Holiday Romance? Ch. 02

Wow! Thanks so much for all your comments and private messages! I was amazed by how many people enjoyed this. Sorry this has been so long in coming – I hope to become a more regular contributor as my life allows. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. I really, really mean that. 😉

Molly’s tunic fell off her. She kicked it to one side and knelt in front of me and looked up at me, smiling. Behind her, Gareth continued to tease her, rubbing his cock over her pussy but not entering her. She wriggled wantonly, biting her lip and looking first at him and then at me. Part of me wanted to lie back and enjoy the pleasure Molly was obviously keen to give me, but another part of me felt I’d been greedy and was expecting a second orgasm so soon after the first from them both.

I was also aware I had been lying placid and submissive between the two of them from the get-go. I had been demanding, but only what they wanted me to demand. I wanted to be in control. My previous sexual experiences had been varied: cold and unhappy, loving and friendly, and one hot uncontrollable fuck with a man who had left me reeling. I had never felt like I’d had the upper hand and I didn’t want this situation to be the same.

So, ignoring the longing pulsing through my body, I pushed myself forward and knelt on the floor opposite Molly. She looked surprised, but eagerly met my mouth as I leaned to kiss her. Gareth immediately moved close behind her, rotating his pelvis into her bottom as we kissed. These kisses were gentle, loving and tender, as if we had been lovers for years. We moaned into each other’s mouths, transferring desire through our lips and tongues. I stroked her face, holding her close. Then I drew slightly back from her, holding her bottom lip in between mine and nibbling it before I let it go. We looked deep into each other’s eyes casino oyna before our tongues touched. It was electric. I drew hers into my mouth and sucked it. She made a noise deep in her throat. She knew what I was thinking, I could read it in her eyes, and she wanted it as badly as I did. Suddenly I felt powerful: I was the one calling the shots. Neither of them knew my plans, leaving Molly vulnerable and weak with longing. I wondered if this was new to her; I imagined when she and Gareth spied women they wanted to fuck that they were in control and the woman was their adored plaything.

Never losing her gaze, I traced my hand down her cheek, reassuring her. Molly rubbed her face into my palm and then leaned forward, eager to kiss me again, but I withdrew. My hands found her breasts and my fingers caressed them before settling on her nipples. They were pointed, hard and warm. I continued to look deep into her eyes while I gently pinched and rubbed them. My mouth was watering at the thought of suckling on her like a baby, of her holding me to her breast. Those nipples were so swollen, I thought they would pop. She was so fucking sexy.

Molly closed her eyes and whimpered. “Look at me,” I commanded, and her eyes snapped open. Gareth had moved back a little and was rubbing his hand up and down his cock, intrigued by the dynamic between us.

My hand moved down Molly’s body, her smooth silky skin, her flat stomach, and danced just above her pubic hair. For some reason being touched here turns me on more than anything else, and I wanted to see if it had the same effect on her. I had never been with a woman before, and had never found the courage to ask my friends. I stroked, and continued to look in her eyes. Her pupils dilated and she began pushing her pelvis towards me. She liked it but she wasn’t sure why. I could tell from her slot oyna eyes that she was confused, but wanted more.

Could I make her come like this? I didn’t think so. I was in a dichotomy, desperate to taste her, wanting to fuck her with my tongue, but also lost in her dark limpid eyes. I wanted to see what she looked like when I gave her an orgasm. I had never done this before but I knew I could. I felt drunk with power.

My hand slipped lower, tracing lazy circles in her pubic hair which was soft and dark. Her eyes narrowed, her nostrils flaring. She bit her lip and I copied her, half-mocking, half-serious. The air was electric with our desire. Molly’s breath was coming in shallow gasps. Behind her, Gareth moved his hands up to her breasts and cupped them, pulling at her nipples, but she paid him no heed. She was fixed on me.

I splayed my fingers, taking the whole of her pussy in my hand. Her lips met my palm with a small smacking sound. She was damp and so, so warm. “You’re kissing me,” I said in wonder. Molly nodded frantically, unable to speak.

She began to whimper as I explored my first pussy, astonished at the heat emanating from it. It was wet and spongy and welcoming. I stroked her lips, pulling them gently, reading her face as to what she particularly liked. I licked my lips and whispered, “I want to taste you. I want to taste your pussy. I want to put my tongue inside you.” She moaned, still looking at me, a desperation in her eyes. She was so slippery that my finger entered her without my fully intending it to. She cried out and her strong muscles gripped me. I envied Gareth his cock, envied him fucking her and being held onto by this pussy. But right now she was mine. I slid a second finger into her, then a third, with my wrist facing upwards. Molly closed her eyes and I whispered, “No, baby. Keep looking at me, canlı casino siteleri or I stop.” Molly groaned and did as I told her, smiling a little with frustration, but we were both deadly serious. We were the only two women in the world.

I twisted my fingers slightly, parted her velvety inner lips and found the pearl of her clit. It was hard as a ruby and I gasped as I touched it, circled it with my thumb and then began stroking across it. “Oh, yes,” Molly cried. She began moving herself back and forth, crying out with delight, looking almost amazed at how she was feeling. She was the centre of attention now and she reared up, proud and unashamed, riding my fingers. “Oh, oh,” she gasped out.

Her pleasure was moments away. She was drenching my hand and bucking against my fingers. Fuck, she was so sexy. The room was hot and steaming with lust. I could feel my pussy tingling as her cunt grabbing at my hand. Her clit seemed to swell, to grow, until it was too hot, I couldn’t touch it. We were both crying out now, me matching her groans the way she’d matched mine when they’d made me come just moments earlier.

“You’re going to come for me,” I told her, my voice low and fierce. It was a command and Molly was my servant.

Gareth was massaging her breasts urgently. “Come on baby, come on baby, come for her,” he was saying, but still she was fixed on me. I was in control, I was calling the shots, and I loved it. I toyed with the idea of slowing down, delaying her climax and building it up again to a crescendo, over and over until she was wrung out and sobbing with pleasure, but I was too turned on. It would have been unfair and right now I couldn’t bear to stop. My rubbing was frantic.

“Oh, oh,” Molly cried. She looked almost frightened. “I’m coming, oh God, oh yes, yes,” and she arched her back, her cunt shuttering around my fingers, her clit becoming the epicentre of our world for a second as she screamed. Her mouth was wide open, but her eyes never left mine. Transfixed, I watched what I had created and held her pussy, letting her juices slide down my fingers.

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