Her Fetish

I watched her from inside the car. She was gorgeous, her bag bouncing as she walked. She noticed me watching her and smiled. The Gods couldn’t have crafted a more perfect smile. I won’t tell you what she looks like, because everyone has an image of their perfect woman, and this girl is mine.

I noticed the smile again as I fastened the handcuffs around her beautiful hands, behind her back they pushed her chest out, she’s never been a fan of it, but I love them. I cuff her ankles together, my weight will hold her down I figure, I just don’t want her to try to stop me.

You think you know what I’m going to do to you, but I’ve discovered your fetish, and when she realizes that I’m still wearing my pants, a flash of terror runs over her face. Naked and laying on my bed, cuffed up, and starting to struggle, I let my fingers run across her body, gently against it, watching her shiver. I bet you’re thinking poor girl, but this is what the slut has always wanted.

I begin grabbing at her under arm and trying to hold her into place, she giggles uncontrollably, waves of pleasure run throughout her body as casino oyna she squirms trying to break free of the shackles.

I climb on top of her and hold her down with my weight to minimize the squirming, grabbing at her she giggles more and more, and I refuse to let up, you’re getting what you deserve you whore. Breathing down her neck as I run my fingers down to her armpits, it may sound gross but you go for where she’s ticklish at. The giggling changes to laughing, the laughing changes to screaming, her movement starts to slow as the energy is being sucked out of her. I sit up a bit giving her a second to breathe, but immediately plunge my hands down to her tummy. She writhes in my tickling grasp but can’t seem to break through the cuffs, they’re cheap toys you weak slut. Screaming she cannot free herself from my wraith, my twisted grin grows as she becomes limp but cannot stop laughing.

I love that fucking smile.

I slide off the bed and reach down where she can’t see. Thinking she’s got a chance, her breathing slows down and she attempts to maybe roll off the bed, free from my grasp, but it’s only canlı casino a front, a mask, because I know she loves this, I can smell her juices flowing, but that’s not what has my attention right now, my attention is on her hair brush I have in my hands.

I push her back onto her back and kneel next to the bed where her feet are. I grab a hook hanging from the bottom of my bed and hook it onto the foot cuffs, restricting her foot movement. Gliding the brush across her toes and the arch of her foot, she twists and screams and I don’t release. I refuse to let go, I refuse to stop the torture, this is what she deserves, this is what she wanted. Screaming from the foot torture, I smile and keep moving the brush across her toes, she loves this, I can smell her juices, I can see her bald pussy soaked, I’m going to make an example out of her.

I drop the brush and start pinching her knees, by now she’s almost lost her voice, or any will to move, she lays there trying to scream, trying to move, but she just doesn’t have the energy.

This doesn’t bother her, my baby is happy.

I decide to reward myself kaçak casino for my good behavior and give her a deep kiss, after the kiss I slowly kiss down her body, and work for her treasure. Slipping a tongue inside her I begin sucking and slurping. Her body just shivers and she starts to moan as she gets her energy back. I won’t allow her this pleasure without her pain. While pleasuring her pussy I reach up and grab at her sides. Twisting in my grasp, the giggles return, but that’s all her body can muster out, I hear the moans of pleasure mixed with the giggles, it gets me excited. Swallowing all of what she has to offer, I can tell she’s cum several times before.

Giving her belly a few more pokes, I feel my toy deserves a rest. I release her hands but leave her feet cuffed up. I run my hand up her gorgeous body and smile and kiss her. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen. I give her a second kiss, giving her the illusion that everything is going to calm down right now, but it’s only 4 in the afternoon, and we’ve got all night.

Honey, your torture has just begun.

I love you baby, from the bottom of my heart, and I wish you the ultimate pleasure, if this is what I can do for you, then just look at me and smile right now, and I’ll lock you up.

I love you Marissa.

– Nick (Your “Sex God”)

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