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Hi thereThe parking lot was crowded. We eventually found a spot as my nervous energy threatened to boil over. Megan clipped the leash onto my collar and I launched, forcing her into a run to keep up with me. Despite her protests, I knew she loved the exercise, so I gave it all I was worth. She finally managed to drag me to a halt, both of us panting with the effort. “You look like you need a rest,” a lady on a park bench offered with a smile, scooting over to make some room. “Th… Thanks…” Megan replied with a gasp, taking the offered seat. The woman’s Doberman and I gave each other wary looks, exchanging tentative sniffs in a tense standoff. Combat averted, we both sat down to enjoy the goings-on around us.The Doberman turned his gaze towards Megan, his eyes travelling up her smooth, tanned legs. “So… you hittin’ it?” he inquired.“Excuse me?” I replied in confusion. He gave a nod of his furry head toward Megan. “You tappin’ that? You know, playing bury the doggy bone?”I was appalled. My sweet Megan didn’t do things like that! He took my silence as a negative response. “Mmmm, mmm… Damn shame, letting prize poon like that go to waste,” he observed, shamelessly gazing up underneath Megan’s short skirt. He extended his adana escort tongue, panting. “Oh, yeah, that is a tight and juicy bit of…”“HEY!” I barked, feeling my indignation build.“Roscoe, hush!” Megan absently chided, returning to her conversation with the woman on the bench.Undeterred, the Doberman made a show of sniffing the air. “Drives you crazy, don’t it, the smell of young cunt in heat? Man, if that was my bitch, I would be sliding her the old doggy trombone until she squealed!”“Look, Pal…” I growled menacingly. A snap on my leash served as warning from Megan. With a grumble of complaint, I settled down on the ground, refusing to make eye contact with this hooligan.The Doberman chuckled. “It’s ok, man. I’d be pussy-whipped too if that was the pussy doing the whipping.” I ignored him. But as the silence prolonged, curiosity overcame me. Despite my irritation, I couldn’t help but ask, “You and the lady… you’re not really…”“Slipping her my rawhide doggy chew toy?” he finished for me. Despite myself, a minor smirk crossed my jowls. “You better believe it. I’m poking her like a pin cushion and she fucks like a freight train. Trust me, once you mount and knot a bitch, human cock just never satisfies them again.”I escort adana don’t know…” I pondered, turning an appreciative gaze up at Megan. She was a petite brunette, her hair tied back in a pony tail, with stubborn, errant strands making their escape. Meg wasn’t much for being fussy about her appearance, but she still managed to pull off cute in a waifish sort of way. From my vantage point, I had a clear view up under her blue mini skirt. Trim, creamy thighs led my eyes up to the crotch of her impossibly tiny pink panties, snugged up tight in a revealing camel toe. Her small, firm tits pushed her cut off tee shirt out just a touch, exposing plenty of firm, alluring midriff. White ankle socks and a pair of well-worn tennis shoes completed the ensemble. “Look at you, mooning over her,” The Doberman snorted, interrupting my lustful inspection. “You just gotta dog up and show her who’s boss,” he said with complete assurance. “I mean, look at you. What are you, a mutt of Siberian Husky and maybe some German Shepherd? You’re a big boy. No problem at all for you to take charge of a girl like yours. And she’ll love ya for it, trust me.” I offered no response, my mind a whirl of confusion.“She seeing anyone?” the Doberman adana escort bayan continued after a few moments of silence. I shook my head. I thought back, trying to recall the last time we had seen Steve, her last boyfriend. I didn’t really understand calendars, but it had been a long time. “Oh yeah, she’s primed for ya then, my friend. Primed and ready.” Megan finished up her conversation with the woman on the bench and we moved on. Normally charging in the lead and choking on my collar, today I found myself walking several paces behind the girl, focused on the enticing view of her swiveling hips from my up-skirt point of view. I licked my chops, unable to stop my imagination from running amok. What it would be like to feel her squirming underneath me? I inhaled deeply, letting the wafting scent embrace my senses. The Doberman might have been a jackass, but he was right — the smell of young cunt in heat was driving me out of my mind.I was a nervous wreck the rest of the day, trying to get the conversation with the Doberman out of my mind. I tried to be a good boy, but found myself spilling my water dish, tracking mud on the carpet, and even jumping on the couch where I knew I was not allowed. After numerous chastisements, I curled up in my doggy bed in the bedroom, watching Megan surf on her computer. Her trim little ass shifted occasionally in her chair, having my undivided attention. An embarrassing hard-on raged and I whimpered quietly to myself.

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