Girl’s Night Out Ch. 2

“You bet we’re ready for more.” you say as you stand up. “Let’s go into the bedroom where I have a king size bed with plenty of room.” As you enter the bedroom Pete grabs you from behind, you can feel his rock hard cock bulging through his pants. You slowly begin to move your ass up and down his prick as he reaches around and massages your ‘more than a mouthful’ breasts.

You look over and see that Megan already has Max’s giant cock in her mouth, her blonde head bobbing up and down, Max’s large hands on her head pushing, pushing. You turn around and unzip Pete’s pants. His excited cock springs out, the spooge on the end of it wet and sticky against your stomach.

You pull off his pants and shirt and sit him on the bed next to Max. You get down on your knees next to Megan, but before you start sucking Pete off you grab Megan and begin to kiss her. You then go over to Max’s cock and lick Megan’s spit and Max’s cum off his cock. Megan moves aside and as you begin to work Max’s cock with your mouth, she comes up behind you and starts playing with your ass with her tongue. She then moves down and begins thrusting her tongue casino oyna into your pussy.

You feel bad for Pete and don’t want him to feel left out, but as you look over he seems to be enjoying himself as he watches this scene in front of him and jerks off. You reach over and take control of the hand job.

Sensing that Max is about to finish, you stop. Megan hops onto Max and begins to ride him. Pete throws you onto the bed and forces his thick cock into your pulsating pussy. Pulling your legs up to his shoulders Pete repeatedly rams his manhood into you slit, faster, faster, faster. Until he fills your cunt with his juice. You feel it overflow and run down your thighs. You feel his body relax as he pulls his shrunken member from your pussy.

Megan is still riding Max. She is close to orgasm and still feeling frisky yourself, you decide to join in. You straddle over Max’s face, lowering your pussy to his lips and forcing him to lick both yours and Pete’s love juices. You lean forward and begin licking and biting Megan’s tits. This was all she needed to set her off.

Seeing Megan in the throws of orgasm and hearing canlı casino Max make the sounds of coming as he still licks your cunt causes you to come again.

Everyone collapses into a spent pile on the bed. Some fall asleep for a little while, while others switch on the TV and flip to a porn channel. You wake up to find both the men sitting against the headboard with Megan in between the two sucking off one and giving a hand job to the other, then switching, sucking off the other and giving a hand job to one.

Still sleepy, but fully aroused, you approach Megan from behind and begin to lap at her already dripping cunt. This startles her and causes her to cry out.

“I want two dicks to fill me up,” you say, “and someone to suck my tits.” You straddle Max and force his engorged member into your cunt. It seemed bigger than you remembered. It felt good, different than any other dick you’ve had before. You begin grinding back an forth, feeling his cock against all sides of your pussy.

You feel Pete behind you. He begins licking your asshole and gently inserting one finger at first, then two, then three, kaçak casino loosening up your ass for his wide dick. He slowly begins to insert his cock into your ass. A little of the way in then suddenly, quickly he forces it all the way in. The sensation fills your body with tingles. The friction you feel in between your pussy and your asshole is driving you crazy.

Megan approaches you and begins pinching your nipples, begins licking them, begins sucking them, then finally bites them. “Oooooohhhhhhh!” you cry out. All the sensations are to much. Your pussy explodes in orgasm and your juices cover Max’s cock and drips down onto the bed. Your trembling pussy pushes Max past his limit and you feel his cock release his jizz into your cunt. Pete has reached his climax too as his thrusts become faster, shorter. “Aaaaahhhhh!” cries Pete as his spooge fills your ass and spills out, also dripping onto the bed.

Pete continues to pump, not wanting the pleasure to end, as Max leaves his cock in your pussy, enjoying Pete’s thrusting movements through the wall of your pussy.

You finally climb off of Max and remove Pete from your ass. You’re now truly spent. No other girl’s night out had been like this. “And now who knows what will happen on the next.” you think as you lay down under the covers next to Megan and reach over to touch her pussy…

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