His First Night

I nearly collapsed onto Vicky after the last drop of semen poured into her. I couldn’t believe how drained I felt.

And I couldn’t believe how beautiful she looked. I mean, Vicky is gorgeous, but something changed. She was my first, that was my first time. Even with her legs open to welcome me, knees folded up in a way that should have looked froggy and awkward, she looked more graceful than ever. My erection was still in her but fading fast as she reached up to stroke my forehead and cheek. Her smile glowed as she gazed up at me.

“I’m not a virgin any more.”

I was barely coherent. “Me too.” Maybe it didn’t make strict grammatical sense, but it was the best I could manage. “Did you …”

“Shh,” she interrupted. “You were wonderful. It felt, it feels so good to have you inside me.” I guess she didn’t come, but was being nice about it. That was something I’d have to work on for her.

I lifted myself off her. The little bit of my penis left inside pulled out too — but left the condom behind. It looked vaguely ridiculous dangling out of her vagina, and I nearly collapsed with embarrassment. I reached down, tugged it out, and mumbled an apology. Well, whatever else sex might be, it’s not very dignified. Some of the embarrassment went away when Vicky laughed that sparkling laugh, and said, “It’s OK. I’ll be right back.”

She unfolded herself in a smooth motion, got up, and headed to the bathroom. I mummified the used condom in tissues, wiped myself, and threw out the mess. Then I lay back to wait for her, promising myself I wouldn’t be a “roll over and go to sleep” kind of lover for her. OK, I meant well, but was out before she returned.


Next time I awoke, the room was lit only by moonlight. Vicky knelt over me, her mouth warm and soft around my erection. One warm hand held the base of my penis, the other cupped my balls and played. The skin over them had tightened in the cool night air, and she tugged gently at the leathery skin, then traced the shape of each testicle. Her mouth slid easily over the hardness; that slick feel told me that my pre-come was flowing into her mouth. I purred as she suckled, and reached out to stroke her shoulder and the back of her head. She glanced up at me, trying to smile around her loving mouthful.

Still holding my penis, I saw her reach between her own legs with her other hand. She had to lift her body a little to reach down, but kept soft pressure on my penis as she shifted. Was she caressing herself as she played with me? Whatever she was doing, it lasted only a moment. She lifted her mouth from my erection, planted a final kiss at the tip, and sat up.

She let go of my erection, and my own hand replaced hers before I realized what casino oyna I was doing. I didn’t want the feeling to end, even though my touch couldn’t come close to the way she made me feel. I stroked myself as she leaned over the side of the bed and fetched something from her purse. She lifted it into the moonlight, and I recognized a condom’s envelope. I practically came right then. Just a while ago, we’d both had our first real sex together, and now she wanted more! I did too, and continued stroking myself as she opened the wrapper.

She seemed quite sure of herself as she brushed my hand away and took control of my penis again. Even in the dim light, she unrolled the condom onto me with deft, firm touch — better than I had done, but surprise at that faded in a moment. I start to get up, but she said “No” and pushed me back, before I could even get all the way up on one elbow. I lay back and waited for whatever she had in mind.

With an easy motion, she leaned onto me and swung one leg over my hip. She lifted herself over me as high as her legs would go, then reached down to my covered erection. She knee-walked a little to align her body over mine, then slowly sat onto me. The tip of my penis bumped softness between her legs. She shifted again, rubbed her labia with her condomed toy, and pressed down.

I was in! Just a little, though. Her firm grip held me at her body’s entrance as she lowered her hips another step. I had my hands on her thighs, and felt the muscles flex as she rocked up and down, pushing herself onto me by inches. Soon, I was deep enough that I’d stay in without help, and she took her hand away. Her vagina felt warm and snug. I nearly came when I felt muscles all through her hips tighten round me. Each motion of her legs had its inner equivalent, too.

I was in heaven. Every part of my body strained to become part of our coupling. I bucked once or twice under her, but was already in as deep as I could go. Then Vicky did something incredible. Her hip tilted forward, swirling my erection against her inner walls. Holding that tilt, she sat again, hard, and took the last bit of my length into her body. Gentle pressure of her rear against my balls told me that everything I had to give was inside her.

My god that was incredible! She rode me easily, with supple strength, and I was glad that the condom blunted the feeling a bit. If not for that, I would have dumped myself into her long since and missed finding out what fucking was really supposed to be. Then, I saw her lift one soft breast with her hand, take the nipple between thumb and forefinger, and ask, “Have you ever seen a girl play with herself?”

By reflex, I started to answer “But girls can’t …”

I sounded stupid even to canlı casino myself, so I was glad when she interrupted me. “But girls can.” One hand still on her breast, the other snaked between us, to where my body and hers became one. I felt her fingers press against her clit. The same touch affected the base of my penis, and I could have come right then. I forced myself to relax. She hadn’t come the first time we fucked (there, I said it!), and I was determined not to cheat her out of it this time. She was doing all the work. I just had to lie back and be her toy.

Her hips’ motions became deeper and wider. She started to pant, then moan. The fingers between us took on a stronger, more irregular pace and she clutched her breast more tightly than I would have dared. Vicky had come in my arms before, or when I kissed her vulva, but this was new. I could see her orgasm build. I could feel it inside her, where she used my penis to touch her deepest parts. As her moaning deepened, I murmured encouragement and held her legs tightly to my hips.

Then it happened. Her breath caught in her throat, every muscle in her pulled hard, and she froze except for the frenzied fingers in our darkened junction. She almost relaxed, gasped, and froze again. This gorgeous woman was coming for me, and had made my erection part of it.

It seemed to go on forever. She’d regain control of herself for a moment, push herself hard down onto me, and freeze again. Inside, the walls of her vagina pumped in their own rhythm, grasping me, giving her the feeling of depth and fullness that my fingers had never been able to. The deepest of the tremors passed, but aftershocks hit her again and again, winding down only gradually.

I sat up at that point, and leaned forward to kiss her. She leaned back, unbent her legs, and wrapped then around my waist. After that, I could embrace her fully at the same time that all her weight pressed down on my erection. The feeling was beyond belief. I whispered in her ear, over and over — I’m not even sure what I said, but I wanted the verbal contact along with all the other. She melted in my arms and held me as tightly as I held her.

With her face against my shoulder, I couldn’t see her expression. In a moment, though, I heard her sniffle. I tipped her chin to to look into her eyes, and saw her teary face. As soon as she looked back at me, she sobbed in earnest.

I’ve never been good at handling girls crying, and this was almost too weird for me. There I was, my penis as far inside her as it could go, and a moment ago she had the biggest orgasm I’d ever seen. And here she was, crying in my arms. I started to say something, but didn’t get the first word out before she said, “I’m OK, just happy. Too happy.” kaçak casino I had seen happy-cries before, but never dealt any better with them than with any other kind. I just held her and rocked until her breathing evened again. Somehow, I managed to keep my erection even when she was sobbing — I’ll never tell her, but her deep and irregular breathing translated to feelings low in her belly, and tested my control to its limits.

I had held back longer than I thought possible, but my body would have its way. My thighs lifted an inch or two, and lifted Vicky along my shaft. She started to climb off me, but I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her down, hard. Up again, and pull down. She realized immediately what I meant, and worked with me. Lift, feel her slide along my erection, and down again. Vicky sat on me hard, and shifted her hips to create some incredible feeling for me, deep inside.

I had little control over myself at that point. I was hugging and pulling her against myself so hard I thought I would hurt her. The way my agile little nymph held me, though, was pure, generous love. She wanted to be part of my orgasm as much as I’d been part of hers. She must have sensed when the moment came. She looked up at me with a glowing smile as I pressed deep and hard into her. I pulled her shoulders down and her hips close, made some animal sound, and pushed hard again. It felt like my erection ran the whole length of her torso, I was that deep into her. I lost count of the number of times I thrust into her, and the number of times she accepted that power in deepest parts of her body. At that moment, I saw a whole new side to women’s strength — the softness that can accept my strongest embrace, and turn it to love.

The moment ended. I held her close, panting and laughing (my answer to her crying, I guess). I felt my erection wilting inside her, and wanted to make sure I didn’t repeat that embarrassing moment with the condom. I leaned to the side, and she following me down, tipping over onto the bed. As we untangled our legs, I reached between us to keep the condom on me. I sounded sheepish to myself when I told it seemed to be coming off, but she just smiled and touched my face.

I passed her the box of tissues, and we wiped ourselves clean. I would have thought that wiping the wetness out of her vulva would look ungainly, but Vicky made even that look graceful. I lay back with her, knowing that I’d be asleep soon no matter what my good intentions. She must have known that was coming, because she rolled over and asked me to spoon her. My half-hard penis nestled against her rear, and I held one breast from behind.

As my mind faded into warm darkness, I heard her whisper, “I’m not a virgin any more.” That puzzled me. It was what she said the first time we made love, and here she was saying it again. How could she lose her virginity again? That happy mystery rolled around in my mind as I drifted off.

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