Hey Professor! Ch. 04

“Holy fuck, Professor!” She was staring at me, weak and out of breath. “Who the fuck are you?”

I smiled, removing the chain from around her neck. “You can get dressed now. And, as we discussed, I’m simply your college professor. Nothing more.” I undid the chain from around her waist to unlock the upper cabinet. Her breathing was still strained but calming down. The aroma from her sex was intoxicating; or maybe I was feeling the effect of the last couple of drinks. She held onto my arm with one hand while she tried to pull her underwear up.

“Isn’t there any place to sit down?” She looked at me like I was responsible for the design of the anteroom. She bent down and maneuvered her clothing up her legs, her breasts remaining bare. It was hot and moist in the room, and I could feel my dick swelling slightly. I stopped her, putting my hands on her shoulder.

“Look at me, cunt. Yes. That’s right. Just because we’re not in there, doesn’t mean you aren’t in training. You will treat me with respect appropriate to your professors when we’re out there,” I nodded to the bar, away from the club, “but you must remember what you are and what is being expected of you.”

She looked up at me and realized I was dead serious, shifting her gaze down and then back up, and down again. “I’m sorry, Professor. I…this is a lot to process. I’m not…I wasn’t…I didn’t expect Car to do this to me…” She stopped and put her hand to her mouth and looked back up at me. “Shit! Do you think she set this up from the beginning? My flashing you, the first picture?” She looked back down, shaking her head. “Motherfucker.”

“You understand you are not to play with yourself. No toys, no slipping your fingers into your wet cunt when you’re taking a shower. No rubbing against the sheets at night. I want you to remember the insert. I want you to remember the sheer sensuality of being stimulated only through your skin.” She nodded, her hands at her sides, her nipples still stiff and erect. “Okay, enough for one night. Finish up and we’ll have a nightcap out there.”

I handed her her blouse and let her finish dressing before opening the door, careful not to bump anyone who might be in the hallway.

I grabbed an open table and invited her to sit. Shirley was there before our butts touched our seats. “Some grappa, Shirley. This cunt needs a drink.”

Shirley smiled and winked at Tee before she turned. Tee looked at me, furious. “What??? You aren’t going to talk that way to me out here???” She was embarrassed at being exposed.

I nodded. “Shirley is an employee of the club. She knows what you’re going through. You may want to make friends with her, actually. She’s been through this not too long ago.”

Tee just shook her head and looked around. Her eyes stopped on the guy in tousled clothes, still sitting at the bar. “And I suppose he really is a millionaire?” She looked back at me.

I nodded. “Yep. Practically runs the place.”

She knocked the grappa back in one toss, and nearly coughed it all back up. “What the fuck is that shit?” She kept coughing through my answer.

“…and it’s expensive, so the next time, maybe you want to try sipping it.”

Still recovering, she looked back up at me from under her eyebrows. “What the fuck is going on in there?”

I shrugged. Where to begin? “First off, it’s a club, that’s obvious, right?”

She rolled her eyes and looked at her empty glass. I motioned to Shirley to give her another.

“I’m a member. There are about 100 members at any time…different levels of membership…” As interesting as it was to me, I’m sure she didn’t need to know all the ins and outs of club membership. Still, a few details were going to be important for her to know. “Like most exclusive clubs, full membership is difficult to achieve, but associate membership is relatively easy, depending on an individual’s…passion? Dedication?” I took a sip. “Associate membership is one path to full membership.

“To become an associate member, you must apply for an apprenticeship.” I watched her shiver, no doubt at the memory of those naked apprentices she’d glimpsed, not to mention the personal service I’d received. “But even then, you have to have an invitation from a full member.” We sipped in silence for a few moments, she staring at me and around the room, me thinking about the upcoming mid-term I was delivering this week.

“What am I?” That hint of anger. Sweet.

“You are a trainee. You have willingly and voluntarily decided to let go of your own agency, be my sub, in plain English, in pursuit of your most desired sexual fantasy. That’s the primary focus of the club: members pursue their sexual interests and are permitted to bring in outsiders to fulfill those interests.”

“Are all…” she hesitated. Maybe she didn’t know what question to ask or probably she had too many. “Do all of you…are casino oyna you all doms? Or are some members subs?”

I laughed softly, shaking my head. “No. Not all members are dominants. But you’re right, I only know of a couple who are subs. It’s been interesting to watch how that works. But BDSM is really only a portion of the members’ interests.”

“What is going to happen to me?” From her shivering, I thought she might be afraid, but then it occurred to me she might be feeling angry, like she was being used. Better nip this in the bud. She’s signed up for the ride; she knows how to get off.

“As you’ve agreed to, you have begun the induction phase of your training. As we discussed, for the next several weeks you’ll be my submissive, plain and simple. You’ll learn the ins and outs of what is already in your nature. You’ll practice how to let go of your needs in service of your master, because you know, deep down, this is what gives you the most pleasure. That and your most secret desire to have all of your holes filled with hard cocks.”

She shook her head, looking at her glass, clearing her throat. “I…but…how can you just say that about me? You don’t know me. It sounds totally fucked up. Either I’m fucked up for being that way, or you’re fucked up for believing I’m that way.”

I smiled thinly and nodded: a pretty typical response, and why not? It must sound and feel totally insane. One day you’re joking around sexting your professor, and the next you’re stripped, blindfolded and made to endure a vibrating dildo for lord knows how long. Who wouldn’t question somebody’s sanity? And, I reminded myself, she didn’t know the extent of Larry’s invasion of her privacy.

“It’s fundamentally about trust, Tee.” My use of her name didn’t go unnoticed. “You don’t trust me yet, because you haven’t gotten to know me. But I know you. I’ve seen your behavior this term and it’s like dozens of other young women, and men, who exhibit a pattern of submission. Let’s do a quick check-in: At any moment during the past hour, other than your request to piss, did you feel even close to using your safe word?”

She toyed with her glass, thinking, and then just delaying the obvious. “No, Professor.” She stopped and looked at me. “No, not once during the past hour did I feel close to using my safe word…Professor.”

“Was it just the sheer novelty of what was happening, or is it an expectation that you’ll finally get those cocks in you?”

She looked around, blushing and then back to me, avoiding any direct eye contact. “Please!” She hissed. “Why do you have to say it so loud?”

“And so, you haven’t answered, which tells me how much training you really need.”

She just shook her head and finished her drink, screwing her face up as it burned down her throat. “Fuck. Fuck. Okay. But, shit. Okay, I’ve agreed to be your sex toy for the next month or so, and you’ve promised to make my fantasy come true. But what happens after that? I get my cocks,” she lowered her voice, “and then we just pass each other in the halls, la-de-dah?”

The way she talked to me, how she shifted from vulnerable to angry, struck a chord I hadn’t felt in years. I didn’t let my surprise show, but it made me stop. I covered by finishing my drink. I narrowed my eyes. “First of all, we will pass in the hall la-de-dah no matter what, you understand that, right?”

She looked up, afraid at my expression and tone. She nodded, looking back down quickly.

“Secondly, let’s take this one step at a time. There are several options you will have after you’ve gotten what you wanted.” I waited, teasing. She looked up, eyebrows raised. “1. We thank each other and go our own ways. You are still bound to the original agreement until the statute of limitations run out. 2. You decide to pursue an apprenticeship.” Her eyes widened at that possibility. “Among other possibilities.” One of which is that we chose to continue the relationship as D/s. My cock twitched at that prospect, and that surprised me. She just kept looking at me, waiting for me to expand on the thought. Not today.

“That’s enough for now. I’m getting tired and we both have school tomorrow. Here are some immediate next steps: you’ll receive instructions in the chat room to go to a specific clinic for a medical checkup. We’ll test you for any STDs, and everything will remain on hold until those results come back. If you have AIDS, we’ll discuss how we will proceed.” I looked at her as if there was anything she could do about it now.

“I don’t have fucking aids, Professor.” She looked up, not knowing whether she’d made a mistake.

“It’s okay, Tee. When you hear me use your name, you’ll know we’re back to vanilla. Remember everything I’ve told you, for your own wellbeing: nothing has changed between us, utmost respect, no fingering yourself and think about your submissive nature. Once your medical canlı casino results are back, we’ll discuss your living arrangements. I’d begin to prepare for an extended time away from home.”


OMG, Car!! WTF have you gotten me into????


Car???? Please answer me.

Hey sweetlips. Was it totally intense?

FUCK. Can’t we talk????

I’m sooo sorry, T. I’m practically standing in the closet just to get enough signal and if I walk outside I get nothing. I’ve been living here, Aunt T is in pretty bad shape…but she’s getting better.

Shit. I’m sorry.

No worries! Tell me everything!!

FUUUCKKK. I can’t believe it! He…he’s a fucking dom! Did you know that? He says you knew it! Why didn’t you tell me???

I didn’t really know it. I kinda thought it. Just the way he moves, looks at everyone. He keeps it really hidden. I thought that was really cool. But tell me!!

It’s too much. I need to talk to you.

Something. Give me something!

K. He made me strip and put on a black-out mask and put earphones in so I couldn’t hear or see anything. And he made me walk through a crowded bar. I’m so fucking wet, Car. I can’t touch myself but I’m so fucking juicy right now. So, he made me sit on a stool and shoved a dildo up me. The weirdest dildo I’ve ever felt. I can still feel it moving in me. FUCCKKKK. You’ve got to get one of those! And my arms and legs were tied back and he pulled on my nipples!! You know how much I love that! did you tell him that???

Shaking head no.

I’m so much his bitch now, Car. He made me pee in public, into a pail. He wouldn’t let me off the stool. It was sooooo gross and they have a bunch of naked women in the club.


Yeah. This bar is some kind of exclusive club, and he got so hard from what he was doing to me, he made me watch one of them suck him off. God she was good. 2 min flat and she took it all down her throat. FUCK. I’m so fucking hot.

So, use a toy. Take care of yourself!

He told me not to. I don’t know how he would find out but I’m sure he would.

MMMmmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about you being his bitch. I wish I could be there to watch.

CAR! FUCK! That turns me on soooo much. To have you watch him and me?! When are you coming home???

Shrug. I wish I knew. Aunt T is doing better, but she doesn’t really have anyone else.

He’s making me move in with him.


And he calls me cunt when I’m in training.


Yeah. I’m going to be his bitch every hour I’m not at school. I’m freaking out about that, a little, but every time I think about what he might do to me in his house, I get all loose and rubbery. THIS IS SO FUCKING INTENSE!! I can’t believe you did this!! I don’t know whether to kiss you or hate you!!

Evil grin. I gotta sign off, T. Remember, if you play with yourself, nobody will know except me. But you have to tell me! Evil grin.



Tee looked down at her phone to see a message from the chat room. Sitting on her bed, naked except for a light t-shirt, she shook her head wondering how she could have gotten herself into this. The sun was just lighting the room, and she had hours before her first class, but she hadn’t slept well after her night with the Professor. My induction, she thought, remembering the apprentice and wondering what he had meant about her applying to be one. What. The. Fuck?!!

She looked down to see her legs had crossed, pressing her thighs together to ease the arousal from her clit. She pulsed her muscles but it wouldn’t help in the long run. Either she followed his direction or she didn’t. There wasn’t any middle ground. Part of her, the rebel, just kept saying fuck you! to him in her head, and she’d pulse her legs in response. But the sub part, the part she needed, she craved, it looked forward to being punished, to being trained, and it knew she didn’t need to do anything for him to find a reason. She uncrossed her legs and felt the cool rush of air against her moist lips. Looking down, she scrunched her mouth at the stain she’d left on the sheets overnight. Had she cum? She tried to remember if she’d played with herself and drew a blank. How much did I drink last night????

“Fuck!” she muttered to the empty room and opened the chat window to read the message.

Per your trainer’s request, and to maintain the highest standards of safety and health, you are requested to complete a medical examination. Please open the link in a secure browser to register and select a time for your appointment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or your trainer.

She glanced at the link and shook her head. It could be a phishing hack. It could infect her computer. “FUCK!!” She held off, confirming she had a recent backup and that it was offline, and kaçak casino confirming she had her anti-virus/malware systems running. The sub part of her shrugged, looking at her like It’s just another step in your training. Let go.

She took a breath and clicked through.

A typical medical clinic web site opened, with all of the normal bullshit marketing and niceties. She looked down to see if any alarms were going off, but the system was quiet.

The main message area told her an account had been created, but she needed to change her password.

“How thoughtful.” Her tone was anything but grateful. She did as she was told, the sub part feeling good, the rebel feeling angry. Her warning lights remained quiet.

With the administrative crap out of the way, she read the message, her shoulders tensing unconsciously at what he expected her to do.

You have three days to complete your induction medical exam. Please review the open times and dates and make an appointment that fits your schedule. Allow about an hour to complete the exam, including 15 minutes for staff to review your medical history forms. Please arrive at your appointment having completed the intake forms online in our secure patient area. Failure to complete the forms will result in cancellation and rescheduling of your appointment. You may incur costs for canceling the appointment. See cancellation policies for further information.

She shivered at the possibilities implied by “costs.” She couldn’t afford the exam and took the Professor at his word when he had told her it was paid for by the club, but fucking around with the exam would probably lead to something awful. Her sub-self felt dreamy at the prospects. Her rebel-self shook her head violently trying to keep it all together.

She took a break to see where she needed to go to fill out the forms.

Please know that in spite of this being in service of your training, this is a board certified medical facility complying with all federal, state and local statutes to protect your privacy, safety, health and well-being. By making this appointment and proceeding through this process, you are certifying that you are doing this voluntarily. Further by proceeding, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this site as well as the medical center’s policies.

She looked away from the legal mumbo-jumbo. “FUCKKKK!!” She was more anxious about the exam than about her privacy. She had already signed away her privacy when she let the Professor parade her naked through the club. “Or how about when you agreed to be his slave???” The bedroom echoed back her question. Reflecting for a few heartbeats, her inner selves didn’t provide any easy answers.

She looked at the clock. Still a lot of time before she had to get ready to go. What the fuck. Might as well do it now.

She looked at the appointment calendar and saw there was an open slot near the end of the day. The clinic was in a part of town she didn’t know very well, but she thought was residential. Alarms went off in her head (she looked down and the system alarms were all quiet); she continued thinking about her day. Her last class ended at 2:45. The appointment was 3:30. Could she get there in time? She hated bringing her car to campus, but coming back here and then going back out to the clinic wouldn’t get her there in time.

She worked through all of the possibilities, trying to figure out how to get the fucking thing done as soon as possible without spending a ton of money. She took the gamble on her car on campus and selected the appointment.

This induction exam will include blood tests for STDs. You may be informed of medical conditions about which you had no prior knowledge and which you may wish to discuss with your Primary Care Physician. You will be given the option of sending the results to your PCP. Please click here to learn more about specific tests and procedures you can expect in the induction exam.

She clicked through to try and lower her freak-out about medical exams. She’d had her share, since she’d gotten her period, but she’d never gotten used to having a doctor open her up and shove stuff inside her. It looked like a typical exam, based on her experience. Speculum, pelvic/cervical exam, breast exam, pap smear.

She shivered again. Her sub imagination pushed images of stirrups and being spread eagled, her nipples tingled at the image; her rebel frowned and wrinkled her forehead.

They’re making it out to be a typical medical exam, but what if it isn’t? She inhaled to calm the growing frenzy. Just get the fucking thing over with.

Completing the appointment, she looked at the clock again. Only ten minutes had passed. Opening up the medical forms section she was overwhelmed by the number she had to fill out.

“Coffee. You can’t do this without coffee.” Dragging herself out of bed, she peed, grabbed her laptop and moved to the kitchen.

Coffee steaming in front of her, she returned to the forms section. Please allow 90 minutes to fill out the forms. There were seven different forms.

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