Getting Down , Physical Ch. 2

Chapter Two: Busted!

However, Juan’s reverie was rather unceremoniously interrupted. Juan heard a knock at the door and without waiting for him to respond, Nurse Presley barged into the room saying, “Okay, Juan. Let’s take you first.”

However, when she opened the door, she saw Juan sitting on the bench, holding his erect penis, which appeared to be as volatile as a grenade. Nurse Presley had seen her share of upstart penises, erect and soft. Suddenly, Juan turned an ashen shade of pale. Nurse Presley feigned rage: “How dare you perform such acts in my office,” she screamed. “Get out here right away and go inside to receive your punishment.”

Juan stood, uncertain how to handle his erection and what to do to hide it. But he followed the nurse into her office. The office was large, with two beds surrounded with curtains similar to those in a hospital. In addition, an examination table, like one in a doctor’s office with a sink and a scale next to it, was in the middle of the room. The nurse’s desk and file cabinets were set back in the corner of the room.

Nurse Presley pretended to be outraged by Juan’s transgressions. She stormed back to her desk and then pointed Juan to a corner of the room. “Go back there and face the wall,” she instructed him, appearing shocked and angry and treating Juan as she would a first-grader. “Then I’ll deal with you.”

Juan, still frightened and embarrassed by his plight, had pulled the towel around himself. But while it covered his derrierre very effectively, it could not hide the erection. The blue towel was raised in front. He faced the wall in ignominy, dreading what was going to happen next. He worried that he would not be allowed to run for the track team, or even might get thrown out of school. He had never even been to the principal’s office for any offense — ever. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Nurse Presley take out a paddle that she had hidden away somewhere in the office. She lay the paddle on the desk, but then turned her attention to Rachel. The sight of the paddle forced Juan to pay heed to his stomach, as he was getting a little quesy.

Rachel was bewildered by the commotion outside her room. She had taken off her cutoffs and blouse and then had looked at the gown that Nurse Presley had provided. Putting it on, she realized that it barely covered her firm buttocks, those that so entranced the young boys. With only the nurse present, she was not concerned. But with Juan there, she was more cautious, although the thought of seeing him naked, or half-naked, excited her.

Finally, Rachel decided to remove her bra, but keep her panties on. They were a set of white bikini panties, high-cut French style. Both the bra and panties were sprinkled with red hearts, as if Rachel had to do anything else to be sexy.

Then when the nurse started her ranting and raving at Juan in the next room, she thought. “What could he have done?” Rachel was saying to herself, puzzled. “Juan is the most strait-laced kid in school, almost disgustingly so. I can’t imagine what he would have done to get into trouble.”

After things appeared to be calming down, the nurse went back to get Rachel, who was waiting anxiously. Rachel was more casino siteleri experienced in the sexual ways of the world than Juan. She had made a mistake last year with Hank Rogers, the quarterback on the football team. They were dating and Hank pressured Rachel into giving up her virginity to him. She consented, but later regretted it and broke up with him. It was a dreadful experience for her. Although she had not been sexually active since then, she had given a few blow jobs to some boys over the years. and had engaged in some torrid necking with guys

The nurse knocked on the door, and then entered. “Come with me,” Nurse Presley said curtly to Rachel, who followed her into the room. With the gown, she could at least exhibit a modicum of modesty. And it opened in the front, not in the back. When Rachel entered the nurse’s office, she saw Juan — completely nude — facing the wall in the corner. But she was shocked by another discovery. His hands were tied behind his back!

“Oh, my God!” Rachel muttered under her breath, starting to shake a little herself at the thought of what might be ahead for her.

“Go over to the scale, take off your gown, and step up on it,” Nurse Presley said, walking over to her desk and picking up a clipboard. “Then I will get you started. I hope that you behave better than Mr. O’Brien has.”

“Oh, no,” thought Rachel. “I thought that I would at least be able to keep my gown on. But at least I still have my panties on.” Not for long.

After taking off the gown, Rachel stepped up on the scale. But when Nurse Presley saw her, she exploded once again, “Didn’t I tell you to take off all of your clothes? Can’t anybody around here follow directions? Take off those panties and give them to me.” Rachel did not realize that the nurse was simply engaging in some histrionics, which were achieving their desired effect.

But before she stepped onto the scale, Rachel glanced back at Juan. His body was muscular and firm, with wide shoulders that tapered off to a slender waist. And his butt — “Awesome,” was all she could think about that muscular derriere. So while she was filled with trepidation, Rachel acknowledged that she was starting to feel hot, realizing that her pussy was beginning that tingly feeling inside that she loved so much.

Shaking, Rachel immediately stepped off the scale, took off the panties, and handed them to the nurse. Trembling visibly, she stepped back onto the scale. But while doing so, she noticed that the nurse had turned Juan away from the wall so that he was now facing the middle of the room. “Oh, no,” Rachel thought in trepidation, although the thought of seeing him nude entranced her. But she was not ready to look at Juan’s erection, or at anyone’s erection.

Rachel had never seen Hank’s penis, since their sexual union occurred in the back seat of his parent’s car. Simply disgusting, she thought about Hank, as she was reminiscing about the three erect penises in her life. Before Hank, there was her neighbor, Les. They were just talking in the back yard one day when one thing led to another. They each explored the other’s body, with Rachel doing Les, while he reciprocated and provided her with her first — and only canlı casino — experience with the beauty of cunnilingus. Hank told her that eating her pussy was disgusting, out of the question. But he simply loved receiving a blow job. Double standard. And then there was Milan, the foreign-exchange student … but she was jolted back to reality by the nurse.

Nurse Presley came over to the scale, set it at 100, moved it back and forth, and then said, “Okay, 109. Let’s see, 5-6. Now go over onto the examination table and sit up on it.”

“Oh, no!” thought Rachel, realizing that the table would be facing Juan, with only about 20 feet separating them. However, while she had a sense of fear, she was also thrilled with the eroticism of the situation. She was again feeling tingly inside her most private areas, although embarrassed that Juan would be seeing her receiving her examination at the hands of the nurse.

Rachel walked over to the table, stepped onto the stool, and sat down on the edge of the vinyl covering. She was trying not to look directly at Juan, nor Juan at her. However, they could not keep their eyes off each other.

During this, Juan had been futilely attempting to rid himself of the embarrassment of the erection. One of his friends told him that to get rid of a “boner,” he should think of the worst thing in the world that could happen to him, like a car accident, getting pulled over by a cop, or getting hurt in a football game. Juan was trying, but his erection was solid and proud, standing there without softening at all. Juan thought that if his boner would go away, he would not be as embarrassed. But then when Rachel turned toward him and walked over to the table, he thought that his heart would jump out of his body. He had never seen such beauty in his life. He attempted not to stare, since he realized that two women now saw him with an erection, something that no other human had prior to this situation.

Juan noted that Rachel’s breasts were much larger than he had anticipated. They were conical and were about the size and shape of an orange, with nipples that were dark red. Juan was also interested that Rachel’s nipples appeared to be hard, thin and elongated about an inch. He could hardly breathe, his heart was simply racing again.

Nurse Presley came back to the table with her clipboard and a piece of tape. “Stand up,” she ordered, and Rachel complied. “But the young girl could not believe what the nurse was about to do. Nurse Presley had a measuring tape in her hand and was going to take some vital measurements.

“Step down from the stool,” she ordered. When Rachel had complied, the nurse put the tape measure around her back and breasts, actually placing the tape directly over the nipples.

“Hmm, about 33,” the nurse said, writing down the measurement. Rachel could not believe this. She had physicals for track before and for cheerleading, but no one had recorded her vital measurements. The one person who was enjoying the whole scenario was Juan, who was practically breathless as he watched the nurse’s devious machinations.

Next, she put the tape around Rachel’s waist and recorded a 23. “Wow, you are pretty firm here,” Nurse Presley said, kaçak casino patting Rachel’s tummy, which was flat and firm due to her running, weight lifting, and sit-ups. So, someone other than Juan was enjoying this scenario, Rachel thought, noting that the nurse’s hand lingered longer than it should have over her abs.

However, with the next measurement, Rachel found that she was in trouble. “Step back up on the stool,” the nurse instructed. Rachel complied and the nurse placed the tape around her hips, ones that were gorgeous, in Juan’s judgment. As the sole male in the room, Juan realized that he was better off not fighting himself any longer, and decided to enjoy the show. This was enlightening for him, and he started to fantasize, trading places with the nurse in his version of the present situation.

But when the nurse pulled the tape together, placing it right above the slit to Rachel’s pussy, she realized that her hands were becoming wet. Immediately, she pulled back and screamed at Rachel, “Why, you little slut. You are wet and excited, just like he is. Shame on you. Imagine your doing that in my office! You get over there right beside him, and I will deal with you both.”

The nurse pushed Rachel over beside Juan, with both of them facing her desk. She then grabbed a small piece of rope and tied Rachel’s hands together, just like she had done to Juan. Then Nurse Presley started over to the door, looking to lock it, when a knock was heard on the door, and without warning, in pranced Priscilla Promise, the wayward athlete who was missing in action for the physical. She was more than an hour late. “Oh, excuse me, Miss Presley, but I completely forgot about the physical today and was on my way home when I remembered and I hope that you’re not mad at me because I’m really sorry and I didn’t mean it,” Priscilla, who was nicknamed Prissy Priscilla by the guys on the track team, gushed, not noticing her fellow athletes standing in the corner without a stitch of clothing on them..

The nurse just glared at her, saying, “Well, you’re not too late, but like your friends, you have been disrespectful to me and to the school. You will have to take the same punishment that they are going to undergo shortly.”

At that, Prissy Priscilla looked toward the corner, spying Juan and Rachel in all of their nudity. “Oh, my God! Oh, my God! What in the world … I never … “

The nurse interrupted her remonstrations. “You’d better go over in the corner and take off all of your clothes and join them,” the nurse said. “Then we’ll get on with the punishment, followed by the physical.”

Priscilla’s appearance had added a bit of comic relief to the situation in the eyes of Juan and Rachel, who were laughing at Priscilla’s plight just as they were concerned about theirs.

While the nurse was showing a protesting Priscilla to the other side of the room, Rachel looked at Juan and smiled. She then glanced down at his raging penis, which seemed about to explode, and said, “Wow, Juan. That’s nice. Very, very nice.” She smiled at him, with her blue eyes twinkling.

Men appreciate flattery, and Juan smiled in return. “You’re what’s beautiful, Rachel. Just, just … awesome,” the macho hunk said, looking closely at her body, particularly her pussy.

The two athletes realized that maybe, just maybe, the best was about to come — in more ways than one.

Continued: Chapter Three — Prissy Priscilla

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