This is a story about something that happened to me about two years ago. I was living in Chicago with my two roommates – Mary and Anne. We were young professionals with good jobs living in a great apartment in Lincoln Park.

I worked as an accountant for a major firm downtown. I had a boyfriend, Jeremy, and we had a lot of fun – not to mention great sex. We talked dirty to one another and pretty much satisfied any needs either one of us had. I loved him and he loved me and I really believed in our future together.

One morning, Jeremy beat me out of bed. I woke to see his boxers on the floor as they were the night before, but he was not in my bathroom. At first I thought he had left, but after stepping outside my room and walking across the apartment, I found he was in the other bathroom – the one that Mary and Anne shared – taking a shower. I found this sort of strange at first but figured he was just being considerate and giving me a chance to use my own shower. Mary and Anne usually woke up an hour after we had to and they never cared.

I stumbled around and turned the light on. I reached into my closet and pulled down the light to figure out what I was going to wear. I felt kind of feisty that day so I decided to wear my black boots – very classy, up to the knee, sexy boots. I grabbed a white wool sweater and a black skirt and set them on my bed. Then, I went to my drawer and pulled a beautiful new pair of black, Wolford pantyhose out of the top drawer. I bought them for myself – and for Jeremy because he had a little fetish. I loved teasing him – he melted for them. I started not wearing panties underneath – I loved the feeling of the nylon against my shaved pussy. I soon began to understand why they turned him on so much.

I took off the t-shirt I slept in and threw it on the floor and stepped into my bathroom in the nude. I turned on the hot water and looked around for my body wash. I couldn’t find it. After looking around for a bit, it hit me that Anne borrowed it yesterday morning and forgot to take it back. I put on my robe and walked to the other bathroom.

At the door I could hear the shower was on, so I figured Jeremy was in there. I knocked – as if we hadn’t seen each other naked 100 times already. No response. I just opened the door and hit something with it – it was Jeremy’s leg. He looked up at me, shocked, as he stood in front of the toilet, with the seat up, with a pair of tan pantyhose wrapped around his cock, stroking it vigorously. I knew that look – he was about to cum. He looked at me, eyes wide open, face frozen.

“Oh my, honey,” I said. “Let me finish that for you.”

He said nothing as I put the seat down, sat on the toilet, threw the pantyhose on the floor, and put his cock down my throat. It took no more than two seconds of sucking before he was filling my mouth with cum. I swallowed it all down like I always had and it made me incredibly hot. I came to my feet and kissed him.

“You need to stop ruining my hose,” I said, kiddingly. He didn’t say anything to me – sort of gave me an odd look – and then smiled and hugged me.

“Finish your shower, hornball,” I said as I shut the door and walked back to the room with my pantyhose in hand, smiling because he just couldn’t handle it.

I dressed for work and went on my way. At the office, I saw Anne – we worked together. She was tall, blonde, and athletic. She was very curvy and woman-like. She was so smart and such a great, great friend. She came by my cubicle to chat.

“Wow, Jeremy was up early this morning,” she said. “Yeah, he had to work early – end of the semester – I guess teacher’s have busy season’s too.”

Anne sat on my desk and I couldn’t help but notice her skirt – it was navy blue, part of her suit – and it rode up her thigh just a bit. She wore tan pantyhose and it sent me back to thinking about Jeremy this morning and how hot that was.

“Look at you,” I said, pinching her pantyhose at her shin and gently tugging them. “Why are you all dressed up in a suit?”

“Client meeting – blah,” Anne grunted – obviously unenthused.

She paused for a moment and then looked at me curiously.

“Ok, so I have a question,” she said. “What size pantyhose do you wear?”

I was taken a back for a second – with it fresh on my mind.

“Umm, I wear a B.”

“Oh, ok – I was just asking because I was wondering if some of mine were getting mixed up with yours in the wash. I couldn’t find a pair that I put in my hamper this morning.”

“No, I don’t think I’ve seen any of yours,” I said. “Do we need to start labeling our hose like my mom did for my brother’s underwear?”

At that, Anne laughed and pushed my head in a joking manner. She began walking away before turning back to speak to me.

“Let me know if you see any – I wear an A.”

I watched Anne walk away, her nylons glimmering in the fluorescent light of the office. Her legs were beautiful – I had never noticed them before or at least in that way until right then. Was I turning into Jeremy? Her hose sort of encapsulated casino siteleri me and I thought about them rubbing together at her thighs, making that swishing noise. I swung my legs back around under my desk and began to feel my own hose. I felt wet. I told myself to stop. “I’m at work,” I thought. “And I’m not a dyke.”

The day was long and I returned home just after 7 p.m. I arrived to an empty apartment. Mary was still commuting in from her job in the suburbs and Anne went out for drink with people from her group. I called Jeremy and he told me he was on his way over.

I went into my bedroom. I could feel all the tension from the day building inside of me – both from prick business men calling me about their accounts to the sexual tension built from the image of Anne’s legs going away from me, glimmering, making me so horny. I laid in bed and tried to keep my hands off myself. Why was I feeling this way? What was so appealing about Anne’s legs? Was it the hose? Was I developing a fetish like Jeremy had? I didn’t understand it. I was confused and I felt a little awkward and dirty, while at the same time totally invigorated and horny as hell. I slid my hand down my side and it found the hem of my skirt. I pulled my skirt up along the smooth, silky black pantyhose and that noise soaked the cotton panel. I pulled it up to my waist and slid my hand between my legs, pushing the nylon against the wetness of my pussy. It felt wonderful, and sent a tingling through me that shook me and I nearly came right away. I lifted my sweater to my neck and began to rub my breasts together like I was kneading dough – so hard that my bra slid off and soon my hard nipples were fully exposed. With that, I knew I was ready to explode. I quickly rushed my hand back down below my waist, grazing my belly-button stud, and underneath my hose. I reached my pussy just in time to feel the waves of pleasure roll through me, the warm, moist cum covered two fingers that were vigorously swirling down upon my clit. I moaned, slightly at first, and then burst into sort of a giggle.


A voice shattered the smooth silence within the apartment. It wasn’t Jeremy – it was a girl and her voice surged through the crack that my door was open. I jumped up, fixed myself quickly, pulling my sweater down over my chest and stomach with my bra completely out of whack beneath. I paused, took a breath, and stumbled into the living room. It was Anne.

“Whoa,” she said, turning at the sound of my footsteps. “I didn’t think anyone was here.”

“No, I was just in my room cleaning up some things,” I said, lying like a dog.

“Wow, it looks like you had a lot to clean up,” Anne said to me, her eyes moving from my own and down my body. I looked down to see that my skirt hadn’t quite made its way back into position. It barely came past my left thigh and a small part of it was accidentally caught in the waist of my black, shiny pantyhose.


“Do you always clean in your work clothes?” Anne said, giggling.

“Shut up,” and I turned to straighten some magazines and sit on the couch just to break the moment. I turned on the TV. I didn’t know why, but I felt myself getting wet again.

“I need to do laundry,” Anne said while banging around in the kitchen. “Some jackass spilled a drink on me at the bar so I came home. I didn’t want it to ruin my suit.”

With that, I looked over to find Anne removing her blazer and then very casually taking off her blouse. She was now standing in the kitchen in only her bra, skirt, and those wonderful shiny pantyhose. I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was so horny again.

“I need to change,” I said and quickly darted into my bedroom.

Just after the door slammed, I slammed myself against it and sighed hard. What was happening to me? Why did Anne make me so hot? Was I bi? Was I a full blown lesbo? I was scared, but I didn’t know why. I didn’t care because I was so hot again, I couldn’t even stand it. This time I never went back to the bed, I threw my sweater off and began to feverishly rub my tits together. My bra loosened with all the rubbing and then I just let it slide off. My skirt began to ride up as the friction with the door pushed it towards my waist and I gladly took advantage, reaching down and ripping my hose right near my pussy, and shoving two fingers inside of me. The sensation of that penetration sent my head back against my door with a bang. It was loud, but it didn’t phase me, I was fucking my fingers like mad.

In the midst of my girating and squirming, I heard some noise from outside my door. It was the entry door opening and closing. There were voices. First Anne’s, and then a man’s voice. I soon figured out it was Jeremy’s voice. I could have easily walked out there – in my hose, with my skirt at my waist, no top – and told him “come fuck me now” but I couldn’t move. I was fucking myself with the image of Anne’s legs flooding my mind – I didn’t want Jeremy right then. I could feel myself approaching that climax. The voices from outside disappeared and I came so hard, canlı casino I bit my lip.

I stood there dazed, the great feeling after an orgasm melted me. I was still wet. I was worried though. I didn’t think for a second about Jeremy in the last 20 minutes in which I had two of the greatest orgasms of my life. I thought about Anne, her hot pantyhose, and how I wanted to run my hands all over them. “I’m a lesbian,” I thought. I didn’t want to question it. I needed to prove my heterosexuality. I needed some cock. Even if I had to fake an orgasm, I didn’t care. I just wanted to see if I still liked the cock inside of me.

I threw on a t-shirt over my bra-less breasts, but kept the skirt and pantyhose on. I figured I would show Jeremy the hole in my hose and he would lose it. We’d be lucky to make it back to my bedroom. I opened the door and walked back out into the living room. No one was there. Anne’s bedroom door was closed, and the laundry room door, adjacent to Mary’s room, was barely ajar with the light on.

“Honey?” I called out, seeking a response from Jeremy.



Suddenly, Anne scurried out of the laundry room, wearing the same thing she had on before I went in my room – except for her shiny pantyhose.

“Anne, have you –” I said, only to be interrupted by the slamming of her door. It was all peculiar. I walked over to the bathroom door and knocked, a scene not unlike earlier that morning.

“Jeremy, are you in there?”

I heard the movement of objects and some craze, but no response.

“Jeremy, are you ok?”

“Yes, hun. Hi. I’m fine,” he said, stammering for words, seemingly out of breath.

“You don’t sound fine,” I said. “I’m coming in.”

“No, wait, I’m – “

The door knob met Jeremy’s lunging hand. Our eyes met and his shined white with guilt. I looked down to find his pants and boxers around his ankles and a pair of shiny, tan pantyhose wrapped around his cock.”

“What are you doing?” I said. “God, you’re so horny today. You need to stop stealing my hose baby.”

“Well, I’m, you, just turn me on,” he said, nervously.

“It looks like you need to relieve yourself a bit.”

And with that, I pulled the pantyhose from around

his cock and threw them over my shoulder. I hiked up my skirt and put my foot on the closed toilet seat. I bent over, put my hand square on the top of my foot, and ran my fingers all the way up my leg, tracing my shiny black hose straight to the torn hole exposing my still-wet pussy.

“You like this?”

Jeremy only nodded and his dick hardened. I shut the door behind me and began to sway my hips, seductively, drawing Jeremy near. He kissed me and placed his hand on my right hip before I pushed him away.

“Nuh-uh,” I said. “Not yet.”

I slowly pulled the tan pantyhose down off my shoulder, while Jeremy reached for his cock and began to stroke it.

“That’s it baby – stroke it for me.”

I encouraged him and I was relieved to feel that the site of his cock was making me very wet again. I held up the tan pantyhose in front of him, lifting them, teasing him as if he were a bull.

“You wanna see me in these baby?”

He slowed from stroking his cock.

“No hun,” he said. “It’s ok. I like the black ones.”

I smiled. “Then why were they wrapped around your cock?”

He didn’t comment and I continued the seduction. My hips swayed very slowly as I ran the pantyhose over my body, first placing them in my left hand, balling them up, and running them along my right arm. I loved the silky feeling – Jeremy did too. He closed his eyes and put his head back, embracing the exhilaration. I grabbed a leg of the hose in each hand and held them over my chest, pushing my breasts into them, and swaying side to side – the hose and my skin and hard nipples made an amazingly sexy sound.

As I continued to brush the hose over my breasts, I noticed that every time I pass the crotch of the hose over my nipples, I felt wetness. I paused. I lifted the crotch of the hose to my nose. Jeremy slowed his stroking, almost to a halt. It was not the smell of cum – I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it wasn’t cum, nor was it water.

“Why are these wet?”

Jeremy looked blank.

“These aren’t mine. Why are these wet?”

The question stunned our erotic moment.

“Tell me – why are these wet?”

I sounded angry the second time – I was so turned on, I was annoyed that our moment was interrupted by this concern. Jeremy looked down and then back up at me.

“They are Anne’s.”

I held the hose out in front of me as if they were a buried treasure I just pulled from the sea. I flipped the label on the waist – size A. I put my hand inside a leg and pulled the hose tightly against my arm – there was that shine – the shine that I cannot get out of my mind. I had no idea why my boyfriend was jacking off with my roommate’s pantyhose, but the thought of Anne’s hose in my hands and her wetness so close to my face sent me into a mental fit. I fought the sensation kaçak casino – the wetness that grew as I held those hose. Fighting those feelings came out as anger.

“What the fuck?” I said to Jeremy and I turned, threw open the door, and stomped to Anne’s door.

“Open the door you bitch!”

My voice didn’t let on that all I wanted to do was run my hands up her legs and bury my fingers in her pussy.

“It’s open.”

Anne’s voice was calm, collected – and so fucking sexy. I opened the door.

In corner of her room, lit only by a bedside lamp and one lone candle upon her nightstand, Anne stood wearing nothing but the most beautiful pair of shiny, black, crotchless fishnet pantyhose I had ever seen. She had heels on – stilettos. I think my jaw dropped. She looked as shocked as I was.

“I was going to go back out,” she said. “What do you think?”

I stammered. I wanted to tell her how amazingly hot she looked. Instead, I tried to play the role of jealous girlfriend.

“Why was Jeremy jacking off in the bedroom with

your hose?”

“I gave them to him.”

“What? Why? Did he ask for them?”

“No, I volunteered them. We have a deal.”

“A deal? What deal? Anne, how could you do-“

Just then my false monologue was interrupted by a pair of pantyhose being wrapped around my chest. Jeremy had come up from behind me. He tied them in the back, leaving my arms somewhat immobilized.

Anne stepped closer to me.

“You’re about to find out about the deal.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted to act scared and shocked that my boyfriend and roommate were executing a planned plot to do whatever they were about to do to me. Instead, I offered no resistance. Anne was within kissing distance from me.

“Kiss me.”

Her seductive order was no match for me. I slowly leaned forward and met her soft lips. It sent waves through me – and I extended my tongue before she could. She leaned back.

“You went easier than I thought.”

“I want you,” I said.


From the corner of my eye, I saw Jeremy step into the room. His cock was rock solid – long, hard, and thick – and I still pined for it. But at that point, with Anne caressing my ass that was covered in smooth silky pantyhose and my hands about to do the same, I let him play with himself, knowing I would reward him later.

Anne leaned over and licked my nipple with one swoop. I moaned. It was amazing and that caused her to dip her head in for more, now sucking on my hardened nipple. She swirled her tongue around it.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “I love making your nipples hard.”

I loved her words. The wetness filled my hose. She pulled back and grabbed both of my wrists, guiding me to her bed. She untied the pantyhose that we wrapped around me.

“You’re not going anywhere, right?” she whispered.

“No. No way.”

Just then, she pushed me over on the bed. I bent at the waist with my feet still securely on the floor, my hands now on the bed. From the corner of my eye, I watched Anne motion for Jeremy to come over behind me and soon I felt his hard, thick cock buried deep in my wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started thrusting his cock in and out. I moaned – it felt so good.

In front of me, Anne stood on the bed – her crotch nearly in my face, but not close enough to lick.

“Slower,” she said.

Jeremy was hers. He was her puppet. I was her toy. Jeremy’s thrusting slowed and his cock just drifted in and out of pussy, slowly and passionately. I looked forward and saw Anne leaning against the wall, rubbing her pussy feverishly, at the same pace Jeremy was fucking me from behind.

“Faster now,” she said.

Jeremy pounded my ass with his thighs as his cock burst in and out of my pussy, swishing the wetness around each time, making a wonderful noise. Anne increased her rubbing. She moaned and I moaned with her.

“Rollover,” she said as she pointed to me. I obliged and went to my back. Jeremy stood between my legs, his cock in hand, glistening from my warm juices.

“Fuck her again.”

Jeremy, at Anne’s command, was back inside of me, thrusting. I watched his cock go in and out, his balls slapping against me just below my opening. But before I could look any longer, Anne lowered herself on top of me and I became smothered by her wet pussy. I knew nothing else than to swirl my tongue around. Her juices poured over my face and become more evident as I heard her moan. I found her clit with my tongue and feverishly flicked it. She began to pounce on my face, which sounds uncomfortable, but it was so great. Meanwhile, Jeremy fucked me harder and I felt my pussy tightening, anticipating his explosion of cum.

This was their plan – to pin me down and fuck me in every way. I loved it.

Anne’s thrusting increase and soon she moaned loudly and I could feel the waves of her orgasm rumble across my face, her juices running down my cheeks and into my mouth. She tasted great. Her fit caused me to tighten and then explode with the most wonderful orgasm I’ve ever had. Anne lifted herself off of me to watch. Jeremy stopped, but kept his dick in me and they both admired my squirming and moaning. I grabbed my tits as if I was holding on to a roller coaster cart.

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