Fun with Friends in Dorset Pt. 06

Once Louise and I had finished lapping at the guys spunk on each other’s faces, and had enjoyed a good, deep French kiss, it was time for more drinks before the next round of filthy fun.

Lou stayed in her spunk splattered nurses uniform. Her blue dress dripping in white, translucent jizz. Her white fishnets had cum on them too. She looked deliciously filthy, and sat drinking a glass of white wine.

A young married wife in her early twenties, dressed as a slut nurse and living up to the billing!

I was sat talking to Bill and Ron on the settee. My nylons laddered already, and with spunk stains on them as they clung to my legs.

My wedge shoes had signs of cum on them, as did my hair. I knew we looked like a pair of cheap slags. Both married, both with cunts on fire and wide open from the banging they had taken from the veggies a few minutes earlier, and both loving every minute of it.

We smiled at each other knowing we were in for a really good cocking, and both happy and content with our older lovers.

On screen the scene was now one of a mixed outdoor orgy. Couples fucking in the garden. Wives being spitroasted by two black men, one young blonde taking an absolute fucking hammering from three hung black guys.

I saw Henry looking at the TV and smiled at him.

“You have a willing young blonde naughty nurse sitting right over there,” I said nodding at Louise’s direction. “Why not get her to perform like the blonde tart on screen with you, your dad and Denzel?” I asked.

Lou laughed. “Oh you fancy yourself at directing do you Anna?”

“Well I would like to try,” I quipped back. “Certainly would be a sight worth seeing and would get us all in the mood again I am sure!”

Bill and Ron were joined by Sam on the settee next to me. Two sets of hands roaming onto my legs, whilst Sam felt my titties up.

“Come on then dad, let’s give Anna the show she wants!” Henry beamed as he moved over to Louise, planting a wet sloppy kiss on her lips. She tilted her head to meet his lips and tongue, parting her slender, toned legs at the same time.

Whilst she was being snogged deeply by Henry, his father went to work with his tongue in between her legs. Both guys were now sporting hard cocks as Lou became centre of attention.

“Tastes lovely,” Clive said, his face smeared with Louise’s fanny juice. Glistening in the light.

Henry kept snogging Louise as Sam got on the floor beside me and started licking my legs and up to my cunny.

The sounds of sex started to fill the air once more.

Louise was groaning from the deep tonguing with Henry and from the deep tonguing her pussy was now getting from Clive.

Breaking off from the son she urged Clive on, “Lick my cunt babes. Oh fuck yes.”

I was undressed fully now. Leaving me in just my stocking clad legs, heels, slut hooped earrings and anklet.

My fanny was already dripping wet.

Sam was working away on my fanny, licking the full length of my labia, then dipping his tongue up my open gash.

Bill and Ron were now sucking my tits at either side of me.

Lou was now deep in session with the father and son combo.

Henry had started feeding her his huge, black cock as his dad kept up the pace, lapping at her cunt. Seeing Henry slapping her beautiful face, then sliding a few inches of his huge schlong into her mouth was delightful. I was loving watching it whilst being pampered by my three old studs.

Denzel soon joined Henry at Louise’s casino oyna face. She was treated to a black cock feast for a few minutes.

Alternating between sucking on Henry, then on Denzel. All the while being eaten out by Clive.

Her nurses uniform fully up, showing her stunning legs off to the max, and my young friend looking and acting like the utter fucking slut she is.

Her cunt was soaking and the slopping sounds from Clive eating her out sounded lush.

My own pussy was now being really eaten out hard by Sam, as he also got a finger up my ass at the same time.

Henry was soon joined by his dad at Lou’s face, Denzel replacing Clive between her wide, spread legs to continue eating her out.

“Oh yes please daddy!” she laughed. “Give me that fucking cock along with your sons!”

They duly obliged, slapping her stunning face with their massive cocks and feeding her them alternately. Denzel had now moved up between her legs and was sliding his cock length up and down her wet slit.

I watched on as I started to wank both Bill and Ron, Sam still eating me out. Eating my fanny and also finger fucking my arsehole.

“Oh fuck yes Lou,” I urged. “Take them all you slut.”

“I intend too,” she joked back in between mouthfuls of hard, glistening black cock.

Denzel was now slipping her his full length. Spread wide on the chair. The naughty nurse taking a good cocking.

“Fuck me. Fuck it harder,” She gasped. Denzel built up a nice pace, easily sliding his full, black length up her wet twat.

Sam moved up from my pussy as we settled in to watch the action before starting to fuck ourselves.

Denzel was slipping Louise a good length. His pace was fast. She was greedily sucking on Henry then on his dad.

“I want this big fucking cock!” she blurted out in between gobbles.

Denzel took no offence. Henry was hung. His nickname the horse well fitting.

He slid out Louise’s well fucked pussy, her wet hole gaping as he did so.

My friend now sat, legs splayed and her married cunny gaping open. She looked a picture in her heels and nurse’s outfit.

Henry asked us to move.

Bill, Ron myself and Sam now moved gladly and stood watching. The guys felt me up, playing with my tits and pussy as I intermittently wanked on them and kissed them hard and deep. Tasting their tongues, and loving the attention like all wives should.

Clive had sat down on the settee, his big old cock standing to attention. Louise straddled him and as she sat down he said to her in his lilting Caribbean accent, “Let my boy take your pussy baby girl. I want that sweet ass of yours.”

Slowly she eased herself down onto his knob head. Her spit being used as lubricant as he started to open up her young arsehole with his big cockhead.

“Oh fucking hell,” she panted as he penetrated her ass and began to slide down his length, bit by bit, slow and steadily.

“Let me get my cock deep up you baby girl, then Henry will send you to heaven.”

My friend eagerly slid down this old man’s cock. Inch after inch going up her anal passage. Louise was sweating heavily. She was trembling and moaning loudly as she took it all.

“Oh fuck yes. Oh fucking hell Anna. Oh fuck, I’m taking it all. All up my fucking arse.”

“You are baby girl,” Clive quipped back. “I’m nearly balls deep baby.”

With a final slide and wiggle she took it all. All nine plus inches.

Now the naughty nurse sat impaled on an old black canlı casino guy’s cock. Denzel slowly watching and wanking. Henry moved in front of her slowly and stealthily.

“Give it to her son,” Clive urged. “Fill this white slut up. It’s what she wants, isn’t it baby girl?”

“I do,” Louise stammered. “I want your huge fucking cock up me as your dad fucks my arse. Oh god, I’m so close to fucking cumming again.”

Bill now had two fingers up me, as did Ron. Four fingers up my wet snatch as I stood transfixed by the fucking Louise was taking. My legs were spread wide.

“Take it all Lou,” I panted. “Take all the fuckng black cock.” Bill slipped a third up me as I shook violently, five fingers now mashing around up my wet cunt.

In front of us Henry slowly teased Lou’s gash with the bulbous head of his cock.

Her fanny was open and as she slowly rode his dad’s cock up her ass, it opened up even more.

He teased her, slipping it up her cuntlips, then dipping the head in and taking it out again.

“Get it up me and fuck me to orgasm you bastard,” she shouted. “Fuck it, fuck it …please!”

“I need cock up too,” I quickly said. The finger banging I was taking had me juiced up nicely and I was gagging for a good hard pounding too.

Henry slowly began to ease his cock into Louise as I got on all fours beside her. Bill went to my rear and just ploughed his cock straight up my fanny. No messing about.

“Oh fuck yes,” I blurted out looking back at him. “Go on Bill fuck me.”

Henry eased inch after inch up Louise. She was shaking and mumbling as he slid his huge pole up her juicy quim.

“Take it,” he said quietly to her.

His father asked him to speak up. “Take it Louise. Take all my cock,” he said louder.

His full eleven inches was now ploughing into Louise’s cunt. Her dad impaled up her arse.

“Oh fucking hell,” she mumbled, her eyes rolling in her head.

“I can feel you up the slut son, feel you right up her beside me,” Clive announced. “Fuck the bitch son. Fuck her hard and get her cumming.”

Henry sped up. Behind me Bill was fucking me steadily in a nice rhythm. He slapped my arse as he pulled at my hips.

“Oh fuck yes Bill, spank me, spank my arse.”

I was loving this hard pounding and had Sam and Ron at my face. Slapping my face with their cocks and watching Louise getting fucking hammered!

Louise was now mumbling and almost incoherent.

She had eleven inches slamming into her wet cunt and another eight and a bit up her arse.

“I’m cumming…Oh fuck…Oh fucking hell yes…Oh fuck. Jesus…Oh fucking hell…” She continued to mumble and ramble as the guys now shafted her in tandem. Their rhythm perfect. Henry into her cunt, then out, then in again. His dad fucking her arse from below best he could in tandem with his son.

They kept going right into her orgasm and out the other end of it. She shook, visibly shook, as they fucked her harder and harder. Her tits jiggling, her legs trembling. Fucking hell she looked amazing.

“Yes!,” she almost screamed as she came off, came off on a father and son.

“Fuck me. Oh fuck me…God almighty, I’m so fucking full. Oh god Anna, Anna I’m cumming.”

“I know sweety,” I replied to her. “You look stunning babes. Simon would be so proud of you, you dirty slut. Now cum on their cocks, cum all over the bastards. A dad and son, you utter slag.”

She came heavily. Henry’s cock showing signs of her fanny batter all kaçak casino over his ebony veined shaft as he came in and out of her.

Behind me Bill was replaced by Ron, he easily slid up my cunt and started banging away too.

Denzel was now at my face feeding me his shaft.

Bill and Sam wanking and moving over to Louise.

“Suck us as well Louise,” Bill said standing next to her. With Clive and Henry slowing their fucking down she sucked on Bill, then on Sam.

The next hour or so was one of pure filth. Porn on the TV playing images of gangbangs and huge cocks spunking all over slutty wives. Louise and I being banged in every permutation by the six guys.

I had every one of them in my mouth and in my cunt. Henry’s dad took my arse as Denzel fucked me, then I had the pleasure of the father and son DP combination too.

Sat astride Clive, Henry up my splayed and red twat as they fucked the literal shit out of me.

My stockings were in bits. Laddered and torn, my large hooped earrings with cum on them and I fucking loved looking like such a used whore.

Louise had two cocks up her pussy (Sam and Bill) at one point.

Henry spunked up my fanny as he fucked me with his dad up my ass. He filled me with hot cum, seeding me deep. Clive pulled out my arsehole and replaced his son up my cunt, fucking my frothy gash, churning butter up me as he bred me deep as well. Father and son spunking up me like a cheap slut. Clives cock covered in my cum and his son’s remnants of jizz as well.

Denzel came all over Louise’s face as Bill fucked her hard from behind. Bill emptying his balls up her young married, reddened fanny.

Sam and Ron both finished off over Louise’s tits and face at the same time. Once they had finished covering her I licked her face and kissed her, suckling her aching tits, savouring the salty spunk from them as I did so.

It was an awesome night.

My promise to the taxi driver was fulfilled too. I walked to the car looking an utter wreck and used state. It was early morning, just past 3am and I was dared to walk out without wearing much clothing.

My stockings were around my ankles, my wedge heels spunk stained. I had my tini mini skirt still on but no top. My bare tits out for the driver to ogle and admire.

My cunt leaked cum and it ran down my thighs like a warm river of delight.

Love bites on my tits and neck were visible as was the cum on my face from a blasting I had received just minutes before the taxi arrived from a rejuvenated Sam.

“Leave it dripping from your face Anna,” I was urged. “Let him see how much you have been used.”

Once at the car door he simply smiled at me.

“Had a good time I see!” he chirped at me.

“Oh fuck yes,” was my reply. “But youre having me last remember. I promised sweety.”

I sat in the front this time. Spreading my legs and playing with my clit.

I told him about some of the fun, scooping spunk from my fanny and eating it for him to watch.

The guys in the back egging me on.

Once near Clives home we found a quiet place to park up and the driver fucked me outside over the bonnet of the car. I sucked him for a little bit then he slid up me like a knife through butter.

I hardly felt him up me as he fucked me from behind. My legs bent to get him good access. He didn’t last long before he pulled out and spunked all over my arse.

A load on my arse and one on my face still fresh.

He kissed me goodnight, tasting Sam’s spunk on me and we drove the short distance to the house.

It was a wonderful weekend and once this lockdown is over, and all is well god willing, Louise and myself are going back for more black cock.

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