Hot Tub Fuck

The hot tub was nice and warm as Kady laid back and enjoyed the jets of water all over her body. They had all come over from the store to relax. Sharon had helped Kady change into a very skimpy bikini . “Helped her”, bullshit, they all knew otherwise.

The cougar felt her up as she was changing, even slipping a finger in her pussy as she adjusted the suit for her! The suit barely covered Kady’s tits, and the three men had all looked at her with that hungry look when she walked into the kitchen.

Both of the women modeled for Sharon’s husband, Tony, striking sexier and sexier poses. Kady’s shyness as she got into the bubbly water to hide her near nakedness added to her sexiness. Naturally, they all exchanged racy banter while Tony stayed out, snapping pictures of the girls.

Sharon moved across the water to kiss Kady, while mauling her C-cup tits. Kady tried to pull away but was trapped against the wall of the hot tub. The water jets danced over her ass as she was forced to make out with a strange woman in front of three men.

She felt Dave’s soft hand caressing her thigh while all of this was going on as a finger was forcing its way into Kady’s pussy.

Sharon whispered to her, “Let me make you come, Baby, come in front of all these people.”

Sharon was hitting the right spot and brought her to orgasm in a few strokes. Another finger joined that one and she fingered her roughly for a few seconds before retreating across the hot tub, grinning.

Sharon played with her own double D tits, enhanced a few years earlier.

“Come and sit on ‘the lounge” here,’ Sharon said.

Kady slowly moved over and sat in what could only be described as a lounge chair built into the side of the tub. The water jets sprayed warm water directly on her clit and into her cunt.

Sharon reached down and pulled the bikini aside so that the water jets shot directly on her clitoris.

Sharon told Kady, “I have come a hundred times in that spot. Sometimes by myself, sometimes with a cock in my mouth. Suck my tits, baby.”

Overcome with lust, Kady sucked the large mammaries that were thrust into her face. Fully aware that she was causing the watching men to be aroused, she sucked the nipples and squeezed them with her fingers. The warm jet was competing with Sharon’s fingers to make her come.

Sharon pinched her nipples and fingered her engorged cunt. Kady felt the jets of water and Sharon’s fingers dancing on her clit.

Tony approached her from behind and began to rub her neck, then slowly moved to her breasts. He began to softly rub her tits and gently squeeze her nipples, eliciting a moan from Kady. Her orgasm began in her clit and spread as the water pulsated against her clit. Sharon’s not so gentle pinching of her nipples heightened her senses and she came, hard, writhing on the jets of water maneuvering them to provide maximal stimulation of her clit and anus.

She moved off the jets as they were almost painful now. She noticed all three men on the sides of the tub stroking their cocks, and found herself very aroused again by their level of interest.

After they got out of the hot tub the two girls spent some time washing casino oyna each other off in the shower.

It was then that Kady was starting to regret her decision to stay and became concerned about what would happen with the 3 strangers.

Sharon continued to rub the soapy water on the younger woman’s tits, pinching her nipples and telling her what she was going to do to her. This heightening Kady’s anxiety as some of the effects of the alcohol wore off.

“I’m going to eat you till you come. I will fill your cunt and ass with my dildos and fingers. The men are going to double fuck you in the cunt and in the ass while you suck my pussy.”

Sharon moved her face closer to her as Kady tried to pull away, her head now against the wall, offering no escape. Sharon roughly kissed her while her fingers found Kady’s cunt.

Sharon’s fingers were now deep in Kady’s cunt and she had to stand on her toes as she was being finger-fucked hard. Kady grunted in pleasure as she was roughly assaulted with two fingers deep in her sopping wet pussy.

Sharon said, “I like fucking little girls like you; your pussies and asses are nice and tight; I like to see you struggle, especially when my husband’s cock is so deep in your throat the first time.”

Against her will, Kady felt the orgasm building as she spread her legs even wider as she accepted a third finger deep into her cunt. They slid in and out of her and she felt herself stretch to accommodate the intrusion. Kady moaned in Sharon’s mouth and pulled away, saying, “Fuck me Sharon! Fuck my cunt. Make me come! Shove your fingers in me! Aaaah! I’m coming! Fuck me, Fuck me!”

Sharon felt the vaginal walls spasm around her fingers as she came and continued to thrust as hard as she could into the young cunt, not ceasing until Kady collapsed in her arms, exhausted.

Sharon led her out of the shower as she was barely able to stand on her wobbly legs. Her juices had run down her legs and the shower reeked of her sex. Drying her off, Sharon felt her tits again, relishing in her softness, occasionally pinching a nipple. Kady was still in a post-orgasmic high as she was led into the playroom.

Kady’s gaze was drawn to the wall where a dizzying array of dildos, butt plugs, vibrators and nipple clips were displayed. Next to them were dozens of leather items – wrist cuffs, straps, whips, and many things she could not identify.

Dave and Tony came from behind her and quickly fastened two leather cuffs around her wrists. She realized too late that she was a captive of her new friends.

They led her to a low, round padded table in the middle of the room. It had rings mounted all around it. Panicking, Kady unsuccessfully struggled to free herself from their grip and soon was tied to the bondage table – her ass up in the air and her legs spread wide.

“I should have left with Bob, “she thought to herself, “now I am going to be fucked whether I like it or not.”

The other men stroked their cocks as they admired their captive. Kady opened her mouth to plead to be let go and Dave thrust his cock in her mouth.

“Suck me, girl. No playing hard to get here. Suck my cock.”

Kady canlı casino reluctantly sucked the cock, frightened, wondering what was going to happen to her. Her head was pulled deep onto the cock, gagging her for a moment. A vibrator was pressed against her engorged clit, startling her.

She heard Sharon’s voice behind her.

“This isn’t all about us, honey: we are going to make you come like you have never come before. We are going to use every hole you have in any way we want to. “No” is not an option here.”

The vibe felt great on her clit. It sent sensations all the way to her nipples. It felt so good.

Kady felt something pressing against her ass. It was a 10-inch long, tapered dildo.

An inch wide at the tip and three inches across at the base. Tony slowly pushed it in her vagina a few inches, causing her to try to move away from it.

Sharon reached around for Kady’s tits that were hanging down and twisted one of her nipples hard, causing her to cry out, “Fuck!” as she pulled off the cock in her mouth.

Tony pulled the dildo out and held it in front of Kady’s face. “This is going your ass, so just relax and enjoy it.”

She gasped when she saw the size of it. Her own dildo was half that size and this thing was huge. She had fucked her own ass with her dildo many times and came just from the sensations of that. Yes, deep inside her psyche, she knew she wanted it all the way in her ass. Tony, pushed it in her mouth and she tasted the tartness of her cunt on it. She recoiled from it, but it was pushed in far enough to gag her for a moment. Tony pulled it out.

Sharon took it and fastened it to a harness that went around her waist. The harness was black leather and the crotch strap cut deep into her cunt, splitting her large pussy lips in the middle.

“Like it? A cute young girl named Janice makes all of these for me. She was here last night with four men and me. They gang-banged and ass-fucked us raw. I took so much come in my ass she had to suck it all out twice. Now SHE is a dirty girl. She might drop by later.”

Dave spread the smooth ass cheeks of the trembling girl and placed his mouth on her cunt, causing Kady to gasp. His talented tongue laved at her cunt lips and he sucked and pulled them into his mouth. Rolling over onto his back, he slid under Kady and pulled her cunt down to his mouth. He lightly flicked his tongue across her clit and then sucked it into his mouth. He repeated the cycle over and over bringing her close to orgasm. He then stopped and started again.

As she was nearing her orgasm, Sharon began to push the head of the phallus against her anus. The impending orgasm distracted her from the pressure until five inches were already inside her.

Dave sucked her clit even harder now, biting it and licking up the juices that were pouring out of her. Sharon pushed the dildo further in causing Kady to cry out,

“Stop! I can’t take it!” An amyl nitrate capsule was popped under her nose. As the acrid chemical was absorbed, her anal sphincter relaxed and Sharon drove the dildo all the way into the captive girl’s ass.

Kady cried out as she felt her ass dilate and the phallus fill kaçak casino her. “Aaaah! Fuck!”

It was like nothing she had felt before.

Sharon was now wild with desire, seeing the anus of this young girl stretched to the full girth of the dildo.

She began to fuck her with full strokes, in and out of her ass, telling her, ” Your ass is taking ten inches of my cock, I love stretching your ass. When you come think about how it feels to be ass-fucked by me. Your ass looks so pretty, so smooth.”

Kady was over whelmed with the eroticism of the moment. She was tied to the table, being ass-fucked by a woman she just met, and her clit was being stimulated by an expert tongue.

“Fuck my ass, lick my clit, I’m going to come.” she screamed. “Fuck me, Fuck my ass. Shove that fucker all the way in me! Stretch me! Fuck Me! ”

Sharon pistoned in and out of her ass, her magnificent tits swaying as she sodomized her victim. She loved looking down and seeing an asshole stretched wider than her fist. Earlier, Janice had taken her fist deep in her ass last night and the thought of that spurred her on.

Kady came in a blinding orgasm as she begged Sharon to fuck her harder. The feeling of the cock and tongue continuing to assault her propelled her to an orgasm that was unlike any she had ever had.

Collapsing on the bondage table, her ass remained up as her leg restraints secured her wide open cunt and ass. Sharon pulled the massive phallus out of Kady’s ass and it gaped open. Tony took photos of the lewd display of the gaping asshole. His wife lubed her hand up and slipped it into the still dilated hole.

Kady’s eyes shot open as she exclaimed.”What the fuck! What are you doing to me?” The sensation was warm and wiggly like a…HAND! She began to struggle against her restraints but they were too secure.

“I’m fisting you dear, I am assfisting you!” Sharon worked her hand around in the well-fucked rectum and pushed it deeper into her ass. Kady tried to fight it but the erotic sensations were just too powerful. The hand felt so good in her ass, better than any cock or dildo ever had. Waves of pleasure shot from her rectum to her brain as Sharon fisted her. She loved that feeling of nastiness as Sharon drove her fist into her ass.

” Aaaah! Fuck me Sharon! Fist my ass!” Sharon drove the fist in and out of her ass, sodomizing the girl with slow strokes, going deeper with each thrust. She came hard as Sharon twisted and pumped her hand in her ass. Slowly pulling her fist out, Sharon admired the larger gape this time. Tony got some great shots of her asshole as it slowly closed .

For the next four hours, they fucked her cunt and ass with dildos and cocks, even fucking her in the cunt and ass at the same time. Kady was forced to eat cum out of Sharon’s cunt and asshole and watched videos of Janice being willingly gang banged and ass-fucked the previous night.

Kady fisted Sharon in the cunt and ass at the same time, bringing her to multiple orgasms as the men watched.

. Before she left, Sharon gave her a long goodbye kiss and slipped a hand under her dress. Kady reflexively opened her legs and felt her ass being slowly violated one last time for the night. This time it was different, she pulled the lesbians hand deep into her ass and moaned into her mouth, “OOOh Sharon, your hand feels so good in my ass, fist me one last time before I leave.

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