Hot Wife: Mexican Vacation Ch. 04

After the past two days, it was a good thing we had an excursion planned with our friends. We went on a full day outing away from the resort. Apparently D and I are sex magnets. In two days we’d had sex with 3 different groups of people. First, a gang-bang for her, then an fmf for me, and an orgy last night topped it off. Hopefully, none of those people will be on our day sail, because who knows what will get out then.

Yes! Nobody we know on our day sail. We didn’t know when we booked it, however, that it was adults only. So, that was a bit of a relief. We didn’t have to watch our language, or actions.

We had our sail to the dolphin encounter and caught up a little with our friends. It was good to finally spend a little time with them.

D and Misty went to the “bar” on board to get us all some more punch like six times total. By the time we got to the dolphin encounter, we were pretty well lubed. Diane was getting a little frisky with me. But, we maintained ourselves and enjoyed the dolphins. The encounter was well worth the money.

After swimming with the dolphins, we boarded the boat and headed for a secluded beach for lunch and tanning. We still had 3 more hours outside the resort, according to the brochure. We had lunch with the group, and then were about to find a place away from the group to hang out with our friends (everyone started to scatter at that point). When I hear this female voice call, “Diane, Misty.”

When we all turn, we see our on-board bartender, Paulina, doing the calling. With her is Captain Juan and Cristina, our first-mate.

So, we turn back and head their way. Once we catch up to them, Paulina says they know of a really secluded place we can all go and sunbathe nude. Now, I know D and I have been pretty wild, but we aren’t really “hang out naked” types. We’ve tried it a couple times at nude resort and whatnot, but it isn’t really our thing. Plus, we’re with our pretty straight-laced friends, so I’m thinking “no way.” AND, these girls are hot. Paulina has brown hair that flows to the middle of her back. She’s about 5’8″ and thin, but with nicely proportioned C-cup breasts. She has a really dark tan like her buddy Cristina and looks incredible. A really knockout. I had to keep drinking not to get hard thinking about how I wanted to fuck her. Cristina is a little shorter with smaller breasts, but dimples that you’d kill for. I’m talking about the dimples above her ass. She got great ones in her smile, too. She was wearing a thong, and she has that perfect Mexican ass. Thick, but perfectly round. She’s also got defined calves, and a flat belly with a little belly button ring. Now, Juan, our captain is cut. 6’1″ six-pack, no shirt, those loose shorts that the good-looking young guys wear to show their muscles. You can see the outline of his soft cock through his loose fitting shorts. Three natural hotties. So, I’m thinking no way in hell we’re going, when Misty says, “Hell yeah, we’ll go.” Misty! My buddy’s wife.

“Ok, I guess we go.” I say.

They start walking casino oyna into these bushes, and there is the faintest trail. Only about 30 yards of this and a beach opens up. Paulina and Cristina untie their tops while they are running to the water. Captain Juan has brought some of the magical punch. Shit, I love this guy! Then Misty frees her breasts. Then Diane. But, Crush and I are bringing up the rear, so we only see their naked backs running away from us. Juan puts the punch down, and lays out the blanket he also brought., Next, he strips his shorts off. He has this dick that is thin and long, 7 inches, at least. And he’s completely soft. I know D is going to want to see that cock hard. Friends or no friends. That’s trouble.

All four girls head back from the beach and now we get to see the majesty of 8 great breasts bounding toward us. They all look amazing. I want to suck on everyone. But, it takes massive amounts of concentration to keep down my wood. I’m torn. I have always wanted to see Misty’s tits, because I think she’s got these long nipples. But, I can’t take my eyes off of Paulina and Cristina’s breasts. I strip off my shorts so does Crush. After the girls get to the blanket, they all take their bottoms off and pick a place on the blanket. This was starting to be too much for me. I suggested more punch and headed toward the cooler. We all sipped some more punch. Then, Misty whispers something in Crush’s ear and he says, “Sure, what do I care, it’d be hot.”

“Paulina, can you help me put some lotion on?”

“Sure, que buena.”

She heads over and squeezes some into her hands and starts rubbing them together. She is behind Misty at this point. Then Misty says, “No, I’ve got the back pretty well covered, but I think I missed my boobs, right here.” Misty then circles her breasts with her hands.

Paulina just moves around front and starts rubbing lotion on Misty’s tits, concentrating on those amazing nipples I imagined she had. Then, Cristina comes over and starts doing the same with Diane. Our girls are getting completely felt up by our boat crew. And we didn’t even start it. Then Misty says, “OK, your guys’ turn.” They switch partners and Misty squeezes out some lotion and starts rubbing it on Cristina, while D then starts on Paulina’s beautiful orbs.

I know I’ve got something growing, and look to Captain Juan and he’s slowly stroking his meat to about 9 inches and about the same 6 around I’ve got. But, right here, we’ve got some decisions coming. If D sees that meat, she’s gonna want to jump on it. Crush is trying not to have his hard cock seen. But, by this point, I am way to hot, so I start stroking mine, too.

Then Misty pushes Cristina down on her back and starts rubbing all over Cristina not just her tits, the other girls stop and help her; Cristina is the center of attention. Misty keeps rubbing this beauty’s legs and teasing her pelvis area, while Paulina and Diane are each concentrating on a breast. Cristina is moaning something terrible. Then Cristina, on her back, looks canlı casino over to Captain Juan and says, “Amore..” We three are all stroking our meat, but Juan kind of moves toward them as Cristina beckoned.

About this time, Misty can’t hold back and dives her mouth full into Cristina’s pussy. I look over at Crush and he is just rubbing his cock and looking straight at the pussy his wife his devouring. Paulina then straddles her little body above Cristina’s tits and starts making out with Diane. Then Cristina reaches out with her right hand and starts playing with what has to be the soaking wet pussy of Paulina. Paulina’s eyes are closed and her face is flushed with ecstasy

Paulina motions Diane to her back, and D complies only to be immediately eaten by Paulina. Cristina still has her hand behind Paulina and from my angle it looks like she has a couple of fingers plunging in and out of that tight little pussy. I move over from Diane’s left around her head to her right, and put my cock in her mouth. Then, Crush, scoots to where I was to get a better view of his wife eating Christina’s marvelous pussy. Well, Diane, sensing him there reaches out with her left hand and finds his cock. He looks at me, and I just shrug my shoulders. Let’s see how far this goes. About that time, Juan has had his cock in Cristina’s mouth getting a good hard suck. She’s really enjoying the thrashing Misty is giving her and she is jumping around pretty good. Then, she pops his cock out of her mouth and says something to him in Spanish. Then, Paulina stops eating Diane’s pussy, looks at Cristina and kisses her full on the mouth. Like she has just fallen in complete love with her, instantly.

Cristina then says, “This is be nice. You hold on tight and watch, K?” to Diane.

Juan gets behind Paulina doggie position and starts fucking her pretty hard. So hard, then Diane really starts enjoying the added motion on her pussy. Because as Juan is fucking Paulina, she is moving to and fro on Diane’s clit. She can’t keep still he is pounding her so hard from behind.

I see Crush sucking on Diane’s left nipple as kind of a thank you for stroking him, then he gets right behind his Misty and starts fucking her doggie style. He is fucking her with a nice smooth motion, not like Juan is fucking Paulina, rough and hard, but kind of slow and lovingly. Misty really starts moaning and reaches back with a free hand to rub her protruding clit.

Diane has stopped sucking me and backs away from Paulina’s mouth to survey the scene. “Can you believe this?” She whispers to me.

“I love my life.” I say.

She then says, “I don’t care if our friends see, I want a cock in me. Iwant that big hard cock of Captain Juan’s to fuck me like he is fucking her.”

“I only have 2 condoms left. Are you sure? So far, Crush and Misty have only seen mild stuff from us. Once you start fucking him, it could change everything.”

“Look. Look at how good he fucks. Oh, I’m sure. You?”

“I guess. Here, good luck prying him off of Paulina.

“I kaçak casino think I can get him away from her. Watch me. Hey, Juan,” as she starts rubbing her pussy and waving the condom, “can I see how that feels?” She is incredible, a thorough slut.

He looks at Cristina for permission and she says, “ABSOLUTAMENTE!!!”

He gets out from behind Paulina, comes over to Diane who has her knees up by her shoulders again, then she says, “hard, K? Fuck it hard. Just like Paulina.”

He just rolls the condom on and plunges into her. Meanwhile, I put the other one on and head toward Cristina, she gets into a doggie position and starts kissing Diane, while her Juan is pounding my Diane really deep, I am really starting from way back to force the whole length of my cock into her tight hole. I want to drive as deep as possible into her. She feels a little looser than Diane, so I can really last while I pound her hard.

I look over and Crush is fucking Misty, Paulina has slid under Misty reversed, so she sees Crush fucking that pussy and so Misty has free access to her pussy. Paulina reaches up and starts playing with Crush’s balls. Then, she takes his cock out and starts sucking it. Crush has no idea what to do. The look on his face is panic, he must feel like he is betraying Misty, but Paulina’s mouth feels too good to stop her. The, it happens, he starts to cum. He really starts bucking and poor Paulina is having a hard time swallowing his load. As I keep watching, I see her choke and cum spurts out of her nose. He is still bucking, too. Shooting cum all over her tight chest and belly.

Diane is now in it deep. I see her roll her eyes back and say, “Fuck me you big stud. Just fuck me hard. God, you are a fucking stud.”

And Misty says, “Let me finish you off, Captain Juan.”

I look at Crush, and he looks into it. So, I start really checking out Cristina’s ass while I’m fucking her pussy. I’m pressing my thumb into her little hole. Then, I rub some pussy juice on my first two fingers and plunge them into her asshole while I fuck her hard doggie style. She stops yelling in Spanish and just starts squeaking. That does it, I start to cum. Man, I really start giving it to her while I’m coming and she just keeps squeaking. Then, silence and she starts shuddering.

Then, Misty puts her wide-opened mouth right on Diane’s ass, waiting for the moment. She is looking up at Juan and licking Diane’s ass, waiting. Juan pulls out, pulls off the condom, and shoots his semen all over Misty’s face. Beautiful. Then, Paulina comes over and licks it all off.

Then, the girls all headed into the water to wash up before we cleaned up the beach and headed for the boat. Back on board, we found out Juan and Cristina were engaged and Paulina was to be the Maid of Honor, as Cristina’s best friend. Paulina and Cristina had talked about sharing Juan, but never actually taken the steps until this erotic encounter with us on the beach.

Diane and I tried to understand our new friends’ complex relationship instead of face our old friends during the boat ride back. So, we kept asking them questions and avoiding the talk that was bound to creep up. I knew they’d have some hard questions for us that may jeopardize our friendship.

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