Helping Tracy

“Tracy’s moving back,” Mom announced.

When neither Mike or his father reacted, she asked, “You remember Tracy, right?”

His father smirked across the table at Mike. “The red-head with the big tits who loved to show them off.”

Mike laughed as his mother hollered. “I don’t want that kind of language in my house, especially with Mike here.”

“He’s twenty-four, Grace. Hey Mike, you remember Tracy, right?”

He nodded. “I remember.” What he didn’t say was how he remembered lusting after Tracy’s hot body as a kid, always fantasizing about her.

“Well, she’s moving back. Her and her husband broke up and she’s looking for a place. Mike, there’s always apartments available in your complex, right?”

Mike shrugged. “Sometimes, yeah. She’d have to check with the managing agent though.”

“Well, I told Tracy you’d find out for her, so be a dear, okay? You want more pancakes?”

“No, I gotta get going, playing golf later.”

“But you’ll find out, right? And let me know?”

“Yeah Mom, I’ll stop by the office when I get home. I’ll call you later.”

“You’re such a good boy.” Turning to her husband, she announced, “At least one of you knows respect for women!”

His dad shrugged. “She was a slut then, she’s probably a slut now.”

“She’s my friend!”

With that, Mike grabbed his stuff and headed for the door. Time for some husband/wife chat.

“Call me,” she yelled after him.

He didn’t play particularly well, but never took the game too seriously, unlike many of his friends. They went for beers afterward and since Tracy was on his mind for the first time in many years, he remembered to stop at the rental office. They told him there were units available, but she’d have to come in for a credit check and to fill out the paperwork.

He called his mom who was thrilled that Tracy may be only minutes from her if she took the unit. Mike wasn’t concerned since many tenants were older, some younger, and it wasn’t like he’d be running into his mother’s friend every ten minutes.

Two weeks later, Mom called again. “Tracy is there now. She wants your opinion on the place. Can you go over now?”

It was eleven o’clock on a Saturday. “Right now?”

“Yes, she just called. She didn’t want to bother you but I said you wouldn’t mind.”

“Why does she need my opinion? I haven’t seen the woman in ten years?”

“Michael, she doesn’t know many people in the area anymore. Just do me this favor, okay? She needs somebody to guide her.”

He begrudgingly agreed, picturing this feeble old lady who couldn’t make up her mind. He pulled on jeans and a tee shirt and walked over to the rental office. As soon as he walked in, he spotted her.

“Mike!” she called, hurrying over to him. The years hadn’t changed her much, a few more lines in the face which she hid well with fresh make-up. The red hair was still flowing over her shoulders and those shoulders still supported a hefty pair of boobs which she displayed prominently. She hugged him and he reciprocated meekly.

“Look at how much you’ve grown! You look terrific,” she told him. “I didn’t want your mother to bother you, but you know how insistent she can be.”

He nodded in agreement and they both smiled. Mr. Jenks, the manager, stepped from his office, spotted them and was at once thrilled to see her, and not so pleased that Mike was there too.

Mike shook his hand while Jenks ogled Tracy’s swelling breasts, barely covered in a red and white striped top. Tracy explained breathlessly that Mike’s mom was an old friend and that she wanted him to see the apartment before she took it. He reluctantly gave them the key, probably hoping to take Tracy on a solo tour. They said they’d be back shortly.

“It’s Building Six,” she told Mike as they walked out with the key.

“I’m in Building Two,” he mentioned.

“I know, your mom told me. We may be neighbors!”

The apartment was a near-mirror to his only hers faced the pool. He walked around nodding approvingly like he thought she would expect, then looked out at the pool from the second floor balcony. “Nice view.”

She was beside him. “Any time you want to come over and watch the pretty young girls, let me know. I’ll watch the handsome young men along with you.” She winked and smiled.

He smiled back. “So, you think you’ll take it?”

“The rent is good and I like the layout. You don’t mind having an old lady as a neighbor, do you?”

He thought before answering, measuring casino oyna his words. “For starters, you’re far from an old lady. And besides, there are tenants that are older, younger, all ages. It’s pretty diverse.”

She swiveled her hips, acting coy. “I meant old compared to you, Mikey.”

“You’re not that, either. Besides, that’s the big thing now, young men with mature women.”

She smiled broadly. “Well, if it ever comes to that, I’m not going to be the one to break it to your mother. She’d kill us both!”

“It’ll be our secret,” he answered just to say something.

Tracy held his arm to her breast and looked deeply into his eyes. “I really appreciate you coming over, Mike. It means a lot to me to know I have a friend in the complex.”

“If you ever need me, I’m right across the way.”

“I know.”

Another two weeks passed and his doorbell rang. It was Tracy, dressed in a royal blue tank top and white shorts, with platform heels that made her almost as tall as Mike.

“Hi Honey, am I disturbing you?”

Mike had been out late and stood at the door in his briefs and a tee shirt, not expecting company. “Um, no, hi, come in.”

She did. Once inside, she looked him over. “I didn’t mean to barge in. I should’ve called but didn’t want to ask your mother for your number. Is this a bad time?”

He looked down and realized the outline of his crotch was in clear view, and what was worse was he was semi-hard.

“Oh Jeez, excuse me,” he said as he rushed into his room and pulled on sweat pants. “Sorry about that,” he blushed.

“Oh, I didn’t mind at all. Actually, it sort of got my day off on the right foot… or something,” she giggled.

He was embarrassed but only a little, still feeling like a teen in front of her.

“I just wanted to tell you I’m all moved in and wanted to invite you over for some Italian food. I heard there’s a good take-out on Wilshire. If you’re not busy, of course. I know it’s Saturday…”

Mike’s date had cancelled last night and now his night was free, but wasn’t sure if he wanted to spend it with Tracy. She seemed to recognize his reluctance.

“I know this was forward of me. Sometimes I just act impulsively. It’s perfectly alright to say no, Mike. I shouldn’t have put so much pressure on you. I hate when I do that!” She was clearly frustrated with herself.

“It’s fine, really. I don’t have plans for tonight so, yes, I’d love to come over… if I can bring the wine.”

“Really? That would be wonderful. You’ll be my first company in my new place, which is fitting since you had such a big part in helping me find it.” She impulsively rushed him and planted a kiss on his cheek, her full breasts pressing against him. “I can’t wait. I have so much to do, cleaning and making things just right. I’d better get going. I don’t want to keep you from… whatever. About seven? Bye, Mikey.”

She was gone as quickly as she arrived. And Mike felt dizzy from her whirlwind visit. He went to the work-out room and built up a sweat, thinking about how Tracy had been the woman of his fantasies so long ago and now he was going to spend the evening sipping wine with her. What would his mother think? She’d probably say, “Oh Mike, how sweet of you to be so nice to my friend.”

At the appointed time, he arrived at Tracy’s door, two bottles of what the liquor store clerk told him was decent red wine for Italian food. He also picked up a fairly expensive wine carafe as a house-warming gift, having been properly trained by his mother for all those years. Tracy opened the door excitedly.

“Mike!” she shrieked, as if surprised to see him. “Come in, please. What’s this?” She took the gift-wrapped box from under his arm. “You shouldn’t have.”

He smiled. “It’s just something to serve the wine, nothing much.”

She tore into it like a child on Christmas, and held it up. “Mike, it’s beautiful. Thank you so much.” He received another cheek kiss, this time with fresh red lipstick. “Oh, sorry, I made a mess.” She grabbed a tissue and wiped her indiscretion away. He finally got a look at her. Her shoulder-length red hair covered freckled shoulders that were bare due to the white button-down sleeve-less shirt. The top three buttons were undone, so her equally freckled cleavage was visible in all its glory. She wore red shorts with the same platform sandals that accented her legs so well earlier.

She had Mike open the wine as she told of how she decided on the paint scheme and how happy she was with canlı casino how the furniture fit the layout. He poured into two stem glasses and they toasted her new place.

“Thank you so much for being my first. Guest, I mean, my first guest.” She laughed that infectious laugh and Mike could see why even his father had noted Tracy’s sexuality so long ago. They settled on the couch, with Tracy pulling out the take-out menu for the restaurant.

“Don’t look at the prices, this is my treat. Whatever you want.”

After a few glasses of wine, they were ready to break into the second and hadn’t yet ordered. Mike’s appetite for food was fading and the wine buzz was taking over.

Tracy had cheese and crackers prepared and they munched as they drank. “We really should order soon,” she commented.

“To tell you the truth, I’m not really that hungry,” Mike confided. “I guess I had a later lunch than I planned.”

“Really? I was thinking the same thing but didn’t want to say it. What say we switch over to white wine? This red is great but a bit heavy. I have a nice collection to choose from.”

It seemed as if she was reading his mind. She had wine chilled in the fridge and poured fresh glasses. The music was dated but it fit how he remembered her, songs from an earlier time. She seemed to be getting dreamy-eyed, and he knew the wine was affecting her too.

“Ooh, I remember this song. I loved to dance to it. Do you think we could dance?” she asked.

He nodded and stood and she stumbled as she rose, falling into him. He caught her and she regained her balance. “Oh, sorry. I guess I haven’t had good wine in a while.”

Their bodies were pressed together as she relied on him to be her anchor. She began slowly swaying against him and his head was suddenly filled with her scent. Her hair, cologne, existence seemed so open and available to him. She raised her arms around his neck, looking up and saying, “I’m so glad you’re here, honey.”

His mind didn’t seem to register but his instincts did. “Me too,” he whispered as he bent forward and pressed his lips to hers.

As sudden as it had happened, the realization came just as quickly. She froze and he knew he had overstepped his bounds.

“I’m sorry,” he stammered, her moist taste and the wine still on his lips.

She stared wide-eyed and didn’t reply, then pulled his head down to her and kissed him. They stayed like that for a long moment, and then she said, “Now, we’re both sorry.” She didn’t move away, staying pressed against him. “I guess we had enough wine. I’ll put on some coffee.”

As she tried to step away, he held her. “Not yet.” This was his childhood fantasy and he wasn’t about to let it slip away so easily. He kissed her again, his arms pulling her close to him as he slid his tongue to her. He was met by her eager tongue as she gasped into his mouth.

“Oh, Mike…is this right?”

“It is for me,” he replied as his hand came up to her right breast, feeling the heft of it and squeezing.

Her eyes were wide when she replied, “Oh Hell,” and ground her pelvis against his growing manhood.

He didn’t know whether he was instantly hard or had gotten that way gradually, but he certainly had an erection and she seemed to sense it pressing against her as she slowly gyrated against him. The kisses were deeper with breaks to gasp and nuzzle at her neck, his other hand now firmly against her rump, kneading and exploring.

There was no speaking, no need to. They were both adults with adult desires. He undid the remaining buttons of her blouse and slid it off her shoulders and she shook her glorious red hair to free it, jiggling her breasts invitingly. He bowed his head and buried it in her cleavage, inhaling as he fumbled for the clasp. He found it and her breasts flowed free.

They weren’t perky like his younger conquests but had a fullness that seemed unique. He found a nipple and suckled it, feeling it harden against his lips and teeth. Tracy moaned softly as she seemed to give herself over to him.

Now, she was sliding onto the couch, expertly undoing his belt and slacks, hooking her fingers into his briefs as she pushed it all down at once. His head bobbed before her and she gave a pleased sigh, taking his shaft into her hand and gently stroking him. When her lips parted and he was engulfed by her hot moist mouth, he knew he’d never experienced pleasure like this before.

She began slowly, her tongue caressing his underside as she worked up and down his kaçak casino pole. His fingers entwined her soft red hair and he began his slow thrust into her cavity. So many thoughts filled his brain, her red lips wrapped tightly around him, his scrotum slapping her chin as he continued his motions.

Tracy handled it with precision, letting him set the pace and being the willing recipient. She seemed perfectly willing to be his receptacle and he gave himself into his own pleasure, his entire focus on relieving the pent-up pressure that was building higher and faster.

Mike began grunting and Tracy’s experience told her he was ready. Her finger slid into his anus at exactly the instant he was ready, and his blast seemed to explode inside her mouth. He growled as he shot again, holding her head in place as he came.

Tracy was able to gulp down the first load but had trouble taking his subsequent bursts. She coughed, trying to catch his cum before it spilled from her mouth. Mike looked down at her watery eyes, his semen dribbling down her chin. He slowly withdrew as she continued coughing, then swallowing his cream.

All his fantasies did not prepare him for the sight of her, topless, panting, his remains dripping. He had never seen anything as sexual and raw as Tracy, and he felt guilty for his selfishly satisfying himself at her expense. But she didn’t seem to care, sheepish smiling up at him, still holding his shaft, slowly cajoling it to become erect again.

He lifted her from the couch, their mouths meeting and his tasting his cum for the first time. She pulled his shirt over his head, kissing and sucking his nipples while teasing his cock-head, which was still covered in saliva and jism.

He began leading her to the bedroom and though first confused, she was pleased when she realized the night’s events hadn’t ended, which happened often with men her age. Younger men, she remembered, had amazing recuperative powers, and Mike was as virile as she had come across.

He led her to her bed, gently propelling her back, before undoing her shorts and easing them down. The red panties seemed so appropriate and he slid those down too, finding a perfectly trimmed bush of bright red. He found himself wondering it that was natural too, but dismissed it as unimportant.

She willingly spread for him as he went to his knees, tugging her close to the edge of the bed to get proper access. He slowly began the process of trailing small kisses up her inner thighs as she spread even wider, enjoying the journey while awaiting his arrival at the destination.

Mike got to her bush, spread it and found moist lips that seemed to pulsate. He carefully dabbed with his tongue, sampling her taste. She was tart but savory and he found himself diving in, exploring her and feeling her thighs tighten as he probed. Her head rocked as she softly moaned, all consumed by the pleasure he was providing. His tongue settled on her clit and it swelled and hardened in his tightening lips. The moans became groans, and her sexual being seemed to awaken as she grasped his head and began writhing, He stayed on her, not wanting to lose contact with the throbbing clit and was rewarded when Tracy cried and released her own orgasm, juices he had never tasted bursting forth from her as she squirmed and gasped for air.

After a few seconds of panting, she pulled him up to her, kissing him hungrily as thanks for her own release.

By now, Mike was more than ready, and lifted her hips to enter her. She gasped again, the frenzy of events so rapid and pleasant. He held his shaft, lining his head up to her lips and pressed forward, entering her oven-like hole, the heat and moist flesh engulfing his cock as he began thrusting, looking down at her as she stared up, a determined look in her eyes.

“Yes, baby,” she growled, “Give me all of it, all of it!”

Her hands were on his ass, urging him forward as she pushed back, meeting his thrusts with her own, screaming and calling for more. “Harder, baby, harder, fuck me harder.”

His body arched and she did with him, knowing he was coming again. He didn’t disappoint as he growled his own roar and released again, not as forceful but equally as satisfying.

He slumped into her and rolled to his side as she rolled with him, kissing his sweat away and cooing his praises. “Oh, Mike, oh baby, so good, so good.”

After a few moments, she kissed him again and said, “I don’t know about you, but I could use some more wine.”

He smiled and sat up. “You read my mind.”

She stood and smiled over her shoulders. “Follow me.”

He watched her move away, the sway of her rump with a hint of the soft, red bush peeking back, and rose. “Oh, I will, I will.”

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