GHO: A First-Timer’s Story

On Monday morning, my phone buzzed with a text from my assistant, Ani, “GHO this Fri. Time and Location TBA. Txt Leslie 4 prescreening.”

I stuck my head out of the office, “Ani, what’s this text about? GHO?”

“Sorry Tim, must have included you in the group text by accident.”

Ani was a new assistant, but very capable. Her response made sense, so I didn’t think of it again.

Around the same time Tuesday morning, I received another group text from Ani, “Don’t miss GHO this Fri. Prescreening a must b4 u cum. Txt Leslie.”

Now, thoroughly confused, I called Ani into my office. “Hey, Ani, got another GHO text by mistake. What is this thing all about?”

Ani paused for a second, closed my door behind you and sat down. “Tim, I’m sorry. I should have told you. It wasn’t a mistake. I added you to the list. My sister, Leslie, and I run this little social networking thing for men only. It is invite-only. We cover all costs, so each guest pays only $500 per event, and that includes screening, refreshments, location, and complete discretion.”

Now, I was confused and a bit curious. “Ani, what tpe of event is this?”

“It is a place where men from all different backgrounds can meet for safe, clean, sex play. Like a private poker game, except all-male sex instead of cards.”

My jaw dropped to the floor. I stammered, “B-b-but Ani, I-I-I’m n-n-not gay. I’m m-m-married and g-g-got kids. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it’s not m-m-me.”

Ani looked at me with a yeah-right grin. Her voice was tinged with the slightest bit of sarcasm. “Tim, I guess you’re right. I thought that maybe you would like to try something different. Forget about it. But if you change your mind, text Leslie. You need to be prescreeened before you can attend.”

She grabbed a sticky note, scribbled Leslie’s phone number and handed it to me. “Here’s Leslie’s number, just in case,” she said as she left my office.

I stared at the sticky note for a few minutes, thinking to myself. What on Earth made Ani think I wanted to be part of this? This is nuts. I put the paper down. I picked it up again. Up and down, 2 or 3 times. I crumpled it up and threw it in the trash, but 15 minutes later, I retrieved it again, smoothed the wrinkled paper, took a deep breath as I dialed the number. My hands were trembling.

A pleasant, professional voice answered. “Hi, Tim. I’m Leslie, nice to meet you. So glad you are thinking of coming to our event.”

I was in shock. “Ummm, how did you know it was me? I didn’t even say who I was.”

“Well Tim, we take great care to make sure our invitees are treated special, so we have all your information programmed into our phones, so we can answer any request at a moment’s notice. Think of us as a concierge for you.”

Leslie explained that she worked in the lab a couple blocks away, but that I didn’t need to wait. All I had to do was text her when I got there and she would let me in through a side entrance.

I grabbed my jacket and walked passed Ani on my way to the elevator. “Ani, I just have to run a quick errand…”

She cut me off. “I understand, Tim. Take your time.”

I walked the couple of blocks quickly and texted Leslie that I was there. As promised she let me in through a side door, down the hallway and into a small private room. Leslie was the consummate professional. She politely led me through a short questionnaire, asking whether I had an prior STIs or HIV, was an IV drug user, had been with prostitutes or had unprotected sex with men before. I responded truthfully that I had done none of that. “Good,” she said. “All we need is a urine sample, a small blood sample, and to take a quick look and culture.” casino oyna

I went into the adjoining bathroom and filled the small sample cup. In the meantime, she prepped a small tray with a needle and single vial. I sat down and she rolled up my shirt sleeve. She wiped my arm with an alcohol swab and told me to take a deep breath. I felt a quick pinch and after less than a minute she was done.

She then told me to open my pants and pull my pants and boxers to my knees. Wearing gloves, she made a quick, but thorough inspection of my penis and scrotum. She opened a sterile package and took a quick swab of the opening of my penis. As she removed her gloves, Leslie explained, “Everything looks good. We will have all your results in about an hour. Your number is 44. Remember that number because it is your only identifier. No one will see your name on any lab results, only your number. I will let you know if everything is clear in an hour. If it’s all good, we will see you on Friday for the GHO.”

As promised, I received a call in about an hour. “Hi, 44. Everything has checked out well. We’ll see you on Friday.”

The rest of the week was difficult. I tried not to think about the event. I fought with myself whether I even should be going. I kept asking myself, Tim, why are you going? You’re not even gay. But at the same time, the curiosity was hard to overcome. There was something about the thought of going that made me… well, excited.

Friday arrived finally. I did my best to busy myself all morning. At lunchtime, Ani came in and told me that she was taking the afternoon off to go set up for the event. She told me that I would get a text at 3:00 with instructions on where and when to go.

Sure enough, at 3:00 sharp, I received a text with instructions. I knew the place. A clean chain hotel, not far from my home that catered mostly to business travel. The suite was on the 4th floor. And the party started at 4:30.

Around 4:00, I packed my briefcase and made my way to the parking garage. My hands literally shook as I drove to the hotel. As I got closer, my chest began to pound from sheer nerves. I sat in the hotel parking lot for a minute or two, trying to decide if I should really do this. But then, I took a deep breath, turned off the car and walked into the hotel. I walked straight through the lobby and took the elevator to the 4th floor. I found the suite and knocked.

Ani opened the door and smiled. “Hi, 44. Glad you could make it. Come on in.” There already was a small crowd of men. Some seemed nervous like me, but others looked like they had been to parties before and knew what to expect.

Ani led me to a small desk in the entrance area, where she took my $500. She told me to give her my right hand and she put on 2 wristbands, a white one and a pink one with the number 44 written on it. She handed me a plastic box, also numbered 44, and told me to go inside, put all my clothes in the box and put it in an empty cubby on the shelves inside. Ani smiled at me. “Don’t be nervous. Just relax and have a good time. And remember, don’t share your name with anyone. You are 44.”

I opened the door and walked in. The suite, which was the size of 3 hotel rooms, was usually used as conference or meeting rooms. But, instead of chairs and tables there were 5 or 6 beds in the room. There already were 6 or 7 men in the room, all undressing and putting their clothes into similar, numbered boxes. A couple of the other men also wore white wristbands, but everyone had another, colored band, pink like mine, green or yellow. I had no idea at the time what the colors meant. The guys with white bands seemed to attract a lot of attention.

I found a corner and undressed quietly. It canlı casino felt so weird to be getting naked in front of a group of other men, all strangers. I folded my clothes neatly into the box and found an empty cubby for my stuff. I stood nervously for the next few minutes as the last of invitees arrived and undressed. The men were in all shapes and sizes, different heights, ages, and races. I felt acutely aware of my nakedness, wishing that I had not put on those extra 15 pounds over the last few years. But, everyone seemed nice.

A taller, older man with a green wristband approached me. “Hi 44, I’m 26. First time, huh?”

“That obvious?”

“Well yeah, and you are wearing a white band. Those are for first-timers.”

I asked, “What are the colored bands for, then?”

“Don’t worry, You’ll figure that out soon. Ani and Leslie never get those wrong.”

Once everyone on the guest list had checked in and undressed, Ani and Leslie came in. Leslie spoke, “Thank you all for coming to the GHO, Gay Hotel Orgy. We have 3 new members and there are 5 pinks, 8 greens, and 7 yellows. The refrigerator is stocked with water and other drinks. Feel free to enjoy them. We have plenty of lube, cock rings, and poppers if you want to try. There are packages of wipes if you want, and the bathroom has a shower and clean towels if you want to wash up before leaving. Feel free to take a towel before getting on one of the beds with anyone. You all have been screened and are clean, but there are bowls of condoms if you want. Please keep the area clean and throw out your trash. And, most of all, have a good time.”

Ani put on some soft music and dimmed the lights a bit. Men started to move around, introduce themselves and pair up. The man I met earlier, Number 26 with a green band, approached me again. “Mind if I get to know you better?”

Number 26 reached out and began to stroke my penis. As I moaned, he leaned in and kissed me. My mind was racing. I felt so conflicted but at the same time, his mouth felt good. I opened my lips and felt his tongue slide into my mouth. As we kissed, I reached for his erection and began to stroke him as well.

Soon I felt another pair of hands, Number 18, on my shoulders. He also had a green band. He began to kiss my neck and slide his hands between my cheeks, teasing and rubbing my tight asshole.

Number 26 grabbed a clean towel and the 3 of us moved to the nearest bed. Number 26 positioned himself on the bed in front of me, while Number 18 got behind me. I could feel 18’s fingers against me, massaging my hole. I could feel him rubbing the lube onto me. He laughed and called Ani over. “Ani, you’re the best. You brought a virgin! He is so tight.”

“18 meet 44. He’s a sweetheart. Treat him well, but not too gently.” She looked at me. “You doing alright? I’ve got something here that might help you relax a bit.”

Ani opened a small bottle of poppers and put it to my nose. “Try a sniff of this. Not too much.” I inhaled and felt the effects immediately. It was a complete rush. I felt dizzy for a second, but then my whole body reacted. My skin felt so much more sensitive to the touch and everything just relaxed.

Number 18 continued behind me, now sliding his fingers in and out of me with a bit more ease. After a few minutes, he pulled his fingers out and I could feel the smooth round head of his cock pressing into me. At the same time, Number 26 positioned his cock close to my mouth and began to push throughy open lips. A man in front and another behind me, I was being spit-roasted, and I fucking loved it!

Numbers 18 and 26 found their rhythm, rocking me back and forth. As I rocked forward, Number 26 pushed into my mouth. As I rocked kaçak casino back, Number 18 pressed deep into my ass. In time, Number 18 began to fuck faster. I could feel him tightening, getting even harder. With a low groan, he pumped into me with 3 or 4 more hard thrusts and then held still. I could feel his cock twitching inside me as he emptied his balls inside of me. He held still for a moment or two longer and then withdrew slowly. He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear. “44, you were amazing. Welcome to GHO. I hope to see you again in a little bit.”

I lay still on the bed for another minute or two with my ass still up in the air. Number 26 pulled his cock from my mouth and moved behind me. I felt so wet and slick from Number 18’s cum that I didn’t need any lube. Number 26 slid right into me and began fucking hard. I could feel his massive hands holding my hips as he pumped hard into me. I moaned loudly as he fucked me. Number 26 would change his rhythm every few minutes from long hard strokes to short gentle ones. Faster then slower. I could feel my own erection grow as it rubbed the soft towel underneath me with every stroke. As Number 26 quickened his pace, I could feel my own asshole begin to twitch. My legs began to tremble and as my hole tightened around his penis, I could feel the wave of my own orgasm pass through my body. I ejaculated hard into the towel and my chest fell to the bed as Number 26 continued to pump into me until he also came hard inside me. I lay on the bed, trying to catch my breath, very aware of the semen that was oozing out of me.

The next 3 hours were a dizzying array of sensations. Numbered men, 16, 32, 29, 48, 19, 6, 8, 9, all took their turns. I lost track of the numbers of green and yellow bands that were touching me, massaging me, and fucking my ass and mouth. I looked around the room and saw other pinks and yellows spread out on the different beds in all types of positions, sucking and being fucked. A younger Hispanic man stood next to the bed and fed me his uncut cock, grabbing the back of my head and holding me tight while he spurted into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, sucking him until he was dry. Number 4, a thick, black man with a yellow band, lay face down in front of me, and held his cheeks open. I licked his hole still gaping as he pushed another number’s semen into my mouth before rolling over and feeding me his own.

The crowd thinned and around 8:00, Ani shut the music and raised the lights. I wrapped a clean towel around my waist and sat on the edge of the bed. I was drained, mentally and physically, very much aware of the semen that was drying on my face and body. I reeked from cum.

Ani and Leslie came over and sat next to me on the edge of the bed. “How was it?”

I sighed, “It was incredible. I think I figured out what the colors mean. Pinks are bottoms. Greens are tops. And yellows, do both?”

“Yes. Yellows are versatile.”

I started to ask a question, but Ani interrupted, knowing what I was going to ask. “So, you want to know how we knew you were a pink?” I just nodded.

“We’ve been hosting these parties for a while. Our brother is gay and we wanted a safe place where he could play without disease and without fear or judgment. And it grew from there. I looked at you at work, always in control, always being responsible. And, I just knew that if you allowed yourself to relax, you would get out of your own head and be a wonderful pink. I guess it is our talent to know who’s a pink, green or yellow, even if you don’t know yourself.” I nodded again. Yes, I was definitely a pink.

Soon it was my turn to shower. I stood under the water and felt the semen wash off and out of me. I turned off the water, toweled dry and dressed quietly. As I walked back through the entry, Ani smiled at me. I turned and smiled back. “Please let me know when you are hosting another GHO.”

“Absolutely, Number 44. You’ll be on our list.”

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