Half Way to Heaven

There I was, lying in a strange room on a mattress with a tingling feeling in my ass, my closely-cropped beard covered in warm, sweet cum and my mouth full of the finest nectar I’ve ever had. There was music playing in the next room and I could hear people having a good time. I had to get up, yet I felt so good that I had to savor the experience for a few moments more. After all, I had finally sucked my first real cock, and evidently did a pretty good job since the load that covered my face and mouth was of epic proportions.

So, how did I get to this crossroad of my life? Now in my 50’s and never having problems with women, yet I went out looking for something totally different and finally made sure tonight that I was going to finally take the final plunge.

I’ve been experiencing with a vibrator up my ass for some time, a lot of it with a recent girlfriend. On my own, I started to wonder what it was like to have a man shoot a blast down my throat as I brought him to orgasm. I always got a rush eating a woman till she came, feeling that control you have when your partner is bucking, screaming and squirting. That brought me to purchase an ejaculating cock, and I made up my own cum cocktail to squirt down my throat as I pounded my ass with a giant dildo. The feeling of hot cum blasting down my throat would set off the fires in my ass and cock, and I would have the greatest orgasms I ever encountered.

As great as this was, I wanted more, so I had to build up the nerve to do it with a real man. I wanted to look into his eyes as he shot load after load down my throat, and held my head tightly so I couldn’t stop. On top of that, I was yearning for a giant cock to pound my ass mercilessly while I was squirming in pleasure. Was I expecting too much? Here I was a gay virgin, yet I wanted it all the first time out.

I had been to a gay bar in town a few times, but I guess I stuck out like a sore thumb since I was mostly ignored by all but the Japanese bartender. Unfortunately, he didn’t actually look like the type I wanted for my first steps. So, after a few beers, I would say good night, and leave wondering what I should do differently. But tonight I decided it was going to be different.

I cleaned up, showered, shaved, and got myself ready for a new life. Then, I took my vibrating butt plug, loaded it with new batteries, oiled up my virgin hole and put it in up to the hilt. I had a pair of sexy spandex briefs that were too small, but their tightness would help keep my plug from slipping out. I put on a loose fitting pair of jeans, tilted the vibe switch casino oyna to full and headed down the street to the only gay bar in town that I knew.

Well, I hadn’t gone 100 meters before my ass was afire, and I was squirming as I walked to the bar. I always find that the more my prostate gets excited, the more I want a cock in my mouth, and believe me, I was excited. I reached the bar, opened the door and walked directly to bar counter. There were two bartenders there, a Japanese and one who turned out to be a Canadian named Rick.

Three male couples were sitting at tables making out and I was the only one at the bar. Rick asked me what I wanted and I ordered a Japanese whiskey on the rocks. Maybe he meant something else, but I wasn’t thinking too clearly. I drank that down and ordered another fairly quickly. I was still standing and gyrating to the music, but mostly it was to the rhythm of my butt plug on high level.

Soon Rick started with some small talk, asking why he never saw me here before, where I was from, what did I like; and before long he was buying me a drink. Rick looked to be slightly larger than me, about 6’3” and maybe 200 pounds, and was in nice shape. In my mind I knew he wouldn’t have to try very hard to get me in a bent over position, but I was playing it coy, and let him take the initiative. After my fourth whiskey, something I never indulge in, Rick asked me if I wanted to dance.

It was pretty dark away from the back bar lights and I guess there was a dance floor there, I hadn’t really noticed. Not being much of a dancer, I told him I had never danced with a man before and if I did, he would have to lead. Did I really just say that?

I guess the whiskey was really loosening me up. That and the tingling in my ass. There was an Ella Fitzgerald cd playing, most of the songs had been ballads, and he came out from the bar and took me to the center of the floor and wrapped his arms around me. Naturally, so it seems, I reached around and held on to him by his hips.

What an amazing feeling I was encountering. The nearness made my cock start to rise and it felt Rick’s dick pushing closer and growing. Then, instinctively, my hands slipped down to his ass and started squeezing him nearer to me. As he lead and I was a bit clumsy following, he started tonging my ear and it was driving me mad! Meanwhile, he got a surprise when he reached down to my ass and first noticed I was wearing a butt plug. He started pushing on it and the sensations intensified. I thought I was going to shoot my load right there.

Rick then spun me canlı casino around , holding me and grinding against me from behind. That gave me my first chance, with my arms now to my side, to reach back and feel his hard-on, and it was massive! The first cock besides my own that I had ever touched and it was all that I had dreamed of. Big and hard and ready! With his tongue in my ear and his hips grinding against me, I was giving my first hand job and loving every minute of it. I thought I was in heaven! I had met this gent not 20 minutes before and I was fondling his cock without another care in the world.

When the song ended, an uptempo tune came on and Rick suggested a tour of the rest of the place. Knowing what that meant, I followed him to a side room that said Employees Only. I knew what was going to happen and I wanted it now. There were crates of beer, boxes of glasses and dishes, liquor bottles on some shelves, and in the corner was a small, frameless bed. He didn’t have to lead me there. I lead him there! My ass was screaming, my mouth was empty and I felt I was almost home!

So, here I am, for the first time and I have no hesitation. I guess I have been planning for this for far too long. I get on my knees and start to unbuckle Ricks belt, pull down his jeans and see this massive growth inside his shorts with a large wet spot up near the belt line. I use both hands to pull at the elastic top and out pops the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It plops past my eyes and brushes my nose, it’s wet pre-cum hanging from it as I flick my tongue out to catch every bit of it.

Never having sucked a cock before, I hope all my practice on proxy dicks will see me thru. Part of me wants to devour it, but at the same time I want to really worship it in a slow, never ending face fuck. I take the head into my mouth and it tastes so delicious that I am dizzy. I am guessing he is 8 or 9 inches long and rather thick. I concentrate on the mushroom head for some time, his pre cum flowing into my waiting mouth. It tastes so good I feel I could suck it all night.

Knowing there are other nerves that need to be tickled, I grab Rick’s large nut sack and start playing with it, alternating squeezes with light scratching with my fingernails. Meanwhile, slowly I am taking more and more of him into my mouth. I look up at Rick, he is looking down at me, and he is purring! My mouth is full, yet I can still smile! He asks me if it tastes good but all I can do is shake my head and grunt “um-hum, um-hum”.

Rick then asks if he can face fuck me. I have about half of kaçak casino his shaft down my throat already and am ready to try for the rest. He lifts me up, and lays me down with my head hanging over the head of the bed. At this angle I have a straight, long passageway for his cock to travel. He straddles my face and gently lowers himself on my waiting mouth. He at least tried to go slow. I gobble up his tool as fast and as deep as I can. He holds me by my ears and I reach back and grab him by his beautiful ass while he proceeds to ravage my hungry mouth. I can not get it all down, but I can feel his mushroom head pounding on my palate and the feeling of being filled is indescribable. In this tilted position, his balls are slapping my nose and tears of joy are streaming out of my eyes.

This went on for several minutes. All the time Rick hasn’t touched me, but my dick has been rock hard since the dance floor. I know I want a cock in my ass, but this feels so good I don’t want to stop. Besides, the batteries are still buzzing strongly so I am totally content.

Unless it is something I am imagining, I now notice a little more urgency building in Rick’s thrusts, and his cock is growing ever more slightly. Although watching balls slap across your face while giving head is a beautiful sight, I really want to see my lover’s face when he blows his wad into my waiting mouth.

So, on Rick’s queue, he pulls out. I hop up and take him into my mouth from a kneeling position. Squeezing his balls with one hand, jerking his shaft with the other and swallowing up and down on half of his cock. I look up into his eyes and feel a rumble down below. He yells, “Oh, baby…I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop”. Amazing, he called me baby!

With that, I suck as hard as I can and feel a huge spasm as his hot seed hits the back of my throat. I pull back a little bit as the second salvo hits my top lip and barrels past and into my mouth. Two more massive bursts are caught by my waiting tongue, then a few smaller aftershocks.

Now I have a mouthful of delicious juice but I don’t want to swallow as my taste buds are in overdrive! I fill my mouth with his cock and keep pounding my throat while his cum sloshes around, swallowing it little by little. My first load and I didn’t want to stop.

Unfortunately, there is a knock on the door and the other bartender calls Rick to tell him the place is filling up. He gets dressed, kisses my creamy mouth and invites me to join him at the bar when I am ready.

So, here is where I stand now, half way to heaven, though I can only imagine how much better it will get. Hopefully, this is more than a one night stand and there will be more times with Rick. I guess there is only one way to find out, and the answer is waiting on the other side of that door.

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