Forced Straight College Boy

I had just turned eighteen, and I thought I was ready to be out on my own. My folks were worried about me moving so far away to go to college, but I’d scored the scholarship and they really couldn’t say much about it. It wasn’t every day that you got a chance to move to another city and get out of your parents’ house.

Oh, it hadn’t been so bad, but there was no privacy. It made it hard to have a steady girlfriend, or at least steady pussy, when your door had no lock and your mom or dad walked in on you all the time. I’d had a few girls in the back seat of my dad’s car, but they were few and far between. I was looking forward to having an apartment where I could have a little freedom.

Sure, it meant having a roommate — the scholarship wasn’t paying that much for housing — but at least it wasn’t a regulated dorm. I figured I could work things out with whoever I rented with, and have my privacy.

That’s where I was so wrong. I didn’t know jack or shit about how things could be, and I didn’t know that there were guys out there just waiting for an opportunity like me to come along. A young man, alone, far from home, naïve and vulnerable… that was me; a victim waiting to happen. That’s how Sam found me.

Sam was an older guy who was looking for a roommate. The place wasn’t too far from the college and the apartment was huge — the biggest I’d seen the whole time I was looking. He seemed nice, too. He worked late hours at an office building in town, so we’d hardly ever see each other. I signed the lease about an hour after I saw the place, and my stuff was moved in that night.

The first few days were fine. Sam was always out, working or at the bar with his buddies or something. I settled into my classes all right, started meeting people. It only started getting weird towards the end of the week. Sam was around a little more, kept asking me how things were going, if I was making friends and meeting people.

He was somehow always there when I was getting out of the shower, wearing only a towel. I thought it was odd that he kept looking at me; most guys would have gotten embarrassed and looked away.

Oh, man, if I had only known then what I know now!

I mean, I knew I was all right to look at. I didn’t get an athletic scholarship by being out of shape; hell, I was cut. I guess the tan didn’t hurt, either. My face was kind of plain, I suppose, but I tried to keep my hair nice. Sam did everything but lick his lips, watching me coming out of the bathroom dripping wet.

I had planned on going to a “welcome to school” party that Friday night; maybe hang out with some people that weekend. I didn’t have any Friday classes, so I woke up late that morning and had my shower. Sam was nowhere to be found; I figured he had work that day. He left me some orange juice in the fridge, which I thought was nice of him. I don’t know what he put in it, but I think I passed out about ten minutes after I drank it.

When I woke up, I knew I was in some serious trouble. I couldn’t see, and my head felt tight. It didn’t take a college degree to figure out it was a blindfold. That went with the fact that my arms were up high and tight over my head and my legs were wide apart. I was blindfolded and tied down on my back on something soft. It didn’t quite feel like a bed. It smelled musty and dank, and I was cold all over. No clothes — I’d been stripped while I was unconscious.

My moving must have let Sam know I was awake. I felt a hand on my knee, but there was nothing I could do to get away from it.

“What… what the fuck?” I yelled. “Let me go! Who are you? What the FUCK is going on?”

“Oh, Jim, you know it’s me,” said Sam. “Go ahead and yell a little louder. No one can hear you here.”

His hand moved from my knee to my inner thigh, and this was super bad. I’d heard about guys doing it with other guys — hell, who hasn’t, these days? casino siteleri

But I never figured anything like that would ever happen to me. The way his fingertips sent tingles all the way through me, though… that was weird and bad all at the same time. I didn’t like that it was making my cock swell, either.

“Yeah, you like this… I knew you would,” he said, as his hand slid higher. No doubt he could see my cock getting stiff as he teased me.

“No! Don’t touch me! Stop this… come on, stop, please?”

Here’s the thing — I wanted to tell him that I would kill him if he kept on going. Two things stopped me, though. One; I was tied down and blindfolded. He could have had a knife or a gun or a harpoon or something, just waiting to fuck me up if I got too uppity. I was helpless and I was scared.

Two; it was starting to feel really good, and I was confused.

Then his fingers were caressing my scrotum, and I moaned. “Yeah, that’s it. You’re all like this. You yell and scream and when I get my hands down there, you can’t get enough.”

He was gently scratching his fingernails across my ballsack and slowly rolling my nuts around, and it felt fucking awesome. The strain in my arms and legs kind of faded as he played with my balls, nice and slow, like no chick had ever touched me.

“Sam, please, don’t do this,” I said. “I’m not like this; I don’t do it with guys. Come on, please, stop…”

Then his other hand was wrapping around my hardening cock, and he was stroking me and playing with my nuts. Oh, fuck, it was slow… so slow.

“Sure, Jim, I’ll stop,” he said. “In a minute, I’ll stop. If you don’t start fucking my hand, I’ll stop and let you go right away, in just a minute.”

“No, don’t,” I said, but he just kept up that hot, slow stroking. He gripped it just tight enough that the skin would slide back and forth in his hand and the pad of his thumb was teasing that sensitive spot right beneath the head of my dick.

Oh, fuck, it was good. It was better than when I jacked myself off, almost better than when a chick gave me a handjob. His other hand was lifting up my nuts, now, and rolling them in his palm. His fingernails gently scratched at the underside of my ballsack, and it was too fucking good.

My hips started to move all on their own. I needed more of that hand, more of that friction, faster and tighter. God help me, I started fucking his hand.

“You like it,” Sam said, as he sped up his hand a little. “See? You want more… you all want more. You can’t help it.”

“Stop it,” I said, but I wasn’t convincing anyone any more, not even myself. “Please….”

“Please what?” he asked, stopping the movement of his hand. He just left it there, and let me fuck it.

“Please… I…. I don’t know,” I said, crying. “I… please…”

“Please stop? Please let you go?” he asked, loosening his grip. “Or please make you cum?”

My hips thrust wildly, but he was denying me the friction by loosening his grip. “Please… make me cum, damn you! PLEASE…”

He laughed and tightened his grip again, resuming his hot stroking action. I moaned and fucked his hand faster, trying to get release.

“If I make you cum, you’re going to do something for me, too,” he said, flicking his thumb over the sensitive, swollen head of my prick. I yelped, and shook my head.

“No… no I can’t…. I don’t know how…”

“You don’t have to,” said Sam. “Just let it happen.”

His stroking was starting to rub me a little raw. There was a bit of pain coming along with the pleasure, the friction was getting uncomfortable. His stroking slowed a little.

“Too dry,” he said, making a “tsk” sound with his tongue. “I’d better get this cock wet, or we’re going to hurt it.”

I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew a blowjob when I felt one. His mouth dropped down onto my cock and took me all canlı casino the way down, slurping me into his throat without a hint of gagging. I thrust my cock up into his mouth, I couldn’t help it. He sucked and slurped at my hard-on as he teased my balls, bobbing his head up and down on me faster and faster.

He pulled off after a minute and resumed stroking me, his saliva lubricating my raw cock and making his hand glide over it, hot and slippery. It felt ten times better, and all I could do was groan and thrust.

“I’m gonna make you cum, little bitch,” he said, stroking faster. “And after you cum, I’m going to fuck the shit out of you.”

My pleasure-blurred mind only barely processed the statement, but it got through. “No… no, man, please, don’t…”

“Then don’t cum,” he said. Then his mouth was on my cockhead, his tongue swirling around the glans. OH, fuck it felt good, but it meant he was going to be raping my ass any minute.

“STOP!” I yelled, trying to hold back. “Don’t… please, I can’t take it… don’t… oh fuck… oh FUCK…”

His sucking, licking mouth brought that tingle from the tip of my cock all the way to the back of my ball sack, and I knew it was going to happen. I was about to cum, and he was about to fuck me.

I yelled, I screamed, but in the end, I could feel the hot semen rush up, feeling every inch of the inner trail from my balls to my cock-tip as the searing liquid spurted out in thick ropes. I gasped each time my whole body contracted, forcing another jet of sperm into Sam’s hungry mouth. He milked me hard and fast; I must have shot eight or nine spasms by the time I was finished, and it left me breathing heavy and feeling fucking exhausted.

He swallowed it all and licked up any that had spilled when I shot, and slowly pulled his mouth of my softening cock. Then he pulled away, and I heard his zipper open.

“No…” I said, weakly. I realized why he’d made me cum, first. I was weak, tired, my body worn from straining against the ropes in my orgasm. He could untie my feet and lift them to retie them over my head without much struggle. I tried, honestly I tried. I just couldn’t stop him.

With my ass completely exposed, I lay there dreading.

“I’ve never done this,” I whimpered. “Don’t fuck me, man… please, just don’t? I’ll give you money, whatever I can, but don’t fuck me, please!”

He was up against me, then, his older, hairy body rubbing against the backs of my thighs and my ass. I flinched as something cool and wet was rubbed on my exposed asshole.

“If I was going to be careful,” he said, “I’d put a little something up here first. Maybe take a while to finger you, stretch you nice and easy, a little bit at a time.” His finger pressed the lube into my tight virgin pucker, but didn’t enter me.

“But I’m not gonna be careful,” he said, his breath in my face. “I’m gonna ram my big ass cock right into you, rip you open, tear you up a little. Make you just the right size for me. You’re gonna take this cock for years, boy… you might as well get used to it all at once.”

“No…” I whimpered. I heard more wet, squishing sounds; he was applying lube to his cock, now. It was going to happen. I strained against the ropes, but my muscles were tired, sore, not doing what I wanted them to. Later I learned that along with the Roofies he put in the orange juice, there was just enough muscle relaxer to take the fight out of me. Sam knew what he was doing, Sam did.

Then he was up against me again, and something hot and slick and hard was pressing for entrance to my shitter. I clenched everything I had, but he just laughed and kept pushing.

“STOP… fuck, man… you can’t… PLEASE… DON’T FUCK ME! I’ll do anything… I swear, I’ll do anything you want… I’ll suck you off, I’ll do anything… just don’t fuck me, man! PLEASE!”

Then the head of his big cock popped through kaçak casino my clenched sphincter, and it felt like I was being torn in half. I screamed in a high voice that I hadn’t been able to make since I was eleven, and the scream didn’t stop as he forced three more inches into my hot, tight love channel.

“GOD! NO! STOP!” I yelled, when I could find words again. He slapped me hard across the face, and rammed another inch into me.

“SHUT UP,” he yelled. One hand was guiding his cock into me, the other found my throat and wrapped around it.

“Shut up or I’ll FUCKING kill you,” he said. “You’ve been nice and pretty and loud, and all, now shut up and take it!”

I groaned low and loud as he rammed the final four or five inches into me and hilted. It was all in, the whole thing, his balls up against my ass cheeks. He kept holding my throat as he pulled it halfway out and rammed it all back in, holding back my scream of agony.

“Yeah,” he said, as he started fucking my ass.

Technically, I hadn’t been a virgin since I fucked one of my junior-high girlfriends in the back of my dad’s car, but now I’d truly lost my virginity — I was being fucked in the ass, and I’d never be the same again.

“I knew you’d be tight… you’re gonna learn to love this cock in your butthole,” Sam moaned as he pounded me. “You college boys all love it in the ass… you’re gonna suck my cock and get fucked every single day!”

All I could do was lay there and take it, the agony of his big cock spearing up into my guts more than words could convey. He released my throat and grabbed my hips in both hands, fucking me like his bitch. That’s what I was; I was his bitch, and I would be until he was done with me.

He fucked me long and hard. He fucked me until the searing pain of the forced anal penetration faded, to be replaced with the unexpected pleasure of my prostate being stimulated by his big cock sliding through my guts. I started to moan again, but this time in pleasure. My cock started to regain its erection. I couldn’t believe it — Sam was raping me in the butt, and I was starting to love it!”

“Yes,” I moaned, as my cock reached its full erection. “Oh fuck… fuck me, Sam… fuck me HARD…”

“That’s it… just like all you college bitches” he said, pounding my poor abused asshole even harder and faster. “Want me to cum in you, college bitch?”

“Yes… oh GOD… oh fuck… yes, please!”

Sam slammed his cock deep into my bowels and shuddered as his cum released inside of me. His shuddering body and release triggered my own orgasm, and I shot on his stomach and chest as he pumped me full of his hot cum.

I thought that would be it. I thought he would let me go, and I’d be able to get the fuck out of the apartment. Yeah, I’d cum when I was getting cornholed, but I wasn’t dumb. I didn’t want any more of that. Maybe I’d experiment later, with someone a little more gentle, but I’d just been drugged, abducted, and raped. I’d played along, so now I’d get to leave.

No such luck.

We went back to the apartment, but I was cuffed and stuffed in a burlap sack for the trip. I spent the whole weekend getting the shit fucked out of me on his bed, then in mine. He made me call the school and cancel all my classes — his dick was up my ass the whole time I was on the phone.

I would be in my third semester, now, if Sam hadn’t of taken over my life. I’m chained to this bed, released only to clean myself a couple of times a day. Sam fucks me all the time, sometimes he brings over other men. I think they pay him so they can fuck me, too, sometimes two and three at a time.

The worst part is that when I’m getting fucked, I still beg for it. There’s no point in asking him not to, or begging him to stop. That only gets me fucked harder and angrier. When I lay there and take it, or push back into him, or beg him to fuck me deeper and harder, he lets me enjoy it and it gets me off.

I’m Sam’s bitch, now. I know you know that, though. That’s why you’re here.

Do you want me to suck your cock first, or would you just like to fuck me in the ass?

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