Gym Schedule

I’m afraid that I need to start this story the same as so many others. I’m straight. Straight acting, straight looking, married, kids. I can’t say I’d never thought about another man, I’d had some fantasies, I guess, but I’d never really been attracted to another man and never seriously contemplated anything sexual with another man.

I work out pretty regularly, usually about three or four times a week at the gym. I’m not super muscular, just a fairly regular guy in decent shape, but I work hard to keep myself reasonably fit. I don’t have an awful lot of spare time and working out is something I just try to manage to find time to do. Some days it’s in the morning, others mid-day or evening, whenever I can fit it in and I don’t linger around, I just go in, get my workout done and go home. Despite the irregular schedule of my workouts, I do see some of the same people regularly. I guess we just go often enough that from time to time our appearances at the gym just match up.I don’t generally pay much attention to other people there, but if some of the same people are there often enough, you really can’t help but notice.

I don’t remember when or why, but I began noticing a guy that was there sometimes. I guess I noticed him because he was built like I’d kind of strive for, obviously very fit, muscular, but not like a body builder, just very well defined. Unlike me, though, he was a big guy. I’m about average height, he was probably 6’3″. He had short hair and for some reason just had the look of a cop. I don’t have a fetish for men in uniform or anything like that, I’m not sure that it held any particular interest to me that he looked like that, it’s just what I thought when I looked at him.

I really didn’t pay too much attention to him at first, why would I? I just happened to notice him and I did take note that he had a good body. Just an observation, nothing more. Somewhere along the line, I began to notice him whenever he was there at the same time that I was. I found myself noticing when he was there and when he wasn’t. I’m not sure that I even realized I was doing it at first, but soon I realized that when I walked into the gym, I always had a glance around to see if he was there. Of course, when this dawned on me, I became even more aware of it. Soon I found myself conciously trying not to look for him, or if I happened to see him, trying not to look at him. The more I thought about it, the more I found myself wanting to look. After a while, I found myself stealing glances at him while he was on the treadmill or one of the weight benches. Always when he was reading or looking away or some other discreet moment. I told myself that I just admired his physique and tried not to notice the feeling in my stomach or the stirring of my cock.

I came in to work out and glanced around the room. I noticed him on the treadmill, reading a magazine while he jogged. I noticed the flex and release of his thigh muscles as he strided, his broad chest as he paced himself with the movement of his arms. What the fuck, I thought to myself, what the fuck am I doing looking at another guy like that? I looked away and focused myself on my workout. I didn’t look again, though I thought of it for sure and it was some effort not to glance around the room. I finished my workout and just wanted to get out of there, avoid the temptation to look and try to preserve my image of myself. I hurried for the casino siteleri locker room to shower and change, not at all comfortable with my mind. I walked into the shower room and he was standing under one of the shower heads facing me. I stood and stared for a second that seemed like an hour when I finally realized that I wasn’t moving. I regained my composure and went to shower myself. I scrupulously avoided looking at him. I washed myself and paid no attention to anyone else. I’m not sure that I would even have noticed him leaving if not for hearing, “I’ve noticed you looking,” and looking up to see him walk out of the shower room.

Panic set in quickly. Jesus, was he going to tell somebody? Did he think I was gay? I

didn’t know what to think. Did I even really hear that? I finished my shower and quickly headed to my locker to change. Still in a panic, I was waiting for him to approach me the whole time I dressed. I didn’t know if he’d proposition me or punch me, but I fully expected to look up and find him standing in front of me. I left in a paniced rush.

It was a couple of days later before I had the nerve to go back. By then, I’d half convinced myself that I’d imagined it, unfortunately, the other half of the time, I’d found myself jerking off only to realize that I was suddenly thinking about him while I did it. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t want to be thinking about him and couldn’t understand why I was, but none the less, it seemed every time I had a moment alone, I’d find myself hard. I’d begin to stroke myself, thinking of nothing at all or maybe my wife, but before I’d cum it was always him that was in my thoughts. I walked into the gym that day and immediately glanced around and found him on a weight bench, doing presses. I looked and my stomach had that familiar nervous ache. My glance lingered a little longer than I intended and when he finished his set, he looked up to see me looking. Nothing registered in his face. I thought that I must have imagined the whole thing, but now I was obsessing rather pathetically. The more I tried not to think about him, the more I did. It was all I could do not to get hard right there in the gym. I finally had lost all shame, I didn’t care if he knew that I was looking. When he headed towards the locker room, so did I. I stripped and headed for the showers. When I walked in, he was facing front, leaning his head back, rinsing his hair. I stared at his body, my eyes dropping to his cock. The last time, I’d been so shocked and paniced that I hadn’t even noticed anything about him. I looked this time and his cock was gorgeous. He was probably six inches and thick. I wanted to see it hard. I wanted it in my mouth. There was no stopping myself from thinking about this. These ideas came unbidden but I couldn’t and didn’t even want to stop them any more. I walked to the shower next to him and began washing. Glancing at him openly. My cock beginning to harden with thoughts of dropping to my knees in front of him. He turned off his shower and walked out without so much as a look in my direction.

I don’t know what I felt. Embarrassed, shamed, I don’t know. I felt like a teenager turned down for the prom, by some imagined crush. Now I’d been hearing things. I finished showering and slunk home. I tried harder than ever to banish thoughts of him, but still I found the image of him standing in the shower, the image of his cock, canlı casino in my mind as a stroked myself to orgasm. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t stop thinking about dropping to my knees and sucking that beautiful cock. What the hell was happening to me?

I saw him from time to time at the gym over the next several weeks. He never looked in my direction and I got better and better at not looking his way. The feeling in my stomach never went away, that nervous ache that had been plaguing me, but I did manage to look less and less often. Finally, I found myself back to making a constant effort to look at no one. Into the gym, work out, gone. Only in my late night sessions with myself did I continue to see him. I felt like I was finally getting my obsession with him under control.

I was in my usual “workout zone” still. I’d dropped my things at my locker and headed for the shower and there he was. Still, I didn’t stare. I don’t know how, but I didn’t. I saw him in the shower, but quickly looked away and turned on one of the showers a few spaces down. I kept my eyes to myself and concentrated on just getting cleaned up and out of there.

“Okay, meet me in the sauna.”, I heard suddenly and it all came rushing back.

I looked up to see him walking out with a towel wrapped around him. My heart raced in panic. I hadn’t imagined it. Oh god, could I go through with it? My legs shook and I felt like I’d throw up, but I found myself headed for the sauna. I could see him watching me from in front of his locker as I entered the sauna. He was smiling slightly, watching me walk, like in a trance into the sauna to wait for him. By the time I sat, my towel couldn’t hide my hard-on. I felt like I’d cum while I sat there waiting for him to enter. There was no one else in the sauna, but still, the thought of getting on my knees and sucking him right there was so overwhelming, I knew I’d do it even though someone could come in at any moment. I didn’t care, I needed his cock in my mouth, I finally admitted to myself again.

I sat there waiting, aching and anxious. It seemed like an awful long time. I glanced at the clock on the wall and it had been five minutes, but it seemed like an hour. I waited, the ache in my stomach and the pulsing of my blood palpable. I glanced again at the clock, ten minutes. He was making me wait, I felt desperate. I didn’t want to be, but I knew I was and I didn’t care if he knew it too, I just wanted to suck him. I looked at the clock again, twenty minutes. Now I was hot and I was tired from the combination of the heat and my racing pulse. Twenty five minutes. It dawned on me that he was really not interested. He was just busting my balls like I was some obsessed cock sucker. I finally got up and stumbled out of the sauna exhausted. He looked up from his magazine and smiled, then picked up his gym bag and walked out.

There I was again, feeling humiliated. I showered and left, cursing myself the whole time. This cured my fascination with him and I didn’t think of him while I stroked myself any more, for about two days. How could I keep thinking about him after that? I don’t know, but I did. I still found myself thinking about that day that I walked into the shower and saw his body, his incredible cock, thought about dropping to my knees having him push it into my mouth. I even found myself thinking about waiting in the sauna for him, somehow even that turned kaçak casino me on. No, especially that, turned me on. I thought of the power he had over me, of my willingness to completely submit to him and I came hard enough to spray my chest and face with cum. I still could not stop myself, even if I’d wanted to.

I was back to looking for him when I entered the gym. I didn’t care, I had no shame. He looked and grinned each time he saw me staring. It was like he just wanted to toy with me, see how far I’d stoop for him. For weeks, I’d stare openly, he’d glance my way and grin. I’d stare in the weight room and I’d stare in the locker room. I didn’t care who else might notice, but all he’d do is grin and I’d run home and stroke myself until I came explosively.

He walked by on his way out of the locker room and a squeak of a word escaped my constricted throat and stomach. He turned slowly towards me with the same grin on his face.

“What?”, he grinned.

Through the panic, I barely managed to croak again, “Please.”

His grin widened cruelly, “Please what?”

Shame washed over me but, “Please, I want to suck you.” came out of my mouth, barely audible and with a quaking voice, but unmistakable to both of us.

“Follow me,” he said and continued walking out.

I quickly stuffed my things into my bag and caught up to him in the parking lot. He said nothing to me, but I just walked along silently next to him. We approached what was apparently his car when he finally spoke, “Get in the passenger side slut.”

My stomach lurched. I didn’t care what he called me, I realized. It was true anyway. I got in.

He turned to look at me. He stared right into my face and said, “All you had to do was ask like a good little cocksucker. That’s what you are, right?”

“Yes.”, I blurted.

That smile again. “Yes what?”

“I’m a good little cock sucker. Please.”, I begged. “Please, let me suck you. Please.”

He leaned back and unbuckled the button of his jeans and pulled down the zipper. He lifted his ass up off the seat and slid his pants and underwear down to his knees. His cock sprung free and I finally saw it hard. I stared, my mouth open, I was breathing so hard I was panting. I felt his hand behind my head and he pulled me to his crotch. My mouth was pushed down over his cock and an involuntary moan escaped me.

“Yea, you like that cock in your mouth. Don’t you?”

“Mmmm,” was all I could moan desperately sucking him. I sucked and stroked his cock as if I was starving. I sucked and stroked him like I’d been obsessing about sucking his cock for months. I wanted nothing more in the world than to finally have that cock in my mouth. I was in heaven.

“Suck it. Suck my cock, slut. I’m going to cum in your slut mouth.”, he practically screamed at me.

I pulled my mouth off of his cock just long enough to pant, “Yes. Oh god, yes, cum in my mouth. Please.”

His back arched and suddenly my mouth was awash with his hot cum. His cock throbbed and spewed in my mouth. I swallowed hungrily, but could hardly keep up and his cum was everywhere, on my chin, my hands, running down his cock. I swallowed everything I could and instantly began licking at everywhere his cum had spilled from my mouth. I couldn’t bear the thought of missing a drop.

“Yea. That’s good you little cum slut. Lick it all up. Don’t miss a drop.”

I gobbled every drop I could reach and I could feel it drying on my chin and cheeks as he pushed me away and pulled his pants back up.

“Okay, get out.”

I did as I was told and only hoped he’d give me more if I asked.

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