Hot Nude Yoga Pt. 04: Dan

After their Hot Nude Yoga experience on National Nude Day, Dan, Janice and Sandi decided to make their threesome a permanent relationship. This is Dan’s perspective.


Janice and Sandi returned after an hour of so when we sat down to eat the turkey and cheddar sandwiches I prepared. The girls sipped on another glass of wine as I nursed another beer that evening. We put Sandi’s belongings in the guest bedroom until we could figure out a better arrangement. That evening we sat down in the living room, watched TV and chatted about silly life experiences we had.

I set the alarm an hour earlier not knowing how much extra time was needed for Sandi and I to both shower, groom and dress for work. Janice did a great job helping Sandi orient herself to her new surroundings. We had plenty of time to spare so we drank another cup of coffee to wash down the delicious pancake breakfast Janice prepared for us.

“Is this going to seem awkward now at work?” I asked Sandi as I drove to our office building.

“I don’t think so,” Sandi replied. “I will look at you the same lusting way I always have. Only now I won’t feel frustrated,” she laughed.

“I didn’t mean for, you” I quipped. “I’m afraid I’ll have to awkwardly hide my erection every time I see you.”

We both laughed, and then Sandi said jokingly, “Well, maybe we can sneak into a closet for a quick blowjob to relieve your embarrassing situation.” We laughed some more.

I got the usual Monday morning text from Sand, “yoga today?” To which I replied, “Of course. It should be interesting.”

“Indeed,” Sandi emailed back. “I’ll never look at Jennifer the same, lol.”

As we were walking to the yoga class, I asked Sandi, “Doesn’t that woman Jennifer was with, Maria, work in accounting? I’ve seen her at yoga before.”

“Yes, I think so,” Sandi confirmed. “Talk about awkward.” We both laughed again.

Entering the room I noticed Maria up in the front close to where Jennifer will be leading the class from. “Sandi, let’s go up front today. Next to Maria,” Sandi nodded yes with a smile.

“Hi Maria,” I said while I was rolling out my mat next hers.

“Oh, Hi. It’s Dan isn’t it?”

“Yes. And this is Sandi,” I replied with the introduction. Maria gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, “I came so fast because I was watching both of you while Jenn was licking me.”

Maria hugged Sandi and I could hear her whisper to Sandi, “You two are so hot.”

“Hello class,” Jennifer shouted out to get everyone’s attention. “We are going to have a gentle class today. Some of us are worn out from Saturday’s Hot Nude Yoga class. It turned out to be a lot more exhilarating than I expected. So today we will stretch a lot, no power poses.”

I was grateful for Jennifer’s announcement to take it easy, and I am sure Sandi was too, considering the weekend we had. After class as we were rolling up our mats when Jennifer came up to Sandi and I.

“Both of you are still friends, I see. I guess everything turned out all right. No regrets,” Jennifer said to us.

“Better than expected,” Sandi returned. “We actually spent the rest of the weekend together, the three of us,’” she emphasized.

“That sounds hot,” Jennifer remarked. “Congratulations.”

Getting in the elevator, Sandi pressed the fifth floor. I looked at her puzzled and she explained, “There’s a unisex, family rest room by the employee cafeteria. We need to take care of some family business,” she winked.

We ducked quickly into the rest room. Sandi locked the door. She embraced me with a big sloppy kiss. Disengaged from our kiss, Sandi quickly pulled my yoga pants down, along with my boxers. On her knees, she engulfed my rapidly growing penis in her mouth. Bobbing up and down on my hard shaft was getting me off rapidly.

Stroking my cock furiously, Sandi instructed, “Don’t be loud when you cum. Nobody can hear us.”

I shut my mouth as she took me in all the way. The tip of my cock thrusting her throat. I let go three streams blasting directly down her throat. The fourth, a weak one, she took in her mouth, savoring my cum, sucking out every drop.

Sandi stood up, planting another wet sloppy kiss on my lips, the taste of my cum lingering. I pulled up my shorts and pants as we clandestinely left the family rest room and headed to the elevators to return to our offices.

“Thanks for the delicious gourmet lunch,” Sandi said with a wink as I the elevator stopped on my floor.

“Anytime,” I smiled.

The rest of the workday went uneventful. We met up at the car in the parking garage for the ride home.

Janice greeted us at the door with a hug and a kiss. The kiss she gave Sandi lasted minutes as they embraced. “Everything go OK at work for you two?” Janice asked.

“Oh, yes,” Sandi replied. “Dan even treated me to a hot, creamy gourmet lunch.”

“Sounds yummy,” Janice laughed.

After a nice dinner of salad and lasagna we all sat down with a glass of red wine to relax. “I hate to be a party pooper but I casino oyna have about an hour’s work I need to do on a new retail center acquisition,” Sandi informed Janice and me.

“We haven’t really thought about your homework,” I added. “You can work at the desk in the den for now but I think we need to set you up your own private office where you can work peacefully.”

“The third bedroom is far enough away from the master bedroom. That would be best. Then you won’t be disturbed by sounds from the TV or our moving around,” Janice offered.

“That’s a great idea,” I stated. “We’ll work on that this weekend.”

Sandi went off to the den with her laptop. Janice and I plopped down on the couch to watch TV. The shows were not very interesting so our attention turned to each other. It was a gentle make-out session. I eventually removed Janice’s blouse and bra, fondling and sucking on her breasts, licking her nipples, eliciting soft moans.

We must have been going at for an hour or more as Sandi came in to join us. Having seen us in a state of half nakedness she must have decided to strip completely. I felt her breasts pressed against my back as she reached around to join me in playing with Janice’s pussy. Janice enjoyed the attention her breasts and pussy were getting.

“How would you like me to cum for you?” I asked her softly.

“In my mouth,” she replied. “I want that delicious gourmet meal you gave Sandi earlier.”

I stood up and positioned my cock in front of her face as Sandi continued to finger her pussy and rub her clit. Janice took me in all the way, as I slowly fucked her face, thrusting more gently than powerfully. Several times, she pulled away, reacting to her own orgasms. Sandi kept up her pace while Janice took me back in, sucking on my head then allowing me to push to her throat. My moans got louder as my climax built. For the second time today I felt my balls tighten as my sperm surged through in several streams filling Janice’s mouth with my cum.

Janice opened her cum filled mouth to show us her prize, gesturing Sandi to come and share it with her. They locked in cum swapping kiss for a couple of minutes before each licking their smiling lips.

“Let’s have another glass of wine and then go to bed,” Sandi suggested. We all agreed, finally settling down to sleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next few weeks were hectic, especially the weekends, getting Sandi situated. We moved some of her furniture to our house, a dresser, her desk and some other keepsakes she didn’t want to part with. Some of it we stored in the garage. The rest she figured she would sell with the house. Sandi interviewed a dozen Realtors before deciding who would sell her house.

Sandi settled in well. This lively, vivacious woman made Janice and I feel twenty years younger. We enjoyed going out together, to the movies, for dinner, the theater, concerts. No more boring weekends, certainly not in the bedroom.

As fall was waning, it became time to plan our annual winter vacation. This will be the first with Sandi. When we sat down to discuss it over dinner, Janice took over.

“You remember Ken and Alice, Dan?” Janice questioned me.

“Yes. They moved to Arizona last year when Ken retired,” I remembered.

“Well, I was talking to Alice last week and she was telling me all about their new home, the wonderful outdoorsy lifestyle there. She even mentioned there is a clothing optional resort just a couple of miles from their house where they go to dances and parties. Can you believe it? They seemed so uptight sexually,” Janice went on.

“Yea, I wouldn’t expect that from them,” I added.

“I looked it up; it’s right outside of Tucson. I think it would be great to explore that part of the country and it would be sexy to stay at a nudist resort. What do you think, Sandi?” Janice asked.

“You know me. If it wasn’t for Nude Day we wouldn’t all be together. I’d love it,” Sandi replied.


“Sounds great. Maybe they have nude yoga classes,” I replied.

“OK, then. I’ll make the reservations,” Janice finished the conversation.

Janice booked us for a week in February. A good time to get out of the snow and freezing temperatures here. From what we could gather on-line, it was a great time to be in the southwest desert. A great time to go hiking, sightseeing and the big local event that week, the rodeo.


We picked up a rental car at the airport, put in the address to the resort in the GPS and headed out on our first vacation as a threesome. It was pleasant to step outside to perfect eighty-degree weather.

“We’re going to have to stop and pick up a lot of sunscreen if we’re going to be parading around the resort in the buff,” I stated.

“Watch how dark my olive skin gets from the sun,” Sandi bragged.

“I’m sure they will have that sort of stuff at the resort,” Janice quipped.

Checking in to the resort the young man behind the counter looked at us quizzically. “I’m afraid we only have a reservation canlı casino for a room with one king sized bed. We are totally booked this week and I don’t even have a roll away for you,” he said looking at the three of us.

“That’s fine,” Janice interrupted. “That’s all we need is one bed,” she let him know with a smile and a wink.

“Ok. Here’s three key cards. Room 124. It looks out directly to the pool and has a little patio,” he said, not sure, if he totally understood our situation.

The room was spacious and the patio had a small table with four chairs. Janice picked up a couple of bottles of sunscreen at the gift shop. It was late afternoon so we decided to hang out by the pool before dinner. Sandi helped out applying the lotion to my back. She turned me around to do my front when she got down on her knees.

“I think I will have a snack before I put this greasy shit all over your cock,” Sandi laughed as she took my hardening muscle into her mouth and started sucking and licking furiously. I began thrusting in sync with her head movements. After several minutes I shoot my load in Sandi’s mouth.

“Uh, are we going to share?” Janice asked with a smile. Sandi got up and placed her lips on Janice’s, swapping my cum back and forth in their embrace.

Sandi finished applying the sunscreen to the rest of my body. Both us took care of Janice; I took her rear, spending time making sure her butt was well taken care of, while Sandi concentrated on Janice’s breasts. Eventually we were prepared to enjoy the sunshine.

“I’ll get us each a Margarita,” I informed the girls. The pool area was packed with all sorts of naked bodies, big and small, old and young, every imaginable shape and yet they all were sexy to behold.

Sandi and Janice commandeered the lone remaining lounge as I returned from the bar with our drinks. The couple next to them offered up one of the lounges they occupied, “here, have this one. Three might be a little uncomfortable but two seems perfect,” the man said as he went to join the woman.

“Thanks,” I said to him. “My name is Dan and these lovely ladies are Sandi and Janice,” I introduced, pointing to them.

“I’m Victor and this is my wife Juanita,” he said shaking my hand. Victor and Juanita appeared to be same age as Janice and I. Victor has a nice fit body; Juanita is a bit plump which actually looks good on her.

We struck up a conversation. Victor and Juanita are from California. He is a software engineer and she is a financial manager. I introduced myself as a property appraiser and negotiator, Janice as a retired schoolteacher and Sandi as the lawyer.

“I am embarrassed to ask, but, are you three in a relationship together?” Juanita asked.

“That’s alright,” Janice replied. “Yes we are. I know it seems a little unusual.”

“We are all lovers,” Sandi chimed in.

“Actually, it was Sandi who saved our dull boring marriage,” I added.

“Well you see, I had the hots for them,” Sandi explained. “I gave them everything I had to be with them,” she said wrapping her arms around Janice.

“That is exciting. How come we don’t find us another woman to liven things up, Victor?” Juanita directed to her husband.

“I don’t know if I could handle another woman. You’re more than enough for me,” he shot back knowing it complimented her.

We all laughed.

After dinner, I met up with Victor at the bar. Juanita joined my girls on the patio at our room. Victor was very inquisitive about my relationship with Janice and Sandi. “Janice and I have been married over twenty-five years,” I explained. “Sandi and I have been working together for several years but it was just this past summer that we got together sexually.”

“How did Janice take it at first?” Victor asked.

“Actually, and I didn’t find this out until afterwards, Janice and Sandi conspired to get me with Sandi,” I informed him. “And, they had sex with each other before I had sex with Sandi.”

Victor appeared amazed at this revelation. So, I asked him, “Have you and Juanita ever tried anything unconventional to spice up your sex life?”

“Once,” Victor said, “and it turned out to be a disaster.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well, we considered trying swinging,” Victor went on. “We made contact with several couples at an on-line swinger’s site. One couple invited us over for a house party. There were four couples there and we paired up with one who seemed nice and easy going.”

Victor continued, “We decided to go their house for some activity. It was all well and good as we were having fun drinking and playing strip poker. Once we were all naked, the guy made a move on Juanita. It was OK with me but she seemed a bit nervous. I assured her it was OK. I guess he was over anxious because he popped maybe ten seconds into it.”

“Was he done for the night,” I asked.

“Things got more uncomfortable when I started fucking his wife doggie style,” Victor explained. “The guy started haranguing his wife asking her shit like, ‘does his cock feel better kaçak casino than mine?’ and ‘is he deep enough for you honey.’”

“He must have been a real jerk,” I commented.

“He was,” Victor agreed. “I could see that Juanita was getting upset with the situation so I stopped screwing her, we got dressed and left. That was the end of our experiment into swinging.”

“That’s a shame,” I said. “Juanita seemed to hint at wanting another woman in your relationship. Maybe, it was only that bad experience with another man.”

“It could be,” Victor responded. “I wish there is something we could do,” he further lamented.

“Why don’t you and Juanita join us tomorrow?” I offered. “We are going to hit a few tourist spots and get some authentic Mexican food.” Then I proposed, “I’ll see if Janice and Sandi will flirt with you and Juanita, try and loosen things up.”

“That would be great,” Victor said thankfully.

The next day we toured a museum of Native American art and artifacts. We stopped for a late lunch at one of the restaurants the concierge at the resort recommended. Janice was hanging on Juanita and Sandi flirted relentlessly with Victor as we planned. I was beginning to feel like a fifth wheel as my women paid all their attention to the couple.

It was late afternoon when we returned to the resort. Sandi started the real come on boldly, “Let’s shed these clothes and meet at the pool. I’ve been dying all day to get another look at that sexy cock of yours, Victor.”

Not wanting to feel left out, I commented, “And how about Juanita’s sexy butt? It’s as nice as yours Sandi. What do you think, Janice?”

“I’m attracted to those nice beautiful boobs,” Janice responded. “Why don’t you come to our room, Juanita,” Janice said grabbing her by the hand. “Dan and I will get you fixed up with suntan lotion.”

“And I’ll take care of you big boy,” Sandi said taking Victor by the arm.

Back in our room, Janice and I helped Juanita out of her sundress. While Janice was unclasping her bra I knelt down and pulled her panties off from behind, noticing how damp they were. Juanita was visibly aroused from the attention. I glanced over at Sandi and Victor and so was Victor. Sandi had his hard cock in one hand as the other one rubbed his chest. Janice and I laid Juanita on the bed while I saw Sandi sit Victor down on the love seat.

Quickly, Janice Sandi and I shed our clothing. Janice gave Juanita a kiss on the lips as I softly caressed her breasts. I looked over at Sandi and Victor. Sandi now had Victor’s cock all the way in her mouth. Janice worked her way down Juanita, licking her pussy, eliciting soft moans. My tongue teased one nipple then the other. After several minutes of working her pussy and clit, Juanita came with a loud moan, thrusting her hips into Janice’s face.

I watched Sandi straddling Victor, bouncing up and down on his cock, his face buried in her tits. “God, I am going to cum,” Victor blurted out. Sandi got off him and furiously pumped his cock as streams of his hot, sticky cum hit Sandi’s mouth and breasts. Janice, Juanita and I watched as Sandi sucked the last remaining drops from his stiff muscle.

“Did you like that,” I whispered in Juanita’s ear.

“Oh god, yes. Will you fuck me Dan?” she pleaded.

Without another word said, Janice pulled Juanita’s legs back, opening her wet, shiny pussy opening to me. Slowly I entered her, setting a gentle pace to start, feeling the warm wetness bathing my cock. After a couple of minutes, I began to thrust harder and faster. Juanita’s moans became louder as her hips moved in rhythm with mine. Janice was rubbing her clit, now furiously as Juanita screamed, “Oh god,” repeatedly as she came multiple times. Her big climax hit, her muscles tightened around my cock, I exploded sending strings of cum into her, her body writhing. I collapsed on her as we both panted our way down from a terrific orgasm.

“Oh my god, Juanita. That was beautiful,” Victor exclaimed as he came over to embrace his wife after I rolled off her. Janice, Sandi and I got off the bed and let them lie there, furiously kissing each other in an unbreakable embrace.

Silently, we left the room and headed to the bar, leaving our new friends to enjoy each other.

“That was so hot, Dan. You fucked Juanita just as great as you fuck Janice,” Sandi complimented me. “I could watch that all day.”

“Looks like you still have a bit of Victor’s dried cum on your tit, girl,” Janice noticed.

“Badge of honor,” Sandi smiled.

After a couple of drinks, forty-five minutes later we decided to go back to our room and get ready for dinner. Walking in from the patio, we saw Juanita riding Victor, moaning “Oh fuck,” as she rocked back and forth on his cock. Janice and I took a shower first while Sandi sat down to watch, fingering herself to an eventual orgasm, I was sure.

“You guys are hot lovers.” I overheard Sandi telling them. “Mind if I clean you guys up?”

“I’m not sure what you mean?” Juanita questioned.

“I think she means she wants to lick your cum off my cock and lick and suck our cum from your pussy,” Victor informed his wife.

“Yep,” confirmed Sandi, “I do that with Dan and Janice all the time. My little treat.”

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