Getting Anthony Ch. 02

You loved living with Anthony, it was all a dream. You had been living together for a few weeks when he said “We’ve got a three day weekend coming up. Want to get away? I’ll take care of everything.” He looked so eager, giving you a bit of the puppy face he did when he wanted to do something for you.

You hugged him, and gave him what you knew he wanted “You make me so happy.”

“Do I really?” Anthony looked at you like you had just made him the happiest man in the world.

“You certainly do.” You could feel his dick getting hard, as he was so happy. Loving his cock, you bent down and began to suck it. You had been working on it, but still couldn’t deep throat it, but you were getting better. Anthony let out an animalistic groan. After you had sucked him he fucked you again. It felt so good.

When the long weekend arrived, getting out of work you headed out to the country, driving quite far. After dark, you both arrived at a cabin. Anthony ushed you in and had you sit while he got you a beer and started a fire. Then he brought all the things in. It was like having a servant, but you could tell Anthony wanted to do everything, so you enjoyed it. You thought about telling him to get naked, but decided to let him come to that conclusion on his own. You sat back revelling in the fact Anthony was your stripper, naked servant, and the most awesome top you had ever had – and even better he fucked you for your pleasure, doing anything, anything for you to feel incredible.

He took your luggage into the bedroom, and just as you were wondering what was keeping him he came out “Holy Fuck!” you said. Anthony was wearing a cowboy hat, boots, and bandana – and nothing else. He looked beyond hot. His perfect body with its athletic muscles and covering of dark hair, and of course his big hard cock and massive balls. You almost came just from him standing there. You got up and you both approached each other. You felt up his great pecs as you kissed. You continued to feel up his magnificent body. The super sexy body that you could do anything to, the super sexy body that did anything it could to make you feel fantastic.

“I need to make my man dinner.” Anthony said as he broke the kiss. “Want to watch me in this getup?”

“Fuck yeah.” You agreed.

Anthony started up the grill outside and put on a couple of steaks. He started a salad, and grilled corn on the cob. You watched his body, the hat, boots, and bandana just accented his natural sexiness. Naked bodies were great to look at, but adding just a little gave it a whole new dimension. You had the best life, how many men had a such a perfect body and it was there just to make you happy.

Grilling steaks was as strong point in Anthony’s cooking skills, and it was a great meal, made even better by the naked man with you. Anthony’s dick was hard throughout dinner, he was so glad he was doing things for you.

After you ate, you sat and enjoyed the night breeze and the stars, you had a chance to feel up his perfect body and that always excited you. After some time, Anthony took you by the hand and led you back into the cabin. He stoked up the fire and pulled you down in front of it, kissing you and starting to remove your clothes. You helped and were soon naked. Anthony kissed down your chest and took your cock into his mouth. He casino oyna deepthroated you and really worked your cock. You enjoyed it for a little, than moved around so you could suck his cock as well, ending up in a 69. You sucked deep and felt Anthony deep in your cock, he still managed to lick your balls, since it seems his marine training let him get cocks deep down his throat.

The 69 on the rug before the fire went on for a while, than Anthony moved to stick his tongue up your ass. You felt waves of pleasure as he licked your hole and lubed you up good before rolling you on your back. You smiled up at him, feeling his cock enter you “Yes man, go slow.” You said, and he did. Moving his hips back and forth in slow, long motions. He filled you up and you felt him deep in you. He bent down and kissed you, and you could feel the chest hair rubbing against you. “Faster, fuck me faster” And he did, Anthony moved as you instructed, making this fuck, just like all the rest, exactly what you wanted.

“Harder, go harder.” You commanded, and Anthony threw a fuck into you like never before, pistoning his cock into your as his hips thrust hard and fast. Able to take it no more, you shoot your cum, triggering Anthony to do the same. Anthony really had a thing for cum, and he licked it off you. You held each other and watched the fire.

You made it to bed and slept deep. Anthony woke you up with coffee and breakfast in bed, sucking your balls as you ate. After that, he fucked you again.

You both rested for a bit, gently caressing each others bodies. Finally, Anthony looked at you “Ready to look around?”

“Sure.” You said, and you both headed out the door.

On the front porch he got in front of you and crouched down. “Get on, you’re going to ride me.”

“Ride you?” You asked.

“Yeah.” Anthony turned around “Like a horse, you can ride me. I’ll take you around. I thought you’d like it.” He had that puppy look where he wanted to do something to please you.

“Alright stud. It will be cool.” You said, and climbed on Anthony’s back. Anthony carried you around the cabin, and you could see the barn, the field behind, and woods all around you. It was beautiful. Anthony was strong, and riding him you felt his muscles like never before. You couldn’t believe you had this stud doing all these things for you. And he came up with them on his own. A cabin in the woods so he could be naked for days. Dressing up like a stripper cowboy to turn you on. Cooking for you and blowing you while you ate. Now carrying you around just so you could get a thrill.

Anthony carried you out to the field and “galloped” around, working up a sheen of sweat. You discovered you could guide him by moving his head or shoulder one direction or another, he responded just like a horse, he was really getting into this, even neighing a few times, which caused you to laugh.

He did wear himself out a bit, and you both ended up back at the cabin. There he quickly rinsed off his sweat and joined you in the cabin’s hot tub. You talked a bit, and under the water your foot found and began to nudge his cock. After a few minutes of that, Anthony lifted your foot up and began to suck your toes. You rolled back enjoying the sensation, and he worked on both feet.

When lunchtime approached, Anthony said he had a picnic canlı casino planned, and you dressed while he, staying naked got it together. You both walked out to the nearby field. There you ate in the sun. You leaned back, hands behind your head. Anthony placed a grape between your lips.

Closing your eyes, and Anthony slowly feeding your grapes you reflected how Anthony was effectively your slave. He took care of all the household chores, sucked your balls to wake you in the morning, fucked you on your schedule and how you wanted it. He dressed himself up because you liked it. He stayed naked all the time at home because you wanted him to. Not only did he do anything you asked, he actually thought about what would turn you on and did it for you. And his guesses had been spot on so far. He never seemed to tire of dedicating every waking minute to your pleasure. It didn’t seem to matter to him if he came or not.

You reached up and ran your hand over Anthony’s chest and down to his cock, you gently fondled it. “Have you ever been edged?”

“Not really. I’ve held back so I don’t cum too quick. Do you want to edge me?” Anthony got that excited look that meant he was willing to do something for you.

“Yeah, it would be fun. You up for the challenge?”

“Fuck yeah. Can you tie me up so I don’t fight you off?” Anthony asked.

“Sure.” You answered. Bondage wasn’t really your thing, but it did make sense for an edging session.

“OK. I’ll get some rope. Find a couple of trees we can use.” Anthony hurried off, taking the picnic things with him.

You found some trees thick enough and Anthony returned with ropes and some blankets. Anthony told you how to tie him up so he wouldn’t have any leverage to resist. You found it amazing, not only was one of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen, and certainly the hottest guy who had ever fucked you, letting you tie him up but was actually telling you how to do it to your best advantage.

With Anthony restrained and helpless before you, you ran your hand through his chest hair and down to his cock. “You’re all tied up now.” You said “And this is mine to do anything I want with.”

“It has been for a while now.” Anthony said to you, looking into your eyes. You started stroking his cock, it responded immediately, getting stiff in your hand. “This is going to so hard, you turn me on so much.”

“You can do it marine.” You stroked his dick while he groaned. You had gotten to know his body very well and you pulled your hand off just before he shot off. Anthony groaned loudly and his cock throbbed.

You let his cock go down a bit before you gently took it back and brought it back to full hardness. He did respond quickly your touch. You played with his cock and balls, feeling up his rocking body, twicking his nipples. He groaned and growled and was breathing deeply. You had gone over an hour, and you loved getting to feel him up like this, his body was beyond belief and his cock and balls were huge. Having Anthony as a helpless stud under your control was amazing.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, awwwww fuck.” Anthony struggling against the ropes but his instructions were too good for him to get any help, he twisted and rolled but couldn’t escape. You let him go and he bucked his hips in frustration, trying to fuck the air but that didn’t help. kaçak casino He shuck his head back and forth wanting to cum so badly.

You kept it up for long time. You had all the time in the world. Being outside and away from everything was a great turn on. Anthony’s cock had turned red and it was your great knowledge of his body that let you take him to the just the the second just before he shot and you stopped. Anthony was sweating and breathing deep.

Anthony was in a deep haze of horniness, completely lost under your hand. You were gently stroking him and could tell he was just about to shoot. You took your hand off “Oh shit fuck!!” Antony screamed, twisting his body and trying to escape. But still the ropes held. “Fuck, fuck, fuck I need to cum!” Anthony yelled.

“Not yet marine. We still have a while to go.” You answered, loving having him so far gone. Looking at his handsome face you could tell he was lost. You let his cock go down when you took his cock in your hand again. “Arrgh. Oh fuck.” Anthony’s voice was hoarse just as he was so lost.

You kept up your stroking, his cock was hard, he was getting so close. Anthony was begging you to let him cum. “Fuck, I need to cum, please let me cum. Fuck fuck fuck.” You eased up on his cock, “Oh fuck, no, let me cum. Please, I gotta cum.” You intensified a bit, knowing he was close but you wouldn’t put him over the edge yet. “Fuck, please master, let me cum.” Anthony whispered. You almost stopped when he said ‘master’. You kept stimulating him, but not enough to pop him as you reflected that you were thinking of him as your slave and he just called you master. Was Anthony thinking of himself as your slave and that you were his master, or was it just the fever of unrelenting stimulation that had fogged his mind and turned his brain to mush. Either way it was great to hear. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck” Anthony whispered again, still lost in his horniness. He was almost there. You stopped.

“Oh shit fuck, I was so close, just let me cum, please, I’m begging you. Please I just want to cum.” Anthony was still breathing hard. “Fuck, I just need to cum, please I’ll do anything.”

“I think you already do everything.” You reply.

“Of fuck, what can I do, I just want to cum. I need to cum. I fucking need to cum so bad. I’ve never needed to cum so bad in my whole life. Please make me cum.” Anthony said.

You looked at him, he was so worn out, his muscles strained, his breathing deep, and his cock bouncing up and down, his hips fruitlessly fucking the air. You had been edging him for a very long time, and it had been great, but it was time to get him off.

“OK marine.” You grabbed his cock and really started stroking it. He got to the point of no return fast and started cumming.

“Fuck yeah!!” Anthony yelled, his cum shooting far up his chest, making it to his face. “Fuck I needed that.” Anthony sighed in relief.

You gave him a few minutes to recover as you began to remove his binds. He just lay there, exhausted. Once the ropes where off, you lay next to him and began to scoop up his cum and feed it to him. He sucked on your fingers as you put each batch in his mouth.

“I can’t fucking believe how that felt.” Anthony said. “You are the most exciting man I’ve ever been with.”

“You’re the most exciting man I’ve ever been with.” You repeat to him, going down and kissing him deep.

After what you had just put him through, you had neither the heart or desire to make Anthony do anything but lay there with you.

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