Her Interrogation Method

Cai Wenji: I have read this from the book, it come the western I guessed

She said and slowly walking close to him, Long Yi showed a worry face preparing a bullying that she has done to him again but turn surprised.

Cai Wenji: I think this method is quite fit to a man like you, and I sure that you will tell me about what a plan of your mine.

Now she sit by her both knees at the position of the front of him very close that Long Yi can smell her scent exploded her very sexy blue tuxedo costume and a fisting-stocking .

Cai Wenji lowered her head down at this manhood until her sight can see it with her owns eyes. She moved her face very close at his huge and swallowed cock.

Long Yi can feels her gentle wind and a hot blow from her breath with made his cock grew stronger like a straight flag he never be like this before in his life what kind a magic which she has used to him.

A red-lipstick mouth so close at his cock, Cai Wenji starting by licking her tongue from underside of his cock to the upper side, a strange feeling happen on his penis like his cock was being slain by a blade but it is a blade of happiness.

Then she dragged her tongue around, swung it back a fourth on his cock’s head like she drawing a picture and moved it up and down inside his sac.

Long Yi seemed a barely on his casino oyna face by closing his eyes and his face moved to one side. Is kind like a torturing that he never meets before, it very exotic with causes both pleasure and pain at the same time.

Then Cai Wenji shoved his dick into her mouth but she only taking it only a part of the head, a very sweet and warm from her mouth with a feeling wet by her salvia that made Long Yi got a short of his breath some strong and strange feel running from his stomach go up to his brain.

She put her right hands on his hard cock grabbed it firmly by her hand inside white gloves.

An un-smoothly feels happens on his most softly part of skin.

Cai Wenji starting put his cock inside her mouth but she only took it deep to the middle of his cone-penis then she pull her mouth back and push it back again, forward and backward repels it again and again like it never end while her left hand leading his groin.

Long Yi can feel some strong squeeze from her hand but he head was blind by the feeling from Cai Wenji’s mouth around of his cock from a top that goes down to the middle.

Long Yi spinning his head over and over like a stunt from a heavily wind, of course it doesn’t feel pain at all but it cause very uncomfortable but it giving him a gorgeous feeling at the same canlı casino time, many of amazing feeling combine together that he cannot explain.

Cai Wenji looking at his eyes while sucking his cock, she stoking his penis with her right hand but never forget to slop his cock too, she doing it a play a music with a beautify rhythm like she always do.

Then she put her both hand on his front of leg, before used her mouth that colors with her red-lipstick took his hard cock deep inside her throat, she put it in so deeply like she want to make it disappeared from his body, Cai Wenji begin with slowly and slightly move her face up and down, a strong feeling lie he is being totally under her control.

The more slowly her put her mouth in or out the more intensive feeling happens on his cock’s base.

Long Yi looked down at his penis but it all cover by Cai Wenji’s mouth until he can’t see it, his penis skin now turn to red like flower was full-fill with a red colors, it look like she want to paint his manhood by her mouth. An upper and lower lip with red color from Cai Wenji now explodes all of his length and side of his cock.

She gazing at his eyes once more than close it and being move her head up and down more harder and tighter, she begin sucking his cock very hungry like she is going to eat it all.

Cai kaçak casino Wenji increasing her mouth speed running along down and up on his cock, now she do it very savagely she not gentle to him anymore.

Long Yi swung his head back and forth, up and down, feeling very being torturing likes hell by her erotic oral sex.

Long Yi: Please…please stops it I begging you!

He begins gloving her more mercy but Cai Wenji didn’t stop but sucking his cock harder and harder, faster and faster.

Long Yi: Please stop if you continue doing it like that I well…arrhhh…!

He tried to warn her but it too late, when he ejecting his cum into her mouth, Cai Wenji felt his explode his white cream inside ran deep into her throat, but she not leave it away from her mouth, she drinking it all out.

Then she took her mouth off from his cock.

Cai Wenji closed her mouth with her one-hand while closed her eyes tried to swallow it all down.

Solider: Mistress Cai Wenji, Lord Cao Cao want you to report about your success to inquire him, Is anything future?

Cai Wenji: Not he is tougher than I thought I need a bit more couple of day, I sure he will answer about his secret.

Solider: Well then I will report this to our Lord.

Cai Wenji looked at his swollen cock, then she use her finger to fillip on Long Yi’s cock head that now he is already pass out.

Cai Wenji: Look like this cock cause me a lot more of trouble than I expecting it, I will enjoy seeing, how long he can go thus far by my mouth.


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