Friendly Favours

It was a real rough patch we were in. My wife, Sharon, had experienced a difficult pregnancy which had caused her to take leave of work well before giving birth. My own work hours had been cut for the factory since production orders were scarce at the moment. Now we had an extra mouth to feed and grateful as we were for our daughter’s health, we weren’t making ends meet. Cash was scarce, our credit was maxed out and the cupboards were bare. I was looking for extra hours and a second job, but nothing was turning up. We were in a bind and both of us were stressed.

The stress was showing on me at work I suppose. I had shared some of my problems with a casual friend of mine named Lee, my regular ride to and from work and with whom I went out for a beer… when I had enjoyed the money to afford it. I tried not to drive my friends crazy whining about my problems, but the stress was showing. I was quieter than normal and probably a little depressed. I am normally an optimist, but things were wearing me down.

One such day, while I was bogged down in my worries, Lee carried the conversation during our ride home. Now, Lee was a bachelor, a little older than me, financially secure and able to do pretty much everything he had time for. We didn’t have much in common that way at the moment. My mind was so much on my troubles that I don’t even remember what he was talking about before he went quiet for a few minutes. He definitely surprised me when he suddenly blurted out that he might have a way for me to improve my cash flow until I found something better or things picked up at work enough to get me the hours I needed.

I was eager to embrace the hope he offered, but he looked nervous about making his suggestion. He asked me if I was expected at home at the normal time and I said no, since it happened that Sharon and the baby were staying at her mother’s place out-of-town for a few days. He nodded. “Let’s talk about it over a drink.”

We stopped at a bar we visited occasionally after work. He bought me a beer and we sat down at a quiet booth in the corner.

We had a beer over small talk and when the server brought us our seconds, Lee was ready to get to it.

“How long have we known each other?” he asked.

I guessed it had been about three or four years. “In that time, have you ever known me to be in a relationship?”

It had never come up, I lied; I thought that it was odd that a decent-looking man with money, a nice house and car, all paid for, didn’t even have a girlfriend, or a glimmer of interest in anyone.

“I like to be on my own,” he explained. “But I have my needs like anyone else. I just look for the casual.”

I didn’t see where this was going and sipped my beer.

“Fact is, sometimes I think it’s just easier to pay for occasional sex instead of making monthly payments on a relationship.”

We both laughed. At the moment, I was trying to make those payments myself.

“Alright, I’ll get to the point. I’m saying that I would pay you to blow me.”

I nearly choked.

“Whether it would be a one-off, occasional, or on a regular basis would be up to you. No strings, cash on delivery. Simple as that.”

I felt myself flush, turning red and feeling waves of heat wash over me. I was not gay and if I understood what Lee was saying he wasn’t necessarily either. He just wanted someone–anyone–to take care of his needs and he was willing to pay for a blow job–or regular blow jobs.

I might have been offended, probably should have been, but we were friends and besides, the way Lee brought it up it sounded like it could be a good arrangement and I was shocked to realize that I was considering it. I weighed it in my mind in pretty simple terms with the strange clarity that alcohol can occasionally, and only fleetingly, bring. Right now, it was either my family with empty mouths or his cock in my mouth.

After a long time, or so it seemed, Lee spoke again. “Look, pal, no offence. I was just looking to help you and me both with what we want. You don’t want to, no pressure, forget I ever said anything.”

My mouth was dry and I had to down my beer to speak. If I have one good trait it is that I can make a decision quickly. “Lee, I’ll try it. I need the money and God knows I would rather do this than see things get so desperate that my wife should go out and do it with strangers.”

There, it was said and Lee nodded, pleased. “When do you want me–to do it?” I asked.

“Well,” he said, “if your wife’s not expecting you at home… if you don’t have anything better to do, why not now?”

I nodded, wondering if he meant he wanted to take me into the rest room and hoping not though the idea sent a strange thrill through me. God knows I needed the money badly enough I couldn’t afford to argue about it. I didn’t need to worry though. Lee finished his beer and we left. It was about a five minute drive to his place, though it seemed longer. In a way I was glad we were going to do this now, because if I had time to come down canlı bahis from the beer buzz and really think about this I was sure I’d lose my nerve.

Lee’s place was nice. A three bedroom bungalow on a spacious wooded lot, nicely furnished. He kept it neat for a bachelor. A large-screen television and a surround-sound stereo system dominated his recreation room. Very nice.

“Have a seat,” he said, gesturing to the sofa, while getting us each another beer from his well-stocked bar. There wasn’t much to talk about, so he switched on the TV and we drank our beers. When we were both finished, he got up and grabbed me another. He was plying me with what Dad used to call “Dutch courage” and I was grateful for it. I was feeling pretty relaxed and almost comfortable with the whole arrangement, and it was almost disturbing to realize that somewhere inside me I was anticipating the act I was about to perform (or attempt to perform) with excitement.

Lee told me to make myself at home while he took a shower. He suggested that if there was nothing interesting on TV that maybe I should look through his movie collection in the bottom cabinet of his entertainment unit and he left the room to take his shower.

I tried to distract myself from the purpose of my visit to Lee’s home with channel-surfing through the hundreds of stations he received that I’d never heard of, but nothing really caught my fancy. I decided to take a look at his movie collection after all. There were about fifty DVDs lined up on the shelf of the entertainment unit, well-known movies for the most part, the same sort of stuff most people would have. Then I remembered that Lee had made a point of mentioning that his movies were in the bottom cabinet of the unit. My interest was piqued; if he kept them out of sight, these were probably movies to inspire in this situation.

I opened the cabinet and sure enough there was a small stack of DVDs and videocassettes there. Well, well, I thought through the warmth of my beer-induced haze, what have we here? They were porno films of course, what else? But this was a real variety pack: teenage girls, mature women, interracial, all-girl and yes, just as I expected, bi-sexual and gay titles. I was not too shocked by the cover images of men groping, mounting and sucking each other; back in college, I’d had a gay roommate who left this sort of thing lying around his room all the time. It had never really offended me, nor did it ever arouse me–until now.

Definitely, as I looked at the covers of these gay porn DVDs I was finding myself aroused. My cock was hard in my pants. It was bewildering to me. I was not gay, or at least I had never thought I could be; I’d never wasted a thought on it before. Standing here with a boner as I looked at gay erotica in the house of a man I was going to suck off for money, I was beginning to wonder. I shrugged. The beer was keeping me calm enough to straighten my thoughts out (so to speak): I’d never craved cock or found men attractive. My arousal came from the taboo nature of what I was about to do. I loved my wife and I loved pussy.

Thinking of my wife was another matter. After four years of marriage, I was about to cheat on my wife for the first time and it was going to be with another man.

Shut up, I told myself. I was doing this for the money to feed her and the baby. If I could actually get any pleasure out of it, I should because I damn well deserved it.

With that thought, I slipped a DVD out of a case labelled “Bag Lunches” (I had to snicker at the title), which showed a mosaic of miniature scenes in which young men licked each others’ balls, sucked each others’ cocks and let fresh cum ooze off their chins.

The disc started to play and I settled down to watch from the sofa. There was no story, it was just sequence after sequence of men giving men blow jobs. I watched it with growing excitement but also with an eye for technique. I was totally absorbed in my viewing and suffering from a raging hard-on when Lee returned.

“Picked out a training video, huh?” he asked with a laugh.

I laughed back nervously. I was incredibly horny.

Lee was wearing just a housecoat. He’d had a shave and a good washing up, and even from here he smelled pretty good with a dab of aftershave. He grabbed us each a beer, dimmed the lights and sat down on the sofa beside me as casually as if he was joining me to watch the news.

On the screen, a new sequence started. A young man, maybe twenty, was soon under a desk sucking on the large cock of an older fellow who was apparently supposed to be his boss. It was a hot scene, and with all that was happening on the screen and with all I knew was about to happen in this room, I was sweating. My cock was straining against my jeans and I was shifting constantly to make myself more comfortable. The kid on the screen seemed to be enjoying the blow job he was giving as much as the older fellow who was receiving it. To my astonishment, I was growing eager to blow Lee.

It took me a few minutes, bahis siteleri but I worked up the nerve to look over at him. He was watching the movie and it was getting him hot too. By the light of the television’s glare, I could easily see Lee’s hard-on bulging up the fabric of his housecoat and even as I was looking it started to poke through between the opening of the coat. Lee knew I was looking. He suddenly yanked the housecoat open and there it was in all its glory, the first fully erect cock I’d ever seen on another man in real life.

There was a thick bush of hair around the base of his cock, the balls were hairy too. It was cut and I’d guess it was about a seven-incher, throbbing a bit and pointing up toward his navel, a drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip. Lucky for him, I thought; my own cock had soaked pre-cum right through my jeans.

“Well?” he asked, “what do you think?”

I couldn’t stop staring. “It’s beautiful,” I stammered and slurred, more from excitement than the beer.

“Do you want to touch it?” he asked.

I didn’t take a second to think. “Yes.” Strangely though, I made no effort to move at all, and after a moment, Lee took the beer out of my hand, put it up on the sofa table behind us and guided my hand to his cock. He released my hand. I needed no more urging and he groaned at my touch. I began by simply grabbing it gently, to get the feel of this foreign cock. I began to slowly traipse my fingers around it, over its length to its helmeted head, back down the shaft to the spongy balls so much like my own and into the clumps of pubic hair which I wound into my fingers playfully.

Through all of this he moaned his enjoyment and the sound excited me, especially intermingled as it was with the sounds of pleasure emanating from the TV as the younger man now deep-throated the older.

I leaned in now to use both hands, caressing the insides of his thighs and his belly as well as his cock. His moans were like music to my ears, but I was moaning too. My face was now inches away from the cock I was playing with and its scent was wafting up to my nostrils. He had just washed of course, but Lee was perspiring and his groin area now exuded a tangy, musky aroma that was just blowing my mind with overload of arousal. I was very eager to go to work on him with my mouth now and by God I was going to enjoy this after all.

“Is it your first time?” Lee asked.

I exhaled deeply to answer in a husky whisper, “Yes.”

“Good,” he said. “That makes it worth more to me… say, a hundred dollars?”

I’d almost forgotten about the money. “Sure,” I answered quickly. Somehow, the idea of doing this for money made it dirtier, sexier, a bigger turn-on. I was becoming a cock-sucking whore for cash and let me tell you I sure wouldn’t have expected this end of my day when I got up this morning.

I leaned in closer to begin the work I’d been contracted for. I was already gently caressing his hardened cock and balls with my hands, feeling and kneading very lightly, and now I began to ever so slowly run my tongue over the inside of his thighs, savouring the taste of his fresh-washed skin and enjoying the groans of pleasure I was eliciting from my customer. I continued at this for several minutes, slowly working up the nerve to put my mouth on a cock for the first time, but also making sure that my client was getting his money’s worth.

Finally, the waiting was too much for Lee. He groaned and grabbed my head, not too roughly though, and said, “C’mon, suck it, man!”

He positioned my head so that my mouth was right over his cock and it was pointing right up at it, stretching and straining to get inside. Even in the dimness, I could see it quite well by the light of the TV. It was cut, about six to six and a half inches, very like mine, and there was a shininess to the tip where it was leaking pre-cum. I was mixed in my feelings, I wanted to and was afraid to suck his cock. But the fact remained that I was hired to do a job.

I took the base of his cock in both hands, shut my eyes and closed my mouth gently over the soft head of a cock for the first time in my life. For the moment that was all I did, but it was enough to make Lee inhale sharply with the pleasure of it. I was careful to make sure that my lips were protecting him from my teeth and after I got used to the strange sensation of having a cock in my mouth, I began to play with it. I wound my tongue around it to get its taste, knowing full well that it would send wave after wave of intense erotic pleasure shooting through Lee’s nerves. I continued to do this for several minutes, gauging how much of it Lee could take by the sound of his moans and groans. He was definitely enjoying it.

I began to slowly bob my head up and down over his groin, taking in more and more of his cock gradually over a few minutes, never letting up on the work with my tongue, winding it around and around the sensitive areas, occasionally flicking it hard over the tip. The taste of his pre-cum was salty bahis şirketleri and bitter, but not unpleasantly. Quite the opposite, in fact: it was unexpectedly good.

I was uncomfortable leaning over his cock from the other side of the sofa. Without leaving my work unattended, I slid off the sofa onto the floor and positioned myself on my knees between his legs. As I sucked now at his cock, I had the freedom to use my hands. His cock was sticking through the opening of his housecoat. Now I took the opportunity to use my hands to slowly pull the loops of the housecoat sash loose and open the garment up. Lee was co-operative, sitting up a little so I could pull the coat down over his arms. He was naked now and my hands were free to rove over his entire body.

I was feeling a man’s body for the first time, letting my fingers explore fully the familiar, yet unfamiliar form of another male. He was a little hairier than I was and I enjoyed traipsing my fingers across his hairy chest and belly. It was exciting me a great deal, my cock was rock-hard and begging for attention, but I could not spare a hand for its relief. I was so hot I thought I’d die.

Lee noticed I was sweating and started to pull my sweater up over my head. I let him, pausing for only an instant in my duties to free myself from the constrictive garment but I resumed my ministrations immediately. I should have felt a lot cooler without a top on, but I was burning up with the excitement and passion of the situation. I was hot for cock! I was totally turned on, more than I had been in years. Now if I could only get out of these jeans, I thought.

My excitement showed not only by the woody in my pants, but by my performance on Lee. He was groaning heavily now as my hands caressed and fondled his balls and thighs, occasionally grabbing the base of his cock as well and my head bobbed over his cock with real speed now. I was not able to deep-throat or anything at this stage, but his six-inch length was not more than I could pleasure. Most of him was in my mouth, more than enough to give him pleasure.

I was sucking him like an eager whore. “God,” he groaned, “you’re soooo gooooood”. He was massaging my head with his fingers. His groans and caresses only made me work harder at it. I knew he was going to come soon and I wasn’t sure how I’d handle that situation, but it was like he read my mind. “I know it’s your first time, but I want to come in your mouth… There’s another fifty in it for you if you take my cum down your throat.” God, that did it, being treated like a crack-whore cocksucker in an alleyway was turning me on even more than I was already. Now I wanted to make him come hard in my mouth and I turned on the speed, kneading his balls gently with my hands as I now sucked his cock fast and hard, increasing the pressure of my suction, never slowing my tongue a bit. On the television behind me, the older man groaned the obvious sound of his release.

A moment later, I could hear the same sound from Lee. “God, I’m coming!” He was sitting up a bit now, fully tensed for his orgasm and a second later my mouth was flooded by pulsing bursts of semen, the taste overloaded my senses and my own cock was throbbing, but without release. Load after load seemed to fill my mouth and slip down my throat as he groaned in pleasure.

He pulled my head off his cock by the hair to stop me from sucking it further. He couldn’t take it anymore, too sensitive. I knelt before him, looking up into his eyes, and we shared a moment of total understanding. He knew that I had enjoyed the blow job every bit as much as he had, but for the release he’d had at the end.

He let me go. “Lie back and pull those pants off, kid,” he commanded. “There’s a twenty in it for you if I see your hard cock now.”

I obeyed, struggling to open my belt and get the pants down. In a moment pants and briefs were around my ankles and I was laying back with my cock standing at full mast before me, fully exposed in my arousal.

His voice was husky as he told me to jerk off for him for another twenty, and twenty more if I swallowed my own cum. I certainly needed no urging. I positioned myself in front of him with my legs up on the couch on either side of him so that I could jerk off as close to him as possible. By now though I could not restrain myself. I had to have release and I pulled at myself frantically. It was only seconds until I felt my orgasm building. I positioned myself quickly with my feet on either side of the sofa cushion that Lee was sitting on and forced my body up higher so that my cock was well above my head and aimed at my face. I opened my mouth and took my own load all over my face, catching most of it in my mouth and on my tongue. It was a mega-wad I’d sucked out of Lee, but I’m younger than him and my first-timer excitement produced an even greater blast. I had thick strings of cum all over me, on my face, in my hair, on my chest. It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had in my life.

We both lay there for a time, recovering. I thought that I might feel shame at what I had done, but I did not. After all, when all was said and done, I did it for my family. I took no shame in having enjoyed it either, viewing that as part of my just recompense.

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