Halloween Transformation Ch. 2

When we got to Barbie’s she told me that we needed to start getting ready for my debut as “Jennifer”. She had me take a shower, and then holding a razor, she climbed in with me and had me stretch out my leg so that she could shave it. Earlier in the day I would have objected, but I was already longing to get back into my sexy feminine clothes, and I wanted my legs and underarms to be smooth like a woman’s’. After she was finished, I ran my hands along my smooth legs, and it’s amazing, but just by shaving them they feel so feminine!

She let me slip on a fresh pair of pink silk panties, while she began trimming and filing my toe nails and nails in preparation for applying polish. All I did was ask her if it was removable, as I couldn’t go to work the next day with nail polish! She chose a lovely shade of pink, which matches my dress and boots. She then re-applied makeup to my face, and put the berets back in my long hair.

During all of this time, Barbie gave me tips about behaving like a woman. How to carry myself, and act in many different situations. She had me practice my voice and helped me to perfect it. During most of the time we were speaking, as I was sitting there in nothing but my sexy tight panties, my cock was straining for relief. At one point Barbie reached out and fondled me, which felt so incredible through the soft silk of the panties!

Standing in front of the mirror, naked except for my sexy pink panties, my cock jutting against them, it feels so strange to see myself with a woman’s face staring back at me! Barbie then helps me to put on my corset again and she straps it up even tighter than before! She then helps me slide the stockings on over my now smooth legs and insert the boobs into the cups.

Barbie tells me that we will wait until later to put on my dress and boots, she wants to see me parading around the house just in lingerie for awhile. She orders me to help her get ready. She has laid out the sexy black leather pants, vest and boots she plans to wear. Barbie then lays out casino siteleri an ultra sexy black leather corset with garters, and black backseamed stockings, as well as a sexy pair of black leather bikini panties.

I kneel at her feet and it is a turn on to slide the soft panties up her long smooth legs and smoothing them over her sweet firm ass. I admire the corset as I help her into it and lace it tightly from behind. It is a real Dominatrix corset and I wish I had one just like it. Barbie has me do all the work of dressing her, extending her beautiful legs one at a time for me to roll the sheer stockings up and attach the garters. I then help her slide on her sexy and skin tight leather pants, and her lovely vest, which molds to her perfect jutting breasts and narrow waist perfectly. Finally, I help her slip on her masculine black leather riding boots, which slip on over her tight pants and seem molded to her sexy calves.

Barbie then indicates a drawer in her bedroom where I can find all of her accessories she wants to bring with her tonight. Opening the drawer, I am thrilled to find that it is full of exciting S/M gear. She has a strap on sling with a huge lifelike cock! Picking it up, a thrill of fear runs through me at the thought that she may want to slide this huge cock up my ass! At the same time, I find myself totally turned on at the thought! As I handle it, I wonder if I have the courage and desire to handle a real cock tonight.

I also find handcuffs, studded neck and ankle and wrist collars and a leash. There is also a whip and paddles! I never knew that Barbie had such kinky inclinations!

Barbie picks out a studded slave collar with a ring for a leash for me, as well as two wrist collars, also with rings. “I hadn’t planned to turn you into my panty slave tonight, I thought it would take a little longer for you to get used to your new role. But it’s clear that you like being “Jennifer”, isn’t it? I think you also get turned on serving me. Let me describe for you what I will require canlı casino if you agree to be my panty slave. I will order you to dress up as my panty slave often. In fact, when you are here you will almost always be in feminine attire. I will often command you to pleasure me. This may include fucking me, or licking me, but it may also include exercises like licking my boots, washing my lingerie, or other chores necessary for you to know your place as my submissive slave.

As I think you have guessed, I like to be with both women and men. As my panty slave, you will be required to perform any sexual act I command with any woman or man I indicate. In the case of my male friends, this will include sucking their cocks, lowering your panties and letting them fuck you in your sweet, tight ass, and serving them as you would me.

At times you will be bound, and you may be fucked with a strap on, or by men. You may even be ordered to be with two men at the same time.

You are free to say “no” to any of my commands, but know that if you do, our relationship is over, and you will no longer be welcome here. Do you want what I am offering? Do you want to put on these collars and be my panty slave?”

Although I have doubts and fears of the unknown, I am powerfully aroused at the images that have come to my mind as Barbie has described what it would be like to be her pantyslave. I am learning so much about myself today, and one of the things that is most clear, is that I want to be dominated and treated as a submissive woman. The thought of being Barbie’s pantyslave and being commanded to be the sex slave of anyone she wants, is incredibly exciting! So I respond without hesitation, “Yes, Barbie. I really want to be your pantyslave. I’ll follow all of your orders. You can put the collars on me”.

Barbie proceeds to place the black studded collars on both my neck and wrists. As my first exercise in submission, she then orders me to get down on my knees behind her. “Pull down my pants and my panties and kaçak casino lick my ass, slipping your tongue as deeply as possible into my anus.”

I had never thought of licking someone’s anus, but everything about Barbie is sexy, especially in this new role she has assumed, so I don’t hesitate, but quickly unbutton and unzip her tight leather pants, and slide them down to her knees, along with her sexy leather panties. Gripping her firm buns, I spread them and expose her tender anus. I begin licking the area around it, moving in quickly to her anus ring itself, as Barbie squirms in pleasure.

“Go ahead, slip your hot tongue all the way in, Jennifer!”, she orders, as she presses her buns back against my face.

I comply by sliding my tongue into the tight elastic opening of her anus. To my surprise, the taste is only slightly bitter, but not unpleasant. As her anus relaxes, I form my tongue into a spear shape and dart it in and out of her asshole, as Barbie squirms and presses her ass back against my face.

“Oooohhhh, yes Jennifer! Fuck my ass with your tongue! That feels sooooo delicious! You’re showing a real talent for this. I bet your hunk John would also love you to this for him! Maybe I’ll suggest it!”

It is a total turn on to have Barbie tease me like this, and I am really enjoying getting her so excited and having her squirm with pleasure above me. I think the feeling of subjugation, dressed as I am in a corset and stockings on my knees and licking my mistress’s ass, also turns me on!

Barbie begins massaging her clit, and it is not long before she has the first of several orgasms! Afterwards, she turns around and taking the sides of my face in her hands, she slips her sweet tongue in my mouth for a passionate kiss. “Thank you. That was wonderful. I love having my ass rimmed by a hot tongue like yours. Lets go to the bathroom, while I supervise the freshening of your makeup. You’re going to have to learn how to do it yourself”.

Barbie then stands next to me and gives me tips on repairing and freshening my makeup, which has become a bit mussed. She then says, “Jennifer, I think we better finish getting dressed. Our guests will be here soon, and you need to slip into your sexy dress and boots”.

To be continued…

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