Her Grandfather’s Guitar

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It was an unexplored neighborhood of Eagle Rock, and although the streets were quiet and picturesque, none of them went through. Wayne had to decide whether jog to the left or to the right each time a street ended, and at this point he was no longer certain whether he was even pointed in the direction of the Ralph’s market, which was the destination he had chosen when he mounted his bicycle and headed out into the cool, overcast morning.

Wayne lived in the adjacent town, and he was riding mainly to keep his 60-year body from getting creaky and uncooperative. He liked to cross over into Eagle Rock or some of the other towns, just to see some new sights as he rode. But, there was always a slight risk of losing one’s bearings, which made it more of an adventure than an exercise routine.

He was headed down a narrow, bumpy alley, lined with some nice jacaranda trees in full purple. There was a girl strolling along to the left, and Wayne decided he would ask her for directions. He slowed his bike to a halt alongside her and greeted her.

She had an engaging smile. She was probably in her 20s and looked like she could be part Samoan, with long, thick, wiry black hair, a dark complexion, and sturdy, thick limbs. “Am I anywhere near the Ralph’s Market?” Wayne asked.

“Very near, actually,” she replied, “but these streets wander all over and don’t go directly there. I can show you a short-cut, though.”

“That would be great.”

“Are you new in this neighborhood?”

“No, I actually live in Glendale. But I take my bike rides into other towns to see new things.”

“That’s a nice bike,” the girl said, eyeing Wayne’s hybrid bicycle. Wayne had fixed it up with various accoutrements, a tool bag under the seat, a mini-pump attached to the frame, and so on.

“Thanks,” he replied. “Do you ride?”

“I used to, back home in Hawaii. Since I got here, I haven’t gotten around to buying a bike. Say, would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Sure, why not. Where do you want to get one?”

“Right here,” she said, gesturing at a quaint little house under one of the jacarandas. “I live here.”

“Oh, OK. Do you think I need to lock my bike?”

“You can actually put it inside if you want. There’s a space right by the door.” She unlocked the door, and held it while he maneuvered his bike inside. “I’ll make some coffee — make yourself at home.”

Wayne lowered his lanky frame onto the small burgundy-colored couch and surveyed the room. The first thing that caught his eye was a guitar stand with an old Telecaster. He mentally awarded the young lady 100 coolness points for this. It was plugged into a small apartment-sized amplifier. There was a turquoise plush armchair opposite the couch. The room was full of a wide variety of houseplants that looked well cared-for. The window looked out on a patio with more healthy plants. On the wall, next to the door into the kitchen, was a large art print, the Dürer rhinocerous.

He heard the gurgling of a coffee maker, and a few minutes later the girl emerged with two cups of coffee. “Do you take anything in it?” she asked.

“Nope. I like to taste the coffee,” Wayne replied.

She smiled. “Me too.” She deposited his cup on a small coffee table in front of the couch, and went over to sit in the armchair.

“I’m Wayne, by the way.”

“Alonna.” She settled back in her chair and took a long sip of her coffee.

Wayne smiled at her and stole an admiring glance. Alonna had dark, almost black eyes. She looked young and innocent, young enough to be his granddaughter if he had one. Her forest green dress was short and riding up her thick thighs. She wore flip-flops and her feet were large, but shapely. “I like your taste in guitars, Alonna.”

“Thank you! I’m a songwriter.”

“Really! Do you do it professionally?”

Alonna sighed. “Well, you know. I came to L.A. six months ago, hoping to get into the business. So far I have succeeded in becoming a waitress.” She smiled ironically.

“I’m sure the competition is fierce here.”

“I guess so.” Alonna took another sip. “How about you, Wayne? What do you do?”

“I’m semi-retired. I used to be an editor for some local magazines. I write a little fiction.”

Alonna smiled again a slouched a bit in her chair, giving Wayne a probably unintentional glimpse of her white cotton panties. Her thighs were really something — so big and thick and smooth.

Wayne continued, “What sort of songwriting do you do?”

One of Alonna’s eyebrows went up as she considered her answer. “I dunno. Indy rock? Or maybe it’s funk. I don’t really understand those different genres. I listen to some of everything.”

“Do you perform in public?”

“I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve only played for my family and my boyfriend back home.”

Wayne finished his coffee and set the empty cup on the table. “Is your boyfriend going to join you out here?”

“Nah.” Alonna collected her thoughts, then added, “We’re pretty casino oyna much over.” Then, abruptly, “Do you have a girlfriend, Wayne?”

Wayne replied sardonically, “No, I have a wife. I wish I had a girlfriend.” Then he silently rebuked himself for saying something improper.

Alonna was unfazed. “You don’t like your wife?”

“Oh, no, my wife is great. It’s just that…” For some reason, Wayne couldn’t see a way to avoid explaining this. “…she and I are both getting older, and after she went through menopause, she lost all interest in sex. But I didn’t.”

This seemed to pique Alonna’s interest. “So, nothing like that happens to men?”

“It’s different with every person.”

Alonna persisted, “Don’t some men have to take pills and stuff?”

“Yes, some of them do.”

An impish smile appeared for a moment on Alonna’s lips. “But not you.”

“No, not me.”

There was a brief moment of slightly awkward silence, which was broken by Alonna. “Would you like to hear one of my songs?”

“Sure, that would be great.”

Alonna got up and turned on her amplifier, then walked over to the guitar. “That’s a nice Telecaster,” said Wayne.

Alonna smiled. “It was my grandfather’s. He was a very popular musician in Hawaii. Very handsome, too. He had silver hair like yours.” Wayne returned her smile. She continued, “When I was a little girl I told my mom that I wanted to marry Grandpa. She said that there was a rule against that.” They both chuckled.

She reached for her guitar, then hesitated and said, “Give me a minute, I need to go to the bathroom.” She disappeared around the corner, and reappeared in a few minutes to strap on her guitar. She spent another minute tuning it, then turned to Wayne.

“Normally I’m sort of shy person,” she said. “But I try to get over it with my songs.” She smiled tentatively, and began to play chords in a slow funk rhythm on her guitar. She sang in a voice that was young, pure, bird-like:

It’s such a sultry day, and such

A long time since I felt your touch,

So won’t you come along and play with me?

Wayne gazed intently at her, watching her face as she sang, but then his eyes drifted downward and there was no mistaking the fact that she had removed her bra. Her nipples were poking defiantly against the velvety forest green of her dress. They were clearly very big and robust, like the rest of her body. Wayne’s cock sprang to life. He tried to maintain his composure as Alonna began her second verse:

I see the heat that’s in your eyes,

So kneel before me, part my thighs,

And tell me now, do you like what you see?

She turned off the amplifier, placed her guitar on the stand, and sat down again on the turquoise chair. “So, what did you think?”

Wayne said nothing, and just stared into her eyes. She stared back. He tried to read her expression, which seemed to be a mixture of anxious and challenging. Then, after 30 seconds that seemed like forever, she almost imperceptibly spread her thighs.

Wayne rose, walked around the coffee table, and knelt in front her chair, keeping his eyes locked on hers. She tried to keep her face impassive, but he heard her sharp intake of breath. He placed his hands on her knees and very slowly began to push the hem of her dress up her thighs, until it was bunched around her waist. Then seized her big thighs and slowly parted them.

Whoa! The panties were gone, too. Nestled between those impossibly thick thighs was a big, swollen pussy. Her thick, jet black pubic hair had been neatly trimmed around a strongly protruding clit and fat dark lips that were open and glistening.

Wayne brought his face up close to smell her. She smelled like a whole kitchen full of spices, maybe cloves or cumin seed, plus a tart and deliciously nasty overtone that could only be raw sex. He looked up into Alonna’s eyes and said, “I think I’m in love with your cunt.” She whimpered and grabbed his hair, pulling his face to her crotch and enveloping him in her fabulous thighs.

He loved how they felt against his ears and cheeks as he slid his tongue inside her. She tasted like paradise. Her hips were rocking back and forth as she rubbed her big clit against his lips and tongue, which prompted him to capture it in his mouth and suck it. He was rewarded with a chorus of groans as she fucked his face with greater urgency.

Suddenly she pushed him away, grabbed his shoulders, and let him know that she wanted him to stand up. Then, with her eyes on his, she began to undo his belt and zipper, pulling his pants down and letting his cock spring free. She moaned as she looked at it with hungry eyes.

Wayne grinned at her and wrapped his hand around it, stroking it slowly. Alonna was transfixed. He turned a little to let her see it from the side. He could see approval written all over her face, so he took a step closer. “I love to see that,” she said.

He smiled at her and continued to stroke his thick, hard cock. Alonna scooted back in her armchair, hoisted her legs over the arms so that her crotch was thrust forward, and began to canlı casino finger her pussy, enjoying the effect that it had on Wayne. She pushed two fingers deep inside and brought them out coated in her thick juices, holding them up for Wayne to see. He bent down and opened his mouth expectantly, so she inserted her fingers and let him suck them passionately.

“More,” he commanded. She grinned and made him wait for a few seconds as she massaged her clit, then pushed her fingers inside and brought them out to feed him some more.

Wayne stepped closer and began to stroke his cock a little faster, within inches of her face. She opened her mouth and he stepped just out of reach. “Please,” she said.

“Please what?”

“I want to suck it.” She paused. “I want to suck your cock.”

“Cum for me first,” Wayne replied.

“OK,” she said. She closed her eyes in concentration and slid her fingers inside to rub her G-spot. Then she stopped. “Just a sec,” she said, and got up to run out of the room. She returned with a big translucent purple dildo. She resumed her position on the armchair and began to slowly work it into her cunt. “Do you like that?” she asked.

“Yes, baby,” he replied, and moved up close to her face once again. She had now worked the entire length of the dildo into her cunt, and was fucking herself with mounting intensity. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes moved back and forth from Wayne’s face to his cock, which he was stroking with an intensity equal to Alonna’s. He gasped, “Baby, that’s so good!”

Alonna groaned with pleasure. “I’m gonna cum soon! I want you to cum with me! Cum on my face!” Wayne groaned in response and aimed his cock toward her mouth. Alonna groaned louder. “You promise to let me suck it?”

Wayne gasped, “Yes!”

Alonna convulsed with a loud wail, and Wayne cried out, unleashing several spurts of cum on her face. She scrambled from the chair and swallowed his cock, capturing more of his cum. Then he knelt on the floor with her and began licking the cum off her face, kissing her to share it. She moaned again.

Alonna rose to her feet, took Wayne by the hand and led him down a short hallway to the bedroom. There was a nice big bed with a woven coverlet, and a big-screen TV on the wall. Alonna stripped off her dress, helped Wayne off with his shirt and pants. They sat down on the bed together, and Wayne asked Alonna, “Do you like older guys?”

She grinned and replied, “Let me show you something.” She picked up a remote from the bedside table and pushed a few buttons. The TV lit up to display a scene:

An old man with gray-white hair like Wayne’s is lying naked on his back. A young white woman enters the room and looks down at him, then begins to strip, fondling her tits and pussy, as the man’s cock stiffens. He looks like he has about 7 inches.

Wayne thought to himself, this guy resembles me in more ways than one.

The girl begins to suck the man’s cock, and a young black woman enters the room, already naked. She stands above the man’s chest, lifts one foot, and offers her toes to his mouth. He sucks them eagerly.

“Do you like this?” Alonna asked.

“It’s pretty hot,” Wayne replied. He could feel that his own cock was hard again.

The black girl is squatting above the man’s face and rubbing her cunt while writhing voluptuously. The white girl sort of slithers up to put the man’s big cock in her pussy and begins to fuck him, while the black girl turns to face her, and lowers her pussy to the man’s face.

Just at that moment, Wayne felt Alonna’s mouth close on his cock and swallow it all the way to the hilt. Holy mother of god, he thought, does that ever feel good. He put his hands in her wiry mane of hair and held her head as he fucked her mouth. Meanwhile, on the screen:

The camera zooms in close to show the two girls’ creamy, distended cunts as they ride the old man’s face and cock respectively. They lean forward to kiss passionately. Then they take turns sucking each other’s tits, as their hips undulate and the old man cries out in pleasure.

Wayne watched the action intently as he growled encouragment to Alonna and her hot mouth. She paused to say, “Your cock is so hard!”

Wayne gasped, “Damn! Where did a young thing like you learn to suck like that?”

She replied earnestly, “From videos.” Then she added, “…besides, your cock tastes so good!” Then she put her mouth on him again and began to suck with renewed enthusiasm. On the screen:

The two young women are lying side by side on the bed, tweaking each other’s nipples as the old man alternates between them, tasting their pussies.

Wayne was starting to feel the distant rumbling of an approaching orgasm, when suddenly the craving hit him.

He pulled Alonna’s head away from his cock, and lay back on the bed, gasping, “Sit on my face!” She scrambled up above him. Her plump Pacific islander thighs looked immense as she descended toward him, and her dark, glistening, hairy cunt seemed like the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. When it arrived at his face he came alive, licking and sucking it, as he seized kaçak casino her ass with his hands to pull her closer. He was rewarded with a wail of passion and a flood of her juices.

She rubbed her pussy up and down on his face, covering it with her cum, then turned around and planted her cunt right back on his mouth while leaning forward to take his cock in her own mouth. They began an ecstatic 69, groaning with excitement while fucking each other’s faces. Alonna began to cum again almost immediately, and Wayne could feel that distant rumbling coming closer very fast. He surrendered to the feeling, bucking his hips with abandon, and Alonna sucked him fiercely until he flooded her mouth with cum.

Afterward, they silently on the bed together, side by side, face to crotch. The video on the TV had concluded and the room was silent. Finally Wayne turned around to bring his face to Alonna’s. “How old are you?” he asked.

“I’m 20.” She grinned. “Completely legal.”

“How long have you been having sex?”

“I lost my virginity just a couple of years ago. Do you want to hear about it?”

“Sure,” Wayne replied.

Alonna snuggled closer to him and began her story.

“My family was very liberal. We practiced nudism around the house, and every year they went to Kauapea Beach for National Nude Day, but they wouldn’t let me come until I turned 18.” She smirked. “I guess they thought I might be… curious. So anyway, my birthday is at the end of June, and I knew I was going to get to go that year. You wouldn’t believe how much I masturbated, thinking about it! So when the day came, Mom and Pop and Grandpa and I all piled into the SUV bright and early and headed to the beach.

“It was exciting to take off my clothes in public where everyone could see. I kept looking around to see who was looking at me, and my pussy was totally wet. But you’re not supposed to have sex out in the open there, so I thought I would prowl around in the trees a little to see if there was anybody back there doing it.

“I walked around for a while and didn’t see anyone, then suddenly I ran into a boy about my age. I looked at his cock and I could see that it was getting hard. He looked really embarrassed, but I just said Hi to him and asked him if I could touch it. He didn’t say anything, so I just walked up and put my hand on it. Then it got really hard! He was really nervous and trembling, but I didn’t care. I just stood close to him and stroked his cock. I was excited.

“He was about my height, and I leaned over to kiss him and he kissed me back. That seemed to relax him, and he was starting to get into it. Then I got down on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. That was so good, the way it smelled and tasted! Then I got up and told him I wanted him to fuck me. He said he had never done it before, and I said I hadn’t either but I wanted to try it. So he said OK, and we found a little spot with some grass and I lay down and asked him to put his cock in my pussy.

“He couldn’t get it to go in, but we kept trying and finally he got it part way in, and I said, yes, fuck me! And then he pushed it in the rest of the way. It hurt a little, but then he started to move it in and out and it felt good. But suddenly he pulled it out. He said he was about to cum and he didn’t want to get me pregnant. I was disappointed but I didn’t want to get pregnant. But he let me stroke his cock until he came, and that was exciting.

“After that I started walking again, and I heard a noise that sounded like people having sex. I walked very quietly toward the sound, and you wouldn’t believe it! It was my grandpa with a girl that looked like she was about my age. They were really into and they didn’t notice me, so I watched them for a long time. He made that girl cum a lot! I mean really! He ate her pussy, he fucked her in all sorts of positions, and I could tell that she was loving it. She made a lot of noise. My pussy was totally wet from watching this, but I didn’t touch it because I was afraid I couldn’t be quiet if I did.

“So I went back to the beach and met up with my family when it was time to go home. Later that night I got my courage up and I went to my grandpa and told him I had seen him with that girl in the woods.”

“Whoa!” said Wayne.

“He just smiled and asked me what I thought about it. I told him I thought that I needed a boyfriend. He said well sweetie, you’re 18 now, go out and find one. Then he told me that he had brought me something for my birthday. Then he went out to his car and his car and came back with that guitar.”

“That’s a good story. Did you find a boyfriend?”

“Well, not exactly. There’s more to the story.”

“By all means, tell me more!”

Alonna continued:

“I have an older sister. When we were little, we used to talk about how handsome Grandpa was, and giggle a lot. When she was in her late 20s she married a man who was about 20 years older than her, and I thought he was pretty hot too. So a few weeks after National Nude Day, I was having coffee at her house and I told her about seeing Grandpa at the beach. She was really excited by it. And I told her that I wished I had a boyfriend, and I had no prospects. She asked me if I thought her husband was attractive and I said yes, absolutely! Then she asked me if I would be interested in having a threesome with him.”

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