His Version

Rob and Alice had been flirting on and on for the last month or so. As work colleagues they saw each other almost daily, but up until recently neither had seen the other’s perverted side.

They had known each other for a few years and their paths had crossed on various occasions but only on a professional basis. Rob had always fancied Alice and at the Christmas party they had flirted a bit.

Later on, after some slightly dirty chat round the table they ended up drunkenly play wrestling on one of their colleague’s beds. Nothing more happened as there were about ten other people in the room.

What Alice didn’t know though, was when Rob had been throwing her around on the bed he was rock solid and gagging to fuck her. He was so turned on at the thought of screwing her he had a wank as soon as he was alone.

He rubbed his hand down his boxer shorts – they were soaked, his fingers covered in sticky pre-cum. Rob dropped his shorts and began imagining ripping her clothes off, pinning her down, pulling her little panties to the side and forcing his massive dick hard into her tight little pussy.

There was no doubt in his mind that she was turned on by the play fighting, too. Rob closed his eyes and gripped his cock hard as he slowly but firmly stroked up and down.

Rob was a real pervert and furiously wanked off imagining young Alice bent over in front of him, spreading her pussy and arsehole for him, begging to be licked.

The thought of smelling and tasting her sweet cunt and ass, ripe and wide open quickly made him spray his hot, thick load all over his chest and hands. He growled as he emptied his creamy load all over himself. There was loads of it. “I HAVE to fuck her”, Rob muttered as he scooped up his spunk and sucked it off his fingers. “I have to taste her, I want her all over me”. Little did he know what would happen at the next work night out.

Two months passed and the pair had begun to flirt a bit more. Not at work of course, but by text and email and on a couple of occasions they had some pretty hot phone sex.

It turned out Alice was dark horse and had a casino oyna kinky side Rob had never imagined. Her biggest turn on was BDSM, rape, pain and forced and controlled sex.

Rob liked most of these things and had dabbled in some of them before. They watched the same movies online as they wanked and shared their kinkiest secrets. Considering they had only just started sexting, Rob and Alice were role-playing watersports scenarios, talking about fisting, bukkake and more. This wasn’t just a bit of phone sex; two perverts were sharing their darkest fantasies.

The scene was set for another night out. This time though, Rob was prepared. He packed a bag of essentials and hoped he would get a chance to use them that night.

Now usually when office parties were held in a hotel, staff would share a room – but this time Rob managed to blag his own. As staff began to check in he quickly showered, changed and imagined what might be in store later that night.

Rob made sure there was a spare seat beside him at the dinner table and right on cue, Alice showed up with a few other girls from the office and popped herself down beside him.

Before long the shots were flowing, beer and wine was being mixed and the conversation round the table of 10 workmates had inevitably turned to sex.

Over the next few hours, all barriers – and inhibitions – were dropped. When Rob next saw Alice their conversation also descended into filth. “Hi Rob” Alice whispered in a sexy and seductive tone.

Without even thinking about the consequences or who might see them, Rob blurted out ” I have to fuck you!! Wanna go to the toilets now?” Alice didn’t need to be asked twice and the pair slipped unnoticed into the nearby ladies toilets. As quietly as possible they found an empty cubicle and locked the door behind them.

Alice and Rob kissed passionately like sex-starved prisoners who had just been released after 25 years behind bars. Animal instinct was taking over.

Rob undid the top button on her tight jeans as their tongues flicked across one and other and slid the palm of his hands into her hot and surprisingly canlı casino sticky panties. Alice was dripping!

Her pussy greedily swallowed his index and middle finger and Alice let out a loud moan and a gasped “oh my god” as his fingers spread her soaking lips and ploughed into her beautiful smooth cunt.

Rob had fucked loads of girls so had his own techniques, and as he curled his fingers inside her making a hook shape that rubbed her g spot firmly he could feel her cream running down his hand.

Her muscles clamped round his fingers, he imagined how tight she would feel if his thick cock was inside her. Rob pulled his fingers out of Alice’s panties and glanced down at them. They glistened in the light; they were coated in her beautiful cum. The very cum he had so desperately wanted every time he had wanked over the last two months.

The smell in the cubicle changed, at first just minutes before there had been an aroma of bleach and other cleaning products. Now though, the small girls toilet stank of sex.

Rob stuffed her fingers into his mouth and sucked as hard as he could, tasting her sex. Alice didn’t want to miss out on the action and flicked her tongue over Rob’s fingers, then their mouths met again, sharing her musky pussy taste.

Rob breathed in deeply, inhaling her smell and felt his cock stiffen is his jeans even more. As the pair made out passionately, swapping spit and Alice’s spunk, Rob undid his buttons and rolled down his jeans and boxers.

His cock sprang from his pants and stood to attention, again, already covered in pre cum. Alice dropped to her knees and took the whole thing deep into her cum coated mouth – instantly deep throating it and gagging as the tip of Robs cock hit the back of her throat.

Rob looked down at Alice going at his dick like a whore on heat. He pulled her hair into two bunches and yanked hard, feeling Alice’s throat contract round him. Her eyes looked a little watery and as she swallowed his big, thick cock she could feel her eyes begin to water and a single tear trickle down her cheek, causing her perfect make up to run.

He kaçak casino felt his balls tighten and his dick begin to throb. He was going to cum! Quickly he stepped back and pulled Alice up then turned her round to bend her over face first against the toilet door. Rob sat down on the toilet seat, with his pants round his ankles and used both hands to pull Alice’s arse cheeks apart.

Her pussy was actually dripping already and her little virgin arse hole was perfect. Rob couldn’t believe Alice was an anal virgin and set about converting her into his own personal anal slut.

He gripped her cheeks harder and she moaned a little more then slowly moved in to lick her puckered butthole. Alice squealed with delight as Rob’s mouth made contact with her ass.

Rob cupped his now free right hand round and under her pussy, rubbing hard over her swollen clit. While doing this he French kissed her bum, the dirtiest of all places to kiss.

He loved it, he was a real anal slut and nothing turned him on more than taking a virgin ass and owning it like he was now. Rob could feel Alice’s pussy flood his hand and brought it to his face once more to lap her juices. He ran his long tongue down her ass crack to her damp little pussy. It was so pink, puffed up and smooth.

Alice muttered “I’ll do anything for you right now, please just take my cunt in your mouth” Rob pressed his whole face between her legs, breathing in her smell and lapped at her soaked privates. He swallowed down what seemed to be an unstoppable flow of juice, savouring just how good Alice tasted.

She rubbed her pussy and ass all over his face like she was cleaning herself of him. Alice looked round, flushed and desperate for more. “We better get back to the others” Rob said as his head emerged from deep between her legs.

As they both pulled their jeans up and attempted to help each other to tidy up, the pairs eyes met again and a both gave a dirty, knowing smile. They kissed slowly and deeply once more. Alice must have tasted everything.

She had tasted her pussy before but never Rob’s cock and never her own asshole. Already, this was a night of firsts. With a small creak of the door Alice quickly ran back to the bar and Rob composed himself too before making a swift exit from the ladies room while tying to avoid detection.

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