Guardian Angel Ch. 05

Here’s where we left off:

Quinn finished off his lunch in the cafeteria and made his way towards the bathroom with Galen close behind him. Quinn entered the washroom and Galen was just about to do the same when he suddenly stiffened and let out a silent scream as he watched Ryan Miller walk into the bathroom close behind Quinn with an angry and determined look on his face.


Galen prayed that Ryan wouldn’t do anything to Quinn, but somehow he knew inside that his prayers would go unanswered. Galen quickly walked in after standing there in shock induced silence, when he went in he was expecting to see Ryan beating on Quinn. But Ryan was just standing there, staring at one of the stalls. Galen thought to himself. He walked through the stall door and there was Quinn standing at the toilet. Galen needed to warn Quinn in some way, he needed Quinn to know who was standing just outside his stall door waiting for him. He put his hands on Quinn’s shoulder and tried to transfer feelings of danger over to Quinn. He could tell it was working as Quinn stopped doing his business and started to look around. But then Galen realized that even if Quinn knew that Ryan was waiting for him, there wasn’t anything Quinn could do. He was much smaller than the other boy, probably not fast enough to get away. He needed a new plan, and fast.

Galen started trying to think of different ways to help Quinn, he knew even if Quinn knew Ryan was out there, it probably wouldn’t help. So instead, he needed to get Ryan out somehow, Galen thought of a bunch of different solutions and then came up with one. He needed someone else to know of Quinn’s danger! But more than that, he needed someone who would be willing to help the boy. And then it came to him, Mrs. Walsh! She knew what it was like for Quinn, and she also liked the boy and cared for him. He looked at Quinn, the boy looked nervous and a bit scared which was most likely from the feelings of danger Galen had transferred. Galen stepped out of the stall and looked at Ryan then left the washroom. He quickly found himself in Mrs. Walsh’s room, she was sitting at her desk marking papers, Galen walked over and put his hands on both her shoulders, he knew what he was about to do would drain his energy, transferring thoughts to humans was always draining but he knew it had to be done, he just hoped she wouldn’t ignore the thoughts.

Galen closed his eyes and thought to himself and then transferred them to the brunette infront of him. He could see that it was working as the woman was looking clearly distressed. Mrs. Walsh got up from her desk and started to walk towards the door but then sat back down, clearly pushing the thought aside as if it were nothing. Galen transferred the thoughts again only more intensified, hoping that this time she would go looking for Quinn. This time she did walk out the door, with Galen following close behind. She was heading towards the boys washroom but she looked very unsure of herself.

“You okay Maria?” Galen looked up to see a thin, bald man, clearly another teacher.

“I’m not sure, I’m looking for a student, it’s very important, except he’s in the bathroom.” Mrs. Walsh replied.

“I’m sure he’ll be out in a minute.”

“Yeah, but he wasn’t feeling too well when he left, do you think you could go in and just check on him for me?”

Galen was a little surprised when he heard the woman lie, but also grateful that she did, otherwise they may not be able to get to Quinn in time.

“Course Maria.”

Just then Galen felt a sharp pain in his stomach, he knew right then that Ryan was hurting Quinn. He looked up to see Mrs. Walsh and the man walking towards the washroom, only it felt so far away, he knew it would take them at least a minute to get to it. A whole minute Ryan would be hurting Quinn. Another pain, this time on his cheek, Galen decided not to wait for Mrs. Walsh and the bald man to get there, he’d go there himself and wait with Quinn, unlike them he could travel faster as he wasn’t confined to a body. Within a second he was next to Quinn, the boy was on the ground while Ryan was kicking him, each blow Galen felt just as hard as Quinn. Quinn was begging Ryan to stop, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Suddenly Ryan stopped kicking Quin and looked towards the door.

“Quinn, you in here?” Came a voice. “Quinn?”

“Shit!” Ryan said under his breath and bolted for the door, tackling the bald man to the ground and then running right past Mrs. Walsh and down the hall.

“Quinn!” This time Mrs. Walsh’s voice. She ran into the bathroom, her eyes going wide at the sight of Quinn on the floor beaten up. She rushed over to him and found that he was unconcious with a bloody nose, she grabbed a wad of toilet paper and then kneeling beside Quinn held it to his nose. She gently shook him awake and was relieved when he opened his eyes and looked up at her.

“M-m-m-mrs. W-w-w-a-alsh?”

“Yeah, it’s me, don’t talk, it’s okay. We’re gonna get you to a hospital”

“I casino oyna already called the cops, an ambulence will be coming with them.” Responded the bald man.

“Thanks Roger.” Mrs. Walsh said.

A short time later and ambulence had arrived to pick up Quinn and take him to the hospital. Galen was beside Quinn the entire way to the hospital, Galen already knew Quinn was gonna be alright, he had a broken nose and a concussion but other than that he was okay, ofcourse the paramedics wouldn’t know until Quinn was looked over. By the end of the day Quinn was safe inside his hospital bed and Galen decided to go back inside his body and then go back to the hospital. When he made it back to the hospital he found one of the “undercover angels” as he liked to call them, working there, her name was Angela and because of her, he was able to get into Quinn’s room without being stopped by anyone. Galen walked over to the hospital bed Quinn was sleeping in, he ran his hand through the sleeping boy’s hair. Angela had informed him that Quinn would be released in the morning. Quinn started to wake up, he looked up to see Galen and instantly felt safe again.

“How are you feeling?” Galen asked.

“I-I-I’m f-f-f-feeling o-okay, s-sore b-b-but o-okay”

Galen lent down then and gave Quinn a kiss on his forehead. “God I love you so much.” Galen said before leaning down to give the blushing boy a kiss on the lips. Galen had only meant it to be a quick peck but it soon turned into a much more passionate one. Galen snaked his tongue into Quinn’s willing mouth and soon both their tongues were in an age old dance. Galen had just sucked Quinn’s tongue into his mouth when he suddenly heard a cough. He jerked his head around to see Angela standing there with a knowing grin on her face. Quinn, not realizing the two knew eachother immediately went beet red and brought the blanket up to cover his face.

“No need to be embarrassed on account of me Quinn.” Angela said while smiling.

“Angela and I know eachother Quinn, she’s like me.” Galen said to Quinn while pulling the blanket back.

“Sh-sh-she is?” Quinn asked in surprise.

“Yes I am Quinn, I’m an angel, just like Galen.” She said with a smile. “But I didn’t come here to discuss that, I thought I should let you know that your teacher has contacted your father in New York and he is going to catch the next flight here.”

Quinn’s eyes went wide as soon as he realized what that meant for him and Galen. “I-I-I’m e-e-eight-t-teen, th-th-they d-d-don’t n-need to c-contact h-h-him th-though!”

“She felt it was for the best Quinn. I have to get back to work though, I’ll see you two later.” Angela said before walking out.

Quinn turned to Galen with watery eyes, he hadn’t given much thought to what would happen when his father came back. “D-D-Does th-th-this m-m-m-m-mean y-y-you’ll ha-ha-have t-t-to g-g-go?” Quinn asked, holding back a sob.

“No Quinn! I don’t have to go at all, unless you want me to go, I’m not going anywhere!” Galen said, right before leaning down and giving Quinn another light peck on the forehead.

“B-b-but w-w-what a-a-are w-we g-g-going t-to do w-when he g-g-gets here? H-h-he d-d-doesn’t kn-kn-know I-I-I’m g-g-gay!”

“You’d be surprised at what your father does know Quinn.” Galen stated with a smile.

“W-w-what d-do you m-m-mean?”

“Your father already knows Quinn, he’s known for quite awhile. He hasn’t said anything about it to you because he wants you to go to him.”

“H-h-he kn-kn-knows? A-a-and h-h-he’s o-o-okay w-w-with it?” Quinn asked, his voice trembling.

“Ofcourse he is, he loves you, he’s always loved you. And you being gay didn’t change a thing.” Galen said smiling.

Quinn felt like a ton of weight had just been lifted off of his shoulders, he was always afraid to come out to his dad, he thought his dad would be dissapointed because of it.

“W-w-what a-a-are w-w-we g-going to t-t-tell h-him a-a-about y-y-you?” Quinnn asked.

“We could either tell him I’m just a friend, or that I’m your boyfriend. Whichever you want to tell him is okay with me.”

“D-d-do y-you th-th-think th-that h-he’d be o-o-okay w-w-with y-you m-moving i-in i-i-if w-we t-t-told h-him y-y-you’re m-m-my b-b-boyfriend?”

“Not right away I don’t think. He’d have to get to know me more before that would happen. But then again, you wouldn’t need me to move in with you Quinn, I’d get my own apartment and after you finished high school you’d be able to move in with me.” Galen said smiling. Quinn seemed to perk up at that, high school would be done in a couple of months and even if Galen didn’t live with him, he would still be able to see him.

“W-w-when d-do y-y-you th-th-think he’ll g-get h-h-here by?”

“I would say sometime in the morning”

“I-I-I w-w-want to t-t-tell h-him th-th-the t-t-truth a-a-about y-you, th-that y-y-you’re m-m-my b-b-boyf-friend.”

“Ok, we can do that.” Galen said, smiling.

“O-o-ok, I’m canlı casino t-t-tired th-th-though.” Quinn said right before yawning.

“You get some sleep then, I’ll be here by the bed if you need anything.” Galen said, then bent down and gave Quinn a kiss on the forehead. As Quinn slowly drifted off to sleep he felt Galen’s entwine their fingers together and couldn’t help but smile. That night Quinn didn’t have any bad dreams, instead he dreamt of Galen, of being held in the safety of those strong and muscular arms.


Jackson had just arrived around 7:00 in the morning, when he had heard that his son had been beat up he immediately started packing his things. They’d told him that the damage wasn’t anything serious, that his son had recieved a broken nose, a cracked rib and a lot of bruising, but even so Jackson felt he had to get home to his son. He made sure that one of his colleagues would take care of business in New York.

He was walking down the hall of the hospital towards Quinn’s room now, he figured his son would still be sleeping but wanted to see him anyway, he wanted to see that Quinn was okay with his own eyes. He just turned into Quinn’s room and then stopped dead in his tracks, there was a man there, a muscular man, next to his son’s small body the man looked like a giant. You could see the muscles in his arms bulging out of his long sleeved shirt. He was sitting in a chair next to Quinn’s bed and was bent over with his head resting on the side of the hospital bed, the man was holding Quinn’s hand, their fingers entwined and they were both sleeping. /Who is this man? And what is he doing here?/ Jackson thought to himself. He knew his son was gay, but this couldn’t be his son’s boyfriend, could it? He couldn’t imagine his son having a boyfriend, he was much too shy and unsociable. And on top of that, this man was more than twice the size of Quinn and very muscular, if anything, Quinn would be afraid of him, Jackson could not see his son with this man, they were just too different. Jackson decided he better find out just who this mystery man is and started walking towards him.


Quinn slowly woke up only to find that Galen wasn’t there. He was confused by this because he was sure that Galen had said he would be there. Maybe he went looking around, or went to go talk to Angela or something Quinn thought. He was feeling hungry and pressed the call button for a nurse, he was surprised when he saw Angela come, as he was sure Galen would be with her.

“W-w-where’s G-G-Gal-len?” Quinn asked.

“He is in the cafeteria … with your father.” Angela replied.

“M-m-my d-d-dad’s h-here?”

“Yes, would you like me to go get them for you Quinn?” Angela asked.

Quinn nodded his answer right away, wanting to see both his father and Galen. He was a little nervous about the fact that they had met already, he’d wanted to introduce them himself. Quinn had decided the day before that he wanted to introduce Galen as his boyfriend, he wanted to be honest with his father. He was nervous, but after Galen had told him that his father already knew that he was gay, he felt he could go through with it, especially with Galen there. Ten minutes later, Galen and Quinn’s father were walking through the door to his room. Quinn was happy to see both of them, but he only got nervous upon seeing his father. His father and Galen looked like they had known eachother for longer then a few hours the way they seemed comfortable around eachother. Quinn thought about it and remembered how safe he felt when Galen is around, Galen was just able to do that with people, make them feel comfortable that is.

Jackson looked at his son and walked over to his side wanting to see for himself that Quinn was infact okay. He was surprised when he had walked into the room to find Galen there but upon getting to know the man was happy to see his son had made a friend. Ofcourse he picked up on the way that Galen talked about his boy, he wondered at the possibility that this man and his son were a couple.

“How are you feeling Quinn?” Jackson asked Quinn.

“O-okay, w-w-when do I g-get t-to go h-h-home?”

“Fairly soon, we just have to sign the release forms first and then we’re outta here.” Jackson smiled.

“W-what h-happened to R-r-ryan?” Quinn asked hesitantly.

“He is being charged with assault.” Jackson said.

Just then Angela came in to the room holding a few papers. “I have your release forms ready Quinn, if you could just sign here and here for me that would be great.” She said, indicating the places he needed to sign with an ‘X’. “I’ll also have you know that it is hospital policy that you be taken out in a wheel chair.” She said with a smile.

Quinn nodded and started to kaçak casino get up after signing the forms but then immediately sat back down on the hospital bed as he remembered he was only wearing a hospital gown that was open at the back. Quinn blushed and looked up asking where his clothes were. His father immediately produced the bag with Quinn’s clothes that he had brought after stopping off at their home before coming to the hospital.

“Do you need help dressing Quinn? Or are you fine?” Jackson asked of his son.

“I can help him!” Galen immediately stated, not being one to let an opportunity slide. Jackson was quite surprised by that admission and looked down to see a beet red Quinn.

“Umm, is that okay with you Quinn?” Jackson asked.

“Y-y-yes.” Quinn said quietly. He swore he could feel himself blush more, if that was even possible.

Angela and Jackson then left the room to allow Quinn to get dressed with Galen’s help. As soon as they were gone Galen wrapped his arms around Quinn and claimed the boy’s mouth with his own thrusting his tongue into Quinn’s wanting mouth. Quinn was standing now and he lightly moaned as he felt Galen part the back of the hospital gown and rub his pert buttocks with his hands. Galen loved the boy’s smooth cheeks and seized every opportunity to make that known. Quinn moaned once more before pulling away.

“I h-h-have to g-get d-dressed G-g-galen” Quinn whispered.

“Well then, you’ll have to get undressed first.” Galen said with a wink right before pulling the hospital gown completely off of Quinn and letting it drop to the floor. Quinn went crimson as he stood there naked in front of Galen while completely hard. Galen held his breath as he took in the sight of his beautiful blushing boy in his naked state. He embraced Quinn once more and held him close, “I want to make love to you tonight, Quinn.” Galen whispered. He listened as Quinn’s breath quickened and he started to lightly hump Galen. “But unfortunately, you’re right, you do have to get dressed.” Galen whispered and chuckled to himself as Quinn let out a small frustrated moan as he pulled away. He then grabbed Quinn’s sweatpants from the bag his father brought. Quinn took the pants from him and stepped into them. His erection was quite visible underneath his pants but luckily his father had brought him a t-shirt as well as a sweatshirt. Quinn put the t-shirt on and after sitting in the wheelchair he covered his lap with the sweater. Galen proceeded to wheel Quinn into the waiting room where Jackson was waiting.

“Alright buddy, let’s get you home to rest.” Jackson said, all the while staring at Galen. He knew his son was gay, but he simply couldn’t imagine this man being his boyfriend. A man like that simply doesn’t go for a boy like Quinn. He was big, muscular and had “JOCK” written all over him! Quinn got bullied by jocks! And yet, the way Galen looked at Quinn, the way he was so incredibly gentle with him said “love”, Jackson decided he had to look more into this, find out more about this man with his son. “Uh, Galen, why don’t you come over to the house for dinner if you’d like, I really appreciate you being here for Quinn and I’m sure he would like it if you came over.”

“Sure, I’d love to Mr. Aldridge.” Galen responded. He loved the way that Quinn’s eyes lit up at the mention of him coming over. But he also knew that Jackson had ulterior motives. He’d been reading Jackson’s mind the entire time and knew this was simply a ploy to get him alone and question him more about his relationship with Quinn. He didn’t blame Jackson though, he was very protective of Quinn, with good reason.

“Please, call me Jackson.”

“Alright, Jackson.” Galen said with a smile.


Back at the house, Jackson had been lightly fussing over Quinn, wanting to make sure he was comfortable and had everything that he needed. Eventually Quinn had fallen asleep and Jackson had started to make dinner. Quinn was still asleep when dinner was ready so Jackson decided to let him be and he and Galen would eat dinner while waiting, he also figured this would be a great time to talk to Galen. What he didn’t know was that Galen was ready for all of his questions BEFORE he asked them.

“So Galen, how did you and Quinn meet?”

“Movie theatre.”

“Movies, huh, what one?”

“Batman the dark knight, great movie by the way. I was walking down the aisle and bumped into him, which caused him to spill his drink. I felt bad so I decided to buy him another one and afterwards we just started talking.”

“How old are you Galen?”

Galen was a little tempted to go with ‘As old as the planet.” But decided to go with something a bit smaller. “I just turned 20.”

Jackson didn’t expect to hear that Galen was 20 years old, he did look older then Quinn, but Quinn doesn’t even look his age so that’s normal. “How old did you think Quinn was?”

“Well, I knew he was 18 because I had stood behind him in line for the movie and the movie is 18A so they asked him for ID. But I’m sure I wouldn’t have known that just looking at him.” Galen responded. He knew where this conversation was headed, he could tell that Jackson was getting a little frustrated.

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