Glory Hole

I got off the airport with a hard-on. Atlanta was my favorite city. I have been coming here every month for the last year. When my company first started to send me here, I hated it. The time away from home and my family was hard and there really was not much work to do. So I started to spend my free time driving around touring the city. The drives usually lead me to the seedier parts of town. I would look in the adult movie houses and rent one of the videos or buy a magazine to take back to the hotel and jack off. I would spend the rest of the night stroking my cock looking at the pages in the book or watching the videos. That all changed four months ago.

The clerk had started to recognize me when I came in and we would strike up a conversation. He told me that the video booths were the perfect release for business travelers like me. I got some tokens from him and went back into a darkened room.

The walls had booths lined up from corner to corner. On the door of each booth was the title and if the movie was straight or gay. I chose a gay movie and went inside and closed the door. I put my tokens in the machine and the movie started immediately. I sat down and watched as on the screen a man was on his back casino oyna with legs spread wide and another man licking his asshole and stroking his cock. The action was hot and I started to rub my hard cock through my jeans. I unzipped my pants and took out my cock, just as I heard a voice say, “put that dick in the hole in the wall.” I had heard of glory holes but had never seen or experienced one.

I stood up and stuck my cock through the hole in the wall. A few seconds later I felt a warm mouth close around the head. The mouth closed around my dick and sucked me in. The pleasure was intense as someone I had never met took my hard cock into their mouth and sucked my cock. The mouth deep throated my cock and then would lick around the head. I pumped my hips forward and back and rocked my cock down this strangers throat. I felt the cum building in my balls and knew that I would soon be shooting my load down this strangers throat. I hoped that the stranger would swallow my load, my wife never would. She always backed off at the last minute, and I hoped that did not happen today. I bucked my hips forward as my orgasm hit and the cum erupted out of my cock. The stranger did not miss a beat. The warm mouth that had surrounded canlı casino my cock, sucked hard to finish the load. It was such a rush to shoot my load into a hot mouth and have that mouth clean up every drop of cum. I sat back and breathed heavy after my orgasm. As I recovered, I noticed that the glory hole was full again. Not with my cock but the cock of the man that had just serviced me. “How about returning the favor?” The cock seemed to ask.

I had never done this before and I was suddenly scared to death. I reached out and with a shaking hand grasped the cock in front of me. It was a medium sized dick just a little smaller than my own. I marveled in the warmth that was radiating off this stranger’s dick. I stroked it back and forth and heard a groan from the other side of the wall. I finally got the nerve and got on my knees in front of the cock. I leaned forward and stuck out my tongue.

I closed my eyes as I prepared to taste my first cock. The musky smell of the stranger’s balls drew me in. I kissed the head of his cock and ran my tongue around the head. I stopped and looked at it for a minute. I had just licked my first dick and I liked it. I licked again at the head and sucked it into my mouth. I sucked kaçak casino as much of its length into my mouth as I could. I sucked up and down fast coating the cock with my saliva. I pumped my fist back and forth on the shaft as I sucked at the head. Then I took its length into my mouth, I felt the cock grow and knew his orgasm was approaching.

I reveled in the power I had to make this cock explode. I wanted it, and I craved it. I felt the first blast of cum hit my tongue and I liked the salty flavor, as the second blast of cum filled my mouth I gagged to swallow it all. I cleaned all the cum off this cock and wanted to bring it to orgasm again, but having a cock of my own knew the sensitive head would not be ready so soon.

He turned around and presented his ass to the hole. I spit on my hands and lubed up my dick. I fed my cock into the hole once more and felt it lodge against his ass. The man grabbed my cock and forced it up inside his ass. I found a rhythm and began pistoning my cock in and out of this stranger’s ass. He groaned and moaned as I fucked him harder and faster. I finally felt the cum build up in my balls and explode up into this man’s ass. As my cock softened and he slipped off me I heard him say thank you.

I sat there on the bench and caught my breath. I soon straightened my clothes and made my way to the exit. I gave a wave to the clerk and said “See you next month” He just smiled.

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