at Joan who was paying rapt attention to his groin area. She was satisfied that she had a good one by the expression Joan’s face.

Rob won the next hand and turned to Joan after Kurt removed his trousers, which caused Jill to look in interest, “You will go to the center of the room and do the favorite cheerleader routine.” Joan got up and tried to perform with her back to them, but Rob made her turn around. She was beautiful. She was a natural blonde which was evident by her pussy.

Jill won the next hand and made Joan and Rob stand in the center of the room and hug each other. Rob was a little more aroused. She also won the next hand, and after Kurt removed his shorts gleefully declared, “I win!”

She stood up to find her clothes to put them back on when she was jumped by the others. She was pushed to the floor and Rob and Kurt held her legs while Joan pulled her panties down and over her feet. The boys raised her legs and pulled them apart. She was a little embarrassed being exposed like that to Kurt. However, they let go of her and grabbed Joan and did the same thing to her.

“Stop that,” she said, but it was too late. They let go of her and helped her to her feet. Jill was feeling warm due to the activity and the drink which she and Joan took another sip of. They started giggling at the sight of the four of them naked.

Kurt said, “Let’s take a dip in the pool!”

Which promptly got him”you’ve got to be kidding” looks from the others. “Just joking,” he said. “Although we can go out and get in the hot tub for a few minutes.

“That sounds like fun,” said Jill, who was feeling warm and loose.

Kurt said, “Great! Joan please get the towels and Rob can go out and remove the cover while I fix us another drink.”

“But you promised you would not drink!” exclaimed Jill, “You are driving”

“I’m only going to have straight orange juice, Jill.”

“O.K.,” she said, “What can I do?”

“See if there is another game on the tube for when we come in.” They all went about their assigned duties. Kurt made the drinks as before with more booze in the girl’s drinks and only made O.J. for himself.

Rob came back in shivering, “Man, it is cold out there, and that hot tub is really going to feel good!”

Kurt put the drinks on a tray and they all went out to the tub. The boys helped the girls into the tub. Both of them had extended nipples due to the cold and the sight of their naked pussies was almost too much. Kurt handed their drinks to them and he and Rob got into the tub. It did feel really good. The girls sipped at their drinks and laughed at the jokes told by the boys. Jill thought Kurt was a lot different than her original opinion. “He is a really nice guy,” she thought,” and well hung I might add. I can’t believe he and Joan have not done IT yet.”

Jill jumped as she felt a hand on her leg moving upward. She looked over and realized it was Rob’s hand. She spread her legs so he could gain access to her pussy. “Someday soon,” she thought, “I am going to have to let Rob fuck me because it is getting harder and harder to say no.” She squirmed as his hand reached its destination. She looked over and saw a blissful expression on Joan’s face so she knew she was getting fingered also.

“We better start back in. Let’s chug our drinks so we don’t spill them. Here’s to you- bottoms up!” Kurt said as he raised his glass and drained it. The others followed suit as there was only about half a glass full. They got out and helped canlı casino Kurt replace the cover and ran for the house. Once inside they grabbed towels and dried off. Kurt went over and muted the T.V. and turned on the music player. This was the latest which would play CD’s as well as cassette tapes. It also permitted programming based upon what the owner wanted played.

A loud rock song began and Kurt said, “Let’s dance!”

The girls’ giggled thinking how ridiculous they all would look dancing fast dances naked, but they were game.

Jill thought, “No more drinks. I am feeling dangerously loose.”

They started dancing with each other. The girls’ boobs bounced with their movements or swung from side to side. The boy’s dicks did likewise which caused the girls to laugh as they both were aroused from the pussy petting in the hot tub. After two fast songs, a slow one began. Jill was facing Kurt and Joan, Rob.

“Dance with the one facing you,” said Kurt and all agreed. Jill moved into Kurt’s arms. He pulled her close and she felt her breasts push into his chest. It felt good.

“I must really be loose,” she thought. She felt Kurt’s cock press into her stomach. She pushed her hips forward to press even harder. He had an erection when they started dancing, but it got even bigger when she did this. Kurt put his hands underneath her buttocks and pulled her up ward. She felt his cock brush her pussy and alarm bells went off. She was not going to let Kurt fuck her.

“I think we better stop,” she said.

“Don’t worry Jill. I am not going to try to fuck you. Relax- you will enjoy this. If you don’t like it I will stop.”

She thought, “He is right. He would not try to fuck me with my boyfriend, his best friend here.”

“O.K. As long as you keep your word,” she said. Kurt smiled and lifted her higher so his cock slid under her. During this the tip slightly brushed against her opening, but he did not push. He then lowered her a little.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he said. She did as he asked and put her arms around his neck. Kurt reached down and positioned his cock in the furrow of her crack. He then started moving in a fucking motion.

Jill gasped, “My God! That really feels good!” as his cock plowed her furrow and brushed against her clit. She was getting extremely hot. Her pussy was wet. Kurt bent toward her and kissed her on the mouth. His tongue forced between her teeth and they French kissed. This only made her hotter. He kept moving and Jill did not know how long she could last. This really felt good. She opened her eyes and saw Rob and Joan were doing a similar thing. Jill wiggled her ass which pushed her pussy harder on Kurt’s pole.

“She is really a hot number,” thought Kurt. “The way Joan is acting with Rob, I think we all are going to get lucky tonight. If she wasn’t my best buddy’s girlfriend, I would fuck her right now!” Kurt put his hands under Jill’s ass and raised her up. She panicked for a moment when the tip of Kurt’s cock came in contact with her pussy.

“He is going to try to fuck me with my boyfriend making out with his girlfriend,” she thought. Kurt lowered her a little and the tip of his dick penetrated her hole, but he then lifted her off and lowered her down his body to the floor which caused his dick to slide over her stomach and between her breasts. When she reached the floor in a kneeling position her face was even with his cock. Jill smiled and went to work on his pole. She started by licking his balls and slowly working her way to the tip. There she teased him by flicking her tongue against the slit and then she took him in her mouth. Kurt sharply inhaled as she took his member mostly in her mouth and started an up and down movement accompanied by sucking. Kurt thought how lucky Rob was to have such a good cock sucker for a girlfriend.

These were the same thoughts going through Rob’s mind as Joan was blowing his cock. Rob thought, “Kurt was right. Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker.” Tonight would be the night he pops Jill’s cherry, although he wouldn’t mind taking Joan’s cherry. “That blonde bush doesn’t hide much.”

Jill tasted her juices on Kurt’s cock and was pleased with the taste. She noticed she was getting hot and her pussy was getting extremely wet. “Too much booze,” she thought. “Otherwise I would not have Kurt’s cock stuffed in my mouth; although, I am enjoying this!” She heard Rob groan with pleasure and knew then that Joan was a good cocksucker also. Kurt placed his hands on the back of her head and gently pushed her toward him while thrusting his hips forward. She opened her mouth as far as she could, but she could not take all of his cock and she gagged.

“Sorry,” said Kurt, “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” Jill pulled back off his cock

“Thank you, I know you didn’t mean any harm.”

She kaçak casino then slipped his cock back in her mouth. Kurt again put his hands on her head and gently pulled her off his dick. He then put his hands on her shoulders and said, “Lay back. It is time for you to enjoy.” Jill knew this was getting dangerous, but the booze was still working and she lay on her back. Kurt placed his hands on her knees and spread them taking in a deep breath as her pussy winked pink from the dark curls surrounding it.

“Damn that is a beautiful sight!” exclaimed Kurt as he lowered himself to her. He French kissed her and she responded with their tongues probing and battling for space in each other’s mouths. Jill felt her pussy getting wetter as she was getting hotter. Kurt withdrew from her mouth and started trailing kisses down her neck. One hand fondled her left breast as his mouth came in contact with her right. He kissed all around her breast until he came to the nipple. Kurt flicked his tongue over the extended nipple which elicited a groan from Jill. He took the nipple between his lips and sucked and teased it with his tongue. Jill pushed her boob toward him. He took the nipple between his teeth and gently bit it while at the same time he pinched the nipple on the left breast between his thumb and forefinger. She really pushed upward. Kurt then did the same to the opposite nipple and Jill was really moaning and pushing her breasts at him. She also felt more wetness in her cunt.

“Oh Kurt, that feels so good!” she said, just as Joan let out a loud moan. Kurt then started kissing down her stomach sticking his tongue deep into her naval. This always got to her when Rob did it and now was no exception. He continued downward and arrived at the top of her mound. Jill wiggled her mound slightly upward as she felt him arrive. “We better stop,” she thought, “but this feels so good and I am so hot!”

Kurt moved lower but teased her by kissing around her pussy. He advanced toward her hole. She felt his breath before his mouth kissed her and she almost came.

Kurt reached with his hands and spread her pussy lips. He poked his tongue in her tight twat. Jill’s hips came off the floor and she let out with a loud moan

“Oh Kurt that feels so good!” She sneaked a peak and saw that Joan was laying to her left and Rob had his head buried between her legs. Kurt started licking and sucking on her fully erect clit. He slid one finger into her virgin cunt.

“Man is she wet,” thought Kurt, “Rob is going to bust this cherry and it looks as if he has Joan just as hot. I am going to get lucky too.”

Jill felt Kurt’s mouth and finger leave her pussy. She opened her eyes to see why and noticed Rob was replacing Kurt between her legs and Kurt was going to Joan. Rob put his mouth on her pussy and started lapping. He also started finger fucking her and her hips once again came off the floor. “Oh Rob, I love you!” she exclaimed as she pushed her pussy into his face.

“Jill has never been this wet,” thought Rob as he started reversing the trail of Kurt. When he got to her mouth they French kissed as never before and Rob took her clit between his fingers. At the same time Jill reached down and stroked his bulging cock. Rob took this to mean that she was ready to be fucked. He rose up to his knees with his dick in his right hand. With his left hand he parted Jill’s pussy lips. The sight was gorgeous and he almost came. Jill had her eyes closed in deep passion. Rob placed the tip of his dick in the opening of her tight hole and started to slide in. He was gentle and slowly put a little of his cock in at a time. Jill groaned and pushed her pussy upwards.

“This cherry is as good a popped,” thought Rob as his dick came in contact with her hymen. He withdrew all but the tip and prepared to plunge into her. Just as he was getting ready to deflower Jill, her eyes opened and she twisted her body to the side.

“NO!” she yelled, pushing him off of her. He tried to get back in position, but she was not going to let him.

“Come on Jill, you know you want it! Why be such a prude? Look at Kurt and Joan!”

She did and as she looked Kurt had withdrawn as had Rob, but Joan was moaning and moving her hips. Kurt plunged forward and a slight cry of pain escaped from Joan as her cherry was destroyed. Kurt stopped when his dick hit bottom.

“I don’t care what they do!” she replied. “I am leaving.” Jill went over to where her clothes were and started getting dressed. She put her panties and bra on, but put her panty hose in her purse. She then put on her blouse, skirt and got her coat. She looked over where Kurt and Joan were. She saw them fucking with abandon. Joan was moaning and pushing her hips up meeting every thrust of Kurt. Jill felt a little pang but it wasn’t enough. She was really pissed.

Rob said, “I will take you home, Jill.”

“No you won’t!” replied Jill as she opened the door and left in almost a run.

To be continued…

Thanks to Destiny Parker for editorial assistance

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