Home for Seniors Ch. 05

Home for Seniors

My how time flies when you’re having a good time! I can’t believe that I’ve been here at the Home for almost a year now. I moved here as I thought it would be an easier life for me, and I would be around people my own age. Well, I’m not sure that it living here is all that easy, but it sure has been fun! I never expected the “games” that are being played around here.

I have made some good, close friends and not just “gaming partners” the past few months. Max and I usually hang out with each other just about every day. We go hiking out at a state park that is not too far away. We are routinely playing cards or dominoes, going to sporting events and the like. Mike, Dave and Larry join us on a regular basis too. Of course Helen and Gloria are among those I count as close friends now.

Last Monday, as Max and I are entering the Home’s dining area for lunch, a couple is standing there, looking around. I come up to them, “Looks like you’re new here, can I help you with anything?”

The man says “Hi, we just moved into one of the cottages this weekend, and coming up here for lunch.”

“Welcome to the Home, come join us for lunch” and I introduce myself and Max.

He says “I’m George, and this is my pretty little Filipino flower, Irene”

Irene goes “Oh daddy, you shouldn’t say things like that. Glad to meet you guys, always nice to meet new friends.”

George chimes in with “Yes indeed, she is eager to meet new friends, aren’t you my dear.”

George is walking with a cane and is wearing a cap that has Retired Air Force embroidered on it, and I make note that I too was in the Air Force many years ago. As we are having lunch learn that George served over 20 years in the military, and that he met Irene while being stationed in the Philippines. Says they were married just before he retired from the military. George looks older than Irene, and he tells us that she is almost 18 years younger than his 80 years.

Irene is small in height, has straight black hair down to her shoulders and is, shall we say, full figured or Rubenesque. Max is really checking her out, and I’ll admit, I looking her over too. She seems to notice that we are giving her the eye, and smiles. I mention that while I was in the military, I too had spent some time in the Philippines. Irene then said “Oh I bet you had lots of girl friends and had a lot of fun” and George pipes in “Oh yeah, I’m sure he spent at lot of time in Angeles City.”

I say “Oh, indeed I did. That place was really something else; I was very young and did spend a lot of time downtown.”

We chatted some more, Max talking more with Irene, while George and I were speaking of our time in the military. As we finish lunch Max and I offer to assist them in anyway. I volunteered to show them around the neighborhood, where the stores and things are. Max said he would be more than happy helping them move any boxes or anything else to assist with their moving in.

We made arrangements to stop by their place the next day after breakfast, to give them a helping hand.

After they leave, Max says to me “That Irene looks pretty casino siteleri good, wonder if George is taking care of her like he should.”

“I don’t know, maybe we find out more tomorrow. I’m sure that you wouldn’t mind ‘taking care of her’ now would you?”

Max laughs, and says “Maybe we both can take care of her!”

The next morning we go the George and Irene’s cottage to see if we can lend a hand. The cottages are larger than the apartments at the home, also more expensive. Two bedrooms, two baths, even have a garage, which we do not have at the apartments.

There were plenty of boxes in the garage and other rooms. Max and I help empty them, and get things put away. George is not very mobile, so Irene was also assisting in this chore. Afterwards, we all went to lunch, and receiving many thanks from George for helping out. Irene told us that we were welcome to come and visit anytime we wanted.

That afternoon, took the couple for a drive around the neighborhood. Irene was sitting in front with me, while George was in the back. I was showing them various stores, beauty shop, barbershop and other places like that, as they were new to the city, not just the local area. As we drove around, Irene would occasionally place her hand on my thigh, and ask some questions are the area. When we got back to the cottage, I had to assist George to get out of the car. I was getting ready to leave, when Irene came over and gave me a big hug, and thanked me. As we separated, her hand conveniently brushed up against my crotch area, and she again said stop on by anytime.

A few days later, it was time for the Home’s Social Hour, or Happy Hour as the residents called it. Max and I were sitting together; hoping that Helen and Gloria might would come over and join us. George and Irene came by instead, and we invited to join us. They were telling us about getting a little more comfortable in their new surroundings. Helen stopped by, said hello and introduced herself to the couple, then went over to join Gloria and another lady. We were just talking, getting better acquainted. Irene made note that she was a dancer back in the Philippines, and George made note of that’s how he first saw her, as she was performing at a club.

We were having a few drinks; music was playing, when Irene said she would like to dance. George said that he wasn’t able to do that anymore, so Max asked Irene to dance, and off they went. George and I were talking about past experiences, especially about the bar scene back in the Philippines. He noted that he was physically no longer able to “get it up”, but he still thought about it. He also noted that he felt kind of bad for Irene, and she was more than able to enjoy a love life.

After Max and Irene came back, it was my turn to hit the dance floor with Irene. Max sat down and opened another bottle of beer. We were dancing, when Irene asked about what me George and I were talking about, when I told her, she laughed, and said she did indeed miss the “action” now that George wasn’t “up to it” anymore. We returned to the table, Irene was sitting between me and Max. Again, on occasion I could feel her canlı casino hand sliding up my thigh, and she was also doing that with Max.

As the entertainment was closing down, George said “Hey guys, how bout you come over to our place and we can have another drink and listen to some music.” Irene, then “Daddy, that’s a great idea! Come on you two, let’s go to our place”. Max and I readily agreed, and off we went.

We get to their cottage, George is stumbling as we enter, as he had a couple of drinks and was using that cane of his to walk. He just sort of plopped down on an easy chair, while Irene went into the kitchen and said she would get everybody something to drink, and told us to have a seat on the couch. She came back with a few glasses and a pitcher of Sangria for us to sip on.

Irene puts on some music, sits down between us. She then asks Max to get up and dance with her and he does, getting quite close with her. George is just sitting there smiling, and tells me that I too should join the dancing couple, so what the hell, we now are a threesome on the living room carpet. Irene is enjoying it, and whispers to us, “George likes to watch. Know what I mean?”

Both Max and I stop, smile at her and each other, and I say “That sounds interesting, think he would like to watch us?” “I’m sure of it” Irene replies.

George then surprises us by saying “How bout we go into the bedroom, get a little more comfortable. Maybe Irene can do one of her dances for us, I’m sure you will like that show!” Irene giggled a bit, and says “Let’s do!”

Into the bedroom we go, George takes a seat on a chair, while Max and I sit on the bed. Irene is now swaying, and starts to strip! She says “This is how I danced when I was younger” as she continues. Off comes the blouse, and then she drops her skirt. She is now in bra, panties and thigh high hosiery, and looking good! She unhooks the bra and tosses it at George. She has a nice set of tits, especially for a 62 year old!

George says, “Okay guys, get out of those clothes, get comfortable, we are going to get real friendly here.” Max and I look at each other, and quickly get naked. Irene is standing there in her panties and nylons, licking her lips.

George then says, “Don’t worry guys, this is how I get my kicks, and Irene doesn’t object. Do you honey?”

Irene says “Oh Daddy, you know I’m always ready to please you in anyway”. She turns to us, and tells us both to get on the bed.

Both Max and I are getting hard, our cocks are beginning to rise. Irene smiles, says “Look Daddy, I have two nice cocks here to play with” and she takes both of our cocks in her hands and gives them a little tug. George says “Yes dear, they do look nice, you go ahead and play” as he leans back into his chair, and actually starts to squeeze his own cock through his slacks.

Irene comes up on the bed on her knees. She takes my cock in her hand, and she takes Max’s cock in her mouth. She licks his cock up and down the underside. Pops the head into mouth and gives a little suck. She laughs and says “Look Daddy, I’m sucking on a big ole black cock, and I’m playing with a nice white kaçak casino one at the same time!” George just sits back and says “Go for it dear”.

Irene is now bobbing her head up and down on Max’s cock. She then comes off of it and gives mine a nice long lick, and pops it into her mouth. She is giving the head of my dick nice tongue action. She then is taking turns, sucks on my cock for a couple of seconds then takes Max’s into her mouth. “Look Daddy, I’ve got two cocks to suck” as she continues to pleasure the both of us.

Irene then sheds her panties, and shows us her pussy. She is clean shaven, and she spreads her legs and opens her pussy lips with her fingers, and starts to rub her clit. “Well guys, how do you like my pussy? Anybody want to give it a lick?” I respond by saying yes, and she crawls up my chest, she looks down at me, and places her snatch right over my mouth. I start to lick and suck on her pussy, as she starts to squirm. She then slides off of me and goes over to Max.

She tells him “I’m going to fuck you, I want that big black dick in me” and she spreads her legs over him and squats down on his cock. “Look Daddy, I’ve got a big back cock in my pussy, it is so good”. George is closely watching everything, and is smiling. She is riding Max’s cock, and moaning.

She crawls off of Max, says “Your turn” this time she get on her knees and I got in “doggie style” and she gets Max’s cock and starts to suck while I’m pumping my dick into her. “Oh Daddy, I’m getting fucked while sucking on a cock” and she takes Max’s cock down her throat.

I almost shout “I’m getting ready to cum” and she then moves, turns around and takes my cock into her mouth, and now Max is fucking her from behind. I then explode! She is sucking me deep, making sure she gets every drop out of me.

Max announces, “I’m cumming too” as she shoots his cream into her pussy. Max is staying in her, filling her with cum. She continues to suck me, and then she pulls her mouth off of me, and starts to lick my dick.

“Look at this Daddy, I’ve got big black cock cum in my pussy, and I just swallowed his!” George is almost drooling, as Max withdraws from her pussy. Irene then sits on the edge of the bed, spreads her legs, opens her cum laden pussy, and says “Daddy, want to take a closer look?” George slowly gets over to her, and puts his face right into her pussy. He starts to lap up Max’s cum, and Irene just lays back and enjoys it.

Max and I are just watching as George cleans up Irene, licking and sucking, I’m sure he has managed to get all of the cum out of her. He slowly gets up and is back in his chair. Irene is on the bed, on her back with her legs dangling over the side. She then sits up and says “Oh my, that was good. We will need to do that again, but just don’t tell anybody else about this.”

George then says, “Really guys, thank you. I know that may seem strange to hear, but I enjoyed watching and I know Irene had fun, and I’m sure you two did too! But please, don’t let others know that we do this, let’s keep this to ourselves.”

Max and I get dressed, promise not to tell anybody and agree, we need to do this again!

Man or man, this “Home” is really something. I certainly never expected anything like that to happen. I always thought these “Old Folks Homes” is where seniors went to idle away their times. Wow, was I wrong!

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